[UPDATE] Youth Allegedly Robbed of His Bike and Left with Injuries

Kid injured. Stolen bike

Emergency personnel tend an injured juvenile victim. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Police are investigating the report that a thief or thieves stole a bike from a teenage juvenile leaving him with a minor head injury near the corner of K and Russ Street in Eureka. The theft occurred at approximately 6:30 p.m.

Two people are being questioned nearby.

Epd investigates a crime

Eureka Police officers question three people. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

UPDATE Wednesday at 9:19 a.m.: Update on Three Assaults Last Night



  • Yet another unsupervised child out and about in the middle of tweakerville. When are these ridiculous parents going to stop having children that they don’t want to properly care for? Prior to becoming parents, people need to be tested to make sure they can handle the JOB!!! If they fail, “fix” them like most of the animals we don’t want to be breeding. If it is determined later on that they can handle it, then they can adopt.

    • A teenager out at 6:30 is an unsupervised child?

      • Considering all of the accidents that end up with overturned vehicles, the excessive # of tweakers, the prostitution/criminal activity near the Library, the multiple drug-house raids, all of the homeless that were recently kicked out of the marsh behind the mall as well as the closure of some of the worst housing units in Eureka, it’s not a stretch to say that a 13 year old shouldn’t be allowed to ride their bike on those streets alone, as the sun is getting ready to set, as it is far too perilous and they are too young to recognize the dangers! A reasonable parent would know this.

        • Dang, my poor 14-year-old will just have to make do with me trusting him to mostly take care of himself 45 minutes before sunset. Just because bad things can and do happen doesn’t mean that we can or should completely try and protect against every eventuality no matter how farfetched. We can wrap our kids in a bubble so that they never get hurt but then they never learn to stand by themselves either. As parents we all have to make the best decision we can about the balance between protecting our kids and helicoptering over them damaging their ability to grow. BUT leaping on the victim’s parents for letting a teenager be out almost an hour before sunset seems like victim blaming and harsh judgement that I’d rather save for the alleged suspect.

          • One hour before sunset occurs at different times of the day, depending on what time of year it is. The sun would be in your eyes if looking or driving Westbound. The more relevant part is “6:30pm” which is when the streets are very crowded with vehicles. It also gives some workers enough time to get off work and possibly go to a bar for a couple of drinks before they go home. I can think of much safer activities for the child to do at that time that aren’t anywhere near as dangerous.

            The story also mentioned a “minor head injury.” Could that be a result of not wearing a helmet?

            • Maybe you shouldn’t have children if you’re too afraid of the world. Helicopter parenting will only make your children hate you.

          • You are absolutely right the suspect in the altercation should get into trouble. It shouldn’t matter what time that child was out it happened. But my problem is that there is a picture of my minor child on here, that by the way had nothing to do with anything and didn’t see anything. Public exhibition of a minor child without parent consent is illegal. Just saying.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Does the law actually provide time curfews that substantiate “supervision violations”?

        Regardless, by definition, a minor not in the presence of a supervising adult is “unsupervised”…….did not know the time of day mattered.

      • Ridiculous response Henchman!
        The kids are at or near the Teen Challenge place: safely supervised, caring, capable environment.
        The kids leave in time to make their home destination before dark.
        The neighborhood is generally safe.
        DON’T blame innocent people.
        You can help, form neighborhood watches, walk around the neighborhood, be a volunteer to help a kid or two.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      This isn’t an issue about parents “not doing their” job. It’s not even sundown and it’s a teenager. In an area that should be safe to be out riding bikes in. He’s 13, not 3. Shouldn’t need their hands held everywhere they go at that age.

      • sharpen your pencil

        You are correct, shouldn’t have to be concerned that their child is out getting exercise after school and in turn being victimized! If the “concerned” [edit] above wished to be upset with someone it should be the jackass thieving from a teen over their bike!

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Shouldn’t, but they do…..shit stirring kids…..riding bikes on sidewalks, lawns, casing cars and homes, etc….ya, kids can ride their bikes in their own goddamn yards until mommy dearest and daddio decide to spend quality time with their kids teaching them bike safety, rules of the road, respect….

        Ya, cry kids an “unfair portal” through time and space…..

        • sharpen your pencil

          Your rants are very confusing, you may want to take your happy pill today, and get off the net…… Henchmen of benevolence!

    • Ya remember when the streets were safe!? A kid out riding his bike should be ok! That place needs to be gone through and rid of its pestilence!

    • From this story you got that it was the Victim and/or his parents fault that he was attacked and his bike stolen? How about the people responsible for the attack and theft. Oh I guess they are just victims of “crime of opportunity”. Next it’ll be the home owner’s fault they were burglarized because they left their home to go to work. Sounds like someone else needs to be fixed. The blame is on society for not making people responsible for their actions instead of making excuses for them.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Kids are easy pickens, nothing to break into like a house….

        Dumb example you provide, but hey, it is Humboldt….

  • Russ & K St. is not a ‘bad’ neighborhood. Kids should be safe playing.

  • Three kids in one day! Can’t believe it! Parents, what’s your problem? Watch your kids, this isn’t 1950 and Humboldt County isn’t what it use to be, it’s on its way down, every day something else is happening.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Aw yes, blame the victim, that’s a new way to go. You people are idiotic. This was in a neighborhood, how do we know it wasn’t a few houses down from where the juvenile lives. Once again, you people are idiots#

  • Curfew is usually at 10:00 p.m. wtf everyone has to run away and hide because of all the serious hard drug problems and everyone wants to pretend like this is ok there just self medicating this is totaly B.S. these kids have a right to be out with there friends just before dark during the summer / fall what are they going to do for Halloween go easter egg hunting? [edit]

  • Curfew is usually at 10:00 p.m. wtf everyone has to run away and hide because of all the serious hard drug problems and everyone wants to pretend like this is ok there just self medicating this is totaly B.S. these kids have a right to be out with there friends just before dark during the summer / fall what are they going to do for Halloween go easter egg hunting? [edit]

  • It’s a sad world we live in when parents are judged for letting our children go out and play. I understand it is scary to see so many drugged out freaks on our streets not to mention a mother running down her own child. In my opinion most of this stem’s from the poison called meth. But kid’s need to be active and get outside. If we all stop taking to the streets then what? I live in Redway and let my kid’s ride bike’s and skateboard around town. I do get scared but I talk to them and trust them to make good choices. We can’t let this world rob them of a normal childhood. I have also been thinking about something. Back in the day my friends and I would walk home from the bar worried about seeing a cop because people would regularly get a drunk in public for choosing not to drink and drive. Now people can sit around our town’s all day and night obviously under the influence of dangerous drugs and alcohol and it’s fine?…

  • The bottom line is pukereaka is a drug infested shit hole ,and i try not to go there if all possible eureka was good back in the 70 s ,and some of the mid 80 s .that’s what I recall.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Come on folks.

    We do not live in Mayberry.

    The harsh friggin reality is that there are predators out there.

    You will whine when your child is victimized.

    Teach them street smarts if you are willing to allow them to be unsupervised roaming the streets.

    it is not being a helicopter parent.

    It is called being a parent in this day and age.

    There are thugs out there looking for victims.

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