New Advertising on the Redheaded Blackbelt

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From crashes and crime to cannabis and capturing the beautiful world we live in, RHBB reports on what matters to you.

Looking for a way to reach your customers?

In addition to the regular ads you see on Redheaded Blackbelt, we are offering the ability to target your ad at the readers you value the most. For instance, ads that only appear on the Cannabis section or only on the Handfuls of Home section or on any other section that matters to you will now be available.

Let’s say your business wants to target people interested in cannabis stories. You can highlight your business’s ability to serve that section of the community in a 700 x 200 pixel ad that will appear only in stories that are written for the Cannabis section. Prices will vary depending on the amount of readers a section gets.

We were recently approached by a business that wants to highlight their connection to local sports. We’re excited to say their ad will soon be appearing exclusively at the bottom of all our local youth sports.

Think of the possibilities! Then email us at for more information.



  • Great idea Kym, and hey you business owners—-this is where we all go for information so you know it would be a great place to spend your advertising dollars. Great exposure, check it out.

  • Super happy to frequent businesses that support kym 🙂

  • Hi Kym, Frenchy here. I’d like to get some more info about rates and plans for your new advertising venture. As our start up business plan progresses I think RHB would be a great resource to promote our brand.
    Good luck

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