[UPDATE 3:47 p.m.] Intentional Hit and Run Sends One to the Hospital

Breaking news graphicWitnesses say that a Honda Civic intentionally struck one person on West Third Street in Eureka sending them to the hospital this morning. The person struck was standing in a food line outside of the dining area of St. Vincent DePaul.

According to Captain Steve Watson of the Eureka Police Department who was reached out of his office at the Eureka Block Party, “Officers responded to  the report of a hit and run involving multiple victims and also reports that gun may have been brandished and fired.” However, he said there was only one victim, who is “expected to survive.”

The suspect’s vehicle was located in Cutten later. Watson said, “Three subjects in the vehicle were detained around an hour after [the hit and run.] I don’t know if there were any arrests.” He doesn’t know if the firearm was located.

The vehicle was impounded “on an evidence tow,” he explained but as he isn’t at a computer he wasn’t able to give us details.

“It is a felony hit and run at this point with a possible brandishing of a firearm,” said Watson.

For photos and more on the story see the Lost Coast Outpost which broke the news.

UPDATE 3:47 p.m.: Captain Steve Watson of the Eureka Police Department tells us that an arrest has been made in the hit and run. “The driver was identified as an 18-year-old male. He was arrested for felony hit and run.”

According to Watson, the people in the car allege that “there was some kind of altercation” with the people in the food line. Watson said, ” The car was reportedly damaged by the homeless individuals and it escalated into a hit and run.”

Although a firearm was allegedly brandished and fired, according to Watson there is “no evidence an actual firearm was fired. We did not locate a gun.”




  • Having made a u-turn and intentionally running people down, the driver should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.
    There is no justification for his actions.

  • Based on the (limited) info we have, here’s a wild guess as to what (may) have happened —

    Car occupants yelled insults at homeless people waiting in food line.

    Some of them yell back, maybe someone threw something at the car as it drove away.

    Driver goes apeshit, pulls a U-Turn, commits felony hit-and-run.

  • Well since he decided to flee the scene he’s already in less trouble, and as long as the driver can afford to hire the same attorney that is representing Marci kitchen, the driver can expect a wimpy slap on the wrist for his actions, and not in a swift fashion either. XD

  • Henchman Of Justice

    ” The car was reportedly damaged by the homeless individuals and it escalated into a hit and run.”

    Response: Is it safe to say the homeless are shit stirrers too?

    Too bad for the homeless person, but ya mess with property, ya get bounced.

    • Yes of course, in Amerika property being more valuable than a homeless person

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Homeless people skirt punishment head on too, so people feel vigilantism and deal with it individually head on it seems.

        HOJ was intentionally run down by a female native american indigenous psycho misandryst who proceeded to lie to crooked cop after making sure she ran and would not be available for a person to cop investigation……as Saucy said, hit and run, then flee the scene…..most likely to invent the bullshit copout story of lies.

        Good thing HOJ surveilled and recorded the bitch…wish HOJ coulda seen the perp’s insurance company reaction when the evidence spat in their face…..fuck insurance companies too.

        True to a degree and then some that property is more valueable than homeless folks and all other people and moreso as people morph into elite statuses…..valid point.

  • What do you want to do? I don’t know, what about you? I know, let’s go torment the bums at the soup kitchen! Hit it!

  • This was car violence, which begs the question, why is the word g u n used often in a non g u n event?
    Google search, data collection, stats?

  • wow such fast action by eureka pd.
    So what was Fortuna P.D., the Sheriffs dept The D.A. and highway patrols problem in fortuna .Waiting weeks for an arrest.

    • EXACTLY!!!!Just like the murder today In Fortuna. Interestingly enough supposedly the FPD knows who shot and killed the victim and they are looking for him. Maybe they will give him a couple months as well before they arrest him. I’m surprised they are even doing anything. Like when a girl punch my daughter and broke her nose and the FPD did absolutely nothing and they knew the suspect. They said and I quote, “We can’t do anything about it if it wasnt done in our presence.” And they truly never did anything at all.

  • Get out of the car and fight like a man!

    • Or not fight and make a citizens arrest and wait for police to arrive.

      ” The car was reportedly damaged by the homeless individuals and it escalated into a hit and run.”

      • Henchman Of Justice

        As if the homeless damager is going to be held accountable and payable to any property damage….hello, Macfly…..you play to win the game…..if a competitor can’t or has no means to “pay up” for causing damage, then a beat down is humanizing.

        Homeless are shit stirrers too, no different than others except the ability to pay up…..beat downs will continue on shit stirrers who damage property…… it is the time and age we unfortunately dwell within…..sad all around, but crystal ball HOJ never lies.

        Peace be with all, for hope is eternal as good, decent humans still survive to advance good over evil.

        To both parties in this situation, do a head check!

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