A Thank You and a Good-bye to Ron Copenhafer Who Is Resigning

A thank you from the Garberville Sanitary District to their Operations Manager who resigned from his position:

Ron CopenhaferIt is with gratitude and respect that we say good bye to Ron Copenhafer who has been the Operations Manager of the District for 22 years. He is a member of the community who moved here in the early 1980s to find a place where he felt part of a community and be able to own property amongst the redwoods.

Ron has given his resignation to spend time with family but we are hopeful that he will still be able to work with us as we transition into serving the community without his leadership and knowledge. He has given unprecedented loyal and dedicated service to Garberville and the customers who reside here and although we may have to fill his position, he cannot be replaced. We wish him well and want to Thank him for staying out all night in storms, solving problems and insuring that while you sleep; you wake up to quality potable water and prompt customer service.

Thank You Ron, from myself, the staff & the GSD Board of Directors

Ralph Emerson
General Manager
Garberville Sanitary District
919 Redwood Dr.
Garberville, CA. 95542



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