Parent Stops Man From Assaulting 12-Year-Old, Says APD

This is a press release from the Arcata Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Dylan WilsonOn September 20, 2016 at 7:45am, the Arcata Police Department received a report of a man, later identified as 28-year-old Dylan Jackson Wilson of Arcata, loitering on a footpath between Baldwin Street and Stromberg Avenue. It was reported that Wilson was seen in possession of a hypodermic needle.

Within minutes of the first call, several 911 calls were placed to the APD reporting an assault and that Wilson was seen running from the area.

Responding officers located Wilson hiding in a nearby backyard where he was taken into custody without further incident.

The subsequent investigation revealed that Wilson grabbed a 12-year-old child while she was walking along the footpath on her way to school. Wilson threw the child to the ground and was on top of her when a parent, who had walked past Wilson moments early, intervened. The parent had stayed in the area because she was suspicious of Wilson.

The child sustained minor physical injuries.

Wilson was booked at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges:

Penal Code Section 220(a)(2) – Assault with Intent to Commit Lewd Acts on a Child
Penal Code Section 236 – False Imprisonment



  • Kudos to the parent who stopped this POS!

  • Arcata is a complete SH T hole all they care about are billboards and weed not the public safety . I was surrounded by 4 cop cars for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign . Then was asked what are you doing in arcata your not from around here even though I have lived in so hum for 30 years and own a legit business . I rolled the window up on the cop and ignored him . I had just flown into Arcata airport and was heading to tomos for take out and head home 4 cops cars surrounded my truck to harasses me thinking I had weed .

    • Complete your stop at a stop sign, an don’t be a ass hat an it won’t take four cars next time. Oh an your not that special to not comply with the cops. An way to go to bitch about your mistakes on a article about a minor being attacked. 30 years in so hum and all arcata thinks about is weed hahaha,Your in so hum. This is a article about a child being attacked. Not about your mistakes in life.Your not from Humboldt, unless your 30. A child was attacked and you b.s the cops.

      • I am special .I know the law and always make them do there job .Two cars pulled me over and two more rolled up before anyone even talked to me . The law says you do not have to answer any questions they ask .4 cars for not a complete stop /There priorities are in the wrong place that’s why people get raped and attacked in arcata . Also wife is 5 generation native so you have no clue

  • [edit] Thank goodness for the individual watching out in our community. But watch, he’s probably gonna be a catch and release…

  • How scary and traumatic for that young girl. So glad the parent was brave enough to intervene.

  • I am sure he had some bad intentions the piece of crap! Hope to hell they keep him and never let him out. He sounds dangerous!!!

  • Thanks good parent . Is this guy a local or was he drawn here because of our reputation and opportunities ??

  • Time to take out these parasites .Lets get them to San quenton and let the general population deal out the sentence

  • This pos has to go! Seriously wtf! Imagine if the parent wasn’t there? it’s just a matter of time before it happens again and maybe no one will be there.

  • Glad to see this predator is off the streets, hopefully he serves at least five to ten for this. Hate to even think what would have happened if that hero of a mother would not have been there to help. If I were a parent of this child I would be forever in debt to this lady for saving my child. Much respect to that lady for taking action against that petifile

    • RONFULLOFRAGE: If you were her parent, that would mean you would let your 12 year old daughter walk to school by herself, as her real parents have done….You’re an a-ho just like her parents and all of you should be held accountable just like the perp. If it wasn’t for people like you, there would be far less rape attempts.

      • It’s not unreasonable to have 12 year olds walk home. Not every parent is attached at the hip to their kids; cell phones have a place. Maybe have them walk in a buddy system for starters. The only thing that causes fewer rape attempts is fewer rapists. Teach your kids not to rape rather than blame someone else who is simply living like we always have. I always walked home from school, and so did everyone I know who lived near school.

      • You must be an idiot

        Children have to walk to school everyday all over the world. my sons have to walk quater of a mile to catch the bus I have a baby and can’t just rip him out early in the morning. Maybe the school districts should focus on the safety of our children and quit paying adminstatrion workers so much and put that money toward adequate transportation for our children.

      • “Concerned,” are you saying that kids shouldn’t walk to school alone? Or that parents are irresponsible if they let them? Or that only girls shouldn’t walk alone?
        All of those are ridiculous statements. It is not the girl’s or her parents’ fault, it is the fault of the perp only, and i hope he is put away forever. How dare you try to shame or blame people for doing what they have every right to expect to be able to do?
        You might shame the city or the police for not keeping the streets safer… but trying to tell that innocent girl that she shouldn’t have taken herself to school… you must be living on some alien planet where we allow the scumbags to take over the public space and every good person stays huddled inside or only goes out with a body guard or sidearm. Glad i don’t live there. (I live in Arcata.)

        • I blame people for not having enough sense to not compromise the safety and security of their precious loved ones, but instead use excuses like “I have a baby” or that’s the way we did it when we grew up instead of taking responsibility for adding to the problem. While I didn’t say most of what you said, I absolutely think her parents are irresponsible for not taking any steps to prevent such an incident, like have their child walk in groups, or have an escort. Better yet set aside some time to give them a ride. Too much trouble? Set up a ride sharing program involving other parents. Is that too much trouble? If the parents have weed money, can they afford a cab? What if the cab was shared by multiple students? Small price to pay considering what might have happened to this child.

          Eliminate the opportunities and you just might eliminate the crime.

          Times change and the population continues to grow rapidly. We’re running out of resources, running out of space and running out of time to change with it.

          It’s about time that we consider eliminating “going to school” and just have the kids attend via computer @ home.

          That alien planet you describe sure sounds like Garberville. Wasn’t too long ago that Arcata was overrun by the “plazoids.” It also wasn’t too long ago that the Fortuna PD had a reputation for beating the crap out of the homeless in that town and then escorting them out of the city. (The good ol’ days!)

          BTW, People living in coastal communities like Arcata are running out of time to move before the giant whammy of a flood raises the sea level above their houses!

          • I appreciate your concerns but still believe that we and our children have a right to walk where we need to, and have every right to expect to be safe (especially in the mundane morning hours). Of course we want to do what we can to keep people safe, and encouraging wise habits such as walking in pairs has probably always been a good idea, whether the threat were a mountain lion or a human predator.
            However, it’s not as if it’s less safe now than it used to be. We’re progressing to the point (believe it or not–reading the news makes it seem worse but it’s not) where in the vast majority of cases, people including defenseless women and children can move about freely in public without fear of attack, and without fear that if they WERE molested, they’d be accused of dangerous, invitational behavior.

            We didn’t get to that point by staying home behind locked gates. And home schooling is fine for some people, but widespread public education at home via computer misses half the point of school–social interaction, adaptation, and (at least a benefit i see, though it may not be a recognized goal) dilution of the sometimes-toxic effects of the isolated nuclear family by giving a larger “village to raise the child.”

      • What the hell is wrong with you!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Never trust anyone with a beard is the first lesson.

    Lucky that parent didn’t trust beards.

    Second, building a wall would make it easier to deport people to Mexico.

    What a mutant preying on children [Edit–Caution, please no threats or encouraging of violence.]

  • He was arrested in 2011 for threatening to murder teachers and students at Blue Lake Elementary school. Also arrested in 3/2014 for burglary and also a probation violation.
    In the Blue Lake case, he was shouting threats at students and teachers in front of the school!! Piece of Work

  • This is sickening! So thankful to the parent who had a 6th sense. Tap on the shoulder & she listened to her inner self, thank God. What if that had been the case with Karen Mitchell… & so many others.

  • Kudos to the parent for being there, listening to your instincts and especially for taking action to save the student.
    Maybe it’s time to offer self defense classes in school?

  • If this “human” was a mountain lion stalking consistently in a particular area endangering children on a walking path to school………..
    what would LE do to solve the problem???
    I’m guessing no catch & release program for an animal like that…….
    just sayin’…….

  • And here it is. Is this mental illness? Combined with easy access to hard drugs? Should this guy be institutionalized? In a mental health clinic or a jail? Would he get rehabilitated in a prison? Or just get worse and come out later to do it worse? Or should we just shoot him? These are the important issues we must address and be prepared to spend money on. He’s a local so no blaming the trimigrants or plazoids on this one. We have mentally ill people wandering the streets getting hard drugs from predator dealers and we really need to knuckle down on this.

  • The parent should come forth to get the recognition they deserve, I would be more than happy to buy you a stun gun and a can of Mace. Good job

    • Thank you!!! 😉 I would love that. I would love a stun gun and bear mace!!!! Thanks to all the people that had my back that day & that have it now. I want him to not get out too. I will do my best at that when its time for me to go to court!!!! This story really doesn’t tell the whole situation. He tried to fight me & I fought back that’s when he ran down the hill and the neighbors saw him with his pants still down. All the negativity needs to stop. you can’t always be prepared for crazy. just watch your surrounding if something doesn’t feel right follow your instincts it’s usually right. My body my soul and my heart kept pulling me back to watch over the kids!!! you will know when your Sixth Sense is telling you what’s up it’s the weirdest feeling…

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