[UPDATE 1:11 p.m.] Vehicle Over the Edge; One Person Believed Trapped With Major Injuries

Breaking news graphicA vehicle went over the edge on Hwy 36 near mile marker 38.5 at approximately noon today. One party is reported trapped in the vehicle which is 100 feet down the cliff. Major injuries are suspected and medical aircraft has been asked for.

Eel River Technical Rescue has also been sent for.

UPDATE 12:23 p.m.: Hwy 36 blocked.

UPDATE 12:34 p.m.: The patient has been brought up from the vehicle. A landing zone for the medical helicopter is being set up though it is not expected until approximately 1 p.m.

UPDATE 1:11 p.m.: The injured has been flown to Mercy Hospital in Redding.



  • Updates please….as soon as available.

  • Prayers for the injured, there family and our first reponders.

  • Is that near Bridgeville? 😳 Hope they are ok.

  • Helicopter is picking up the patient at Triumphant Life Camp right past Larabee Valley https://www.google.com/maps/place/40%C2%B026'42.8%22N+123%C2%B039'30.9%22W/@40.4452203,-123.6760929,5578m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d40.44522!4d-123.65858 And while you’re at it check out the valley. Unbelievable

  • Dan, I’m going to repeat myself here. The highway isn’t deadly. It’s the humans who are deadly.

    • This narrow winding mountain road certainly does not help!!! I agree a lot too many people, who don’t know this road, drive waay too fast on it!!! It seems to have gotten worse this year especially!!!

      • Chicken of the Woods

        Bet people are driving faster trying to make up time from the construction. Only a minute or two at each flagger. Mix this with people driving slower admiring the landscape.

        • “driving slower admiring the landscape.”, you mean being the ultimate pricks! I like how there are the dumbasses that like to control the traffic on 36. Going 35 mph and speeding up on the broken yellow so the person that just wants to go the speed limit, can’t pass. F@cking idiots. I’m new to 36, only 20 years under my belt, but this year has to be the most f@cked bunch of drivers I have ever witnessed.

          • Chicken of the Woods

            lol, yep

          • This^^!! I have a dash cam, getting ready to start sending in videos and license plate #’s to CHP. I don’t speed, and I’m a extremely safe driver. Never had any tickets of any sort, nor any accidents EVER and was in EMS for 13 years driving these roads at high speeds for my job. I naturally am comfortable and safe going faster than some others deem safe (and I repeat, I keep it at or under the speed limit, though I must confess the last few weeks I’ve had to go faster than I like to get around these A-holes on the few passing lanes that exist). It is none of these road nannies business to decide how anyone else should drive, and if a driver is truly dangerous, all you might be doing is making them drive worse and take even more dangerous chances to get around you which will likely kill you too. There are lots of turn outs!! Please people, use them!!

            • Please do so. These people are creating extremely unsafe situations. I know they are doing it on purpose, because
              1- who goes 35 and then when there is a broken yellow line, they speed up to 60 or so.
              2- they look at you in the mirrors. They make sure you see them looking at you.

              I know at least one of you dipshits that drives this way is reading this. You may think you are cool, being a good citizen, trying to save lives, but in fact you suck and are causing unsafe situations. Drive whatever speed YOU feel is safe, don’t think for the driver behind you, just pull over in one of the MANY turnouts available for you to use and let the driver pass. Most times I’m just trying to go the speed limit and you feel like you need to govern my speed. Why the frack are you concerned about my speed??????????? So fracking annoying. You people truly SUCK!

  • Praying that everyone is ok.we say this way to much!!be safe all

  • I heard the sirens go off buy Martin and shirleys .thought to myself Parnelli Jones is at it agsin.

  • I saw the car!! it happened right before the Dinsmore bridge. The front end was smashed into the backseat.;( Did not look good…

  • Oh god that sounds horrible.cars,etc are made like shit these days.my old jeep was solid,I could drive thru anything (allmost)trusted it like my dog.cars and trucks today I could kick a whole in the side or drop something on the.bed and dent the shit out of it.all for $$$and not for safety.sad what we pay

  • Paul Andersen Alioshin passed away on 9/17/16 at 10:13pm. The Family is so grateful the incredible roadside help. In fact, witnesses called his wife at hospital and even came to visit. The injuries were instantly fatal but he remained on life support until family was 150% sure there was no cognitive return. Thank you for your kind thoughts. He was in a vintage 1960 Fiat Abarth that couldn’t even go 60 miles per hour but it was a blind corner and he was too tight and over steered to correct. THANK YOU to the unknown motorcycle riders who flipped the car over to help. Please feel free to contact me. THANK YOU to the known car drivers who stopped and used satellite phone because no other phones had reception.

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