Six Arrested During Raids in Southern Humboldt

Mugshots of cannabis arrests in Humboldt

Top Row from left to right: BRADLEY EUGENE NYSTROM,
Bottom row from left to right:

The Department of Fish and Wildlife arrested six men at four grow sites last week in Southern Humboldt for felony charges relating to the cultivation of marijuana and possession for sales. In addition several were also arrested for possession of a firearm while committing a felony.

The grows eradicated ranged from 300 to a couple of thousand plants, explained Lieutenant DeWayne Little of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. “We chose the sites among many other possibilities for having significant environmental damage whether it be grading, stream obstructions, stream crossing, stream diversion and potential sediment discharge and other forms of pollution,” he said

After what Little characterized as “multiple complaints,” his agency looked into these grows located in the Redwood Creek and Miller Creek watersheds.  “We saw significant manipulation of the land in proximity to stream courses along with cultivation sites,” Little said.

“Redwood Creek is a critical watershed,” the lieutenant noted. “It is one of our priority watersheds.” A recent study documented “dead coho salmon and steelhead in China Creek (a tributary to Redwood Creek…), a watershed highly impacted by marijuana-related water diversions.”

Little said that “search warrants were drafted and executed to investigate potential threat to the environment. …[T]he subjects didn’t possess permits from the Waterboard, County or Fish and Wildlife. …The morning of, we double checked with the county to make sure none of these growers had enrolled in the process.”

Fish and Wildlife wants to work with those in the permitting process, Little said. “[E]very effort is made to work with permitting agencies to seek compliance of growers first.”

However, Little said, “We are finding that some growers are using the permitting process as a delaying tactic to continue cultivating and manipulating the land in egregious ways while hoping to get a crop off without law enforcement’s presence.”

This, he said, will not be tolerated by his agency. “If we see significant alteration to the land or diversion of waterways outside the scope of their permit, they are not immune from law enforcement investigation [even if they are in the permitting process.]”

One of the growers arrested last week, Little declined to name him saying the investigation was still ongoing, was allegedly caught red-handed damaging a waterway. “It is hideous what he is doing,” Little said. “We caught him with a dozer operator pushing fill into a creek. He had no permits from anybody and there was going to be a significant amount of runoff.”

Several neighbors, Little said, afterwards told Fish and Wildlife officers that they were glad he had been stopped. “[But] nobody called about this guy… . ”

He urged people to contact his department with concerns about damage being caused in their communities. “If someone calls me and tells me about a serious issue, whether that be a grower or a poacher, I will protect their anonymity,” he stated. “An anonymous phone call to our Caltip program is going to go miles.”

The raids at these four grows will not solve the problems in the Redwood Creek area.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg of addressing the problem in the watershed,” Little said. “Dealing with just four situations is not going to solve the problem of the watershed. [But,] at least it sends the message that we are looking into the problems of the watershed and we may be back in the future.”



  • We don’t need assholes from a foreign country raping the land, we have enough of our own citizens doing it already.

  • Needs follow up : are these the Bulgarian cartel f’ers?
    Did they all have green cards or here illegally?
    Will they be deported?
    Will their “assests” be confiscated, ( land and all of their “duelies”) and bank accounts frozen?
    Will they squeal on all of the other Bulgarians in all of the other watersheds doing the very same thing?

  • Told you…Bulgarians! Are they even here legally? Call Homeland Security! Oh, wait…they have their own issues.

    • They say they are all from Chicago

    • save our watershead

      the bugarians are buying tons of land, anythin in Salmon creek, elk ridge and roads near ettersburg to name a few , realestate offices say they get calls for 6 areas from the bulgarians, they are a serious threat they work with the russian mafia too…. do a google seach read the history they made a lot of their cash in their homeland from human trafficing.. yea home land security should be checking their green card or whatever they might have… they buy in soft target areas places where they can push u out … do not sell to them .. do not cover up their crimes call the tip line if u know they are doing damage to creeks in your area…. glad at lest a few got stopped for a second or two

  • Any idea the addy? Google Maps has been updated to 3-4 month old pictures just in the last few weeks.

  • were these people renting? the land owner should be all so be held responsible they had to know what was going on

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      “Had to!? Seems like it. Unfortunately, we have at least one example of a Mendo Deputy who amazingly had a garden discovered on the family ranch. Oops. He was jokingly informed of the indiscretion. Voila! Garden gone, all happy now. It was a year or so ago. Maybe Kym remembers it. Wish we could all get breaks like that.

      • The incident I remember was it was a family member of the deputy. I hope no one holds me responsible for my family’s behavior (well, except for my mom’s, I’ll be nominated for sainthood then.)

  • I didn’t think redwood creek ran through so hum?? It spits out at orick and runs basically along 299. These raids were all in so hum?

    • Two places called Redwood Creek in Humboldt County. One up north near 299. One feeds the Eel River in SoHum. This is the SoHum one.

      • The one up north could be called a river compared to the small volume of our Redwood Creek.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Yes, this happens frequently, unbeknownst to young, naive technical teams. Yet another example is small Salmon Creek near CR and Hookton Road and the Wildlife Refuge vs the large Salmon Creek in SoHum. Both have same name, but the southern stream has much higher volume. Don’t get me started on Mill Creeks, Buck Mountains, Red Mountain, on and on. Journalists as well as scientists have a difficult time with the concept. Horse Mountain? Oh boy.

      • The one in Southern Humboldt is called Little Redwood Creek and the one up by Orick is called Redwood Creek.

        It would be nice know if some if these folks are not U.S. citizens and if they’re ever deported.

        • I’ve never heard it called Little Redwood Creek. The Fish and Wildlife studies just refer to it as Redwood Creek. It would be good to differentiate the two.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Never ever heard R.C. In SoHum called “little.” Both are called Redwood Creek. All the “scientists” have to do is describe the geographic locality and appropriate landmarks like Redwood National Park, Orick, etc. or SOHum and G’ville. Many of these young, naive, apparently inexperienced scientists just don’t get it. Apparently, despite their claims to be naturalists, they have spent little time actually studying and navigating with NFS maps or they would be aware of frequent name duplication. I tried to help them at HSU, but they brushed me off. This is what they get, contempt and disdain.

    • Sigh. Get a clue. Many salmon creeks. Many redwood creeks. Several bear rivers as well. New around here maybe? or perhaps you’ve not left home in a really long time? Or maybe you are Illiterate and don’t read the signs as you travel along?. This story needs follow up: where does ignorance come from? Why does it proliferate? How is it.tolerated? And what impact does it have on the prognosis of the culture?

      • Gezz i think u need to take a chill pill Mrs. Please & thank you

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        [edit] The point is that researchers need to specify exactly what the hell they are researching because confusion is the enemy of truth. I wonder what the hell is going on on colleges today?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      This is a common problem. Even college-educated biologists just simply do not get it that place names can be duplicated on the same map. I actually pointed this out to Bauer and others at a meeting at HSU and they DID NOT get it. Scientistcs need to indicate which Redood Creek they are talking about. R.C. At RNP up north is a significant waterway and needs to b differentiated in their technical reports. Same with Horse Mountain, as we know, Kym! Let’s get professional, people.

  • Yeah. Sure. “Anonymous” tipline. Maybe drop a dime from a payphone (do those still exist) with lat – long location, but the last thing I’d do is call LEO straight up. Sure. “We’ll keep your name out of it.” No wonder none of the neighbors called it in. Good way to get unexpected visitors, especially after LEO forces you to testify. Kinda like Allman giving Matt Cohen a pat on the back on FRONTLINE, then sending one of his deputies over with the Feds to bulldoze Northstone Organics a few months later.

      • I always read your signature “af” ending to your posts as “as fuck” in my head.

        • I know. It’s gangster AF.

        • That’s funny!!!! My teenage niece uses ‘af’ to say ‘As Fuck’,(I had to ask, she enlightened me on teenage lingo) and I was so confused why such a seemingly intellectual person would sign
          -As Fuck, to a comment.
          I eventually figured it out, being initials, and probably would have immediately, if not ‘infiltrated’ by these darn kids!
          It’s funny how words, even two little letters can mean such different things depending on social media disconnection and age separation between generations.
          Or maybe it is a lack of interest of the old generations to embrace the new, even with all these seemingly silly acronyms. Either way……
          I love youth! They teach me so so much every single day!!!

  • We should build a wall from here to Bulgaria and make them pay for it.

  • The article says that they caught one guy red-handed with a dozer operator pushing fill into a creek. I hope CDFW cited the dozer operator. The operator likely knew that the filling action was a violation of the Fish and Game Code, as well as being a water quality violation. These renegade heavy equipment operators bear some of the responsibility for the environmental degradation associated with some cannabis farms and other land use types.

    • I hope they impounded the dozer

    • Thats a good point. I often wonder the same thing. I believe that often a landowner, grower or otherwise, will hire an operator to do some work, relying on their expertise to do “the right thing”. These operators know the rules, or at the very least know not to push fill into a watercourse. They should not be immune to citations.

  • I civil cases at least after the cased is closed it is public information, including the ‘who squealed’ info.

    Sometimes the police will make the call themselves after you talk to them, to keep you out of the documentation, but a defense atty watches for that and may try to rope you in…so be anonymous call is a good idea unless the info could only come from your porch view.

    It is tricky.

  • Oh, swell….
    This numb nut Nystrom is one violent dude with a long violent wrap sheet, and he’s been in HC being his shitty violent self. Out on bail from mendo! Wtf?

    Ukiah daily journal:
    Piercy man allegedly steals wheelbarrow while armed
    A 46-year-old Piercy man was arrested Sunday after allegedly discharging a firearm and taking another resident’s wheelbarrow.
    Mendocino County sheriff’s deputies responded to the call at 11:40 a.m. in the 81000 block of Highway 271 in Piercy.
    The woman victimized said she had been preparing a meal inside her home when she heard a gunshot. When she looked outside, she allegedly saw Bradley E. Nystrom standing in front of her home with a shotgun, according to the sheriff’s report.
    Nystrom allegedly then took a wheelbarrow belonging to the woman, discharging the weapon a second time before walking back to his residence.
    MCSO deputies, with assistance from officers of the California Highway Patrol, arrested Nystrom in front of his residence without incident.

    Nystrom was arrested on suspicion of having an outstanding arrest warrant, armed robbery, possession of a loaded firearm in a public place and the discharge of a shotgun within 500 yards of an occupied dwelling.

    He was booked into the Mendocino County Jail under $155,000 bail, according to jail records.

  • Just getting started!!

  • However, Little said, “We are finding that some growers are using the permitting process as a delaying tactic to continue cultivating and manipulating the land in egregious ways while hoping to get a crop off without law enforcement’s presence.”

    Get in. Get paid. Get out.

  • Wait,…is that Rasputin in the picture?

  • 2 Local Americans working with 4 Bulgarian, just what we need. So glad these idiots were busted. It would be nice to get some follow up on the foreigners, were they legally here etc…

  • Just validate to us these illegal pieces of foreign garbage are deported faster than snapping your fingers (haHa-NOT). Open borders and lax immigration laws ( without vetting) are what we see here. Why not bust the Mexicans, Russians, cambos, and other cartel driven locations that the HCSO knows about? HCSO doesn’t have military backing to do so? Nuke ‘um all!
    P.S. Do the white trash as well!

  • shit final harvest will be in a couple of weeks and everyone is talking how there is little to none when it comes to enforcement . Most growers are laughing there ass off with the county they have lawyers and foresters and soil guys .They pay a couple grand and make a couple hundred grand and are burring it in the ground while those stupid fish and game and the county twiddle there thumbs .All they have to do is walk the creeks .Shit I saw plants 4 feet from the edge of the mattole river .And as long as they allow those green houses on the eel river bank in philipsville and do nothing .WTF they do nothing I can see it from 101 plain as day but not any enforcement .These areas were not zoned for year round habitation after the 64 flood .The enforcement is a joke and all the growers are laughing ther ass off at that fish and game guy who grew up in fortuna and has done nothing .His friends from highschool must be growers

    • Outdoor full term growing is becoming quaint in Humboldt. What do you think all those big light control greenhouses are about? We’ve got people in the hills pulling down 3 harvests a year, plus outdoor. Capitalism demands it, so to hell with the salmon, to hell with the old school homesteaders and hello big noisy generators to run the supplemental lighting. Add some propane guzzling blast heaters to keep the girls warm in winter and growing becomes a 12 month activity. They could bust active grows almost any day of the year if they had the mandate and funding.

  • Now if the humboldt co sheriff s office would get Involved.

  • A straight shooter

    It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!

  • I find the prejudice against people with “foreign” sounding names to be rather astonishing. There are millions of people in this country with “eastern european” names who have lived here longer than YOU

    • But come on- don’t be so politically correct that you have your head in the sand. Everyone knows what these guys are up to. It’s a small community and the strength we have is knowing what’s going on. I don’t see anyone with pitchforks running these eastern euros out of town, but we know what they’re all about, let’s not pretend. The overly politically correct types really grind my gears.

      • and my eastern European neighbors just love their assault rifles, so I don’t ever expect the old homesteaders to take their pitchforks to a firefight or do anything really to stop them. Hell, they can’t even make them pay their road maintenance dues.

  • This is a very appropriate reply to the op piece by Linda Stansberry calling us all racists for blaming Bulgarians for large awful grows and strong armed tactics. Jyst because you have one neighbor who is Bulgarian and nice in your eyes does not mean every bulgarian is like your neighbor.

    This is a very serious issue especially for the folks being physically threatened by new neighbors of bulgarian descent. The story is the same in all too many watersheds. It doesn’t matter the race. Its people disrespecting their neighbors and the environment, period.

    • Read the above comments. The racism is quite clear. And pretty ugly. Last year it was “Mexican” cartels. 70 years ago it was Italians & Germans. Always Jews & Africans. Y’all are disgusting. And apparently completely unaware…

      • No we all know what’s going on, and aren’t too p.c. To call it what it is. You’re a handwringer who’s too worried about offending anyone, or maybe you don’t live somewhere where this is going on. There are Mexican cartel grows (and some are run by white bosses), and there are large Bulgarian grows that are very organized and large scale. I’ve seen them in my neighborhood and I’ve heard the offers they give to neighbors. Let’s be a strong community and police ourselves so we don’t have to be policed by the Feds. Call it what it is- organized crime- and let’s report these guys.

      • The Bulgarians are White.

        And armed. And look like they have had military training and experience.

      • Have things gotten so PC that Bulgarians can’t be called Bulgarians? Let’s not worry about this groups activities in our area, let’s worry about some PC bullshit .

    • Stansberry was just trying to put a “good face” on the Bulgarian problem with that article she wrote, since her family was one of the first to sell land to the Bulgarians. Thanks linda.

    • The sixth race on earth is the white race. Bulgarians are the oldest nation on earth but they are not a race. Just Nationality.
      And if they are there…. someone let them.

    • What? Who has been threatened? Ive been asking amd asking. There are weird stories. And Barry’s cigars stink to high hell. But there haven’t been any stories where threats were made other than the neighborly usual (for example)….”quit blocking the road before I have to ram your vehicle”
      The Bulgarians go big, way way too big, but when neighbors engage them, they are as likely as anyone whose neighbors engage them to rethink their practices. Dude! Talk to your neighbors. Educate them. It’s a way better long term strategy than the police will ever be. And stop with the xenophobic racist bs. Please.

      • Bad Neighbors That Bunch

        You don’t live near them obviously. For whatever reason, they love to shoot at ALL hours of the night. It’s almost like they want you to know they have weapons. Who the f@ck goes out at 3am and squeezes off hundreds of rounds? Why?

  • Let’s be honest. Any idiot shouldn’t be able to walk into a rental yard and rent a dozer. But I guess if you hit the cash they will rent you anything.

  • It is time that they legalize this M shit and grow it on many square mile big fields in the Sacramento Valley ! There is enough space for it ! Then sell it so cheap that it takes the low lives ( American & Foreign ) off the market !!!

    • How communist of you. (or Uruguayan) This is AMERICA, INC. where big business rules and the future of legalization is to keep the price as high as possible so the investors maximize their returns and the governments get into the weed business to profit with fees, licenses, permits and taxes upon taxes. Cash Flow Makes America Great Again.

      By the way, Uruguay’s experiment with legalization using a government planned market of a few highly regulated licensed cultivators and distributing through government licensed pharmacies still isn’t working 3 years on. Tired of waiting for the mythological $1 a gram government weed, people have resorted to home growing, gray market pot clubs and the black market has once again been incentivized.

      • This hasn’t been America since 1913. We haven’t experienced the real America in our lifetime. It is a Fascist nation.
        After the crash, many pockets will discover free market system for the first time in their lives.
        Until then, we are stuck with crony govt monoplized capitalism. Unless we vote the right team into office, & that will never happen. Everybody blames it on the constitution, but the constitution is what limited govts so this wouldn’t ever happen. The progressive presidents and their media have taken over education, opinion, legislature, finances, the whole ballgame. Hoover, T.Roosevelt, LBJ, Bush, Obama, and many others not mentioned. The politicians became billionaires, the people became desperate. The progressives beg for more govt intrusion. They refuse to count the money that pelosi, boxer, reid, and the rest of the residents in the old folks home have accumulated off our labors. Now even our great grandchildren are in debt.
        Fix? If they want funds for a project, they can pay for it out of their own wallets.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      There is nothing enough space if you want to grow food as well. Hard to enjoy the buzz when you are hungry. Land is taken, water is tight.

  • What was their bail and did they pay it?

  • Kym,
    Liz brings up a great question above. What was bail and did they pay it? It makes me think of some more information that would be great on these larger busts…..what happens to the property confiscated – generators, four-wheelers, cash, guns, etc. Is there a way to find out about those things in the system? Can you post those statistics when we have these big busts? Property owner, parcel, etc. maybe getting more information about what happens to the big guys can put a damper on it to some extent, not likely but would be good information to have. Would be nice if it all gets confiscated even the property and any funds derived used for further enforcement actions.


    • I noticed these names do not appear in yesterday’s Booked column on Lost Coast OutPost. Maybe they were not arrested?

    • Bill, I would love to be able to post all that information but getting it is very difficult and impossible for my small operation. It would require a lot of digging to get to it. Unfortunately, I would like to be able to hire more help but I don’t have the money.

      • Thanks Kym, for response. Do we at least know how the process works for the seized assets: vehicles, generators, pumps, 4-wheelers, etc.? Same for the cash and the property. Are they seized as well and what about the cash, does it go to funding more enforcement?

        Thanks again,

        • Dude , she basically just told you that she reports everything she finds out and nothing more …. chill ….

          • Sorry for confusion. What I was trying to convey is there has to be a standard policy with Sheriffs on what happens to these items on a big bust. I am not talking about this specific bust. In general what is the policy for the Sheriffs Department on disposal of vehicles, generators, pumps, 4-wheelers, etc.? Especially all the cash we hear and see from pictures. Is it used to fund additional enforcement? Is property sold?

            Thank you,

  • A water dude guest appeared on khum the other day. He said that even in non people-ized area, the water is low. He says it’s because of too many trees. We used to harvest the renewable resources. Now they just burn. The water used to put out the forest fires is also draining the reserves.
    I’m sure the progressives will demand we stop putting out the fires so the trees can drink more. This will also depopulate the areas that aren’t populated, plus those that are.
    We used to care for our planet, our trees, our water. We used to harvest renewable resources, ship them to impoverished nations so they could build homes. We used to care for our neighbors, here and abroad.
    Now we only care about being equally impoverished.
    Those bigger farms have larger families to support, no? There are towns where everybody is related. Why can’t they grow there? Our resources here must go to the raging forest fires in repentance for caring about others & self.

    • This is disgraceful. We have timber to harvest, we can build them homes. But noooo.
      How the clintons screwed over Haiti. (with the help of you know who).

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      It’s not too many people, it’s too many trees? Thank you, Ronald Reagan. We do need a mix of meadows with the trees, but by all accounts, Euro-Americans found an environment teeming with seals, salmon, bears, elk and deer despite too many trees. Yes, the natives did some burning, but too many trees were tolerable as the rivers darkened with fish several times a year. Kinda makes up for it.

      • I have floated the Eel a few times over the years. The Willows have taken over the river banks. Benbow river front is a good example. These willows suck up water by hundreds of gallons. Want more water? I say pull out the willows and restore the river banks.

  • All of you people are such hypocrites! What does being from a different country have anything to do with this! It makes it alright for all the white [edit] in their true religion jeans to do the same thing!! Your all greedy and raping and pillaging the land! So please stop

    • Difference is by the 2000’s, it used to be just dumb kids from the hills tryin to be a gangster makin money. Then they wanted more $, so those same dumb kids have gotten themselves involved with Mexican & Bulgarian Mafia. They were invited into homes here, to pick up large quantities of herb. Those cartels looked around and laughed. Then those crime organizations looked for the nearest real estate office. The only reason its so specific about a race or orgin is because of the mafias themselves. They are organized & strong cause they keep to themselves, within their families & friends. If you dont like the label, discuss IT with the FBI whose file reads, Mexican Mafia, Bulgarian Mafia, Chinese Mafia, Russian Mafia, Italian Mafia, etc. Hell, isnt there even an Amish Mafia! Would i be insulting their religion if i called them out for similar crimes?

      & didnt those same dumb kids ever watch, “Blow”? Never give away your source! The cartels are your friend until they need you no more. Stupid kids never learn till its too late

      • Im usually the one to point out judgemental behavior agaisnt another. All power to any Bulgarian or Mexican who wishes to live here and raise their families in peace & harmony, unfortunately these are not families here. These are the grunts workin for their boss(master). I have yet to see an actual family. In & out they will be. Then the damage is left for those who actually do live here

      • Thank you! But it wasn’t just the “dumb kids”. It has also been the even stupider adults who have encouraged and facilitated the invasion here. There are dangerous criminal forces in this world and we attracted their interest with this obvious recipe for disaster…1) Way to make huge cash quickly and illegally 2) culture of secrecy and non-involvement of police 3) Welcoming and embracing any and all who wanted to arrive and grow weed while deluding ourselves that they were all principled “medical growers” and good for our special local scene 4) Advertising the above points all over the country and the world by encouraging media reports on how “wonderful and special and wacky” our culture was here. This result is obvious and expected and some of us were pointing it out years ago but of course were shot down by the “positivity people”. Gangsters of all kinds are cutting it up in our hills and we are only starting to see the violence and corruption we have ourselves enabled.

  • Kym, this news story might be of interest to the locals, what with the govt branches being all up in private property butts and all.
    There’s gold in them there hills, but we can’t have it.
    Uranium, gold, copper, blue rock, red rock, .. wherever there is a resource, there is a govt branch confiscating it.
    This story hits on the gold & the 9 county sheriffs who are at their wits end trying to stop the over reach. Humboldt ain’t one of them. Humboldt loves wearing two hats.

    • Two hats:
      Local sheriff, local permits, local laws.
      Switches hats.
      Federal sheriff. It’s a felony, we don’t care about local laws.

      Constitutional sheriff: The feds have no business in the lives of the people. Our county, our rules. We will not enforce unconstitutional laws provided by local, state or federal. We took an oath to protect the constitution, the unalienable rights of the citizen. We did not take an oathe to protect tyranny.

  • the deputy in Mendocino had 500 plants on the property that allegedly he was unaware of. Google maps was reportedly showing his car parked next to one of the sites. True or not who knows.

  • I would like to clear my name. My farm was not associated with the Bulgarian’s farm. They were digging up the creek half a mile away from my farm. I was arrested, for having a firearm on a medical cannabis farm. They say it is still legal to have a firearm, on a non-medical cannabis farm. They passed the law, just two weeks before I was arrested. I was just exercising my right to own a firearm and grow cannabis legally. I have my Second Amendment rights. This is America. I have the right to own a gun, to defend myself. I was not even aware of the new law, until I was being arrested. I feel that I did not deserve to be arrested. I have more important things, such as cancer and science research, that I need to complete. I have some of the top research in America. I treat my job as I am a doctor. I was growing legally for a collective. I have confidentiality, with many of the farms I grow or visit. If you would like to know more about what happened on my farm, I posted an article (Jan 2, 2017) about this on my website.

    Here is some of my cancer research.

    My book on DuPont.

    My website:

    My Music video: Teemo shroom field tricks 1 vs 5 Quadra kill (music video) –

    Pictures of the farm: Photobucket (Michael Ross):

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