Home Invasion in Fortuna; Vehicle Burned

Burned vehicle

Photos of burned vehicle provided by Micheal Campbell.

This is a press release from the Fortuna Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 9/26/2016 at about 9:37 AM officers from the Fortuna Police Department responded to the 2800 block of Shields Lane for a report of a home invasion style robbery.

Officers contacted the homeowner, a 79 year-old male, who reported that three persons entered his residence through an open garage door. The subjects were all wearing “hoodie” type sweatshirts that concealed their faces. The victim stated that one subject was a male and one was a female based on their voices. One of the suspects was holding a rifle with a scope and ordered the victim to open his safe where they took cash and jewelry.

The suspects then put the victim on the floor and tied up his hands. The three suspects left in the victim’s 2016 Jeep Cherokee vehicle.

At 10:55 AM officers with the Rio Dell Police Department and Rio Dell Fire responded to the 500 block of Edwards Dr. for a report of a vehicle fully engulfing in flames. After extinguishing the vehicle, it was determined to be the 2016 Jeep Cherokee stolen from Shields Lane.

Anyone with any information regarding this crime is asked to contact the Fortuna Police Department at (707) 725-7550 or the WeTip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME.

On 9/26/2016 at about 9:37 AM officers from the Fortuna Police Department responded to the 2800 block of Shields Lane for a report of a home invasion style robbery



  • Serious crime in the friendly city and To think the only thing the illuminati want is the law-abiding person’s guns.

  • Well, someone knew he had a safe…

  • I’ve always thought of Fortuna as being a blue collar, cowboy/girl sort of town. Shocking how it’s getting as bad as Eureka and perhaps even worse.
    Wonder what the crime rate is per capita Eureka vs Fortuna these days?

  • Elizabeth Moore Bareilles

    OMG. I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment …. but, am not a gun person. THIS story makes me want to buy a gun, train myself [edit]

  • Such a sad and tragic thing to happen to that poor elderly man 🙁 So sorry for him. Hope they find who did it quickly and justice is served. Does anyone care anymore about the victims of these crimes? Not all of the victims are druggies or growing pot.

  • The Humboldt County Judicial system (judges) are not on our side. Even though some are appointed they do come up for election eventually. We do not want the likes of Gallegos as a judge in this county. It would be a continuance of the good ol’ boy network working hard to ensure few go to jail.

  • There’s homeless camps along the river bar and tracks….that’s where the cops should be looking…makes sense as far as the get away

  • Sons of batches

  • Humboldt is a real hoot! Has anyone thought about basing a TV series on Humboldt Co.? You couldn`t make up this sort of thing, and on the same day as a murder. It could be kind of like “Breaking Bad”, “Deliverance” and “Jerry Springer” all rolled into one plus a lot more. Likely corrupt judges & lawyers; cops on the take — and some who are likely honest. The young female trimmers disappearing could be the basis for a really diabolical plot of something really horrid. It would have a minority component to keep it PC since the Indians at Hoopa kill each other on a regular basis. Bulgars growing pot and who don`t hesitate to kill anyone who looks at them crosswise. Someone could come up with a really great show based on this. I love Humboldt!

    • Yep we literally live on a movie set with no cuts or extra takes… The biggest problem we have is our us and them mentality here.. To be quite honest i dont like thieving tweekers or greedy people exploiting our environment and the such, however these people are family members, members of your family, my family, the sheriffs family the county supervisors family, the eureka mayors family and on and on, demonizing these people that were raised amongst us and have gone astray through the passing of time is compounding the desperate situation a lot of them feel… No way out and no way back, because really, they feel unwanted and ostracized and hopeless… Our words are the most powerful tools we have to create change… Together as a community and a huge family, that is the only way we can change this and create what we want to see here…

      • I really like what you have said here. I feel you. Hopefully the day to day life for most people in Humboldt is beautiful. Although others need to be aware of the desperation many are facing. Combined with mental health and addiction. Maybe it’s time for a community healing movement. Prayer circle to get people together looking to have closure and come up with solutions to better the communities future.

      • Thank you.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      I was thinking Trailer Park Boys.

  • This man who was terrorized is a fine gentleman of our community. He has and still does spend countless hours dedicated to charitable work. Whether or not one is aware as they stroll the streets during Apple Harvest, Auto Expo or just today ….they will see signs of tribute to our soldiers, pass a person who’s desperately ill child has received free medical care or meet a funny clown with a great balloon, all just a small example of this man’s gift to his community.
    If you have information please tell the police or someone who will. It is more than obvious that someone close set this into action, he should be ashamed!
    -FRITZ- They already made it….. One county over from my home town…. JUSTIFIED!

  • LOL… He had been talking about making a show about Humboldt. I was saying to him that it had already been filmed… The television show staring Timothy Olyphant, “Justified”. Nothing cryptic.

  • [edit]Our seniors are part of what keeps our community strong and it’s our responsibility to protect them.

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