[UPDATE 11:21 p.m.] Pistol Left in Middle of Road After Traffic Accident

chpstarAccording to the California Highway Patrol Incident page, a vehicle struck a pole a little west of the Eel River on the Briceland Thorn Road about 10:11 p.m. According to the person who called in the accident, the driver left the scene in the vehicle but “They left a pistol in the middle of the rdwy [roadway].”

The husband of the person who called in the accident “kicked the firearm out of the rdwy.”

UPDATE 11:21 p.m.: A reader who wishes to remain anonymous told us that the initial report that a vehicle struck a pole is incorrect.



  • This just in: someone crashed into a pole, or didn’t. But a pistol was found, and kicked aside.

    • I would assume that part of the story has been redacted to include overturned vehicle, 700 lbs of freshly harvested bud, and multiple occupants no longer on scene?

  • Kicking an unfamiliar pistol is a good way to get shot accidentally. Check that, kicking ANY pistol is not real smart.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    So, according to the C.H.P.Party-Report. “? If your lookin for a “scene” it might be in a vehicles butt. And it could be somewhere along Briceland rd. near a pole that could be broken …And that someone might be crashed out nearby, maybe , mabey not…. GOOd LUCK……… Ruby Valley! late 70,s ? The door prize, a kicked pistol, possibly shot, fell out.

  • What isn’t smart is carrying a gun in your pickup. Jeeze, you might get stupid and start a firefight or worse. Leave your guns at home. You might be stoned but that’s no reason to be paranoid.

  • Seems like the real bigotry around here is directed at pistols.

  • There’s no open carry here in California, THANK GOD!!we’d all be dead yikes.but we’d all be surprised to know how many people carry guns in their cars.ya,stupid

  • there may not be open carry for pistols, but you can still have a rifle in your car i think. also, if you have a ccw then you can have your firearm in the car. AND, i personally wouldnt go around certain areas without having a firearm. random tweakers or accidentally coming across someones illegal grow… yeah.. no thanks to being unarmed in those areas!

    • Or anywhere some one decides they want to take what you have, including your life, or loved one. A Properly trained responsibly armed person is no danger to anyone unless they are trying to do harm.

    • It’s not illegal to have any firearm in your vehicle you just can’t have them loaded and that includes the mag. If you feel like you want to carry a shot gun in your front seat go for it but don’t be surprised by the response and actions you will get if you get pulled over I recommend no fast movements and keep your hands were they can see them until they get you out of the truck and clear the gun.

  • No such thing as dangerous weapons only dangerous people (like ones who kick a pistol)

  • #blackpistolsmatter

    Why wont anyone think of the poor pistol that was so cruelly kicked?

  • So…a car and /or truck hit a pole…a gun was left on the roadway by who?? Did the car leave the gun, or did a person leave the gun in the roadway… and who in their right mind would go up to the gun, and KICK IT OUT OF THE WAY ??? ( yes, that was stupid to do )…….

  • I do it for the rush! Makes me feel alive! And I’m a racist I hate black guns! Kick em in the face when there down! Ya that’s the stuff (all sarcasm of course)

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