Gas Truck Crashed on Hwy 101 Near Salmon Creek Yesterday; Cleanup Today Will Restrict Traffic

Gas truck rolled

A tank truck rolled off Hwy 101 near Salmon Creek. [All photos by Brian Anderson, CHP.]

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

chpstarOn 09/07/2016 at 1630 hours, a 2013 Peterbilt tank truck pulling a tank trailer, driven by C. Allan Veach of Ukiah, CA, was traveling northbound on US-101 south of Salmon Creek Road in the number two lane. The Peterbilt and trailer was transporting approximately 7,000 gallons of gasoline. For reasons still under investigation, Veach turned to the right and collided with the guardrail east of the roadway. The Peterbilt and trailer continued over the guardrail and overturned as it traveled down an embankment.

The Peterbilt came to rest on its roof while the trailer came to rest on its left side approximately 150 feet east of US-101. During the investigation, officers did not observe a serious or noticeable breach of either of the tanks containing the gasoline. Due to its position of rest and the volatile contents of the tanks, the Peterbilt and tank trailer were unable to be promptly recovered. The recovery and clean-up efforts have been scheduled for the morning of 09/08/2016 and it is anticipated that traffic on US-101 will be restricted to one lane in each direction for an unknown duration.

A unified incident command was established on scene and was comprised of the following agencies; California State Parks, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Cal Trans, Cal Fire, Humboldt County Department of Environmental Health, and the California Highway Patrol.

State Parks officers remained on scene with Cal Fire throughout the night and monitored the Peterbilt and tank trailer.

This collision remains under investigation by the California Highway Patrol.  Alcohol / drug impairment does not appear to be a factor in the cause of this collision.





  • On the straightest stretch of freeway within 20 miles lol nice driving dipstick glad it didn’t leak into the river and no one was hurt tho

  • Glad that there wasn’t a leak or worse. And glad no other cars were involved. Was the driver of the tanker truck injured? It doesn’t say. Or am I overlooking it somewhere? Hopefully they’re able to remove it without any damage that may cause a leak. Hopefully they can just bring another tanker in and transfer the fuel into it before trying to move it.

  • Let’s see… 7000 gallons X the $3.00 / gallon that I pay for gas= $21,000.00. I’ll salvage it for them.

  • No worries. Renner will just jack up the price again to make up for the loss.

    • Renner is the lowest price in the area as far as I know, and what makes you so sure it’s renners truck ??

      • Renner farts....everyone pays!!

        I think he is writing about Renner storage not Renner gas stations. Storage goes to other gas stations in the area. and they need to pay Renner for their fuel that ends up tearing a hole in your wallet.

  • Hey you weren’t there, we don’t know what happened. Don’t judge the driver to harshly.
    I had a coyote run right out in front of me the other day, who knows maybe he was trying to miss a deer or mountian lion?
    However I would never swerve for a deer or animal because that is why…poor driver. Hope he’s ok and finds a new job soon. Poor guy is probably devastated.

    • Never swerve from a deer or small animal, that being said I might wreck trying to run a coyote over they wreak havoc on my livestock

    • He was fired because of the accident??

      • Yes. he was fired because of accident.
        Very unfair truck had maintenance issues .that were
        not taken care of .
        Lucky for us and Rinehart that he was not killed!
        Ongoing investigation..

  • A deer sized animal can wreck a large truck. Despite their size, parts of heavy trucks can be easily damaged. Striking a deer can damage steering by bending or breaking the tie rod so the truck is unsteerable. Striking a deer with the end of the bumper can bend the bumper back into the tire, causing a blowout, which can be catastrophic on the front wheel of a large truck.

  • Why is gas cheaper in ukiah if they truck it from here?

  • he was probably just pissin’ in a bottle and it got a little out of hand!!

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    So thankful that this accident wasn’t any worse than it could have been….Drivin a gas truck lately?….Some of the cruel comments are shocking. Great response team.Thanks all of you……… Go to Europe or most any other county in the world and whine about the price of petrol.. And…. Next time you buy a pint of Cherry Garcia or Hagan Daz, do the math.”THEY”are still giving gasoline away….Hopefully this all has a good ending.

  • Trucking is a physically and mentally exhausting job. Sleep deprivation is very common. Glad it wasn’t worse!

  • Alan’s a damn good driver and damn good man just one of those unfortunate things that happen

  • I agree! Alan is a wonderful man and grateful he is ok. YOU try driving a rig like that! Stuff happens that is out of a drivers control in case you did not know that!

  • Saw the truck and trailer being hauled south yesterday.. What a miracle and a testament to the construction of those tanks, that they didn’t breach and explode.. 7,000 gallons of gasoline would have been a terrible event on 101..

  • Wasn’t Renner, it was Rhinehart Oil. It did leak into the ground, all 7,000n Gallons.

    • Get your facts correct before opening your mouth. Makes you more credible as a person vs. talking about something you know nothing about

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