Standing Up for Standing Rock: Understanding Why Local Tribes Support a Fight to Stop a Pipeline in North Dakota


Captain Brian Stephens of the Eureka Police Department surrounded by some of the smaller protesters. [All photos by Bobby Kroeker who is from the First Nation’s Haida Gwaii as well as our photographer] 

A large group of protesters gathered yesterday around 4:30 p.m. at the Humboldt County courthouse in Eureka. They converged in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe of North Dakota. According to the Sioux tribe, the Dakota Access Pipeline or DAP, designed to carry over 400,000 barrels of oil per day from North Dakota to Central Illinois, will cross sacred sites and pass under the Missouri River near the Sioux reservation. The tribe fears the pipeline will burst and contaminate their drinking water. In addition, they argue that they should have been consulted and weren’t. This goes to the heart of the conflict as tribal rights have historically been trampled by the US government.

The tribe has been battling to stop the pipeline in court. Environmentalists and tribe members have been protesting near the construction sites. On September 3, protesters and security guards with trained dogs clashed as the pipeline construction company rolled bulldozers into sites viewed as sacred. Claims were made on one side that protesters including one child were bitten by the dogs and on the other that three security guards were injured.women-1-of-1

The judge in the case refused to grant an injunction to stop construction. However, in an unusual step, the Obama administration requested that construction on the pipeline be halted for 20 miles east or west of the tribal area. “[T]his case has highlighted the need for a serious discussion on whether there should be nationwide reform with respect to considering tribes’ views on these types of infrastructure projects,” wrote the Justice Department in a joint statement with the Army and the Department of the Interior. They said they will be inviting tribes “to formal, government-to-government consultations” on how the federal government could better work with them in the

Representatives from local tribes are in North Dakota as part of thousands of people protesting. There has been at least one other local protest. It took place in Klamath last Friday. Native Americans across the United States see Standing Rock as more than a fight to stop a pipeline. They see it as a battle for their rights in the future. Standing rock protest in Eureka, ca By Bobby Kroeker

It should be noted that supporters of the DAP argue that shipping by pipeline is safer than by rails, the current alternative. They also say that shipping by pipeline would be cheaper thus reducing costs to consumers.

For a more complete explanation of the North Dakota protests go to this Vox article which we also used.



  • Henchman Of Justice

    Jill Stein is a criminal vandal…….not qualified for president……and a looney tune crackpot…..along the lines of Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, etc….deer eyes by headlites.

    Consumers can stop this kind of inhumane gubbamint/corporation rape…….less fossile fuel use. Tribes could majorly fund Elon Musk’s pipedreams (pun intended).

    Local Gubbamint can step up and stop promoting fossile fuel uses….

    … marijuana grown with fossile fuel electricity……

    Were not protestors on private property when protesting?

    So, fair is fair, if natives decide to do something that affects non natives, then non natives should protest on the tribe chairman’s private property……and be arrested for trespassing too.

    Protestors today are a joke of faux humans when they violate reasonable laws too.

    Protestors find it easier to violate laws against private citizens instead of going at the source of permission…..gubbamint.

    Protests today often fall on deaf ears because the individual protestors are hipocrites themselves.

    • Insightful, HOJ!
      What seems the most off to me, is the fact that the gubbermit is in full support of the pipelines, despite:
      We already have huge reserves in oil.
      They are mandating for all automobile manufactures to switch over from gas to oil.
      They are mandating all oil companies to reduce by 50%.
      They are constantly reminding us of potential EMP attacks from solar flares or Russia.
      They are granting communities money that was originally stolen from taxpayers, to develop car free towns, apartment cell complexes called stack & packs (developers even get to skirt the regulations).
      They are granting communities the money stolen from taxpayers, to create walking paths & bicycle lanes. To install parklettes that reduce car parking spaces.
      They are with holding remodeling and building permits in the outskirts of town.
      They are releasing water that grows our food, into the sea.
      They are leasing public lands to foreign companies that mine the resources.

      When we are robbed of the fruits of our labor, forced to beg for crumbs, and forced to comply with non-elected “Regional” gubbermits, there’s something fishy going on.

      Private property? What private property? It all belongs to gubbermits now. The title holders only get to pay the taxes that oil the wheels of corruption.

  • Park ur GROW DOZER!

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Parents are shitfucks for involving infants/children at adult generated conflicts that have a high degree of potential violence.

    Typical PC culture endangering their own infant kin……terrible adult supervisions and any “safety claims” are inconsequential as it relates to who causes the safety concerns……the agitating protestors, some who use children as PC shields, tools, etc….disgusting adult behavior.

    Not knocking “legal or responsible protesting”, just knocking idiot protestors who are hipocrites and deserve the criticisms.

    HOJ expects all these protestors and Brian Stephens to convert very soon to non fossile fuel uses……ya, HOJ’s pipedream, lol.

    • Spot on. Also most of these protestors live a double standard and don’t look at the environmental impacts of ship, train, and trucking of oil across this land. Either to dumb to think for themselves or they are part of the problem because they add more time , complexity , and cost to ultimately not understand they are just a speed bump and no original thoughts.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      F.O. Lytle. No really. You obviously don’t have a real clue what this issue is all about, other than to you (and damn near everything it seems) is just some sort of government conspiracy. Start being part of the solutions. Quit banging away at your keyboard and do some good for once. At least they’re investing in their (and your) future. What are you doing?

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Stenchnman of Justlice,…..Well have another whiff on me.!!!!.. And,Just what is it are You Tyrin to say? Arent we both hippy critts hiding behind these weird names? Wait until the hash oil pipe line from Humboldt to your house tries to lay their pipe under Round valley or Hupa?

  • Wow kym isn’t it time to get hoj banned for a bit? I’m offended, it’s ridiculous trump style rhetoric that allows no discussion. We have heard hoj on almost every article and are pretty clear what hoj stands for so do we have to see it everytime?

    The release of dogs that bit protesters and people including children was documented on video by democracy now and that video was used by every major mainstream media, abc, msnbc, etc.
    So saying “claims were made” about this is not accurate, it’s documented quite well. And was a horrible use of dogs, a woman who trains dogs for police viewed the video and did interviews stating that procedures were broken and that the handlers did not have proper control of the dogs. It looked like the civil rights movement or even further back to the Pinkerton days. So much for human evolution.

    Maybe people like hoj should all be put in polluted areas with no one who cares about the environment, clean water, children, etc so they can live without the liberal BS they claim to hate. The rhetoric is getting dangerous for us all; we are pretty close to setting a path of destruction for ourselves and we need to stand up for our resources. The big companies are glad to pollute the water, they make the water filters you will have to use so they want pollution.

    Our civil rights are like a muscle, we must exercise them to keep them working. It’s our duty as citizens.

  • Isn’t “laying pipe” a slang term for f#%king someone, ’cause that is surely what the oil companies are doing to the indigenous people…and all the rest of us. The barrel price of oil continues to fall but did you notice gas prices just went up again this week. When the president signs a law criminalizing political protest…like he did yesterday….we are truly doomed

  • WOW i don’t know how but people continue to surprise me!

    The original path for this pipeline was through a WHITE neighborhood “near Bismarck but officials blocked that path out of concern that a leak might harm the state capital” so basically white folks have a voice and the natives that live and prosper off the land don’t… Not to mention plowing through ancestor burial cites… no one would ever permit the destruction of the “forefathers of America” now would they… This is all so sad and disturbing that in 2016 Natives are still seen as objects to push around and not humans

    • Oh, have you not seen the infamous “map” going around, talking about how the DAPL “doesn’t even run near any native reservations”? Or how scientists are saying there is no evidence in burials along the pipelines path? How about how the chance of a leak is so minimal and how it’s “so much safer and environmentally friendly than other actions”? Exxon Mobil really comes to mind here….wonder why….

  • Pila Maye Yelo good people.

  • I Stand with Standing Rock


  • Wow! It seems like everyone is missing the point. It’s not the pipeline it’s self that’s the issue, it’s the rights of the “First Nation” & “Native American’s” being violated.

    Their rights & lands have been violated & ignored over & over for hundreds of years. Our government has made agreements, treaties, & promises to them for hundreds of years and countless times their rights are ignored.

    What is the point of giving someone land to than take it away when you feel it’s needed for something else. “Big Oil” to me, is not worth stealing their land back for. Big Oil has the money to build the pipeline around their scared lands. Why does our government cater to companies before their own people?! Money! Bottom line is it’s all about money & who’s profiting from this deal. Not the right people….

    We as American’s and the ancestors of those who made these agreements & promises, need to stand with them & follow through to protect their rights.

    How would you feel if the government came out to your property, said that because your land is the flattest, the quickest, cheapest route for them to build a freeway, that they are going to build a freeway right through the middle of your property? Would you be ok with them taking your land & maybe pay you .10 cents to every dollar of what your land is worth?
    Absolutely no way you would be ok with it!!

    They are fighting for their rights & what was promised. I back them 100%!! I stand with Standing Rock❣❣

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Wow, lots of heated comments here.

    I love free speech, even if I do not agree with you.

    If you can access Face Book there are lots of pages that detail the science behind the anti DAP movement.

    You will also see that in the case of children being endangered during the conflict with private security forces who used attack dogs against elders, women, men and children that they were placed there after a ruling against the company on a Friday, the LEO’s pulled out for a short time and the security folks used extremely poor judgement and did not have control over the dogs.

    There a tons of videos and commentary on the net regarding the lack of skill on the part of the dog handlers.

    The camp is full of families. Those who choose to participate in civil disobedience are adhering to a code of non violence.

    The folks I know who have gone to SR earnestly believe that the issue is more than desecration of the ceremonial grounds and graves. It is about the water being at a high risk for pollution and the harsh reality is that millions of folks live down river from the pipeline.

    At issue is also the use of eminent domain being used against farmers and communities to secure the route.

    This is about greed.

    Can oil be transported by rail and truck?


    Safety measures can be put in place.

    My hope is that the government will not back down to Big Oil.

    That sadly is highly unlikely.

    For folks wanting to donate to the SR community camp donations are being accepted at the Salmon River Out Post in Somes Bar. They have asked for food, toiletries, warm clothing, etc.

    • You know what I find most amusing? Supporters of the DAPL are saying that it doesn’t cross native lands, is nowhere near the reservation or it’s ceremonial/burial grounds, and that it’s the “safest” way to transport oil. First off, just because it’s not on the reservation itself, does not mean it isn’t on native land. Second, big oil has big pockets, you don’t think they’re paying off scientists to say that there are no bodies in what SR is saying are burial sites or that there is little to no chance of a leak? Let’s say a leak is impossible–just for Sh**ts and giggles–do these brain dead people not think that the construction itself will damage the waterways? Third off, how do you come up with “it’s the safest way” when we’ve all see the destruction oil leaks cause? We should all be trying to protect our land, as much to our ability. I’m still positive that some day, Idiocracy will be a documentary rather than a comedy.


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