Apparent Crime Victim Dumped Near 5th Street


An officer puts up tape near the crime scene. [All photos by Bobby Kroeker.]

At approximately 7:30 p.m., a woman was discovered in the 1800 block of 5th Street. She was in a walkway near bushes beside a residence. She was sitting on the ground and slumped over.Emergency personnel wrapped her lower half in yellow plastic, gave her oxygen and she was taken away in an ambulance moaning. According to scanner traffic, law enforcement is searching for a suspect vehicle that may have left her in this spot.

ambulance at crime scene

The ambulance and guerney wait for the victim.

We’ll update as soon as we know more.

UPDATE Wednesday at 9:19 a.m.: Update on Three Assaults Last Night



  • Is the show “Naked and Afraid” being filmed in Humboldt?

  • Oh shit.

  • O.k. I’m not blaming kym for posting this too early but I really wish there was way more information about this cause I’m really confused. I just read this article 3 times and I’m still saying to myself ‘WTF??’

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Well, the last seen vehicle is the supposed “suspect(person) of interest vehicle”.

      Can’t imagine being Johnny come lately, the new kid in town……just happened to roll right on through right about the time someone else in the hood was present just to say “the last vehicle seen was……”.

      It is nefarious cops with agendas who put out these “reports” that can’t even qualify as “reputable”, and that is before discovery, analyses and critique of what manifests as no more than cow dung special delivery from ferndale farms……..great bullshit to harvest the fruits of gubbamint flavors.

      So, judges are being ridiculed more and more for their collusion and corruption of conspiracies at accepting junk science as fact…..and then there is junk police reporting….

    • Sometimes what information I can get on nights and weekends is very limited. We do the best we can with scanner traffic, reporter on scene, etc. But in the end we just have to wait until I can get an official version for a better understanding.

    • Well the picture is so hideous, your mind refuses to put it into focus. Its not one for the faint of heart. You have before you exhibit 1A of “what rape culture is” this specific example focuses on the concept of “ruined.” The apocalypse is on. Welcome to hell.

  • Here’s WTF.

    Apparently a woman was found, and she was unable to care for herself. A concerned individual reported the woman’s presence, and she was assisted by an ambulance. Hopefully she was taken to an emergency room and cared for.
    Rather than making unattractive jokes, we should hope that this person gets the help she needs, since we are not privileged to know exactly what happened to her.

    Let’s not assume anything. There but for grace could we all go.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Concerned – a call standing how far away versus actually being human, walking over and offering assitance……ya, bet the caller would not come near ten feet of the “now patient”……and, what if the caller is “a dumper” or making it all up about car last seen….

      No joke, true on a direct human level, but as an aside on a blog, a little parity for satire is allowed by normal, reasonable minded folks.

      Lets hold hands👭👬👫 and hope for Jane Doe’s healthy recovery.

    • Update says someone called 911 saying a man with his pants down had dragged a half-naked woman into the bushes beside a house and then fled. Since it is difficult for me to get a roll of toilet paper when my pants are down, I have a hard time believing someone would waste time trying to drag another person while their pants were down. It’s just too silly. Less than an hour later, the woman was fine and refused to say any crime had occurred.

      I’m sorry if your offended, Taurus Balzhoff, but this story just begs for jokes……

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Funny how the update includes “pants down like officer down”, but later as if the bullshit story gets deeper.

    • Well said, thanks.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Next time she’ll know to trim faster…

  • Wow guys,what if that was you?your let’s say getting into your car somebody whacks you upside your head knocks you out steals your shit leaves you there to die and nobody gave a crap?then a person sees u their should they help you,by calling for help??we don’t know what has happened to this HUMAN BEING.i know I’d want help.woundnt you?I’m praying for this poor sole and you human beings should also

  • You rock G-MA if the world had more people like you the world would be a better place .

  • I wish to correct myself: Well said, thanks” was response to Taurus Balzhoff’s post which ended “there but for grace could we all go” & not to the post “this story begs for jokes.” Couldn’t be farther from the truth of how I feel – it saddens me that this happened – what are we raising our children to be? God help this poor woman, this human being.

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