Dear Trimmers


Photo of a trimmer looking for work in Redway in 2008. [Taken with his permission by Kym Kemp]

In Nevada County, a man, Mike Mooers, wrote the following letter to trimmers. (We’d love to publish something similar from manicurists to growers so think about writing a letter letting them know your concerns.)

Also, some appropriate music to accompany the reading can be found on the video from the Camo Cowboys on the top.

Dear Trimmers,

Welcome to Nevada County [or Humboldt County.] Know that your wonderful mix of cultures, languages, alpaca ponchos and accumulated experiences brings great color to the community. We are happy to have you here, helping our local folks get the medicine all ready to alleviate the world’s insomnia, undiagnosed back pain and marginally realistic anxiety. Thank you for that.

But bros, you’re kinda burning some bridges here in the NC. Seriously – even the folks that get it, the totally hippy-rasta-boho, Amma-hugging, naked-at-the-river, big-time- medicine-growing locals, are getting a little ragged due to some of the negative trimmer mojo that’s coming back at us.

So. How do we get back to Happy?

We’ll work on our end, but you all need to step up in the awareness department. How?

Simple really. Just pay attention to stuff like this:

1. The River is not your house. Nobody wants to go for a nice fall hike at Purdon’s and constantly be jammed up by tents and piles of garbage and shit – literal shit – on the beaches. There are plenty of campgrounds up Highway 49. Nice ones. With toilets.

2. Say “please” and “thank you” and “may I.”

3. If someone picks you up hitchhiking at Tyler Foote Crossing and gives you a ride all the way into town, offer to throw down a couple of bucks for gas. They probably won’t take it, but the gesture goes a long way.

4. Stop clogging the aisles in the co-op. Not asking a lot here, just pull over to the side when you’re talking to your buddy from Connecticut about that last time you saw him in Costa Rica.

5. And don’t park in the co-op parking lot all fucking day – even if you are sharing your lovely ukulele skills (BTW – see #15 re this). Spaces are finite. Other people like to use them, too.

6. Don’t call me me “bro,” bro.

7. Big, big rule here: At a yoga or meditation or herbal tincture class, “Suggested Donation” does not – NOT – mean “Free.” In fact, a $5 suggested donation means $5 is the minimum amount you can pay without seriously adding to your Karmic debt. The instructors work hard. Skip out on paying? You are coming back as a cockroach in your next life, and you’re an asshole in this one.

8. If you are one of the Drainbow people, just leave. You guys are the effin’ worst.

9. If you are from Europe, cool. But realize you are taking jobs away from locals, and doing that ain’t so cool. Acknowledge that and give back, or move on.

10. If you are from Connecticut, upstate New York, Salt Lake City, Flagstaff, Houston, Massachusetts, Marin County – wherever – please see above.

11. No one really cares about your experience in Oaxaca. You don’t need to share. Especially on speakerphone.

12. The Food Bank, facilities at the Family Resource Center – stuff like that? It’s pretty limited, and folks here need it. If you are not prepared for life on the road, stay home.

13. If you do need help, okay – take it. But when you get paid, pay back. And juggling for the kids is great, but it does not pay for laundry soap and canned tomatoes. Contribute, bro.

14. And, when you get paid, how about throwing down for one of the local nonprofits – the North Columbia Schoolhouse, maybe the Senior Center, or could be the North San Juan Fire Department. You don’t pay taxes, so how about a small community tithe. Twenty bucks. If it’s a hardship, then skip buying that expensive juggling equipment or gnar slackline kit until the next payday.

15. Don’t play your guitar (or mandolin or ukulele) in public unless you’re really good at it. It isn’t charming if you suck. It’s just loud and screechy. And for god’s sake – please, please, please no juggling. It’s just sad.

16. When you sit at a four-top at Ike’s for three hours, you are being greedy and impacting other’s ability to access desperately needed pancakes. Eat, pay, go.

17. And tip your damn waitress. They are putting up with a lot this time of year. Start at 20% and add 5% for every half hour you sit there after your bill arrives.

18. Seriously. Don’t call me bro.

19. Spend some damn money. You are sucking the cash out of our local economy. That is a pretty hard thing for a small rural area to absorb. Look, trim a pound and a half a day, reap some coin, save some for the annual trip to Kauai, it’s a noble goal. But spend some here.

20. One way to give back? Tip like a Mafia Don. You have the cash, you are capitalizing on our region’s bounty, so fucking tip like a 60 year old millionaire trying to impress a hot 20 year old starlet. You’ll feel good about it. And tip with money for chrissake. Leaving a bud on the bar is insulting for a bartender who probably has five pounds left over from last year.

21. Regarding spending – the following items do not count as currency: bud, massages, a place to stay when I visit wherever it is you’re visiting from, a pound of trim, a pipe you made, anything else you made. Maybe – MAYBE – you could come up to my property and help pull Scotch Broom, can tomatoes or split wood, but you didn’t offer that, did you?

22. The power of community and the joy of each of us supporting your brothers and sisters is not an excuse to take other’s stuff, shit on their land or suck dry the teat of their kindness. Not without reciprocating. It Takes a Village does not mean you just get other folks’ stuff.

23. Last thing: “The World Provides.” Those are the words of the selfishly unaware deluded by some idea of self-awareness. Humans provide. Thank them for it. Small or large, providing something for you was likely a sacrifice. They shared their bounty, so provide a little back. It goes a long way.

Look, here’s the deal. You guys are awesome. You work hard, provide an essential service, and bring some wonderful, beautiful color to our community. You give a lot, and this community gives a lot back.

But there’s a perception that the taking is beginning to outweigh the giving, one that sees the transient trimming community as a parasite, not a contribution. And this perception is becoming pretty global, even among the most accepting of us.

You need to realize that this perception springs from somewhere, and it clearly has truth to it. Is it painting all trimmers with too broad a brush? Maybe. But maybe not. Whatever the case – the perception that exists is created by you. It may be by the few, it may be the many, but it is here and it is real.

We love you, but, I mean, if this relationship is gonna keep working, you all need to put something into it, too. Otherwise we’re all buying Trim Reapers and going automated.

We cool, bros?



  • BINGO, hits the nail on the head. This is how US Locals feel about the millennial trimmers.

    • Yup. Mechanize and cut the drama.

      • Amen!

      • Are mechines perfected to such point that mechanically harvested crop yields are economically competitive with traditional farm worker labor intensive agriculture currently?

      • i don’t even smoke pot but i do understand that if growers go mechanized then they only add to the negative issues and give crude trimmers the right to not take responsibility for their actions. Perhaps a network of great trimmers that repeatedly show respect for the environment they are in could be considered?

    • No!!!!
      Trimmers unions are a must.
      Women are being kidnapped and made to work for free. Even in the trim world.
      Especially when we hide the mistreatment behind ignorant social media posts, written well , but not by anyone near farm source; this is just stupid humor. Sorry. I know you are coming from a good place.

      • a union. what a stupid idea.

      • You unionize, I mechanize. And cut the bullshit wannabe hippie drama. I lived the 60s and 70s. Buncha dirty posers. I guess that was a bit of a broad brush. MANY dirty posers.

      • Oh come ON! Trimmer’s unions?? The real truth is that these are people who wanted to travel the world and couldn’t afford it, or couldn’t get daddy to afford it, and want US to pay for it! Get a damn job and stop making the truly needy look bad! As for kidnapping women? That’s sad but happens all over the world and isn’t specific to any industry.

        • these low class backpackers are disliked all over the world. they need to be run off like they do in many parts of asia. were on the backpackers circuit. if the word gets out there not welcome they will stop coming . in san francisco neighborhoods are hiring there own private police and that keeps them, and the tweakers on the move .private police do the foot work, and the police just come and take the garbage out. works great 🙂

      • This doesn’t apply to everyone but a lot of the “global trimmers” this is speaking to you…That’s plain stupid, you don’t contribute to our communities instead you consume our resources; a bunch of entitled people expecting everything handed to you. Grow Up!! If you want a union how about becoming legal for starters and paying some taxes, then you’ll get a say!

    • Unfortunately it is impossible to take any of this letter seriously, sure it has some legitimate points here, but c’mon.

      You sound like a sad, angry, old man. Who is nothing but jealous of this lifestyle and the lovely humans who live it.

      All of the references made about “hippy trimmers” are pretty accurate, yet you expel them as if they are insults..

      It is pretty fucking common to travel and work….so everyone is welcome to come trim..and I am a seasoned”trimmer” who lives in the US

      And p.s.

      When you go to the store and buy something..with cash..sweet lovely cash..(which all trimmers have) see that extra amount at the bottom of the receipt? Yeah that is called a tax….

      I spend loads of money when I come up there and trim in your small ass towns that would not be surviving without the weed industry..

      So your welcome!!

      • I live in NorCal and i have beem trimming, seasonally, for 12 years. When i started, i was absolutely living out of my car and/or in a tent on someone’s property, and i went somewhere warm in the winter where i could live happy for pennies. It’s great work for artists, people who like to travel and live alternate lifestyles – and also for single moms when we can take it home and do it. It is mind-numbing unless you have a good crew to work alongside, but i’m grateful for it, and grateful for all the people i work for – most of whom i’ve known for years and only hire the same crew of people year after year, with the occasional new person brought in – i can’t imagine just hiring random trimmigrants off the streets, and i have thankfully never had to work in a scene like that – tho there is a guy here in town who hires street kids and pays $125 a pound. Seriously. He’s a nice guy but that’s messed up.

      • [edit] You think you are doing our small town a huge favor with your presence – but all you’re doing is making this once-beautiful mountain town an ugly, health hazard![edit]

        • Edit? I see, others can use the f-word, but not me?! FY!

          • “Fuck” isn’t a problem. Direct insults to other commenters, however, aren’t allowed. Over years of this, it’s become pretty clear that an insult just gets the other person to throw out insults. Then the whole comment thread degenerates into comments that are basically “your mother wears army boots.”

            My goal here is to have folks communicate. Thus the edit.

            • That must be one of the things that I admire about you Kym, you encourage communication, and discourage degrading insults.

              I have spent my life, from a very young child up until now, encouraging people to tell their stories. Nothing will kill a story faster than humiliating someone else with a correction of their grammar or spelling, or degrading them in some way.

              Keep up the good work.

      • Mary, sounds as if you are one of the people the article is aimed at. Old men have experience and may have wisdom. They are not all sad and angry. And really; lovely humans in the lifestyle?

        Look inward.

    • Oh when California makes it legal and the FDA comes down upon your heads, you will miss the days of trimmers when you’re no longer allowed to profit so abundantly from your crops.
      How about the people who clear cut the forest, dust the ecosystem with their chemical pesticides, and use up the water while California has been in a major drought SHUT UP, because essentially, you’re taking and taking and taking. Not only that, but You are the ones attracting these people because you and your friends hire them. Maybe if people would stop growing pot, stop hiring these people, then no need to write this article.

      I am from California and I am also a ‘traveling trimmer’ who is tired of meeting trashy rednecks from around the states coming to grow. People who have no consciousness for nature, or community. The people who say “I have to spend six months in this shit hole and then I get to head back to Wisconsin, Georgia, Tenessee, etc.” Let me speak up here, if you are Not from California you have No right to complain. You obviously are incapable of getting a real job where you came from so you came out here to reap the benefits and thought you’d achieve a fast profit, capitalist assholes, and wreak havoc on the land.

      I respect not shitting along rivers, not tossing your trash everywhere, don’t spend double time in restaurants and cafes after you’ve eaten your meal, and all that stuff. Maybe you should tell the growers who can do no harm (I never see articles about them,) to stop buying large amounts of shitty food at the corporations, or picking up their essentials from Home Depot, do you think that “stays in the local economy?” While I know some people who don’t do this, I know Many who do.

      I can get work doing other things. I went to college, I have experience in lots of things… I just don’t feel like working toward paying taxes to go straight to war. If my taxes went toward health care and education, like in those amazing countries I visit, I would be a happy camper. Lastly, they don’t. So I appreciate this job because I decide where my money goes, and 99% of the time I pick local over corporate. When I visit other countries I see the small towns and the faces of the people who get my money. Hilariously enough, I have spent five years living in Oaxaca and the woman at the grocery store in my town also owned my apartment. My money went straight into her pocket. The local restaurant that my friend owns, that money goes right into her pocket. Not into this system that is supporting wars over its own citizens. Makes me feel good at the end of the day.

      Remember, everything is a circle.

  • Interesting to see other areas experiencing the same irritations as us. I would also add to the list fire danger. Everywhere I go in Sohum I’m asked if I have work available, or told ” I would like to work for you.”

  • I’ll second that Bingo!

  • this is pretty stupid IMO People who make $200 or so a day [ok maybe 4 or 600] for a few weeks are not really getting the life of a mafia don…as if you know what that is like anyway. The trimmers in my neighborhood [I do my own by the way[ are mostly respectful returning regulars who are treated well & behave accordingly. The firedancing gets a little crazy but it will be over soon.

  • Just shaking my head

    #24 going on for hours about Burning Man! No one cares!! Go, have fun and come back to work.

  • How about the really nice cars and shopliftin….. Or wads of cash to pay for your liquor and a Ebt to pay for your food really… Talking on your expensive smart phone about your deals and stilling cheep makeup.. From the ones paying taxes and putting up with your crap ..We see it all and are fed up!!!!

  • The whole thing with “our beach is not your toilet” needs to be put in multiple languages on signs at the beach. There is no reason for the nasty things I have seen.

  • This letter is from one self important [edit]to another …..

    By the way , trim reapers suck , even the best trimmer machines only get about 70 percent of the job done , it still requires to be finished by a human .

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Yes but if it took you 10 people to trim, you can now do it paying for only 3. The machine pays for itself in one harvest or however pounds you can get clean in a couple days. It’s like robotic assembly lines. The same ones that churn out the growdozers and their parts. Most of it is automated, but there is some specialized hands-on work to be done before it hits the sales floor.

      • so no to machines-it beats the hell out of the weed knocking off all the crystals and then all the hash is left on the blades,it might cut down on at the drama at the work sites..everyone fighting or fucking but the human power is the best

        • machines only suck if you have the vacuum on full blast. Open the vent and you will prevent most of the damage/crystal loss.

        • Yah..screw knocks all the crystals and butchers the nug..then gets more crystals knocked off when someone had to clean it up. How about just find a good local crew that you can give and receive mutual respect. You
          You’re both doing eachother a solid.

    • You will learn the value of the machine when you start paying comp, payroll taxes and income taxes ,but until then enjoy the easy life.

  • Donate money anonymously to your school’s if you are a local those people aren’t even Fromboldt . They probably have limited funds. What if you could donate all your recycling at the dumps for the schools it would be an easy collaboration of a community giving back to the school’s that need money. Earl Stevens donated 25,000 to his old middle school he made a living not buy being nice thats for sure he was from shity town in the Bay Area growing up in poverty I’m am certainly not asking you to favor this person because they grew up mean as hell, and nobody really think’s that is cool but see if O.G. Hill Jack’s can do the same kind of thing try giving local schools some fat stack’$ so let’s at least start donating are recycling come on use reuse recycle and donate to school’s.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      To be quite honest, I could make a living just doing their recycling and trash pick up if I didn’t have to worry about getting shot at or involved in whatever hillside soap opera they got going on. Holy shit some of these guys leave behind a mountain of junk.

    • Ditch the apostrophes – the plural of school is schools.
      Put the apostrophe where it belongs: “that’s” meaning “that is”.
      Maybe your own schooling was deficient?

      • Crest Mouth Watch does it all of the time….Obviously didn’t bother to pay attention in school, but sure loves to spew anyway!

  • Not a trimmer, but that can be pointed at the new younger growers who have invaded our mountains. Show some consideration and respect to the long time residents of the hills. You drive those over sized grow dozers, Toyotas with missing mufflers, or your little dirt bikes at a speed that is an accident waiting to happen. We are not in a hurry so when you come screaming up behind us, give us a little time to find that safe turn out to pull over. This time of year the fresh air is over powered by the smell of marijuana, you don’t need to add the smell of diesel and unburn fuel as you accelerate to squeal the tires around every turn. This is not Redwood Acres slow down, relax, and mellow out bro.

    I have watched the number of growers increase along with the number of crashes. As these younger adults scream by you on curves, going up hills, and on narrow roads you get the feeling that a raid is under way, only to see them chit chatting with a friend in the middle of the road a mile or so down the road. And if you are going to crash, don’t run off and leave your piece of crap abandoned for someone else to clean up.

    Just show a little respect to your neighbors, slow down. After all, they are probably going to be the ones that are there to help you when, no if, you crash. Even if you have pissed them off with your poor driving habits…oh and by the way, that line down the middle of the road is not meant to be lined up with the middle of your bumper.

    • They just stare at you as you jerk your car out of their way and continue on riding the center line. A delivery truck and trailer full of pallets of soil had me in the ditch in a blind corner the other day. It wasn’t a semi, there was no excuse.

  • We live in a free country BRO, if you don’t like it, move on, BRO!!!

  • Yup I might have to go with the trim machines after this year.

  • If you need a machine to do the work you are growing too much. Keeping a human scale on your growing keeps things sane. The trim machine is part of what has encouraged the huge & terrible grow explosion

    • Yah, but if these super selfish inconsiderate TRIMMIAGRABTS keep trashing our communities, playing shitty ukelele and using up our community resources, we SHOULD just by trim machines and pay our good (local) friends to help out so we don’t need these super rediculous and annoying people to come here and take all their freshly made money elsewhere.

  • Trimming machines are where its at.

    Unless your still looking for sex with trimmers, a machine is where its at.

    I spent 5k of a Trimminator trim machine, and i pay my workers 50$ a pound to clean it up after it comes out of my machine 80% trimmed.

    It works every time, the weed looks great, its not ruined.

    100 lb = 5k trim machine + 5k trim costs.

    That cuts your harvest in half the first cycle

    You still get to hire on people, they will trim about 3-5 pounds a day of cleaning up and still make around 200 bucks a day. Its a win win for everyone also the trim scean instead of lasting 2 months will be as short as 3 weeks.

    Truth is these trimmers are bad for the community, spoiled drug addict kids who want easy money while partying to continue there party somewhere else.

    Sorry, no longer. 50$ a pound is the new price for cleaning.

    Also 150$ is what everyone is paying this year for there weed to be trimmed by hand.

    • $150 is not the going rate in our neighborhood…

      • Depends on who you ask.

        • Well she probably didn’t ask the money hoarding growers who take advantage of trimmers aka any grower paying $150.

          • So what about the mom and pops that are hardly making it, and just want help working on it? Yea, they are money hoarding POS…. .. ‘aka ANY GROWER paying $150’ …. lol so what you are saying is that even if they are barley getting by themselves, it shouldn’t matter? they need to pay the self righteous trimagrants what the deserve… that 50 could make a big difference to that mom n pop.

            • Most mom and pops I know, including myself, that find themselves “barely getting by” would usually trim their weed themselves. At least until they get back on their feet. My comment was more about growers who are not barely getting by, but still choose to underpay the trimmers.

              • Exactly, once you grow enough to have someone else trim… you are no longer a “mom and pop” operation, now you’re a baller 😂😂😂😂😂

          • It’s called market pricing. Prices go down for everyone.

          • Please trimmers show up for a cpl months eat all your food take all the hot water leave their hair in the shower and use all your tooth paste, they all think they are pro trimmers and deserve so much more, but truth be told they have a harsh reality coming as they are just another ag job like picking apples, and the days of 150 and especially 200 are a thing of the past, get used to 12 to 15 an hr,leave you dog at home, bring your own food and your leaving at night and back in the morning. The nerve, I’m not paid enough to smoke spliffs and talk drama all day. No wonder trimming is the only work you can find. Is it that time again already? Time to tune up the trim bros..

            • Well said..they act like they are entitled to everything, a fucking monkey can do your job. I mean I started out as a trimmer myself, but moved my way up
              And I’m not above trimming my own, if it means I don’t have to deal with entitled trimmigrants that think I owe them something.

          • Enjoy being overpaid for you highly skilled labor, cough cough, yes pro trimmer you days are numbered as this market goes rec and the prices go down below 1000 900 800 etc all while bring taxed you will find that 15 an hr is going to be a norm and even that is questionable. You can always pick blueberries in Maine or go fish in alaska..

          • That’s bullshit with poundage price falling. It was less per unit for trimming when the price was upwards of $5K an elbow. Ah, the good ol’ days.

      • $200lb here, or $25 an hour on the smalls. Hourly wage is also the “standard” for any labor. “Outsiders Need Not Apply.” af

        • Smart man. Less stress, less theft and less hassle. More trust & people who LIKE to work for you. It all evens out and adds up in the end.

          What goes around comes around.

      • “ya pay peanuts, ya get monkeys”

        • I love this parody to the trimmers. I am sure that they could write a letter about us, but this guy’s rant has a lot of truth to it. As far as “money hoarding growers”…Where do you get off saying that? The price has been cut in more than half the past 8 years. The grower is working for months all day everyday, spending at the minimum of $450.00 a pound to grow and that is not including the cost of the property, if there are issues, property taxes, food for the trimmers, etc…I would love to pay $150.00 a pound, but can’t find anyone to work for that. AS far as locals go, it has been my experience that most people who used to trim now grow and do not trim anymore.

          • And why do you suppose the price has been cut in half? Could it have something to do with those same money hoarding growers also being the one’s who grow tons of mediocre weed and sell it for cheap therefore fucking up the market for everyone? I’m well aware of the time, labor, money, etc it takes to grow a pound of quality weed. With so much invested already why would I not also invest in quality trimming?

            • This is the best comment I’ve seen so far. A perfect example of having a few “ruin” it for the many, which is exactly what’s being stated in the original article; a few shitty people ruining it for respectful people. It has nothing to do with occupational position, a disrespectful person is a disrespectful person. They come in all shapes and sizes, they can be growers or trimmers. They are easy to pinpoint.
              -Message to the growers: hire respectful people.
              -Message to the trimmers: work for respectful people.
              Oh, and to whoever wrote the article: you talk about hiring Europeans and state that they should realize they’re taking jobs away from locals and then go on to advocate using machines to automate the process as if that wasn’t doing the same thing.
              OPPOSING EXAMPLE: Dear rich garden owners, it is by the hard work of trimmers that you have half a million buried in your back yard and a new Tundra in the driveway. Oh, I won’t complain that your having me trim larfy B buds making 150 for 10 hours of work you usually don’t do…you could not do it with out us; you’re welcome.
              Have you ever read Atlas Shrugged? Well, if you wrote an article like this, I assume you haven’t and I highly recommend you do so.

        • Hahahaha, so true. By the way, these stupid trimmers that are destroying your communities, don’t hire them! Go with your local friends or keep in touch with (the few, if any), foreigners who respect and value your house, your culture and your community and you’ll solve the problem, at least partially. I must say that most of the tweakers I have seen are US citizens and all the trimmets have do spend money to support themselves while working, thus providing for the local community. They also have to pay for, sometimes, a very expensive plane ticket just to get there and provide for themselves for a long time with their trimming money, as no boss will give them more than a month holiday.

      • I’ve heard the price went down a bit this year, but that’s with food included.

    • Yes but what you produce is not medical quality. I doubt if you have ever offered your product to a legal buyer, it has all gone in 100 lb lots to the black market. Right?

      • Nope not at all, get a clue, there are cbd collectives producing amazing medicine all over humboldt, and also lots of good organic thc herb going direct to dispensaries both local and to the south.

        Many many people still pride themselves on growing great quality organic herb utilizing responsible land practices and usually a whole lotta love mingled in with some singing to the plants 🙂 when the hummingbirds hang out on ur plants u kno it’s good!

        • What the frack is a CBD collective? Scooter was saying if you machine trim, you probably sell to the black market. If I was to guess, he is 100% correct.

    • So you take pride in making $100,000 net a year whilst you help former trimmers into poverty & homelessness. WAY TO GO. [edit]

    • Agreed, $150 is the new $200. And to the commentor who claimed “money hoarding growers” let’s just take a look at the math:

      Not that long ago, 10 years maybe (which isn’t long if you consider yourself a local), a pound would sell for close to 3k if it was any good. Trimmers would get 200/lb and fed at least once if not 3 times a day. So 200/3000=.07=7%. Today you get 1500-2000/lb if it is highest grade. That means at 200/lb trimmers now get 10% which is a 3% raise. For what? Are these trimmers somehow better than the ones 10years ago? Not that I have seen. Now if you are getting the more common 15-1700 trimmers are now making in the neighborhood of 12.5% of the revenue. In addition to all this math there is the math involved in the completely overpriced “ingredients” that go into a grow. The dirt is twice the price it used to be, fertilizers are, almost all hard goods used have gone up in price. So basically every aspect of the grow has increased in price, or at least stayed the same, but the price per pound has, in most instances, been cut in half, yet the only one who is really working 10-16 hours a day for at least 6 months out of the year risking life, liberty and property is the grower….

      I by no means encourage, support or condone “bad actors” who pollute, go way too big or take advantage of people but in the same breath I, for the life of me, can’t understand why people get in such a tiff when you say trimmers should be making $150/pound! Even if you are the elite few who are getting 2k/lb consistently, paying $150/lb still gives trimmers a .5% raise from 10years ago. That’s right! $150 to trim a $2,000 lb is 7.5% of that pound to the trimmer!

      As another commentor pointed out, if you are growing a ridiculous amount then it means nothing to you, but for those of us who are just supplementing our incomes and have a life outside of the industry, you know the way this all started many, many years ago, then it means a lot to feel as though you are getting your fair share and not paying out more than what has been historically seen as a good piece for a needed service.

      Last point, you wonder where or why all these out of area and out of country people came from? Well most of them are here because they are usually pretty stoked to get $150/lb and don’t complain about the work, etc.

      So I encourage everyone to begin normalizing $150/lb. maybe not all at once, gradually begin lowering the price because I promise there are plenty of good trimmers out there who are more than happy to work for less than 200. 150/day is $1050 per week which is $4200/month. Not too shabby for an untaxed wage.

      • I like your math. I don’t like anyone ripping off anyone else’s time, either, but the math doesn’t lie. My number scenario is a little simpler: trimmers have been getting $200 a pound forever. Way back when it was $6000/lb in the late ’80s. But let’s take more like a few years back, when weed was worth about 3200… trimmers got 1/16th of that, basically an ounce worth for each pound trimmed.
        So now that the price is half that, why do the trimmers get the same amount=an 8th of a pound? It’s a 100% pay raise, relatively speaking.
        Of course there’s trimming and there’s trimming. Trimming cat kibble, air-bud, stuff that’s barely been green-trimmed… where it’s pretty near impossible to do more than a half-pound in a day… that ought to get more. But those big colas that fast trimmers can do a couple or three pounds per day… i can see going down to a more reasonable rate.
        With as many eager trimmers around as there seem to be, you’d think $150/pound/day would be offered and accepted.

        • I actually know many working for $100/lbs

        • Sorry but the math is fuzzy here, or at least how it’s being applied. As the price of pounds has gone down the EXPENSE of trim cost as a percentage of profit has indeed gone up, but that is not a raise for the trimmers. They are still getting paid the same amount of money, There is no increase in pay for the trimmer, so it is not a raise. It is an increase in expense for the grower (the trimmer gets no extra benefit) and it sucks, but it is not a raise.The trimmers pay has not gone up, therefor it is not a “raise” over past pay for the trimmer. If McDonalds had to start selling burgers at 50 cents instead of a buck but their workers get 7 bucks/hr hour either way, the workers did not get a raise, McDonalds expenses went up. Common sense.

          • Of course, you’re right. And the cost of living keeps going up. But i did say “relatively speaking”–for the person paying, it’s relative to the price of the product. Also of course, if the person trimming were wanting to buy weed, s/he can buy twice as much on his/r pay as before. But then again, trimmers never have needed to buy weed.

          • You are correct, poor choice of words on my part, it is not a raise by any means.

            My point was and is that there is no industry that I am familiar with where when the producers expenses go up that is not somehow recovered in either lower wages or less total employees, e.g. automation. As I see it automation, trim machines , etc., is not the answer, I believe in people power. That only leaves one solution which is to lower wages, as well as find savings elsewhere, in order for the producer to achieve their goal. Otherwise the producer packs up and all employees are laid off.

            It is that simple phenomenon that trimmers(employees) often can’t understand. I get less so why should you expect the same as when I was getting more?

      • Exactly!! I’m local and I’ll work for $150:). Shit, if be happy to make 2,000 a month. I’m just a local business owner but all the money goes out to foreigners.

      • What? There are several ways to cut costs elsewhere along the process. I don’t see why the trimmer should have a pay cut when everything else around them (cost of living) is going up. In a ‘normal’ job, wages increase every year or two to allow compensation for living cost increase. But you’re talking about lowering the pay because the grower “has to” pay more for ingredients or suffer from a product value depreciation (due to other growers commercializing).
        First, why would a grower being working 10-16 hours per day for 6 months?…and even if they were, that means they work for half a year yet make bank. Of course the amount they make is highly circumstantial but it’s not uncommon for a grower to make $100k or more in one year…of which you say they’re working only 6 months.
        -Dirt: make it yourself
        -Nutrients: let the chickens do the work and go fishing…you don’t need bat shit
        -Water: collect & automate via cheap PVC and gravity
        -Varments: 22LR is cheap & so are those frequency output things & so are traps
        -Pruning: do it yourself
        -Estimated total work hours for the entire year: 180
        If you’re working 10-16 hours a day on that project, there are other things to consider to increase efficiency. The trimmers still work the same amount yet suffer a pay cut?

    • I d love to try the machine-is there a YouTube video? Anything more specific?

  • Spot on!
    I was in SoH last week and it was out of control.

  • I couldn’t agree more. It’s sad because the ‘paychecks’ are going down, for both the growers and their workers. But the trimmers are still at 200 per, or at least that’s what they demand. I hear it all the time from EVERYONE (LOCALS TOO) That they won’t work for less than 200 per.. Oh and to have all supplies at site like chairs and utensils provided for them… to have food made for them all day long, a nice cozy area for them to lay their head, a perfect environment for them to work (list can go on)… but For someone that works hard and put so much care into that medicine, just to get less every year for it, and the workers demanding more is sad… they don’t take into consideration the amount of work and love that actually goes into that plant… The price of soil, the price of all organic products… Especially when it is out of staters. They not only take the jobs from the locals, they take their money with them when they leave (growers and trimmers). For a local, Its hard finding work. Because they don’t want to stay up until 4 am everynight working 3 weeks straight… they want to work a normal 8 hour shift, go home to their families, clean the house, water the garden, feed the family, take a few days off if wanted… but that doesn’t get the job done fast enough, now they are left without work…it’s becoming more of a quantity over quality…. people probably reading this thinking, “oh boohoo…. Those poor pot farmers, they make enough money anyways.. Devils lettuce.. who cares about the locals, they are lazy and feel they deserve more…” blah. This isn’t talked about enough in our community. We need to stick together in these even more changing situations.. … I’m not saying out-of-towners are bad people and should be shunned.. apparently we need them haha.. all I’m saying is that if we all stuck together in this, we could we change the way things are handled.. Respect is not just something you get. You need to give it too..

    • To “demand” a fair rate of pay makes one sensible.

    • I still don’t understand, how can trimmigrants take the work from locals, just don’t hire them anymore. Locals are cheaper, they know the work and probably the growers too, they respect the community and they were the only ones doing it before. Why didn’t it work with them?

      • I have always agreed but one thing i have seen is that good trimmigrants stay and sit and get it done faster, while we locals have homes, gardens, pets, kids, other part time job responsibilities, etc…. In my view of sane economics there would be a concerted effort to change the situation in favor of locals, but the black market (or gray) makes it so growers want to get it done. As a local i also have been the friend who helps the grower more with cooking, cleaning, watering, childcare and don’t end up sitting as much even when I AM able to get out to the hill.

  • Nice post Kym, but I’d like to point out that it is not just trimmers that display some bad behavior, it is all of humanity. Most of the people that come here to trim are fairly polite and well mannered. But we do have some local….

    • Spot on Ernie. It’s locals street folks that seem to cause the most damage as opposed to traveling street folks or people coming to trim.. the lines cross sometimes, but the local tweaker heroin rackets are really the scourge . You all k ow who they are, their vibe is dark and usually they are related to a lot of peoe around.

  • I fucking hate trimmigrant season. I want to make t-shirts that say: “Trimmigrants, Grow Home!” Who wants one?

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Was at the Shell in Fortuna yesterday evening and watched a van full of damned dirty somethings from Illinois (says the license plate) come in, barefoot and all…and use the restroom. They proceeded to spark up a fat one right next to the pumps (actually inside the store, but I guess they were in a hurry to get high). I had to yell at them for sparking up anything TWO FEET from a gas pump (they do teach morons from Illinois to not smoke near gas pumps right?) because I’ll be goddamned if my body parts are going to land across the river from some trimmigrants that blow up the gas station. Get high when you’re in a safe place to do so you idiots.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Also interesting……so many people talk about having property or visiting “friends” in Costa Rica. They have less of a tolerance for drugs than Humboldt does. And a much more aggressive policy towards asset seizure and forfeiture than the US.

    Watch what you brag about in your conversations that can be overheard by others, folks. Just sayin’.

    • Like the grow mom who was complaining about town & her properties here but she didnt have to worry so much cause her kids are enrolled in the bay area at that property.

  • I used to trim back in the day. I not only trimmed but I also helped out with household stuff. Need wood chopped, great! Need me to run up the hill to help harvest, awesome! Want me to help prep or cook a meal, sweet! Need someone to help tend the drying hut, no problem! And then more and more I watched other trimmers get upset because I usually trimmed less, but got paid more. None of them saw the picture. None of them saw what a grower has to deal with on a daily basis. Most them were self-entitled [edit]. But I always loved my 2 to 3 week vacation in the woods. Sometimes I miss it, especially this time of year. But I have kids now and need to be a responsible adult and parent.

    But last time I was in the area my car broke down. Called my buddy to see about earning extra cash to fix the car. He came and picked me up. Spent 4 days and only trimmed one day. Other 3 I spent being his gopher and helping his wife with the meals and the veggie garden. Walked away with a nice chunk of change and he paid the 350 for my car to get fixed. He told me he missed the days where trimmers felt more like family than employees.

  • As a mom and pop I can’t invite people over who are random and unknown to my scene. Trimmers relax and be respectful. I have kids and the wild times are dying down in my home.
    I’m still injured and make medicine but how do I pay for costs, when I’m being driving out buy low prices and volume in the makert. Somebody has to take a hit. I have, Have you? Price of the product is relative to the pay. The price goes down, so does the pay or we buy mechanical items to assist. We can pay per hour for work but only for productivity and quality. No one picked cotton or corn forever by hand. Bring your food and shelter if your on the road don’t mooch off mine. Buy food or bring it with you, especially if you have a specific diet. I’m not your parent or caregiver dont act like am one. I have enough stuff to deal with.
    Taking all the time does not make you cooler. Shut up and get to work.

  • Since we are all complaining: Can the water trucks please not run their engine brakes all the way down from Redway? Oh! Can you get a muffler for your pickup please? How about your Harley? Hmmmmm… What else… Trimmers: could you do something about the “three weeks without a shower” odor before you go to Shopsmart? Whooooo! You smell very strong!
    Ladies: while we love your interesting hair colors and your special “neo-hippie” outfits, there are a lot of older folks in SoHum who would like to be treated with some modicum of respect, and not be jostled or darted in front of in public! You trip us and we might not have you back!
    If everyone would act decent, and not smoke dope right outside the doorway so we all have to breathe it, that would be great!

    Have a great season, then go home or wherever till next year! Love to all!

    • Isn’t it against the “rules” to buy water for your “crop”.
      Damn…we used to call it a garden. Some of us still do.

      • Ah yip! I had to go down the Mountain today, and picked up on what had to be water truck tracks coming up. A real road-ripper-upper. The way things work here is that one does a u-turn and follows those tracks in to have a little heart-to-heart with the Destination. Tones down the plans for “next year.” Keeps it real. af

        • Yeah right just take a u turn and go to someone’s gate to chat about buying water. Laughable! Come back and tell me how it turns out buddy if your mouth ain’t wired shut.

  • I get the authors point on most of his/her gripes, but don’t really see them as issues only related to trimmers. Seems to me that most of them would apply to most people in general.

    As for us all switching to trim machines, well speak for yourself and don’t include me. Beyond the fact that trim machines available today are crap, using them takes away jobs for trimmers and that sucks! Share the wealth. Help your fellow trimmer citizens out by letting them work.

    If the author were writing about Willow Creek or Garberville it would make some sense but I’d like to know where in Nevada County are all these “trimmers”. I’ve never seen that type of scene anywhere in Nevada County.

  • Dear Big Time Pot Growing Hippies,
    You, like most Americans have a attention span worse than that of a goldfish, not from smoking pot but because your fucking tools. Now that you have a business thats no longer in the shadows and the moneys flowin in,youve forgotten all those times you were like the trimmers you bitch about. JUST NOT IN YOUR OWN YARD! Your as fucking Ignorant as those who bitch about Illegal Aliens who make up 5% of the work force, do the jobs that no one else wants to do (lets see your ass out in that lettuce field), getting paid piece prices that unless you bust ass means you make less than minimum wage. And why pray tell are you even fucking trimming? To make the buds look pretty! Theres no other fucking reason why bud is trimmed, so I dont wanna fuckin hear it! I remember when you used to get 4 fingers across a sandwich baggie for $20, before Skunk bud was renamed ‘Chronic’ because if rhymed with Hydroponic and caused the price to goto $20 a gram! So now that your shits booming and you needed all those trimmers to put pretty packaging on your over-priced ‘medicine’ (lets be fuckin honest here most people who have a medical card like to smoke pot,they didnt really need it so they use the systems loop holes to get a prescription for it)., but did you think of how those people were going to be housed, fed and shit? NOPE! You bitch and say ‘Theres plenty of camping spots dont shit here!’, but guess what asshole they most likely dont have the money to pay for the spot rental or dont want to ‘be around the man!’ just like you used to fucking didnt. And dont start the ‘My tax dollars..’ bullshit because even sales tax isnt added to the cost of weed at a clinic. WEED ISNT TAXED YIET FUCKTARD! But in typical Amoronican style you blame the problem instead of what caused it. You know if The Gov got tough and hammered the businesses as hard as they do the illegals they hired, there wouldnt be any jobs for those illegals to work at. Could you imagine Tyson chicken going under because it got hammered with a fine that bankrupted them because they hired an illegal, instead of the paltry fines they get now? No you cant or you wouldnt be bitching about trimmers who are BEING PAID BY YOU TO MAKE BUD PRETTY! Guess what if you dont trim bud you dont need trimmers so they wouldnt be there, but Noooo! You cant see that past the stacks of fucking money your making. Its called Cause and Effect and you College Educated fucking Morons didnt think of that. ‘Hey Bro, like next year were gonna like need more trimmers so bring a few friends ok?’ Sound familiar? Yeah thats called Migrant Labor and they have the same thing going on for them like the Migrant labor that puts food on so many tables
    Your business is what brought those people there and you must be profiting so instead of being like the corporations you bitch about use some of your profits to provide seasonal employees with housing so they arent camped every where maybe a company store to ease the packed parking and aisles. YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITES MAKE ME SICK!

    • That isn’t quite in the same lighthearted vein…

      • Thank you for pointing that out Kym. I hate seeing someone who is intelligent hinder their chances of having the very dialogue they are craving…because they are so confrontational no one is willing to engage with them.

        • Well shoot. I thought the photo I uploaded was gonna be a thumbnail under my name on the left. I suppose it’s sort of on theme for the topic though…yes? *wink*

      • First good chuckle of the day. Thank you Kym! Didn’t see your response until I suffered through the diatribe. Then laughed out loud.

    • News flash! The days of all the pot growers being hippies are long gone. The three finger bags of weed of the 70’s are long gone because things should be fair for the buyer and the seller which is why scales became part of the equation. The days of $20 bags are long gone and have been replaced with $20 grams, not because people started calling it chronic, but because the quality and potency are so much better than the dirt weed you speak of. Also the investment it takes to grow that gram and let’s not forget the fact that growers risk going to jail in order for that gram to exist. Yes people do still go to jail for weed.

      I agree with your defending the trimmers and telling all these complainers how it is, but I’m not too keen on your “company store” idea. Back in the day company stores were just a way for big business to suppress their employees and keep them doing labor for them. Big business owns the only store for employees to get their necessities from, they buy with store credit during the week, then come pay day their check goes to the company store leaving the worker stuck in a forced cycle of labor and big business with fat pockets. It’s where the saying and song, “I owe my soul to the company store” came from.

    • I like how you use the term ignorant so loosely, not minding the fact that you’ve misused the word ‘your’, a dozen times.

    • I was hoping that someone would point out the obvious inequity of the growers desired 50% pay cuts

    • I can’t help but agree with a lot of what was said in this post, but damn Yeah No, no need to bash people’s intelligence when you yourself can’t or don’t use proper grammar and spelling.

  • Excellent! We could probably add to this letter/list in Humboldt. Cant wait to see it printed and posted at all the businesses!

  • Local 420 , trimmer union, I am here to unite the hard working trimmers,and demand fair wages and a,good working environment! You can have better pay, health insurance, retirement, holiday pay, sick days , vacation days, these growers that know it all need to experience the real world

  • With the falling prices, trimmers wages should fall too. $150 per pound is amazing money, anywhere, especially considering zero investment on their part .

    • Not even the locals have a 0% investment to go trim, they have to pay for gas, food, the iphones even tweakers have (never seen so many drug addicts with so much valuable goods… in Europe – and I’m guessing the rest of the world – begging and starving is something completely different, go figure). Trimigrants have to invest a lot just to get there. Also, for us tips is something you give WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT, not because your shitty boss doesn’t want to pay you proper eages. And we give as much as we like. I’m not going to give 20% of my bill just because, I’ll be damned if I let other people tell me how and how much I am supposed to spend of MY MONEY when I worked for it! Especially considering that a lot of people don’t have jobs that give them tips. Do you tip your bus driver? Your doctor? The person sweeping the streets? Why should these people be paying for tips? Where do they make the money for them?

  • We have been doing $150/# for three years. If they don’t like it, lots of others will gladly do the job

  • Trimming machines are already commonplace in the cannabis production world. It really makes no sense to allow migrant, unskilled laborers (i’m being kind) to seasonally cycle through our communities who (generally) take more than they give before moving-on. The market won’t bear the extra cost with no apparent benefits, particularly in the regulated and taxed model. Regulatory fees (inpections, permits, zipties), workman’s comp costs, sales tax, income tax, bookkeeping costs, etc. are going to absorb any amount the trimmers ever made and a whole lot more. With the downward pressure on the wholesale price and the upward trajectory on the cost of production, the time has come where trimming by hand is unnecessary and expensive.

  • We should create an employment agency, have them go through what all legal employees do, take out taxes, help pay back the community, and trat it as a real job. Also, let us start hiring locally. Let our locals make $20 plus an hour instead of minimum wage, they would gladly pay taxes, and be grateful.

  • Ever thought about traveling the world don’t have to the world is here now!

  • Bada Bing!!!perfect.pretty much sums it up.

  • REALLY, you hit it on the head! I swear my hill has had like 10+ over the cliff totaled vehicles in the last year! SMH! If I find the looser who drives up elk creek in a green Subaru on the other side of the road like we’re in Europe [edit] The video taken of this SOB driving up the road was disturbing to say the least… Almost hit a dodge truck, white tacoma, blue Tacoma and a motorcyclist!! Everybody needs to grow less cannabis, this is ridiculous!!!

  • hey “the misadventures of bungie” and “buy a trim machine” :

    Can you give us more info about the Trim-machine option?
    Would you say the “Triminator” is the best one? (Latest and greatest?)
    Like what pre-work needs to be done first?
    Does it need to be a little moist before machining it?
    Are you saying someone can do touch-up of 4 per day in ten hours? 8? 12?
    Do you need much training, lessons to get it right?
    What are the inevitable mysteaks people make?
    Where can I see one working? (ha)
    Do buyers ever say they don’t want no machine weed?

    wouldn’t be bad to have a crew, i’m tired of it, having seasonal roommates, but that’s the way it goes…
    but…i have no crew! And some friends with crops are in that way too, we could go in on one, why not?

    Anything else you can tell us?
    or does ANYONE ELSE want to offer a short list of helpful facts and practices?

    For the first time EVER I am actually considering this option (after reading these comments) and it is giving me a
    great sigh of relief
    c’mon, man, i’m beggin’ for it! (the info, or where to find it ?)

    • I think you might be looking at a Loooooong winter at the table. Plan for next year (if there is one) and look up old friends, or kids of old friends, and provide 3 square meals a day, good breaks, and decent sleeping places, and gratitude. You’ll be surprised how many Good People, known to you or folks you know, who will jump at the chance to make $ with security and honest respect.
      Buyers that don’t want “machine weed” are newbies spouting something they’ve heard. Not true. Stand your ground and get your price.
      DO have someone show you how to work a trimmer-machine (if you must) because there has been more than one palm stitched back together, and it’s really painful to learn the hard way. Bloody bud doesn’t work.
      Be patient on your return. If you must wait until February or March, it’ll be worth the wait. af

    • Just ask google, man! Don’t be lazy

  • hey “the misadventures of bungie” and “buy a trim machine” :
    Can you give us more info about the Trim-machine option?
    Like what pre-work needs to be done first?
    Does it need to be a little moist before machining it?
    Are you saying someone can do touch-up of 4 per day in ten hours? 8? 12?
    Do you need much training, lessons to get it right?
    What are the inevitable mysteaks people make?
    Where can I see one working? (ha)
    Do buyers ever say they don’t want no machine weed?
    wouldn’t be bad to have a crew, i’m tired of it, having seasonal roommates, but that’s the way it goes…
    but…no crew! And some friends with crops are in that way too, we could go in on one, why not?
    Anything else you can tell us?
    or does ANYONE ELSE want to offer a short list of helpful facts and practices?
    For the first time EVER I am actually considering this option (after reading these comments) and it is giving me a
    great sigh of relief…
    c’mon, man, i’m beggin’ for it! (the info, or where to find the info ?)

    (Is there some problem with this post Kym? I edited it a little)

  • Fuck trim machines, I’d rather help all my friends and family than hire some of them to clean up after one those cheese graders. Those machines are expensive and they can turn your cream of the crop into crap.

    If I were to give a Yelp review I’d throw down a single fucking star.

    Quit being greedy you rich cunts , you know who you are.

  • Thanks for the advice af…
    Bring on the machine, its too much hassle otherwise: last February i picked up a previous worker in Washington, then on our way down the coast I picked up my lifelong friend who flew in from Mexico and they didn’t leave the property for a month, got it done. I just want friends, people I already know well, people who would protect me (i always say to work for me you have to like me or pretend convincingly) and care about me, not just mercenaries altho, yeah we are all mercenaries, after one thing.
    Three square meals? Get real, people are happy to do their own thing in the kitchen.

    Sorry for the duplication Kym, something went haywire, maybe delete one of them?

  • Get Jah ass back home

    This is perfect. But how about something on the issue of sobriety. Like ” if your shit faced drunk at noon on a Tuesday don’t try to befriend me or my kids” I’m all for automated trimming especially if we can’t get semi-professional people here. I’m sick of trimmigrant trash, waste and tweakertrimmers on the curbs. I’ve met many well kept nice people to work all locals. Hopefully if we can get people to stop hiring they will stop coming.

  • Whats a trim reaper?

  • Honestly, I can’t believe anyone would PAY a stoned person to do ANYthing at all! I wouldn’t trust them to cook rice, much less handle my high value farm product! Probably should drug test them all! Hah, fit for duty on a dope farm!

  • And, like the Humboldt County fruit flies, trimmers will disappear when the weather turns cold.
    Locals, it seems probable that common pot farmers are about to be regulated, taxed, harassed and competed out of “business”. “Cannabis” will become a real farm product for big farming, and boutique weed from Humboldt will become a curiosity instead of a staple. (see Oregon)

  • American Combat Veteran

    I will be so glad when complete legalization is passed nationwide so all of you entitled illegal growers are out of business. Then you can take a job in the marijuana industry at the wages everybody else in this country receives. Reading these comments, it is plain to see that most of you need to go back to grammar school, so you can learn the basic grammar and writing skills you should have mastered by the 4th grade. The F word used instead of a polite adjective only proves you started smoking weed way too early in life, and before your brain cells developed — it’s just rude and demonstrates your lack of vocabulary.

    I am completely fed up with the lot of you, growers and trimmers. The town square in Garberville has been closed until the rainy season begins. As liberal and understanding as the local folks are in Southern Humboldt are, you are seriously lacking in social skills to warrant that defensive reaction. Grow up, get a job and some manners. No one owes any of you an illegal living — you are the problem, and have zero concept of the solution.

    This country needs to bring back the draft, and every male and female should serve 2 years mandatory military service before being allowed to attend college, just like they do in Israel; That would surely teach you spoiled brats something about being polite and responsible.

    • Hater much ?

    • ACV
      Hahaha, you must be a Trump supporter. I’m sorry that you feel that way about most the people on this forum, yet still felt that you had to say something to people you clearly don’t feel have the knowledge to understand. I mean if they are lacking in social, basic grammer and writing skills as you said. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but really, if you are just standing on the outside and criticizing then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what your putting your energy into… I mean you do have a regular life of your own right?

      Hey do me a favor and look for a video on YouTube

      The Daily Show- Putting Donald Trump supporters through an ideology test.

      Anyways that was my 2 cents <3 peace, love, chicken grease! Don't hate. 🙂

      • American Combat Veteran

        You laugh now, but after November, you will be crying. The good old boys are soon going to have the complete monopoly on dope growing with the passage of legal, recreational marijuana in California. You punks and twits will no longer be able to get rich while destroying the environment, because only the corporations and their cronies will be able to grow and sell weed legally. Your outlaw days will come to a screeching halt when the law puts everyone but the corporate dope growers in jail. The politicians will never allow the competition, and even if you do manage to grow a few plants on the sly, the selling price will be so low, it won’t be worth it. That is when I will will be the one laughing — the party’s over for you all! If you are really nice and beg me, I might allow you to shine my combat boots for a buck, but remember to say please sir. Ha, Ha, Ha!

    • I don’t understand why someone talks about others grammatical mistakes, yet are unaware of their own mistakes. Too funny.
      “As liberal and understanding as the local folks are in Southern Humboldt are…”

  • Dude, the war’s OVER!

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Howsabout a bumper strip that says “SLOW DOWN YOUR NOT ON THE BIG ISLAND”?…….When they stare at you [especially young girls for some reason]and just keep comming as if your their target?…..In the D.M.V. MANUEL that’s called object fixation, It will kill you and others and wreck your ride on grass trimmer to pieces.

  • I didn’t read every comment here so this may have already been addressed but any one who thinks that growers paying $150/lb are hoarding money is completely loco. Growers put up incredible financial investment, time and risk to harvest their crops. Most people in our neck of the woods are realistically getting 1,100-1,300/lb for perfectly grown/cured medicine. So when a seasonal worker that comes in with no risk, no investment and pays no taxes gets to make 10-15% of the over all worth of that pound in 4-6 hours their blessed by Ganesha himself.

    • Ok so first of all, the trimmers show up at the time of year where the most risk is involved especially if they aren’t preexisting friends with the grower…they have no idea what potential enemies the grower may have and who may have people with guns (whether law enforcement or thugs) show up to take everything once it’s cured and trimmed.
      Invesment, highly circumstantial: some hitchhike, others drive or fly, several bring their own equipment and food…there’s investment involved.
      And as far as the taxes thing, sure the trimmer doesn’t pay taxes on the work he/she has done, but does the grower? Plus, whenever anyone spends money on anything, it’s taxed.
      Maybe if the grower sat tight on some product until summer season, they’d get a bit more for their product once everyone else is low or out. But the scene is ever growing, so the more people that grow, the more it’s available, the less people will need to buy it, the more marketing tactics become important…it has to evolve like everything, or else it becomes stagnant and eventually fades away because in the end the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.
      But that’s not the case right now and many people are completely dominating the market and making tons of cash which is attractive and why many others are coming aboard and why the market is depreciating. Sometimes we just need to expand the market, and sometimes that means there’s risk involved. Growing meds used to be quite easy to supplement income, but somewhere along the line people have started to commercialize it and it has become a sole source of income for many.

    • EXACTLY!!

  • Yes, agreed. Pretty good article, if one can get past the phallocentrism.

  • Yeah buddy nicely put!!!! 💪💪✌

  • I wonder if anybody would know it was just me if I just commented back and forth to myself as two different people arguing with 2 different views watching all you people get hooked like a fish, while I’m back here laughing it up while smoking a fatty. Oh man…. now who will I be next lol nobody knows….aaahahahahaha.

  • Riddle:
    How does an old codger know its October in Garberville?

    The young women on the street will actually smile at you and say High!

  • WOW! This guy is a serious asshole.

    That said, he also did make some seriously important points.

    As a person who has worked as a trimmer before in unfamiliar places, I have had my own personal issues with many of the behaviors listed in this article, if for nothing else, because of the stigma it creates for me and other individuals who ARE respectful, greatful, and contribute a great deal back to the communities we engage.

    Typically the people acting the best, are keeping their heads down and trying not to be noticed. While the problem makers are in the middle of everything drawling loads of attention. This can make it a little difficult to really get a feel for what the current ratios are in any given community, and it leads to a lot of the wrong folks catching flak for what others do (others that wouldn’t listen to us and our message about respect and awareness of we try to beat it into them. Trust me, we’ve tried).

    My point in all this, is that having a balanced and diplomatic perspective on all sides of such an issue is pretty important, because right or wrong, just or unjust, a bunch of attitude and hostility simply WONT fix or end the problem for anyone.

    Taking a moment to better understand each situation is key, rather than jumping to an opinion or understanding on impulse and first impressions.

    While a lot of the think this author is calling for, I think are a given, and basic courtesy and common sense, that I am disappointed more don’t exercise. But this article also calls for a lot of ridiculously excessive action, and seems to lack perspective on what everyone’s earnings are (not everyone leaves the seasons hood-rich, and lots of trimmers are normal families with children and stuff).

    I think the real answer to working out this issues, is spreading awareness, not through sugar-coated semi-hostile articles. But really taking a moment out of your life to spread awareness yourself, to engage some of the people in your community in a diplomatic way, and help bring in the differences we all want to see.

  • Lol and so true the ones about please don’t make me listen to your stories about psychedelics, transformation, and boyfriends in oaxaca.

  • Well, 150 may be okay for cookie, that’s so dense, dig?
    But the old timers still want to spread the wealth,
    be generous, we can afford it, the 200.
    the less you pay the more marginal the person is,
    and they’re in your house or backyard.
    I think ideal is let a local do it in her house nearby,
    no muss and fuss.

    Checked out the trim machines uptown today, looks promising,
    they can to the whole 50 lb crop in a day or so
    or 100 in a few, ‘course bucking first then touchup after.
    My neighbor already wants to get in on it.
    (or rent it for a couple days and DONE!)

    So still time to figure out what to do, as I was leaving that pretty couple
    who have been walking back and forth in town stopped me for a job,
    I said “Sorry, no couples or man-buns.”
    but they were nice, from Berlin, I told ’em what they told me at the machine shop,
    that they should volunteer with the Eel River cleanup, get known, and known as who they are, which seemed very nice Europeons.

    so fuckit, on to the machine!? Instead of fucking around all winter with flaky
    trimmers, get it done and be free. Yeah. Why not?

  • Here’s a solution why don’t y’all stop hiring these kids y’all hate so much huh if you guys keeped it local and hired friends and people you know there wouldn’t be any issues and the trimagants would slow down going there cause they aren’t getting hired stop bitching and take action, I’m a grower myself and have had no problems because I do not hire random trimagants!

  • Its over. Over. $200/lb was like 2008 maybe. And personally as a pro grower we dropped all hippies, travelers from our roster in 2010 and never looked back. We hired long term locals of all ages and backgrounds, with a good cash wage and respect. A decent machine is well worth it and has many quality benefits as well. Such as reduced to no mold with a wet trim. We also only hired for trim season folks who worked during the year. If you hadnt sweat for the plants you didnt get the cushy sit down work. And yes Im retired from the industry now. Bless the farmers and those who toil for their just reward.

  • Not all of us are into weed in ANY aspect. Hell, I’m allergic to it. However, I don’t care if other adults use it, grow it, or whatever, but I’m sick of the stinky, impolite, and even criminal assholes that come to this area because of it. Plenty of honest, hard working, respectful locals would love the work. Hire us!

  • Mike Mooers feels a need to instruct other human beings on how to live and behave. Only He is wise enough to show you the proper way to act while you’re away from home (well, according to his pea brain anyway). Trimmers from everywhere should give Mike a resounding, “fuck you asshole, nobody tells me how to live” and if possible, seek him out and tell him to his face. Mike is a weak, sniveling control freak who doesn’t even have his own shit together. Don’t listen to the Mikes of the world. They are all insecure little dicks and have no right to tell you how to live.

  • You can always tell the lovers from the haters on this blob.

  • Thsee comments remind me why I can’t keep employees past May at my fully permitted, tax, unemployment, and worker’s comp paying legal business. People growing regulated, taxed, agricultural crops would be dancing in the streets for a crop bringing the low, post-regulation estimate of $500 a pound. Onions take over 100 days and sell for less than $1 a pound. Trimmers make more than I can in the legal agricultural feild, and I don’t know veggie farmers spending winters in Figi. Time to regulate, time for reality. Restaurants and art galleries aren’t enough to sustain a community.

  • Trimmer-Hard Worker, Honest and a Team Player –> lifetime Cal resident- no drugs, no drama, no smoke, no party, early to sleep and early to rise—> “available” to lessen the drama for you every year. No trash, no lame tipping, driving or unnecessary blocking well needed space. Support your own-> Hit me up! Cheers

    • In just saying, there are many out there like myself? Wanting and needing the work, without the trendy annoying drama and responsible enough to know better. You just have to get a little more creative in looking, to find the right ones? I’d lose my mind if anyone left a bag of poop anywhere in my community, much less close to my home? 🙁 Sounds like a community plan needs to come to light here, before it gets worse, is my point.

  • Growers, lets come together and agree on the price trimmers should be paid and stick to it, this will eliminate as many problems. They need to realize they are not in charge they’re simply here to do a job and everyone can be replaced!

  • It puts the weed into the basket, then puts the lotion on it’s skin.

  • Peace, Brothers and Sisters. Take a couple of deep breaths – relax. Enjoy the breeze and the bees and the green life around you. Listen to some good vibrations. What goes around comes around, and what’s been going around keeps coming back around. Not much new here. I never really expected Mary Jane to become legal in my lifetime, and now that it has, things really have not changed, have they? The names and faces may be different, but the hassle continues for those of us seeking a life of hassles. And the sweetness is here for those who are in tune with it. Be cool, Sisters and Brothers. “Life goes on within you and without you” –one of the best R&R verses ever. If you want change, BE IT. Peace.

  • Honesty it’s a truly variable thing. there are a lot of reasons for different pay rates. Are you expected to stay? Is the boss feeding you? Are you coming in and out every day and getting a bunch done? Is it good solid product or is it swag? Are you doing stuff that was machined prior? Far travel? Want a fine trim IE no crows feet, rail road tracks, mold or hidden seeds in your finished product? Machines can not differentiate that? Not all buds are flat smooth some are nuggy with 3D nooks and crannies eh? Brings up interesting side note. I got to compare hash made from trimming machine Buds and trim vs. traditional hand done product. The traditional hand done stuff beats the tar out of the machine done any day when results are lab tested.

  • I think “takin work from locals” is a total myth. Every local person who is any good should have no problem finding pretty much endless work. The shear number of manhours required to trim a years harvest would have every last person in the county trimming for the next five years.

  • Yeah, get a sucking machine, you do not need people, only your precious money and so called properties, all stolen. Never known a pot grower was rich enough, or rarely known a happy one. But you got the green backs so your deal rules, right.

  • Trimming and clones are the two factors where the grower doesn’t have control, in the whole process; clone dealers being notoriously unreliable and late, and the trimming IS a bottle neck in the system…

  • Wow. The same people who complain about the trimigrants are generally the very same people who hire them. For as cheap as they can get away with. For as little respect as they can possibly give.

    I’ve been here for 18 years or so and this thread brings up the reason I sooo want to leave SoHum. Greed, disrespect, selfishness, dishonoring labor. Poor socialization skills. Does anyone truly love you? I am so very glad I don’t have to work for many of you. When I hired I paid the better going rate or did it myself, or traded labor. Workers were GUESTS in my house. You get what you pay for, if you pay little and respect little you are a prime target AND you are the very last person the honest locals want to work for. Or that any hard working person wants to work for, really. What goes around comes around.

    All Respect to those who honor labor. You know who you are.

    • Thank you. I find it deeply disturbing the nasty vitriol being directed at these workers. However disruptive their sudden influx may be, it is not justified, not in the least. If anything, these effects are the externalized costs of the industry, suffered by all — including the “trimmigrants” — for the sake of the profiteering few.

  • TODAY is the beginning of the season: town is exploding with vans and backpacks and…wow…

  • Don’t be fooled. They’re here for the Trimtray hahah

  • So basically never let people from out of state/country work here, where exactly did your ancestors come from? I assume they were born and raised in California and never left. It’s called opportunity, if you don’t like the trimmers maybe you should have a formal interview and ask where they are from, if they are going to shit on your river ect ect. It’s sad that a few bad people ruined it for everyone. Everyone needs to make money! Funny people blame trimmers but yet it’s the farmers that keep rehiring them. People wouldn’t come back if there wasn’t work. I came out to CA 5 years ago (from MA, oh shit) and never left, I’ve put all of my money back into THIS economy. I’ve met more great working people from New England here in California than I have people from California.. I’ve never shit on or in a river, I’m extremely respectful to everyone I work for, not a partier and all around decent person.
    My opinion is, if you don’t like the trimmers get yourself a nice fancy machine and stay on your farm forever! There’s shitty people everywhere but telling good people to stay out is just plain stupidity. You cannot learn and grow by talking to the same people and having the same conversations your whole life.

  • My kids and I have lived for years in Humboldt County. It has always been a very awesome place. It is not just beautiful and awesome. It can be dangerous here especially if you are not from here. There are places around here if you do not know where you are going can have bad results. People protect their crops. Willow Creek used to be an awesome place but some people that are not from around here have left it a trash place. You need to clean up after yourselves. A lot of people come here and rape the land. Like I said there are hidden places like down river where someone can get lost or killed because it is harvest time. Also the Hoopa rez. is also not a safe place because if they do not know you it can be bad. And our beautiful rivers please do not trash it.Your best bet is to stay safe and leave and please leave our town clean. A local for a long time. Peace

  • Trimmers are People Too

    If you are so blessed to live in a “hip” place that actually has good buds and a green economic vein holding it up, then you should be appreciative of all the essential medicine that’s there. You could be grateful for all the work that this is being put out there. Be thankful of course the money it’s bringing into your “special&cool” community. Don’t be salty..or entitled&definitely don’t be contentious! Please try to have a heart..who are you to judge? You are not the Almighty, the Mayor or even the Boss. Yes, you worked hard to get where you are now, but that doesn’t give you a reason to be self-righteous. Arrogance is ugly, and jealousy is even more dark looking. Please, take a look in the mirror. You’re all there, using the community in one way or another..&definitely not giving back enough. If you were, you would start by opening your heart a little bit wider and making space for the transient, sentient beings who have blessed you with their presence all the way from the other side of the globe. The great nurturing Mother provides for us all. You are supposed to give for the sake of giving..not just to receive something back. You want the visiting people to give a little bit more. What are you willing to give? ….anything? Or do you just demand your community get more when you can’t even share a smile, a meal, an invitation. Open up your space for a dinner, or an amazing day adventure to a special place you can’t help but share since you’re not the hoarding type. The beautiful, unique, and “colorful” traveling trimmers you speak of work very hard, and make investments&sacrifices like you wouldn’t even believe …because you haven’t been there. And if you had, you probably won’t be going back…. Hello?! ..THAT is why you have these traveling trimmers!! It takes a really special kind of person to do this work. Tough, concise, efficient, capable, flexible, hard-working, peaceful people who avoid conflict are good trimmers. They deserve every penny they earn. I’m sure they spend their hard-earned money just like you do.. as they see fit. Wow, listening to your criticizing hurts my ears and it really makes you look foolish ..and so very far from being compassionate. T.I.P.S is an acronym for To Insure Prompt Service. The reason most tippers do tip well is because the service is just really good, not slow ..or rude..&it’s definitely not entitled. Oh yeah,,I tip accordingly according to Product AND Service, lol that means that if your product is no good… Well, I probably won’t be tipping you very much&most likely next time I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. If the service is no good or downright horrible, or God forbid rude, I promise ..I definitely am not going to tip you or be back for any more abuse either… 😉 As far as Rainbows go…you have a right to not like or approve of these characters (my family) since they are here to topple the e$tablishment😂 ~&Now, Drainbows on the other hand are helping to ruin the world as is the alcohol that society thinks is just the “relaxation and reward” that they need after a long, hard days work (give me a break)…the elders will tell you (if you would just listen) that, Yes, these are two totally separate types of people who you can usually tell the difference just by looking at or unfortunately smelling them. If in doubt look for the ever-present, tell-tale, negative attitude..drains run rampant in many communities.. &are characterized by a need to talk-trash, criticize&moan about simple tasks and of course complain (these sad folks are usually incapable of any work at all, but especially hard work &they almost never would be back for more. Well, unless there is a really strong drink afterwards) Hahaahaa!! Hey, Complainers, Slave-Drivers&just downright mean community members~Good Luck Manifesting all your dreams and what you want in life with your crappy attitude.. “Mr Mayor”!

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