[UPDATE 3:52 p.m.] Structure Involved on Burnt Ranch Fire

Smoke from Fire on Burnt ranch

Smoke from Fire on Burnt ranch [Photo provided by a reader]

McDonald fire in Burnt Ranch is now two acres with structure involved. Spread of fire has been stopped.”

UPDATE 3:52 p.m.: Shasta-Trinity National Forest Service tweeted, “McDonald Fire is now contained at 2 acres.”




  • I heard on the scanner the sheriff call for a flat bed to remove a safe “for evidence”…….

  • Watched five emergency vehicles drive by on 299(sirens on), one helicopter, and one chemical tanker fly over, all headed downstream towards Burnt Ranch, about 3:30PM.

  • Meth related fire and a confederate flag? Lovely. Time to move back to the deep south….

    • Burford there was no meth lab on the property, I have no idea where you get your info! There was two structures that burned and a truck. No meth lab no honey oil or anything like that, just a structure fire.

  • I live near by…See that’s how you respond to a fire..Last year was bullshit I watched these fires get out of hand they just let it spread so all the feds could have their noses in everything.Im a true believer that they start most of these fires or let the fires spread out of control. I’ve been on volunteer fire department.i fought the local fire 3 years ago.I know guys know who get paid thousands of dollars per dayto sit in their rigs and do nothing .Theres thousands of these people.While on the fire department I seen massive wastes of tax money.so much expensive equipment we already had that we never use.its all money that the public doesn’t know about..but I do i pay attention. .and I say something…something isn’t right people…Spending millions of dollars widing the 299 over by humboldt while the unstable rock walls fall on us driving through burnt ranch where people die all the time.you don’t hear that news.lets make the road safe before we make the road wider.Who cares about 299 from willow to arcata that’s weak sauce hills and the road is fine…try driving the 299 from willow to weaverville and you might drive off the cliff where no one can see you and no cell service..they need to make it safe before making it wider for humboldt economy. this is stupid…..who’s in charge ..what are the priorities of these projects..who checks these money figures they spend..no one…

    • I was a firefighter. For the fire Department in the burnt ranch and Hawkins bar areas we never had a rock slide fall on anybody nor did we have anybody killed due to a rockslide falling on them we made money to the small grants and bake sales breakfast is dinners donations from the local community members yard sales Exedra

  • BIG thanks to the fire crews that literally saved our neighborhood. Promptness, teamwork and competence saved the day. May be the best job saving structures that I’ve ever seen!

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