AR-15 Unloaded on Back Seat of Vehicle Causes Search Which Leads to Drugs and $7000 Cash, Says APD



This is a press release from the Arcata Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Saturday September 17, 2016 at approximately 9:00 pm, an officer with the Arcata Police Department stopped a vehicle for a moving violation in the 3200 block of West End Road in Arcata. When the officer contacted the driver he observed an AR-15 rifle on the back seat of the vehicle. The driver and a passenger were detained and the rifle was determined to meet the definition of an unregistered assault weapon as defined by California Penal Code section 30515(a). The rifle was not loaded at the time.
A search of the vehicle yielded ammunition and magazines for the rifle, an amount of crushed Norco pills that was consistent with possession of a narcotic for sales, $7,000.00 cash, an amount of methamphetamine that was consistent with personal use and concentrated cannabis for personal use.
14364882_10153945101593526_4926565337719467547_nThe driver was identified as 20-year-old Orleans resident Nakoma Franklin-Donohue. 14355532_10153945102618526_2641316105415450810_n The passenger was identified as 20-year-old Orleans resident Dolores Jazmin Gallegos.
Franklin-Donohue was placed under arrest and booked at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges:
· PC 30600(a)-Possession of an Assault Weapon.
· HS 11352(a)-Sales/Transport of a Narcotic.
· VC 12500(a)-Driving While Unlicensed.
Gallegos was placed under arrest and booked at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges:
· HS 11377(a)-Possession of a Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine).
· HS 11357(a)-Possession of Concentrated Cannabis.




  • Looks like a breach load. What are the magazines for?

  • Kim have another cup of coffee and then change Nakoma’s name to Donahue instead of Gallegos, or is her name Gallegos instead of Donohue. Hate those early mornings and not enough coffee.

  • Curious as to why the passenger was detained for driving on a suspended.

  • Forward assist hand hold, lack of “bullet button”?, collapsing stock.

    • Hard to tell if it has a bullet button from this side, however just having the grippod makes it an “assault weapon” in communist California, that being said these parasites should never have weapons, There is no dangerous weapons only dangerous people

    • I can tell you straight up, it isn’t illegal because it has a front grip (99% sure front grips are legal) and that stock I know with 100% certainty is legal in cali, My best guess is the lower doesn’t have a bullet button.

      • If it’s breach load, why would it have a bullet button? Magazine is permanent in the lower.

      • Or perhaps it is setup to run full auto / and or 3 round burst. Impossible to tell without examining it hands on though, or perhaps with a boatload of more close up pictures.

      • The story says it was unregistered. So maybe it was owned before the last registration period was up and never registered. There is another round of registration coming up. Rifles purchased since the last registration period and meeting the requirements must also be registered in CA by Jan 1 2017. Look it up. These liberals keep telling me they aren’t coming for my guns and they aren’t going to require you to register and blah blah blah. Facts is, you must register your AR in CA if you want to be completely legal. Nothing about the stock, fore grip are illegal in CA. If you want to keep these types of firearms and firearms that are actually fun, it is in your best interest to form a Trust and get a fed stamp. You can own cans, sbr’s, 30 rounders, etc under the trust/stamp and your heirs will be able to inherit them if they are also on the trust.

        • @Chris – you are correct about the upcoming register requirements, HOWEVER there are petitions going around to veto what has been dubbed ‘gunmageddon’. The petitions are an attempt to over rule the 9 assanine new gun laws jerry brown signed a few months ago. (one of them includes the one to register your AR’s as ‘assault weapons’ which to say the least is B.S.) Anyway, if you or anyone you know hasn’t signed the petitions, there is only 5 days left. You must be a registered voter and you can sign the petitions at brown’s sporting goods in garberville. If you are from up north look on the official website to find a place close to you where you can sign. Like I said if you haven’t signed please do so and get your friends and family to do so as well. THERE IS ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT TO SIGN!! EVERYONE THAT DOESN’T WANT TO LIVE IN A STATE WHERE YOU NEED A F’ING BACKGROUND CHECK TO BUY AMMO NEEDS TO SIGN PLEASE!! Here’s a link to the official ‘veto gunmageddon’ site at end of post. And kym if you have time you should do a quick story about this, I think a lot of people around here would go out of there way to sign if they knew how much B.S. is gonna go down for law abiding gun enthusiasts unless these petitions get enough signatures. I’ll even attempt to write the story for you if you will edit it for grammar or however you see fit and post it.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Does Kym support gun control?

            History says yes.

            • Love or hate guns this is a news topic (and an important one in my opinion) and there has to be a lot of gun owners around here that think this is absolutely a violation of the second ammendment. I’m writing the story right now, If she agrees to post it that would be awesome, but if she turns me down I’ll have no hard feelings about it.

      • Don’t see many lowers that color. Bright aluminum can be a sign of an eighty percenter that wasn’t registered. Also if that is the case they probably wouldn’t have put a BB on it. It’s not drilled for an auto sear so that’s not an issue.

  • It’s sad to see people so young and full of potential so deep into the gangster lifestyle. At least they don’t have face or neck tats (yet), so if by some miracle they decide to try and turn their lives around they won’t be weighed down by that albatross. It was lucky for the community that they were stupid enough to leave the rifle in plain sight, leading to their arrests.

    Of course, they’ll be let out in days and probably never go to trial because our “justice” system is so messed up.

  • He has such an, “oh s**t, mamas gonna kill me”, look on his face!

  • Glad that guy is no longer in “business”

  • You’ve got to be quite intelligent to leave a weapon like that in plain view on the back seat. Whadya mean “nope”?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Or, it was concealed and the story by cop was fabricated in so far as the sequence of events…..

      The evidence of a rear seat folding forward could be a saving grace for the report.

  • The sentence under the picture of Gallegos? was not completed with her name or punctuation.

      • @kym, plz look at my comment in response to ‘chris’ (above) about the new gun laws, Will you write a story about this, or if I attempt to write one would you be willing to post it on your website? thanks.

      • I’m actually working on writing it now, if you might consider posting it let me know where to send it and I will do so when I’m done. If this isn’t a topic you would be willing to post on your website, It’s all good just let me know so I can stop writing it.

        • Saucy, A letter to the editor on gun control sounds just fine. I do need to see the content though before I can okay it.

          • cool thanks kym, I’ve never really written anything so I apologize if it’s not up to par, but I’ll email you what I wrote, feel free to change anything I wrote and plz do a grammar / punctuation check for me If you do decide to post it. Thank you 🙂

  • All offenses are against the constitution.
    Unloaded, check.
    Right to bear arms. Check.
    Right to your own private property. Check.
    Right to treat your own private property (body) as you deem proper. Check.
    Right to privacy. Check.
    Right to a livlihood. Check.
    Right to travel. Check.
    Right to travel with your personal possessions. Check.

    With those rights in mind, which ones broke the Supreme law of the land? None. Which ones broke the “color of law”? All.

    Which amendments were shredded by color of law?

    Did they hurt, assault, enslave, another?

    What was the probable cause for stopping them? A moving violation? Did they hurt anyone?

    No, I do not condone behavior that is harmful to self. But I detest behaviors that are harmful to the citizens themselves, such as the stripping of our rights & making criminals out of every person.

    • Very well spoken and absolutely in line with the America I was taught about as a kid. Thank you for that

      • You were raised in an America where youth had hydrocodone, crystal meth and hash oil, suspected drug sales money riding around with guns and are ok with that ONLY because they have a gun and you know your 2nd amendment rights!!!
        I’m sure you don’t know any other amendment let alone all of them. Let me guess these 2 are a part of the “well regulated militia” your 2nd amendment speaks of?

        • “Drug war policy is the worst assault ever upon the Constitution. The tragic irony is that one success the drug war can claim is curtailing the liberty and privacy of the American people.”

          “The dearth of empathy for nonviolent drug offenders serving years or even decades in prison is a moral failure”

          Amendment IV
          The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

          Amendment II
          A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

          The word “regulated” meant prepared, ready. It did not mean “with approval, permits, limits, fees, licenses, from your unconstitutional ATF, DEA, or any form of govt”.

          • The 2nd amendment is to assure that govt tyranny does not win.
            The DEA & ATF assures that the govt tyranny does win.

            The Constitution is a contract between the states limiting their creature, the central govt.
            The purpose of the central govt is to protect the Constitution, not the people from themselves.
            The Articles define the roles of the offices.
            The BOR limits the powers of any govts from any states or central. The unalienable rights of the people are to be protected.
            The purpose of all offices, especially the county sheriff, is to preserve, protect & defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign & domestic.

      • Let’s hope the jurors remember the constitution and nullify all these charges.
        It’s too bad we don’t make citizens arrests of cops who breach their oath to the constitution.
        Hopefully the jurors will be savvy, the kids will get right with their Creator so they can self govern responsibly, and that they don’t cave to pleas & charges so the jury will do their constitutional duty and nullify.

  • Armed in the commission of a felony?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Police (peace officers, what a hoot) should be trained to know immediately if a firearm has been fired or if a crime has been reported that involved a type or description of a firearm…..

      The test – simply laying a firearm down in plane site is not an offense, period…….but, firearm types are being restricted, giving police (not peace officers) power to confiscate……

      That is what the gun opponents are doing…..making up any nanny state law to “confiscate” firearms because obviously, the piper rats have already been subjugated as internet droned out retardated human slaves to corporate gubbamint and have de-armed themselves willingly…….suffice to say, an inside political job by the two party system, its supporters…..wait until regular ole folks step up majorly the use and applique’ of political affiliation as the reason to start murdering in numbers.

      It is only going to get worse, and then society falls and centuries of civil liberties for minorities will be thrown out the window because all this change is really “many neo con neo lib neo proggie takings”.

  • Well here we go again money cash and drugs . In the meantime three pipe bombs blow up in our cities another police officer dead shoot dead . And I doubt the majority of the folks out here in this county even give a shit .No wonder why Hillary and gang thinks she can get away with taking our guns before she gets in office . To make it even worse at the mall where the stabbings took place it was an off-duty officer with a gun that stopped it . But I’m sure many are just concerned about the mold on their plants as They continue to play their games.

  • Welcome to the days of your new freedom. There are just a few governmental restrictions which the govt. will avail you of at their convenience. Seen a pair of handcuffs lately? Regardless of what you do today you break some type of law that you are not aware of. Even as a property owner if you have a problem with ” hunters” to use the term loosely it always turns out to be your fault. Witness today stop blaming firearms for lack of law inforcement.

  • So what, now Hillary’s gonna take my guns? I was warned Obama would get them, but I seem to still have a shotgun, a rifle and a pistol. He had 8 years, but I’m still OK. You know what, I’m getting bored with the bogus boogie man. Instead of, you know, ideas and reality. Whether it’s Hillary the boogie man who’s gonna do all sorts of crazy shit, or the terrible tyranny that’s robbing my freedoms, as some sort of “sovereign” citizen. Whatever. I’d like to “nullify” the idea that putting a braying jackass in the White House is somehow the sensible approach to achieving justice in our time, and peace among people.

    • Right on DAC!

    • He tried Derral were you not paying attention he didn’t succeed so far making us all criminals . However he sure has added many to our community with policies and lack of enforcement of the rule of law .i’m not blaming him for everything but let’s face it we almost have anarchy and our streets at times now because of the lack of respect for the rule of law .

  • Defending the 2d Amendment (+1) while defending the gun “rights” of those two creeps in the same sentence is really some monkey ass thinking.

    • The men in suits & ties who pass laws that criminalize the constitution, is really some monkey ass thinking.

      When we criminalize pain.
      When we criminalize cash.
      When we criminalize self defense tools.
      When we criminalize private property.
      When we criminalize those who did not victimize.
      When we criminalize the constitution.
      We have a big problem. A really big problem. A monkey ass thinking problem.

      When we don’t criminalize the suits and ties that profit from destroying our constitution, we have a bigger than monkey ass problem.

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