Man Arrested for Attempting to Hire Someone to Murder His Elderly Uncle

Jonathan Dutra feature

Jonathan Dutra

The Humboldt Sheriff’s Office arrested 40-year-old Jonathan A. Dutra at his home in Eureka this morning for soliciting at least two people to kill his elderly uncle. Sgt. Ken Swithenbank said that the uncle had previously signed his property on Whitlow Road near Myers Flat over to the suspect. Dutra had offered to take care of the uncle until he died in return for the Southern Humboldt man turning the property over to him, said Swithenbank.

Dutra is accused of locking the elderly man inside the property and not allowing him to leave. “Witnesses and friends of the victim hired a private detective,” Swithenbank said. The detective and Sheriff’s investigators determined the man had “offered several thousand dollars to facilitate the murder” to at least two people, said Sgt. Swithenbank.

When contacted the victim told law enforcement that he believed that Dutra wanted to kill him, explained the sergeant. “We talked to two witnesses. Two people told us that separately that they had been approached.”

When Dutra was arrested, he already had an attorney, said Swithenbank. “He was prepared.”

Dutra is charged with 653(b) Soliciting to commit murder,  368(b)(1) elder abuse, and 368(e) fraud against an elder by a caretaker.



  • In a big hurry to get paid for something there Jon? I wonder what it could be. Also, you missed a spot in your shave.

    • I dnt care how they cn arrest someone on hear say. Obviously they didn’t really investigate anything because if they did it would be someone else under arrest instead of an innocent man… it’s truly irritating… look at the people making these accusations that r actually waving guns and pulling guns on people…. there is a video of Mathew Wight a friend of Aaron Jackson pulling guns on people and making threats. It will come out in court and John Dutta will be released… and the abusers will be n jail for making a false police report….

      • If you know John Dutra and his history, you know that the accusations are most likely true. I wouldn’t put it past him to “dispose of” his uncle himself if he thought he could get away with it.

        • JustWantToHearTheEndofTheStory

          I think “A Witness” does know Dutra, in fact, may be him, or an accomplice. If “A Witness” has proof, evidence, tangible knowledge, first hand of the events, then “A Witness” should come forward to law enforcement.

    • It’s obvious the sherriffs investigator on the case is either on arrow Jackson. John Thomas or Mathew Wight payroll. Or just not doing his job in getting facts because there was a police report made of one of John a dutras accusers pulling a gun on someone and the videos and pictures along with txts of his acc users pulling guns and threatening people. Yet he hasn’t done anything bout it… John a Dutra dnt have any kinds of weapons but it’s ok for them to brandish fire arms threaten people’s lives and make false police reports hmm mm what’s really going on

  • So sad, taking advantage of the elderly. This guy is going to rot in prison, so much for “his” property

  • Damn that’s a rough looking 40 years old. Some backwards version of Humboldt nepotism.

  • Wholly crap!!thank god

  • Creep!

  • Poor uncle.hope he’s doing ok.

    • This is one of those situations where you shouldn’t be believing this so-called witness that is fabricating stories when they were asked to remove themselves from the property because of the illegal grow they had going and the owner John Dutra went to have them evicted they came up with a story concocted a bunch of Lies to get an innocent man in trouble like I said it’s one of those situations where you can’t believe what you see it’s what you know

      • Henchman Of Justice

        HOJ is interested in alleged false police reports…..keep us all informed, and if you are accurate and right, then tell people to fuck off and get a head check after Dutra is vindicated as you imply………nothing better than “told ya so” after gossipy people eat crow”.

  • It feels like Whitlow Rd. always has the strangest things going down on it…

  • On that note. If anyone is looking for a REAL professional. Look no further than Vermin Supreme! What would you like me to do? Whack a guy? Off a guy? Whack Off a guy?

  • Not sure but that guy looks like he has a wondering eye. Hey you. over here. And rot in Pelican Bay slime.

    • I’m sure that look will be straightened out… convict justice has a way with crooked eye sindrom

    • In high school he made a paper clip gun and hit himself in the eye. And had surgery on his eye so now it’s watering all the time. He told me himself long long time ago so glad I don’t talk to the no more.

  • Hey Kym,

    Great site, great work, thanks for all that you do.

    I think the arrest charge must have been Penal Code §653f(b) – Solicitation for Murder. Weird law! 3, 6, or 9 years in prison if convicted.

    Sad circumstances, to say the least.

    • I’m pretty sure that I wrote down what he said correctly because at first there was a miscommunication. Here’s what 653 (b) is “b) Every person who, with the intent that the crime be committed, solicits another to commit or join in the commission of murder shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for three, six, or nine years.” See more at:

      • This guy is absolutely worthless won’t let his wife leave says hill call n have her deported…..he paid for her bought her out of the Philippines so he could have a child this guy’s sick drag his daughter off the ground by her hair oblong with his wife or whatever a illegal individual…..alien ?? Whatever tho tossed em both in the room by there hair this guy’s a twisted fuck ……karma is a mother fucker. LIL BUDDY HAHAHA

  • Disgusting. I’m glad this was uncovered before the uncle was hurt.

  • This is a case of fraud, Jonathan Dutra is a good man. This is all just some big story. The Uncle was taken care of, taken to winco for 3hr trips every month, he aslo built a 3 bedroom home for Uncle Jon, but he wanted to stay in his uninhabitable shack on the property. Jonathan tried to get his uncle in a better place, gave him money as per there agreement. Its people making false claims. I sure hope the police and lawyer do there do dilagince to get to the truth!

    • Notajealousrelative

      “Good man”? Based on what…that time he robbed an elderly man at gun point in his own home in Fortuna?! That he did not serve nearly enough time for obviously!

    • I know Jonathan I used to date his nephew they’re all f****** assholes treat his woman like s*** and probably his kid last time I have seen the kid was when she was 6 months old. He has good in him but you never know what he’s capable of. I do not believe you would pick up his daughter by the hair or his wife by the hair and throw them in the room. But I seen him throw his whatever his uncle into the room before. But that was because he would come out and hit people over the head with his Cane.

      • Notajealousrelative

        Just to clarify when she said that the “uncle” “used to come out and hit people over the head with his cane”she is not referring to the elderly victim!

  • You people are playing judge and jury wayyyyyyy tooooo sooooonnnnn……this man could be innocent and there could very well be jealous family members thinking he’s getting what the should be getting. I have personally witnessed this type of thing before. Families can be really twisted when it comes to $$$$$$

    • sooooooo true people r on here acting like they know the real situation and saying rude and cruel shit when they dnt know. fact 1the people making these accusations r the ones pulling guns on people and making the threats. john takes care of his mom and his uncle. but u cant say he locked anyone up because he does take care of him. not to mention everyone else jon helps. he is nothing but heart. he will help u if u need a shirt he will give u the one he is wearing.. when this video and pictures alone r presented to the judge the people arron jackson. mathew wight will be charged as well as uncle for filing false reports.. and a counter suit will follow…2 lets not forget that his mom will testify as well as about six other people who dnt use drugs or break the law will testify that we have witnessed this…. i am a witness.. jons life was threatenned not uncles… get your facts right. and this also goes to the investigator on the case

    • Your family will cut your throat for money. Ask anyone who has had to deal with an estate after the parents pass.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Apparently, gubbamint knows this too, takes the fighting out of the equation when Shillary suggests a 65% estate tax……wrong leadership no matter on whom the tax is implemented upon…

  • Shouldn’t be too hard to find the paperwork verifying whether he actually signed the property over to the nephew.

    • we have all the evidence and there was a attorney present when it was signed and noterized.. this boils down to uncle not wanting to hold up his end of the contract. and being evicted. they come up with a lie to wich has spiraled out of control…

      • Uncle’s end of the bargain? He gave the land away, wasn’t that his bargain in exchange for “being taken care of”

  • Nephew: Hey Uncle, I wanna grow weed on your property.
    Uncle: Over my dead body!
    Nephew: I got you.

  • ,After my mother had left 1/2 of her property to me, my sister convinced my 90 year old mom that I had tricked her. Elderly people get scared. When mom died, my sister told a realtor that I had died also..They called my wife and asked for my death certificate.. It’s sad what money can do.. I now have no relationship with my sister..The TRUTH WILL COME OUT. If he did it, put him in jail, If he didn’t I know just how bad he is feeling. (by the way, my sister only got the half mom wanted her to have.)

  • I personally knew this guy 9 years ago when I last talked to him the final straw was him hitting me elementary school-age son in the stomach he was a drug dealer and he was abusive, I don’t put it past him for one minute

  • This is a fu8ked up place. People get arrested and others begin looting their property while they are locked up. Just hope the investigation reveals the true crimes and no one is unjustly prosecuted.

  • All these comments and at the end of the day he got released and everything got dropped so funny as to how everybody says he’s going to jail for a crime as serious as conspiracy to commit murder but yet he’s let out and everyhing is fine [edit]

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