Raids in SoHum Continue Today

Raid marijuana convoySouthern Humboldt faces another day of raids. (See here for yesterday’s raid story.)

A convoy was spotted heading south on Hwy 101 this morning. Now the convoy has again headed west out Briceland Thorn Road. We’ve had multiple reports including on that stated there were six Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles, one chipper and “at least” two other Humboldt County Sheriff pickups.

UPDATE 2:30 p.m.: According to one source, the convoy is “at the base of Miller Creek.”



  • Be safe everyone!!Chipper’s getting busy

  • I’m sure they brought the pressure treated 4×4 s with them to feed into the chipper today. Good luck extracting that pile… Or even composting.🌳

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      If was really about the environment they wouldn’t go near pressure treated wood.
      Scattering free buffet coupons around the road can get Meal Team Six heading another direction.

  • We’re did they bust yesterday ,and who .

  • It looks as if Dept. of Fish and Game arrested quite a few Bulgarians yesterday.

    • Source?

      • LoCo Booked

        BOGDAN VASILEV HRISTOV DFG FRESH ARREST 160914NORFW-0087 Yesterday, 6 p.m.
        YORDAN DIANOV DIANOV DFG FRESH ARREST 160914NORFW-0087 Yesterday, 6 p.m.
        ANTON KOSTADINOV SKACHEV DFG FRESH ARREST 160914NORFW-0087 Yesterday, 6 p.m.

        • I’m curious. I’ve seen this list posted several times but no one adds these two: BRADLEY EUGENE NYSTROM and
          MICHAEL JAMES ROSS both were arrested for marijuana cultivation by the Department of Fish and Wildlife—the same agency that arrested the four you listed.

          • I neglected to add those two. I did notice that they were arrested at 9:20 a.m. while the others were arrested at 6 p.m. Maybe they were separate incidents.

    • Lost Coast Outpost had 4 men w/Slavic -sounding names listed in the arrest section yesterday…

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Technically, Bulgarians may not be Slavic because they were already in the Balkans when invading Slavic tribes arrived from western Russia in the 7th century. Check Bulgaria’s position on your handy world map. Easy mistake if you missed Slavic Studies Month in school. Ukrainians are Slavic for sure as is Slovenian Melania Trump. Donald likes to draw from the “well.” Slavs in general love gardens and orchards as we have seen with the Ukrainians and will be an asset to the legal industry, just like the Croats were in Jack London’s day (Mountains of the Moon). London hated Croats as white trash. Stupid Hunkies naming every apple tree like livestock. Go back where you came from.

    • no way really??? is it true???

      • Look at the booking log. Four Bulgarianish appearing names arrested by the Department of Fish and Game at 6pm.

        • F yes, I posted a comment on yesterdays raid post. ‘Hope whoever get’s arrested has a foreign name’ (meaning bulgarians)

          • Well since you’re so proud of yourself for hoping someone (nationality is irrelevant) would get arrested for weed and coincidentally some people did…. here’s a cookie just for you.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Hope the county quits hiding the fact that bulgarians, mexicans, outsider scamsters are really the ones polluting the enviro…..but the permit process avoids making the actual violators pay, but does charge others who are not doing wrong to pay for non permit wrongs…..what an evil way to go after the real criminals…..make the permit legits pay for it….kinda like the permits also squeezing money out of permit holders for heroin and meth users……no connection, but what the heck….

          • Racist comment.

            • It’s only racist if it’s unjustified. That was a skewed observation.

              • Lost Croat Outburst

                All observations are skewed. Just like you admitted about your own. Plenty of people screwing up environmentally, but if it fits your pre-conceived notions, like HOJ, then it is true for you that only outsiders are screwing up.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            A foreign name? Hilarious. And what would that be in the United States? Google United States of America and see what you get. The Trump is strong with you. All names, including Johnson and Smith are foreign names. An American name would be Sitting Bull or Pecwan.

  • Thanks Kym for staying true and it’s awesome to see that you left that Rag you started and had hijacked. ( my observation only)

    • Hank started the Lost Coast Outpost with the backing of Patrick Cleary. They invited me on later.

      • BUT what was perceived by most of us was it was your work and previous blog that got that rag attention. And you still are with them having your feed sometimes in the other section.

        • I was very pleased to work for LoCO. I loved it. I still slip over a couple of times a day to check out the news. I wouldn’t say I was still with the LoCO though. They offer a feed of the other local news sources and it works for them and for the other media. They get readers who love having that local feed and we get their readers coming to our stories.

        • huh?

          ‘still with them’?!…do you mean the listings in the ‘Elsewhere’ column?

          you might notice many many other blogs and news sources there as well.

          and good ones they are.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        To pick up the slack, feed from your fans…
        Typical humdumery having someone else do the lifting.
        You’ll be sporting the directed ads, while staying true blue.

        Was it martial arts that allowed you patience, or was it the Mandela Effect?

        You don’t have to share if you’re not comfortable.

        Either way, you will be THE news source 2017….

        Is it really 2017? My calendar still says 87, but good luck.

  • A second to Just Sayin’s comment….
    and I love the picture you used for this article!

  • Where are they. Anybody know?

  • The creek just got buzzed super low. Same plane as last year. All gray, banking back and forth.

  • it’s that police state time of year kids👮 don’t you love hypocrisy, theft, and centuries old mafia tactics? Protecting the people my rear end. What’s the pressure treated wood for if you’re worried about the environment?

  • Pressure treated that’s a good one HCSO, it’s the same f*** you as they always leave you. How many times did they bust an indoor, confiscate the generator tow it to the end of the road & open the petcock valve and leave a diesel trail for all to see? They usually also leave you a nice pile of human feces at the scene just for fun.

  • Saw the two sheriff trucks heading back east coming down paradise ridge on the main road about noon

  • Up miller creek 6 vehicles and a wood chipper

  • Putting something in the pile like pressure treat that could kill an unsuspecting person could bring criminal liability in the Fish and game . They did that knowing it would make the product poisonous but leave no indication of that . Very very stupid and dangerous tactic. Plus that arsenic goes right in to the water stream , the thing fish and game are supposed to protect

  • presidentofBulgaria

    BULGARIA will come and take your land! Your life your wife! Get ready little girly American, we will take it all!

  • Arsenic? Chromated copper arsenate has not used in household pressure treated lumber since early this century. Egad, Southern Humboldt the land of misinformation.

    • Wonder why you are not allowed to burn it then.

      • Its a consumers choice to purchase pressure treated lumber or not. If you’re using pressure treated it’s either off gassing into the air or leeching into the soil. Then if you want to think of the carbon footprint of p.t. lumber it takes mining the earth, chemical compounding, and a lot of energy to impregnate the wood using extreme pressure. Redwood is Eco-friendly; pressure treated is not.

          Please learn. It’s not good stuff but it’s not what you think.

          The most common chemicals used to treat wood are Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ), Copper Azole (CA), and Micronized Copper Quaternary (MCQ).

          • Back in the day, wood was treated with penta-chloro-phenol, a chlorinated hydrocarbon; cousin to DDT and PCB and other highly toxic, cancer causing chemicals. Compared to penta-chlor, Copper Azole is much, much safer.

            However, in my organic garden, for any application that involves wood-to-ground contact, I use redwood.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Redwood quality sucks though, rots too, prone to carpenter bees, carpenter ants, gets ugly grey, damages easily, deflection issues, etc….

          PT – terrible to bury. For whatever reason, burning is the least environmentally impacting in a controlled environment…..most chemicals neutralized, but gases do mix into atmosphere……

          Sure wish toxic materials went to a specific collection center instead of going into the landfill….

          Never, repeat, never use PT for anything food related, never……….

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Actually politics forces consumers to use pressure treat lumber.

          Consumers chose years ago cedar, redwood and cypress (?) as the lumber of choice.

          All new construction uses pressure treated lumber because the codes force it.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Because it is fire season and fires have been raging all summer burning up a huge acreage. That acrid yellowish stuff in the air is smoke. So, no open field fires. You must be in Bulgaria.

    • BS, I just read a label on some pressure posts and it lists Arsenic.

    • Just not manufactured in ca still used and made in Oregon sent into ca

    • Have you ever toured a plant that make pressure treated lumber? There are major precautions to keep the poison they are injecting contained in one part of the plant. You would never use it if you have seen one.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Metals are toxic to life in large doses. Smaller doses are safe and some you cant live without.In times past they gave mercury to cure V.B.. it worked just fine after you teeth and then your face melted. But you knew that.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Hey, i found a new a cool game to play on R.H.B.B. ….. Try reading the comments backwards and stop short of the subject…. betcha ya cant guess the subject if over 10 comments.I call it the Telephone Computer Mind Drivve-L game..

  • esvinete varvete Na provo…………..

  • About the only thing to say is: “Keep it coming law”, bring it down hard and heavy. There are few growers around anymore that deserve anything but a swift kick in the ass and a heavy hand applied to their disgusting practices of environmental damage. Put it all together and it is a death knell to the environment and the community at the same time:

    Environment- illegal water diversions during the most critical life stages of documented threatened and endangered species; clearing land and building roads, home pads, and greenhouse pads without proper engineering that leads to incredible erosion problems, landslides, and sedimentation of creeks/rivers; use of prohibited insecticides, rodenticides that leach into the groundwater and runoff into same depleted creeks and rivers during the first rains of the season; direct killing of threatened and endangered species by same rodenticides and insecticides (fisher, and pine marten); unpermitted structures and trash, human waste disposal throughout the local watersheds; on and on…..

    Community- missing person reports that are too many to mention and that law enforcement has a hard time maintaining information on; a murder rate, mostly associated with the growing of marijuana, selling, or distribution that is way over the state and national average per capita; drug culture that has spawned the acceptance of other drugs in the community that have damaged our towns (meth, heroine, others to come??); kids that are growing up in a marijuana production house with all the guns, drugs, and parents that are too stressed out to function; on and on…………

    Southern Humboldt and other grow communities continue to support this culture but cry about the repercussions. All the events and social gatherings are mostly about the growing: tarp awards and all it goes on and on…..

    Sad and pathetic that it is allowed to continue, lay in the bed you made folks!!

    • In Community you failed to mention: Lack of respect for long established neighbors including– noise pollution( generators , dogs, heavy equipment,etc), dust ; because slowing down so someone and their curtilage isn’t eating dust all day is too much trouble. Light pollution; greenhouse depping, SMELL- news flash; not everyone likes or wants to smell skunk 24/7. Driving like assholes in subdivions and on county roads. Eyesore- so many greenhouses have ruined a once beautiful viewscape for many people.

      • That’s just called white trash dude , it won’t leave with pot . It’s a hillbilly attitude .

        Ps . That’s like living in a dairy town and complaining about the smell of cow shit .

        • NO, not if the smell never happened till the greenrush and EVERYONE has pot and it has to be Kush because that’s what gets the most money. Yes, there has always been rude people, add in all the rude growers and it’s not a pretty picture. It’s too bad you have the attitude that everyone should just lay down and accept rudeness because it exists.

        • Yep, and I’m sure the indigenous people didn’t like that cow shit smell for the first several decades it was in ferndale either.

    • Agree fully. And I am a grower!! Been here since ’76 and I seen ’em come and go. Fought back against CAMP w/ a vengeance. We were good and true and strong here back in the day! We all chipped in sweat, time and money to save some beautiful land and restore some beaten landscape for the wild critters. Built schools, raised children in the hills and some of us are still here doing what’s that the kids say?-Keeping it real? But yeah it’s a shitshow now and I can’t believe I’m happy to hear of scenes getting popped. Ha Ha ha! Never imagined the day I’d cheer for the COPS over ANY grower but that is how bad it’s become! Most people that don’t get me are newcomers (less than 20 years here) or are new to the weed thing. There is a way to do it with integrity. Yes, it might take a little more work! Are you here for the $$$? If that’s your main reason- I automatically don’t trust you. It used to be that we opposed industrial logging; now we oppose industrial weed-growing for the same reason. We are here because we love this place, these forests, these rivers. Of course we won’t like you trashing it!!

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        That’s why we have to go legal, no matter if the industry leaves the area, which may not happen. Only with legality can we drive out the very reprobates you write about. It’s the only way.

      • Well said
        Thank you

      • I’m just short of 20 yrs.. On and off (sometimes the biggest problem is you gotta move elsewhere for a couple years and see if these complaints don’t weigh as much as the lush forests and people such as yourself.
        There Are young(er) Kidz, I don’t think I can play the young card at 40–who care..
        And are trying; to improve the land, move the conversation, maybe the human race…just 5/8ths of an inch forward…

    • You’re my heroine😂

    • Do you hack on the mass vineyard folks too? Look into the damage they do.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      There is no reason that a pot farm has to be more damaging than a vegetable farm. None. The problem results from illegality, high retail prices and the total stupidity and moronic behavior of human detritus with no concern for modern ag practices, the environment, or their neighbors.

      Now, too many people in the general public assume that cannabis farming is inherently deadly and that is simply false. You see this assumption in public displays frequently.

  • Very refreshing, and good to see comments like those from “Cove-ite”, “Farce”, and “Eastside” above. The comment from “Huh” is exactly the attitude that has gotten us to this place.

    The bury your head in the sand and hope it gets better, instead of helping or communicating with others.

    • My comments somehow produce ignorant hillbillies with egos bigger than their trucks ? Lol ! What’s has produced this culture are the people who blew it up in the first place after 96 , most of them born and bred locals , that and the inability of the sheriff to do much about the situation . It’s also the born and bred that brought in trimmigrants from all over the country to work and when they leave they tell all their Bros back home to come buy land up here because they just worked at Johnny Humboldts 49 acre piece his parents gave him who hasn’t had a real job or education and is making bank .

  • Good job sherrifs
    Let’s clean it up
    It’s become a shit show
    Not a place for families anymore

  • Can we get an update date on why this happen

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