Against Their Will: A Podcast About Sexual Abuse in the Cannabis Industry

Did you read yesterday’s story by Shoshana Walter that we reprinted here? (You can also read a letter to the editor from Hezekiah Allen, Executive Director of the California Growers Association, which directly addresses that story.)

Today we have a podcast that recaps Walter’s story but also adds additional details and adds sex trafficking stories throughout the country. It is very well done.

Click the arrow  in the red circle above to listen to it.



  • It puts the weed in the basket!

  • Kym, thank you so much for the continued coverage of this story. Shine the light!

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Sex trafficking is real, and it jumps around all industries, probably no moreso than those industries where the money interests wear suits and ties.

    • Do you understand the difference between prostitution and sex traffic? It’s like the difference between fasting and starving. One is by choice the other is not.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Are you implying sex traffickers (financiers included, set up men included, set up women included, information middle people, etc…) don’t wear suits too? Ya think traffickers all dress like garberville scum?

        Why did you ask if HOJ understands the difference between trafficking and prostitution …..”as if you imply HOJ does not know the difference?” Curious George here……

      • Well done Liz criminal activity and threats also contribute to the problem .Snitches belong in Ditches is well-known and it often prevents victims from speaking out one of the reasons it’s used a lot.

    • Morso builds wood stoves and you make terrible grammatical errors.

  • When we live in a culture that calls people trim bitches and grow hoes there is always going to be people treating their employees as such. As parents we need to teach our children by example and not call people that, especially since they are likely to continue in the same family business. As a female in the industry, I often don’t get taken seriously even though I own the farm. I have also seen women advertise themselves as such, including a woman who showed up and offered her services to my male employees. I didn’t realize that her therapy business was actually a sex for sale business, we will just say she got laid off promptly.

  • Been to many places and the first time I’ve ever heard of this was on Vice. Now it seems the media is rolling with it. I’ve seen chicks not want to trim and would give sexual favors to thw bosses to get favors. That’s it. No need to force anything. I’ve seen all out orgies at trim seems , no rape. Sounds like the media making a mountain out of a mole hill. The times these rapes happen I think those people perpetrating it would be doing it no matter if they were part of a weed seen or not.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Pay to play, quid pro quo……fuckfest in exchange for money…..

      Not surprising as so many women are hardup for cash, they resort to the oldest profession on record……fucking for money!

      Hard to feel bad for the feminine fuckers now isn’t it……just like suicide awareness (see the signs)……most people don’t really care over personal decisions of another.

      Rape is evil!👹

      • So true I have been reading a lot about Isis it is disgusting what they’re doing to Christians and other minority groups if people weren’t so busy playing a game maybe they would realize there’s more important things to be concerned about then getting high.

    • I own a farm…one most would consider a Ma and Pa. I live on my property with my husband and children. I hear more and more from the trimgals, especially in the last few years, about abuses of this type – sometimes it’s being offered a lot more per pound to trim naked and sometimes it’s feeling threatened into sex.

      Yeah, no need to force people into sex when they are in a situation where they are often isolated out in BFE and no one would no where to look for them….trimmers go missing every season. I know these orgies, consensual sex and overall party type atmosphere’s take place regularly but really? A mountain out of a molehill? In a legit, safe workplace, there is no place for this behavior, consensual or not, prostitution or not. There is no place for excuses or downplaying it either.

    • Theres plenty women out here just waiting to snag themselves a rich grower. Wont accept anything else. Grow hoes. Trim work is a good way to meet the rich men. Only will hook up with rich growers. But your right about the creeps. Theyre going to be creeps regardless.

  • 40 years here and I have never heard anything about this beng true

  • Growing up listening to 1970’s sap music left me to emasculated to even make a bold pass at a women .
    Not seriously thou, I based that on one of Dennis Leary’s stand up routines.

    • Leary was a known joke thief.. so it probably came from someone else! Him and Mencia..

      Sure feels dark around here lately.. maybe it’s just me.. but the saying of Colombia comes to mind:

      “God made our country so beautiful, so astoundingly rich and full of resources,, that to balance it out it He populated the land with evil men”

  • It’s sad because so many girls put themselves in a place that is unsafe. If you are sitting on the side of the road with a sign that says trim? And you are a 5 foot tiny 20 year old girl, some creepy guy is obviously going to pick you up. And the fact that you trust this stranger to take you miles away from any town is your choice, a very stupid one. Go on craigslist and you see girls posting about themselves as “sweet hardworking young trimmers.” What do you expect to happen? Not everyone in the industry is a creep but there is going to be creeps no matter where you go, there are rich well respected business men that keep their secrets in the shadows at work but off work they are doing the same thing this article said. It all comes down to money, these girls and boys want fast cash sitting on their butt and come here gullible like this place is the safest area on earth, there will always be a risk going off with strangers into the forest. Especially if it is black market. Women are obviously chosen to trim because if they steal they can be dealt with easier than a huge man. It’s reality. And the women who trim know this. I feel horrible for the victims but I find it really hard to say I didn’t see that coming..

    • I have e-pals in the East and South USA. I’m forwarding this link (Reveal) to them as several have grandchildren who have heard of Trimming Money and want to come here. No more. Pass it on! af

      • I have lived here for 22 years and I have never seen any of this behavior. I believe this to be a hit piece, to sell legalization and demonize Humboldt County. You have to be careful anywhere. No one is safe until is all corporate profit.

        • I think you hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what these media outlets are doing.

        • I hope you’re right…I think… I hadn’t thought of it that way. Thanks. af

        • I think most women dont openly advertise stories like that. Just cuz it didnt happen to you or someone u know doesnt mean shit. Tons of women come here from out of state. Youre unlikely to hear their stories around town. But this is the exact type of environment id expect to see this kinda crap.

    • This poster makes a great point, Most farmers dont want some large guy at there scean who could rob them for everything. The types of traveling guys who get the jobs are the feminate ones traveling with more women to men ratio. Most of these girls are low educated dont have a hard work ethic probably dont have a steady life, spend alot of there time partying and doing drugs. They come here specifically because they can get away with that unproffesional lifestyle and make a professional living doing it. These exact same women would be looking for any other easy opertunity that came there way regardless of the weed industry. Also the majority of women in humboldt are prostitutes themselves. Sohum is full of low life women who use men and are deserving of titles such as Trim Bitch o Grow Hoe. Sorry for the reality. There is still plenty of nice women who live around here and are modest and well educated they are just not the majority.

      • “The majority of women in Humboldt are prostitutes”….? I don’t usually tell a commenter that they are wrong but you are.

      • I agree that there are a ton of sleezy women out here that just wanna hook up with rich guys. Yes they are sleezy as all get out. I know a woman who ditched her long time bf two weeks after moving out here and is just hooking up with any grower who will pay attention to her, hoping to be someones queen of the castle. Little do these women realize theyre just a quick screw. All too typical around here. Although they may be horrid sluts they arent prostitutes, so to speak.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    If Trump builds a wall it could be monetized with gun turrets people could pay to log on and control over a web connection.
    Virtual hunting is legal in many states, but using it to pay off the national debt is the next level.
    Without illegal immigration many of Humboldt growers wouldn’t be able to harvest crops and traffic in women.

    My question is how come men are never mentioned in sex trafficking? There are plenty of rainbow growers, why isn’t this issue presented without a feminazi spin on this real issue?

    • But Honey, men ARE mentioned in the story. They’re the traffickers in charge.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Like male prostitution doesn’t exist…

        Feminazis always have a need for marking men as villains and not focusing on the real issue.

        Their hatred and jealousy of a penis, blinds them from seeing the truth.

      • Mostly little boys are used in sex trafficking. Its easier to take advantage of a boy than full grown man. A fact women love to ignore.

        • No, child abuse isn’t something that “women love to ignore”.

        • it’s good commenters are bringing this up it’s exactly what’s happening to young men by ISIS isil the Taliban and others. in the Middle East homosexuality is a death penalty seldom carried out like snitches belong in Ditches the threat of the death penalty prevents victims from coming forward it is a tactic so the victim can be abused the reality is young men and women are being raped over there everyday and little is being done about it. And there is little help for them.More needs to be done.

  • I have seen evidence of trafficking here, but only once. However, The a lot of the scene among the grow-doze/go big set is highly sexualized. In that crowd, “Partying” is very frequently an euphemism for what in other places might get called an orgie. And then some girls do go a step further to prostitution. (Why trim for 8hours when one will get you as much money?) To each their own, but let’s understand the world we live in and make informed decisions.

    • I think there is probably alot more guys just looking to take advantage. Its quite a different thing to try to take advantage of a trimmer , and run a sex trafficking ring….. though both are sleezy they are on different wave lengths.

  • It’s best if girls calls the temporary boss before the go to ask questions. Don’t go alone. Wear a wedding ring and keep those headphones in and your head down. Good question to ask is if the did a dep cause then they should have money for first little bit to payout. The whole “we will pay you when they are done works,,, if you have your crew of girls that can vouch and says he can get it done. Don’t let them convince you that none Can drive up the hill in their own car. Better to have one than not and what do you thing every driveway looks diring October. It’s so sad that these things happen. Maybe his expansion got to his head and he thought he owned everyone. His wife was there supporting him during court…. I want to thank the locals of petroria. Never been but seems like y’all have a good group of people living there.

  • The US Marshals served a federal warrant on the Bulgarian for human trafficking up here in benbow last year. Sad thing is the scene is still up and running and it looks like they added to it this year, hardly even slow them down.

  • Anyone remember the girl that was sodomized & tied to a tree and left there over night outside. For about a week, she was hog tied in the living room of those short ugly milano twins. Same twins i heard yell in Garberville, “We rule this town!” Supposedly many people came and went out of that living room and saw her. No one called for help and told them to stop. They considered it deserving cause she owed them $. She thought she was gonna work the $ off, only to find herself imprisoned for bout a week against her will. One of them was in only semi trouble for this & went to jail. In the meantime the other twin got in trouble in a different case over sex w a minor. Dont look like they are ruling much nowa days.

    Anyways, my question is,

    “If it’s pay to play, do you still think she deserved this & Do you think it was ok for dozens of folks to turn a blind eye?”

  • The other day there was a gal flying a sign between Redway and Garberville. We made it a point to tell her it was not safe flying a sign on the side of the road. It turns out she had her old man in the car. Take the time and let folks know to use high desecration before engaging in work.

  • There is a real issue with inequality with in the workplace within the marijuana industry but there are Shitty people of both sexes too. When I was younger I was in a situation where my car was locked inside a garage at our workplace. I wasn’t too worried because I had friends around but the boss kept on asking us to get in the hot tub and being super sleazy it was annoying and a little scary. One chick was into it and honestly I thought to myself thank god now he will leave me alone. When I went to get paid he shorted me by a couple hundred dollars. I’m pretty sure he did that becaue I wasn’t going to have sex with him or flirt I was there to work. I’m from trinity and my friends know him so he paid me but things could have been different. I have also seen a man who I worked for be harrassed by a woman who had come up to work with her boyfriend. It was Honestly uncomfortable to watch, the boss is a happy family man with a wife and a daughter. This woman was wearing a see through shirt and underwear around the workplace and was acting overly sexual in front of 20 poeple it was gross. This guy is a successful entrprenure and this wasn’t his first experience with a grow ho so he ended up asking his wife to take her into town and drop her off because she was out of line. I have also known of families being broken up, of grow hoes collecting trophies from the men who hearts they have broken as they climb the ladder of success, of people posing as girlfriends only to steal the crop or cash, and polyamarous couples having what they want but just not where they are working . I don’t make judgements for other people about their love lives but as far as having a lasting job here in the emerald triangle I would say don’t poop where you play it makes the whole workplace stink. Also know the people you are working for and the people who work for you. Ladies, educate yourself so that you actually know what you are doing and work your ass off to show your boss you can do more then just trim or show your booty and don’t party treat it like a job because that is what it is at least if you want to be successful . I assure you that you will have a job for a lot longer if you can improve your bosses yield, soils, cut down the costs on nutrients, or create or improve a product. Take risks to improve your life but not at the cost of your safety or integrity. Also If you feel uncomfortable get the f out!! Trust your instincts. Rape can happen anywhere at any time of day and anywhere. Honestly I have had more scary situations happen that involve well dressed suburban men down south then growers but I suppose any entitled feeling person can be dangerous.

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