Weed Whackers Wandering: Convoy Headed South

Humboldt County Sheriff MarijuanaSeveral law enforcement vehicles including one hauling a chipper headed south this morning from Fortuna. They must have stopped somewhere but we’ve had multiple sightings of them heading off Hwy 101 near Weott about 1 p.m.

The convoy reportedly contains Fish and Wildlife vehicles as well as trucks marked with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s insignia.



  • Off to a late start @ 1 p.m. ? Hopefully going Big and Easy.

  • They are at the Calfire station in Weott as of 1/2 hour ago.

  • Not the 3 w’s!!lol chipper have the day off?

  • So calfire is growing now

  • Sheriff just hit one of the neighbors trucks on the way out. Nice job!

  • So kym, is the one bust that happened in blocksburg a while ago confirmed to be the only place that got busted this year that was confirmed to have turned in there registration of activity before the deadline?

    • No, it is not confirmed that there weren’t more. I’ve heard there were more BUT I have not been able to prove that they had permit applications in.

      • Thanks kym sounds fair enough to me, rumors are not always factual. I personally think that if there really had been several spots busted that had there paperwork in on time, we would all have heard some uproar by now and it really wouldn’t be that hard to prove they actually did have there paperwork in. I mean 1 phone call to the planning department with the persons name would yeild a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. don’t you agree?

        • That would be true if you had the person’s name and the address…However, I don’t.

          • See exactly my point. I mean anyone that signed up and REALLY did get there stuff cut down, I think they would be the one telling you and all other local media outlets ‘hey I signed up they came and cut it down anyway, this is my name call the planning department to confirm I actually had the paperwork in’ then as far as confirming the chopping actually happened, I mean don’t think that part would be hard to verify either. Just my two cents, but I don’t see why someone that really had it happen wouldn’t be spreading the word themselves. I’m guessing since you don’t know the names /addresses you were not told about it first hand.

            • I think you vastly underestimate the fears of growers–they won’t even give me their name when they send me a photo of a car accident.

              • That is true kym, most growers are fearful, but any grower that had enough courage to send in a piece of paper saying that they are growing X thousand sq feet of a schedule 1 narcotic with there name and parcel number on it directly to the county, I would really hope would also have the courage to give you there name if they got arrested/ plants chopped after doing so, once again just my two cents.

  • Fish and Wildlife is the new CAMP

    • I wouldn’t say that really, CAMP would just cut your stuff and leave and 90% of the time you would never get in any trouble because of it. D.F.W. however, if they come to your spot there gonna cut everything down, take you to jail then charge you with as many environmental fines they can possibly muster up.

  • I know it’s not kym fault ,but we never find out who gets busted.more bulgarians cartels please.

  • Booking logs say a Miki Murzi was picked up for cultivation. Sounds like they got one of the grow dozer flat bill kids in town…

  • They were on Bear Creek Road, out Hwy 36, yesterday afternoon. I’ve heard they’re out that way again this morning. Any news?

  • Thank you DFW! Please continue taking out illegal, non compliant and all other public and national Forrest grows!
    Awesome job!
    Humboldt county chose a new direction as laws are changing and compliant grows are positively moving forward into a new Era of cannabis cultivation.
    To all Landowners and growers that are still hiding their cultivation activities, get ready, expect a visit, from Humboldt to every corner in california!

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