[Located] Stolen Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma in the snowA thief stole this black Toyota Tacoma from the Bay Tank in Eureka.  The license plate number is 40298N1.  A report was filed with the Eureka Police Dept.

If you have any information, please contact them at (707) 441-4060.

UPDATE: The vehicle has been located out Hwy 299.




  • stolen truck owner

    The frame isn’t bent. Must just be the angle of the picture.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Who can’t look at that picture and not see a bent frame?

      Good year for dope, but reality still exists beyond the bong.
      . That truck is close by, because a bent frame will pop tires on the freeway.
      . Shocked, so many are so high to be that far out of touch with REALITY.
      .Dopers are as dopers do, and Frank Zappa said, ‘ dope, you are what you smoke… ‘

      Water pulling, crime bringing, property tax raising, Russian speaking, fans of Whitman….

      Shake my head and know you’re kooks.


      • Dude piss off! My family has NOTHING to do with weed! My father is super bummed that hid truck is gone. He’s a welder and worked hard for that truck and is still paying on it! Go troll somewhere else! It’d be a bummer if it happened to you!

  • looks like the front passenger tire is flat too.

  • Bent frame, and you can see that from that picture?

  • Definitely doesn’t have a bent frame……..

  • stolen truck owner


    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Yea, totes, bent frames, and accidents hit that comic or cosmic oneness.

    • He is assuming that the truck has totes of weed in it. I’m sorry but my father isn’t a dope growing assbag! He has worked his ass off his whole life (welding) holding legitimate jobs and finally got a truck that he loves! All that’s in the back of that truck are tools. Those can be gone for all he cares. He just wants his truck back.

  • Stolen truck owner

    No bent frame, no totes, no flat tire. This is a daily driver and hunting rig when it is hunting season. It did have tools and a few hunting things. We don’t care about the contents just want our truck back in one piece.

    • stolen truck owner

      I’m not a bro. It was stolen from a place of employment. It is (or was) driven on the highway every day to work. Your assumption is way off base. We know it was stolen by a homeless person because of the documents left in his coat he left at the scene along with his socks and shoes. Not sure what your agenda is but if you can’t offer anything positive then just walk away.

    • Dude piss off! My family has NOTHING to do with weed! My father is super bummed that his truck is gone. He’s a welder and worked hard for that truck and is still paying on it! Go troll somewhere else! It’d be a bummer if it happened to you!

    • His face is covered because he’s drawing his bow….. does that make sense to you? I hope so…

  • Unfortunately, when I delete a comment, it deletes all the perfectly valid responses to the comment.

    • Stolen truck owner

      I understand! I don’t understand why people assume things. We are employed law abiding people. We work hard for the things we have.

    • That’s a bummer! I’m definitely irritated by the trolls but it is what it is. My family has NOTHING to do with weed. He just wants his truck back. It really suck when it happens to you! But when you’re on the other side it’s easy to troll about “bent frames”,”flat tires” and “being a dope growers truck” thank you for keeping the pointless and rude comen’s out! I was wondering why my comments were getting deleted lol all I said that may have been bad was call them an assbag lmao thank you kym

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Why delete a bent frame comment?

    Any insurance adjuster can see that a mile away, Kym.

    Seriously, just look.

  • stolen truck owner

    Honeydew troll, we will happily give our insurance adjuster any and all photos of the truck. Hopefully it will be found and not neccessary. The police have the evidence left by the homeless person that stole our truck. You don’t know us or anything about us. If you don’t have anything constructive to say then don’t say anything. Or better yet call the EPD with your suspicious ideas on a bent frame. I’m sure they will entertain your BS as just as it is….. BS.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      I’m sure you’ll get it back, sorry for thinking it had a bent frame and totes.
      Didn’t mean to upset you, and you’re already upset over your truck being stolen.
      It can’t have gone too far, even with a full tank, and a homeless person won’t have money to put in the tank.
      I bet it’s nearby in some pull off being used as a studio RV. You should drive around bum camps and you’ll probably find someone passed out drunk in it.

  • I hope you get your truck back.theifs suck!!rest in peace Arnold palmer

  • Stolen truck owner

    We got our truck back. They ran it out of gas and killed the battery, thankfully it was not wrecked.

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