[UPDATE 3:50 p.m.] Mendocino Law Enforcement Responding to Report of ‘Up to Seven Armed Individuals’

mcso Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSOThe Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department is responding to the 4000 block area of Iron Peak Road. Lt. Shannon Barney of the Sheriff’s Department tells us they don’t have a lot of information at this point. “All we have is a report of someone possibly getting a shot,” he said. “We are all rolling out. There may be up to seven armed individuals.”

Readers are telling us that there are up to 15 law enforcement vehicles in the area.

UPDATE 7:55 a.m.: Scanner traffic indicates law enforcement may have found evidence. An officer called in finding “two Jason masks and a machete” over a “berm.”

UPDATE 8:06 a.m.: Law enforcement is now near the area where shots were heard. They are looking for suspects in marijuana gardens, according to the scanner. They have to “clear” or make sure each one doesn’t hold an armed subject before they move further.

UPDATE 8:30 a.m.: A reader living in the area tells us he heard sirens about 6:50-7a.m. Then about 10 minutes later he heard one single shot.

UPDATE 9 a.m.: According to scanner traffic, law enforcement is still attempting to locate the actual residence attached to the phone call that came in originally reporting a shooting. Rural roads often do not have addresses or at least addresses that make sense and those living on the roads and thus making reports to law enforcement often don’t know their addresses.

Dispatch is going to listen again to the original call and see if they can glean more information that will make it easier for the officers on the scene to find the area of the reported crime. The one identifying characteristic the dispatch repeated about the original crime is that it occurred on a “400  plant grow.”

UPDATE 9:10 a.m.: The Mendocino Voice, our sister site, just posted an excellent update on the situation. It’s a must read.! Click here to be taken to their article on the Spy Rock shooting.

Captain Van Patton tells the Voice,

911 dispatch received a cell phone call at about 5:45am. The caller reported that a home invasion was in process, and that two people had been shot, an adult and a juvenile, on the 4000 block of Spy Rock Road. The caller indicated the suspects were seven or more adult males were involved in the home invasion, that they were  “Indian or hispanic,” and carrying both rifles and handguns.

But there is much more information.

UPDATE 10:30 a.m.: The Mendocino Voice just updated, “Mendocino Sheriff’s are stating that the victims were a mother and her son.” The two have not been located however.

UPDATE 12:50 p.m.: KPFN in Laytonville has been providing excellent on the scene updates live. Click here to stream on your computer. 

Also the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office posted this update on their Facebook page,

WE NEED YOUR HELP – The Sheriff’s Office is working on an incident at the intersection of Spy Rock Road and Iron Peak Road since early this morning.

There were reports of a possible marijuana robbery with at least one individual shot with a potential of 7 or more armed suspects. We have yet to find the reporting party, suspects or victims. We advise all area residents to be cautious and to report any unusual or suspicious activity to our dispatch center at (707) 463-4086. We have no descriptions of vehicles or persons involved beyond 7 dark complected men were involved.

We are asking for the public’s help – if you have any information that may be helpful regarding this incident please call 463-4086 as soon as possible.

Thank you to California Highway Patrol for assisting us on the ground and with air support (helicopter) and CalFire, Laytonville Fire Department and Verihealth Ambulance Service.

UPDATE 1:40 p.m.: In another comprehensive interview, the Mendocino Voice spoke with Lt. Barney who indicates that the initial report may not have been completely accurate. The Voice does a stellar job of giving the reader of an understanding of what law enforcement is currently thinking. Remember you can check it out here.

UPDATE 3:50 p.m.: The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports,

On 9-29-2016 around 5:46 AM the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center received a cellular 911 telephone call.  An exact location of the caller was not established.  A male caller advised that he’d fled his property, after being confronted by up to 7 armed males.  The caller suspected the persons were there to steal marijuana from him.  The caller stated the men shot his wife in the stomach and he suspected they may have shot his 16 year old son as well but he’d lost track of where his son was, suspecting the armed assailants might be chasing his son into the woods.

Approximately 30 Officers from Mendocino County Patrol Division, California Highway Patrol (CHP), Cal Fire Prevention Officers, and the Mendocino County Inter-agency SWAT Team responded to the call.  Once in the area officers were unable to locate the reporting party, any potential gunshot victims, or suspects.  Officers did find the possible crime scene but evidence of persons actually being shot was not found.  There were indications of recent firearms use present and several witnesses in the area reported hearing shots being fired, during what sounded like a possible verbal dispute, around 5:30 AM that morning.

CHP Air Unit out of Redding was called to assist and a helicopter responded to assist with the search of the area.  By noon Officers called off the search after being contacted by an individual who stated there was no one shot a the location, no one was injured, and the suspects had fled.  The individual stated he did not know the identify of the suspects in this case.

The case was turned over to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Investigations Unit.  Anyone with information related to this case is requested to contact the Tip Line at 707-234-2100.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Cal Fire, California Highway Patrol, Laytonville Fire and Ambulance, and Veri Health Ambulance for their assistance on this call.



  • There is no iron rock Road in Mendocino County however there is an iron Peak Road

  • I’ve counted 12 vehicles ranging from CHP, Sheriff, and unmarked task vehicles. All are doing speeds in excess of 80mph. Hope everything is alright up on “The Rock”.

    • I was stoped this morning on spyrock rd by 10 to 15 cops with guns pointed at me. They were yelling at me,keep your hands on the wheel, then they figured out I wasn’t who they were looking for . When asked what was going on , The officer in charge then waved me through the roadblock . I can tell you after that excitement I did not need coffee . I certainly hope they find who there looking for !

      • Just curious, are you “of dark/olive complexion”?

        All of these updates ( from the authorities, not you Kym) are like slices of Swiss cheese… Lots of holes and they stink. Nothing about any of this makes sense!

        Some questions I’d like answered:
        1. Are any of the identities known to the Sherrif’s Department? Reporting party, suspected victims, second caller. ( The one whose call led them to call off the search)
        2. Is the Reporting Party and the second caller the same person?
        3. As for the witnesses who heard possible verbal arguing and a gunshot, can they support the existence of any of the people supposedly involved?

  • Sounds like it’s going to be a little choppy up there today.
    Fuck around with criminals and criminal shit happens.

  • Well, usually I l don’t call law enforcement when I’m getting a shot, but maybe when I’m getting shot at? So that’s what I heard on Mendo north repeater this AM….so far so good.

  • huh.. little early for that kinda stuff

    i think we need a collective vacation. i’ll stick with the 5S for as long as need be..

  • It’s home invasion season, lock your doors load your weapons and watch your neibors back, see anything funny call the police and let them check it out, form a relationship with your neibors and watch out for each other.

    • Or don’t grow weed and get a real job

      • I love that comment. “get a real job”. Yep, nothing real about cannabis farming.

      • I was referring to the locals…

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        In Humboldt? Which real job? The $10 one at the mall? In 5 years you can be making $10.53 as an assistant manager! Oh wait. $12.53 if it weren’t for that damned required wage increase. But uh, as Gazoo said, lock it down and shut up. However, Gazoo, this is the sticks. It takes an hour on a good day for all the police to show up, so protect yourself.

        • Been awile since u looked for a job or depends where you used to look for them, like the mall. Many other jobs offer starting pay at $15 an hour now. Maybe u were just quoting taco bell wages? Besides, at least someone with hourly wages can account for their $ and not live paranoid. Free the Weed! Bring legalization! Sorry you have to lock down & hide.

          • Your bullshit taco truck job for fifteen an hour wouldn’t exist with out the weed industry. Wages are only high in humboldt because you have to pay more than a grower pays trimmers. Other wise every job would be filled and the amount of jobless and home less would be even higher. Or the taco truck wouldn’t be here at all. Seeing that every other industry in Northern California is severely declining or ruined by other environmental happenings. I don’t understand why all these good ole boys and “locals” feel so high and mighty probably because out of town buyers don’t want to buy there moldy super dry blue berry what’s it called. Catch up with the times. Life is always evolving.

      • Good advice.

  • MattThere is an ambulance and several sheriffs cars stage at the bottom of iron Peak Road as of five minutes ago

    There is an ambulance and several sheriffs cars stage at the bottom of iron Peak Road as of five minutes ago

  • SWAT team at location as of about 20 minutes ago.

  • I’m surprised! There’s only like 100K worth of ripe crop being openly flouted at nearly every small property all along that public road. Never thought anybody would ever do anything criminal! Weed is about peace and all growers and weed people are wonderful and special!!

  • Know your neighborhood and make friends keep in touch so everyone is safe!!stay alert.please take care all.so sorry this happened again hope.everyone is ok

  • Sheriff Dogs are searching for scents…CHP chopper still in the area

    i CALLED NEIGHBORS to let them know what’s going on…

    Lots of scanner traffic

    Nobody in the KMUD news room yet

  • Safety note: Many people turn off the public safety GPS feature on their phone for opsec – remember to turn it on during an emergency – this will help LEO’s pinpoint your location if you hang up from 911.

  • Still confusion as to address as given by the RP (Reporting party)

  • Interesting how Mendicino is handling this. They have forces in from Fort Bragg, CHP chopper, swat team, and searching cars and houses. HCSO would have sent 2 deputies to check things out, which would of arrived 2 hrs later and once they couldn’t immediately locate the address, suspects, and victims, they would of just cancelled the call and went home. Not trying to be disrespectful to our Sheriff’s, but I just can’t picture a response like this from them, for a home invasion.

    • They received a report of two wounded victims from an apparent witness. That’s a lot more than just a vague hint of a home invasion. One current case in Hum County that I’m aware of in the Miranda area, I believe the HCSO received a call reporting a home invasion from someone who hung up without giving an address. Several hours later the HCSO was still calling people and cruising the rough area attempting to find the suspect vehicle that they had only a limited description on. I don’t think your characterization fits the response that I saw in that case.

  • Chopper just hammered Rancho Sequoia for about 20 minutes, at least that’s what it sounded like . No PGE up there.

  • If these are city boys, which most likely they are, going to Alderpoint seems like a very poor idea; they`d be totally out of their element. Wouldn`t they be likely to head south?

    Related to this, does anyone have any idea what the “camera” devices on poles are for along 101 from Santa Rosa to N. of Cloverdale? They`re galvanized steel poles with a small white box about 20′ above the ground and a solar panel above to power. Are these cameras? If so, what are they for? Are these for traffic monitoring and if so, why so many and so close together in places?

    • My guess is radar for speeding tickets.

      Did you see the eagle nest?

    • Those are traffic speed detectors…not for law enforcement but for traffic reporters & managers…they’re along all major routes in the 9 SF Bay Area counties…if you watch the SF Bay Area TV stations traffic reports, these are the sensors that get incorporated into the traffic map graphics…along with buried wire loop detectors (like at traffic signals)

    • THEY ARE EARTHQUAKE SENSORS .I ran into a woman who’s son was involved installing them .They are earthquake sensors that will broadcast the information .

  • Is there any information on the type of vehicle the suspects could be driving, so we can stay alert?

    • Law enforcement had a vehicle they were examining in their possession. They haven’t mentioned another vehicle that I’m aware of.

      • Strange that nothing has been found yet. Hoping that maybe somebody had a vendetta against a grower in that area and made an unsubstantiated report instead of a violent crime taking place.

        • So have they found a victim or are they even sure a crime occurred?
          Sometimes people call these things in to create a distraction so they can do their crime in another area knowing all police are at another spot.
          Don’t all cel phones have 911 location features? This whole thing is pretty odd. If people were shot wouldn’t they be at hospital by now? Seven guys seems like a lot to try to get out of the hood without being noticed!
          Hoping for the best for everyone and if folks were injured that they are found asap.

  • Small white box will most likely be for the solar charge controller and a battery. Could be for lighting or large truck detection.

    Cameras need bigger boxen for longer lens to get plates and the such. If it was a camera on the pole also clearly see the window it looks out.

  • KPFN 105.1-lpFM Radio Laytonville has been giving great coverage of this incident with first hand information from the MCSO. Also KPFN reporter Curt Bantz is on the scene with all authorities. KPFN will have a full report on the situation this evening before the national news at 5:30 this evening

  • Resources and personnel are being released from the search on Spyrock. No additional information is yet available.

    It would be interesting to be able to hear the taped 911 call.

  • CHP chopper “H-16” returned to Redding…it’s white & blue with large CHP letters on the tail boom

  • Jus’ anotha’ day in the Marijuana Chronicles.

  • KPFN host and station manager Michael Greenbaum just got off the phone with Mendocino county Sheriff Tom Allman and all personell have been released and the command post is no longer established. No more comments at this time. Though he did say if and when there is an up date KPFN would be adivized accordingly as will the general public via KPFN 105.1-lpFM

    peace/the Puffin

  • I wonder…
    (Having recently dealt with a family member on drugs) … if the person who called in was on drugs and hallucinating?
    This time of year induces so much stress, add a little (drug of choice) into the mix, and wham! Feelings intensified. A couple days of sleep deprivation and next thing you know, you’re either getting busted, someone’s ripping you off, or in this case you witness a home invasion robbery gone horribly wrong.

  • Seems like the sheriff should make a point of chopping every garden in that immediate area. Just to make a point out of- Do not waste our resources with false calls like this!

  • Yah punish the neighbors you fuckin retard. Find the idiot who made the phone call and lock them up.

  • This shit is better than T.V. aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh Adolph’s biting the rug again honey…Turn the chanel…..

  • Wow I must say, this sounds really bizzare. I mean the last update says someone told them that nobody was shot and the suspects fled. How does that person know that for a fact unless he has had contact from the person(s) that were possibly shot??

  • yeah sum1 got way to spun on crystal put on a mask ran,around their property chasing the “shadow people” comin for,them. Its all,good now,folks, comedown,can make,you crazy.

  • Looks like another attempt to create racial divide in this community, and to put a bullseye on anyone of color.

  • For the life of me I don’t understand why the city thugs ,gangs, bad guys, don’t come up here at harvest season and take what they want. Every grow ( they are not hard to find ) has a bunch of dope and a stash of cash . If they and 5-6 buddies knock on your door with a stolen glock stuck in your face you will probably give them what they want , if you don’t, after they shoot you in the knee cap I would think you might change your mind!

    • I think the fear might be that they might meet with some resistance. Certainly folks have indicated before that some of the large number of folks missing in Humboldt were unsuccessful thieves.

    • @Festa heggins – You make it sound as if robbing dope growers is like taking candy from babys. Like kym said, I think most of them are afraid that they will be met with resistance. And rightfully so, I know people who got arsenals that make the television show “The Walking Dead” look like a soap. I think most thieves are at least smart enough to realize that most big growers out in the hills arn’t relying on tasers and bar mace to keep them safe/ protect there crop.

    • You sound like one of them city slickers. Before you could get near my door my dogs would have ripped you to shreds; yet if you shot them, I would have heard the commotion and been ready to take you and your buddies down, efficiently without mercy!

  • These 7 individuals with their hockey masks and full camos were seen for 4 nights in a row starting last Thursday and continuing till Sunday night on Ten Mile Creek Road. They communicate by flashing their head lamps at each other. They’re the real deal.

  • This whole thing is too funny!

  • Near Fort Bragg about 5 years ago some gentlemen from Richmond visited a large grower and requested he share the proceeds of his enterprise with them. When he declined, they proceeded to scorch his scrotum with a propane torch. He apparently quickly changed his mind since the burns were described as “superficial”.

    • They got his safe emptied and dug up some other loot. I heard it was when they were about to stick the barbed wire deep up his butt that he gave in. They play for real and if they find out who you are they will come visit you too.

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