Trinity River Area’s Most Wanted

Trinity River Area's Most Wanted Humboldt Sheriff

Top Row from left to right:

  • Joshua Thomas Wentworth (05/02/1988)
    Felony Warrants
    Weapons Charges
  • Jesse Micah Vandenplas (08/22/1978)
    No Bail Warrant
    PRCS Revocation
  • Billy Patrick Maloney (01/30/1985)
    Felony Warrant, Arson

Bottom Row from left to right:

  • Sylvia Rose Jenkins (03/04/1983)
    Felony Warrants, Burglary/Receive Stolen Property
  • Lincoln Earl Ammon (12/15/1975)
    Warrants – Vehicle Theft
  • Ernie Leland Marshall (03/25/1962)
    Felony Warrants, Domestic Violence


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