Garberville Town Square Enclosed With Bright Orange Fence


Orange fencing being put up around the Garberville Town Square. [Photos and video by Kate Carlson who is part of the protest]

As of 6:40 p.m., an orange fence and no trespassing signs enclose the Garberville Town Square. Only about a two yard section remains unfenced, according to Lois Cordova, a homeless Southern Humboldt woman.

“The fence is real,” explained Cordova in a phone call to the Redheaded Blackbelt as the fence went up around her. Later, she told a friend at the Square, “I wasn’t in anywhere and suddenly I was in.”

Cordova held up her phone so we could hear a statement from a deputy with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department to a growing number of individuals gathered inside the fence.

“This is private property,” he said. “It is owned by the Board. It will be open for tomorrow for Farmer’s Market.” After the Market ended for the day, he said, the square would again be closed.

Josh Sweet, a business owner who was part of the decision to put up the fence, declined to interviewed but did say he was acting with the permission of the Garberville Town Square Board. He read a sign posted in the area to us.

It said,

We apologize but the Town Square is temporarily closed due to the alarming amount of disrespect, uncontrollable bad behavior, alcohol, drug use smoking, unpermitted dogs, loud and inappropriate, unsanctioned parties and violence.

We will be open for the Farmer Market and available for pre-approved private events. Anyone who is not authorized to be here will be trespassing and prosecuted under the law. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

We look forward to reopening as soon as we can find some solutions to some very difficult and complex issues.

People protesting the closure of the Garberville Town Square. [Photo by Kate

People protesting the closure of the Garberville Town Square. [Photo by Kate Carlson]



  • I’ve suggested solutions to the problem for a while, but there’s too many people who think that giving parasites everything for free will somehow make them decide to get jobs.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Solutions are immaterial when they are not really solutions due to foreseen ineffectivenesses.

      If some idea is flawed before it is implemented, then it is crazy to implement that flawed idea.

      HOJ wonders:

      1) What does the parcel map book at the assessors office say about the town square?

      2) Cordova must be a “rich homeless” due to paying for mobile phone minutes over housing……protest falls on deaf ears.

      3) The Land :

      A) If centered on the conjoinment of multiple properties to create “a square” for the businesses/property uses, then justified fencing.

      B) If public property, then need to rehabilitate, update rules based upon precedents and impacts and to maintain is justified too.

      Can’t imagine why anyone would complain…………

      Time to deal with scum, but make sure the scum is tracked, for the scum will commit crimes as they move elsewhere.

      Vigilanteism/protest for scum, no different than black lives matter with scum cops…….it is a sign o’ the times, sadly.

      • About the rich homeless woman with a phone….. you know they give away free phones to the homeless, right?

      • It was a vacant lot that was for many years used as a parking lot. Then it was purchased by a non-profit community group to create a public space. It is privately owned, and the board is responsible and liable for it.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          If it is privately owned, then it can’t be a “public place” unless it is within an established public right of way that has been designated as a public use area…..

      • Yeah, because it’s real easy to get a job and a place to live without a cell phone.

  • A fence wont fix the problem only a wall will.

  • I agree to this. I do not feel comfortable going there. The only people offended by this are those that “hang out there” all day. I understand the homeless or drifters wanting somewhere to hang out. But there is no respect, and it just gets trashed. It was a beautiful thing for the community. .. too bad the ugly ruined it.

  • Great job, finally good to see some action even though it shuts down the square!!! We need more hard line action like this!

  • Good decision.

  • Good!Do whatever is necessary to curb the disrespect.This area has always been open to travelers but we are having an increasing amount of addiction and filth.We need to be a healthy community and honor the beauty of this land.For our children and our future.I hope that some solutions for all will be found.

  • I’m sure the violence was a big factor in this decision..

  • Wow such beauty, a true feat of engineering. Such a lovely vibrant color lending great contrast with the crimson bricks. It’s great to see the dope growing elite taking our town back one gorgeous fence at a time.
    ‘Make Garberville Great Again’

    • I’d rather see an ugly orange fence than see the ugliness that’s been going on there for far too long.

    • I can’t smell a fence. A fence doesn’t hit on me, ask me for work or stare at me. I’ll take a fence any day of the week. I’ve avoided garberville like a plague for a couple years now. Who knows how much money Chautauqua has lost from people that just don’t want to walk past the square!

  • I and my family ONLY get to enjoy our town square on Fridays during the Farmers market season when there’s our actual community there enjoying the day together.
    ALL the other days are NOT SAFE. I won’t even cut through there when I’m walking to another business to shop. I have had more than 3 separate horrible episodes where I was physically threatened. This was in broad daylight at lunch time. In one of the episodes, as I was walking by, a young guy, who was obviously high on some kind of drug that makes you delusional, came running up to me screaming unintelligibly in my face with his fists clenched. His pack of friends ran up and pulled him away from me. Said, “oh, he doesn’t mean anything.”
    I am seriously considering getting training to get a ” permit to carry”. I am NOT going to allow these new ” garberVillains” to hurt me or my family or friends.

    • I’m glad the fence was put up & I’m looking forward to the time when a permanent one gets installed.
      When I walk through Garberville I have to close my eyes to all the scummy
      people on every corner.
      This park was built for our community members – the ones who live here and
      Contribute to the field of wholesome positive energy.

  • Please let us know if a group organizes to build a permanent fence.
    I’ll be more than happy to make a donation.

    • just a few suggestions :)

      If there is no choice but a fence, please invest and somehow make what is usually ugly a beautiful thing.

      San Francisco’s rose garden is surrounded by a fancy & beautiful, iron victorian style fence. It’s unlocked and locked according to a set schedule.

      Also, a prior comment mentions, she is only there at the farmers market. Schedule and coordinate more events to attract actual community members. Arcata has music on the plaza, for instance& not just reggae or dubb as usual but also country, rock, classical, jazz, blues, whatever! Or donate time & space for free to the schools to utilize somehow. I hear the cheerleaders need space to practice for instance. Outside plays? Whatever happened to Shakespeare on the Lake? Shakespeare on the Plaza!

      • I love the town square

        The town square has tried many events and they do have it open for schools events etc. for free. Please know that anyone wanting to schedule a play etc… can certainly contact the square.

        • If they did, it wasn’t advertised much. I only heard of 1 SHC event there besides the famers market and the square has been there how long now?

  • Any thoughts on rounding up these degenerates and locking them up in some sort of camp where they`d have to work? They likely don`t have a much of a work ethic; [edit]

  • Ex Bleeding Heart Liberal

    As a long time “hills” resident i have spent a couple of hours in the square lately. Violent! Victimizing! Vitriol! Veto!

  • They should have paved it and put up a parking lot. But instead this. If it was a hot parking lot no one would hang out and it still could have been the farmers market and we would have a place to park.but instead they went the lets just please a few at the expense of the many route..

    • It was a parking lot and people parked there in there vans and hung out all day all the time…. I agree it should be a parking lot. Only because we dont have enougn parking, But it wouldn’t do anything about the homeless population occupying the space.

    • finally someone got it right. It should have been a parking lot from the start.

  • Only Trump Can Save Us

    Only Trump Can Save Garberville from Trimmigrants. Build the Humboldt Wall!
    Somebody needs to call Donald Trump and see if they can get him to send in the national guard to help build a wall to protect the good people of Garberville Town Square from people sitting down, also PEOPLE SMOKING MARIJUANA… There needs to be laws in place to prevent sitting and breathing in public unless you have lots of money and a good paying job. All the HOMELESS & poor people should be rounded up and shipped out of Eureka Port like the chinese were in the 1800’s. If you don’t have a brand new Dodge sitting on 35’s your out of the Humboldt Dodge… Protect the Dope Growing Elits and arrest all those criminal trespassers, after all they dont even vote republican, and besides they smoke pot, arrest them all, restart the Humboldt Reservation and forced servitude system, take their children just like the kidknappers did to our local Indians and sell them to rich white ranchers in the Sacramento Valley just like Indians were in the 1800s….. Somebody call Donald Trump to save garberville , When I was a kid in Laytonville we called Garberville Hippyville…. lol . Garberville needs a “Crime Watch and Neighborhood Watch… then at least somebody could be responsible for watching the crime… “Got scissors, will work”

    • Sitting and breathing unless you have money??? I don’t care what kind of money people have I still wouldn’t be okay with them following my child home from school or shooting up in the town square. Or almost killing someone and leaving a blood trail through town. This has nothing to do with money hit has to do with common human decency and not being a danger to our society!

    • 35’s are so last year. You ain’t trying unless you got 37’s. Keep the the market black! You know what I’ve been saying for years…once you go black

    • Humboldt Dodge Club

      Oh no! You mean I have to get 35’s? And what club? I’ve lived here for over 39 years & I have never heard of this club you speak of! How do you join Humboldt Dodge? Does it have to be white? 😂

    • Oh man, you are so right! We should TOTALLY get rid of ALL homeless because they are beneath us! I mean, that’s EXACTLY why Garberville but up the fence right?! I mean, it couldn’t POSSIBLY be because these homeless/drifters/transients/misplaced/what-have-yous were causing a REAL problem. It had NOTHING to do with innocent people/families/children being violently attacked/harassed or people shooting up in the square! Noooooo, it had to do with the fact that the town just thinks these people are beneath them! They just want their town cleansed of the undesirable……………..on a serious note, get a life. If the town is doing this to “innocent people breathing in a public place” why not house them on your property? Start a commune instead of expecting everyone else to put up with the MAJORITY of these people’s bullsh**.

    • I hope Trump moves in next door to YOU! (of course, you’ll no longer be there, because I’m sure he would have his unpaid workers clear the area or riff raff!

  • No one came forward to buy it as a parking lot.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Probably because of the detractive scumbag drifters and loafers that make Garberville look as nearly a shithole as Eureka.

  • Great….now these folks will be in front of our businesses driving tourists and customers away and overloading our law enforcement with complaints from businesses!! This is becoming such a vicious cycle and I hate to say a yearly event….but its becoming and has been a daily event !! I am so sad the big world out there has finally discovered our beautiful community and are here to enjoy it in a disrespectful and abusive manner!! RUDENESS IS PREVALENT IN OUR SOCIETY AND BECOMING SO COMMON!! Closing the square in my opinion is not a good decision and seems like a desperate and rash decision to a growing problem that I AM SORRY FOLKS IS NOT GOING AWAY and I wish it would and could go away!! In my opinion this decision will only have bad repercussions!! MORE LAW ENFORCEMENT PRESENCE IS THE SOLUTION……………………..??????????????

    • AnonymousHumboldtian

      I agree, it’s the same thing they did in eureka. They move the homeless around like they’re playing musical chairs or something. Something more permanent needs to be done, and more sheriff presence wouldn’t be a bad start.

      • Vote for prop 64 and move pot farming to the real farms, with real workers who don’t hang around hoping for a job. The pot-dependent businesses will crash, the hangers-on will depart, and we can go back to the good old days of tourism and fishing (what?)

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Get surveillance, record about 72 hours worth, review video, and guaranteed you will have a violation of law that a sheriff deputy must make a report on.

      After a few reports with surveillance video as evidence, a restraining order may be attained against the individuals, but papers must be served by sheriff as homeless scum have no addresses.

      Time and money still sacrificed…..maybe all the businesses can deny the scum services, use the fact that the money is dirty money from drugs and by law a business does not have to take money from a consumer if the money to be exchanged is suspected of being involved in previous criminal activity……profiling works legally too!!!

  • ‘MAKE GARBERVILLE GREAT AGAIN’……. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA best laugh I have had in a while!!! I like it …WE NEED BUMPER STICKERS thanks RECALL ESTELLE although I like Estelle Fennel……I feel so confused…!!!!!

  • What is that back to the lander hippie grower mantra: ‘F*** the cops, f*** CAMP, U.S outta Humboldt Country’ Sometimes you gotta watch what you wish for. Enjoy.

    • Having guys repel from helicopters into your front yard with large guns pointed at your kids face while scaring your livestock as you sit in handcuffs for hours watching the cops steal your stuff and destroy your house is way different than wanting law enforcement to do their actual job to “protect and serve”.

      I personally never heard anyone complain about cops in town over the years. Nor did I witness police violence in town, which was always a pleasant surprise considering their actions in the hills on private property.
      If we truly did get the US out of humboldt then we would be allowed to take care of problems on our own but as it stands if your biz gets broken into and the sheriff’s have no one on duty to help you have to sit and watch your store get looted on security cameras but you aren’t allowed to go beat the bastards yourself. Really , how many places are there where you call the cops and they say sorry we won’t have anyone on duty to help you for at least 5 more hours????
      We all pay for a basic service we are supposed to get and are not receiving. Its due time the HCSO start responding and investigating appropriately instead of picking and choosing who they help. Has anyone out there reported a home robbery and actually had them fingerprint your place and pursue the case? They wouldn’t even take my address when I reported mine but I do know someone who got a little help after her 6th breakin.

      • Henchman Of Justice


      • I heard an early morning radio program on KMUD that said prop Z generated $$$ to hire 30 new deputies. WHERE ARE THEY? Sure as hell not here

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Funds being used to buy $300,000.00 armored vehicles that will stand parked and unused for the majority of the vehicles useable serviced lifespan.

          Funds not going to pension people………vigilanteism is your true justice.

  • The guy in the red striped shirt has is a real piece of work that has harassed at least one child I was told,

  • Its about time that something is being done about all the crap that goes on there. How many locals actually get to enjoy the town square. Very few because most of us dont find enjoyment in what all is going on there. I feel bad for those who live or have businesses close by it. What is happening at the square is exactly what a large number of the community members said would happen. It seems we can not have anything nice in our community without it being abused. We as a community have got to stand together to put a stop to all the crap that is happening or it will get even worse than it all ready is.
    It is really sad that we the ones trying to make our community a better and safer place to live were far out numbered tonight by the protesters, most of which are the ones abusing our community. What do you think that leads the protesters to believe? Maybe that they are stronger than the community and can continue to do as they please regardless of what we think?
    Wake up and smell the crap that your allowing to happen in our community and if your ok with it then continue on as you have, but if not then help put a stop to it.

  • Should’ve always stayed a parking lot

  • How about a community poker game? The pot goes towards one way bus tickets to, say Florida.

    Greyhound bus tickets to Florida are around 200.00. Greyhound also lists free wifi.

    For 10,000.00 the community could bus about 50 homeless out of here.

    Consider it a donation for a safer tomorrow!

    • The county has a program that pays for bus tickets for folks to leave. The problem is the amount being bussed to our area from larger city areas under similar programs.

    • I’ll donate a bus ticket and I’m just a broke ass worker

    • Actually someone should just do everybody a favor and show up in garberville with there grow dozer and a huge enclosed trailer, advertising that there are ‘free drugs and beer in the trailer’ Once they got a good enough load, THEN drive them to florida. it would be way cheaper then buying them all bus tickets.

      • Maybe cheaper? What if they burn down the trailer on the ride out? Lmao.

        Just like bears, if people stop feeding them, they will eventually leave.

        If someone needs trimmers, please do not hire off the curbs.

        That only perpetuates the legend of free weed from strangers.

    • AnonymousHumboldtian

      It would be a revolving door. Bus 50 out, and 50 new ones will show up to take their place.

  • Elect Fence Builder

    Incorporate Garberville/Redway. We’d get our own police department and there are plenty of egos that would step up and run for mayor.

  • GladIMovedToFerndale

    Enough is Enough. Bring back the Vagrant Laws that allowed the police to physically eject the bums from town. Garberville should not have to be a dumping place where the drug addicted and mentally ill get to act out their problems front and center. We get the message: They need help. But Garberville does not have the resources to fix their problems and should not have to bear the burden of California’s underfunded mental health programs. If they need to act out, let them do it in their camps away from town. Garberville should not have to be an open air insane asylum.

  • It’s not a real town square if you have to fence people out. It’s funny how we give names to places that that embody freedom and the democratic process … Until it’s inconvenient!

  • What about collecting donations at all the local businesses and hiring a security guard or two to walk Garberville (and separately, Redway). Files could be reported, which might then get the further help of an actual law enforcement officer.

  • G-VILLE you shouldn’t have to apologize for taking back your town!!!EUREKA,needs to do the same!!!I’m behind you,YOU GO G-VILLE

  • Goobsterdam. Said it before, got no use for the place. Hope you don’t either. It’s been over the line out of control for so long, and the locals are still talking about cleaning it up.
    My recommendation, everyone stay away, especially after dark. There is nothing good in Garberville.

  • There should also be an orange fence around Jerold Phelps Hospital. Idiots in charge, staffed by hostile xenophobic locals and temps who run screaming out the door after a week or so, demanding drug crazies who live by the river and get treated for free: what’s not to like? Close this disfunctional eyesore. SHCHD – A great place to die or be pronounced dead. Even the board members don’t use it!

  • Looks like the only protesters are the fools who were run out of the square. That’s not really a protest, that is just loitering.

  • is there officially no where for any one to SIT in town now?

    and just so i’m clear… is this a victory?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Officially, so we are clear, you don’t have a right to sit anywhere on private property not your own, nor public property not available for sitting……..BUT,

      Scumbags never have a problem finding anywhere to scum out and sit……try a road or a sidewalk.

  • Henchman Of Justice


    This thread has the most respondents in agreement than any thread you have ever posted, except for the killer mom in hiding threads…..The town of Garberville needs a flood of scum cleaning actions.

  • yes—-about time—-thank you square board members for the closure—-free food at the Mateel—-free food at the church– —I do not see many locals at these feedings—-just the meth campers who end up selling and trading the food we give them—-tough love starts NOW–I do not see how giving them restrooms and showers will help this—–have you seen the sprawling community at the Sprowel rd. offramp ? there will soon be fire, pray for those who have homes and families nearby.–if you really care —–pick one of the bunch and make that person your project, take that human and give him/her housing and all the things you think are not available to them—let us know how that works out for you —at least 2 of our homeless advocates have plenty of property that they could build their “community” on how about it P and D ?—the people you see everyday in front of town businesses are drug addicts and dealers——until this crap is cleaned up our family is NOT coming into this ghetto—as a thirty year resident this is heartbreaking—-whats with the old guy who is in front of the theater everyday , smoking crappy weed with his lawn chair showing newcomers that this is acceptable behavior, saw him give a joint to a 12 year old ? the girl selling meth and trinkets in front of the credit union ? the frigging gas stations ? we are becoming pro active in the cove after the most recent offenses… take photos,license numbers,report,share info.

    • My family’s first visit to G-ville , 18 years ago ; there was a place in town , warning people not to share needles , so we w ernt surprised with the dread locked hitch hikers or smelling pot at our motel….but it seems to of become a problem from what ive read here , we are planning a return trip but perhaps we will stay in another town around the ave of the giants drive , you folks live in a beautiful place….sad to see its turned ugly in so many ways

  • Unfortunately when the town square was first proposed, there was a LOT of feedback given to the people running the town square about safety concerns; who was going to monitor it so it did not become an unsafe place where violence and drug dealing would take hold.
    Before people opened their wallets to help buy the lot, we wanted to know how this was going to work.
    The town square board, especially Jared Rossman, continued to make promises and assurances that that would not happen there at the town square. That he had people tHat were going to volunteer to monitor it to keep it safe.
    Where is Jared rossman when we need him? And those other board members that also made that promise?What happened to their promises to keep the square drug and violence free? Pretty hollow right now.

    • It was created as a venue. Pure and simple, Living in town and dealing with all this plus their amplified ‘events’ has and is hell.

      How is it appropriate to vibrate my house for 7 hours with dub? Or even more charming; the tightrope walker/propane cannon bullshit some years back. Any vets living here? How about dogs in the neighborhoods?

      And, nope, I sure don’t hang out there….I’m sick of huffing cig smoke when I don’t even smoke, and seeing all the blatant disrespect displayed by the hordes of mopes.

      And NO, John Hardin, it is NOT appropriate to have dogs (pitts with balls??) off leash in Garbageville. That interview you did with that homeless man was so full of shit it isn’t funny. How nice that you and Amy live up on the hill and only come to town once a week….

  • Soilent Green is made of People! IT'S MADE OF PEOPLE!

    Send in the Scoops!

  • It’s a pretty sad comentary that SO MANY people have come to live in the bushes and spend their time assembling together to do drugs, drink and be as unproductive as possible. They have no problem tresspassing and trashing other people’s property because they can. By their behavior it’s obvious they don’t respect the town in any way other than it being a resource to be a parasite on. They don’t work, don’t pay taxes, don’t spend money and are a burden on people that are just trying to live a normal life. They are unpredictable and some are completely unstable and prone to violence. I don’t know what the answer is but this gets worse every year. This used to be a nice open town. Now fences have gone up in quite a few places as a response to bad behavior . The fact that there was a “protest ” by these people at shutting down the square shows just how entrenched they are in thinking the town is theirs to use and abuse.

  • Putting up High resolution surveillance cameras would be a good start.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Ditto on Eastsides well written comment.I wish i would been there. would have been a great chance to practice my non violence training on these entitled bums.

  • The homeless are never going to leave this area. There’s too many drugs available. Businesses like diamattos and the liquor store handing out free pizza to these guys. The programs that give them free phones and even vet care for their dogs. There are so many great worthless leech programs in place for these people. And in return the bums leave used needles, trash, liquor bottles, and all other forms of filth on the lovely land here. They beat up locals who say things to them about their trashed areas. I dont feel bad for bums that are mentally ill due to over long use of hard drugs. These filth stains are just that. They bring nothing good to these areas. All they do is beg, thieve, harass people that actually work for money, beat up people for uncalled for reasons and trash everything. Can we send them to cuba or something?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      So, do you vote Democrat?

    • I know at least 5 people who have recieved free shots n nuts cut for their dogs at the vet. they ate at the mateel. They all got jobs. Thay all found lil decent places to live and not 1 is a junkie or disrespectful. Yes there are drainbows but not everyone on the rd is a loser. Were people living in their cars during the depression treated this way? Im sure the folks had all nasty stuff to say about them then too.

      All this rhetorical hatred. Did you all look past the fact it was local raised children that stabbed the homeless man, who is such an alcoholic he barely stands. The most defenseless in the bunch. Hummm i wonder where these local kids got it in his head to hate & attack a homeless man? They better hope that loser lives cause they could be tried as adults if he dies. Also this is not the first time children acted out hatred taught by the adults in their lives. Remember the homeless man sleeping on the loading dock in redway? Beaten to death!

      Everyone on here is die, lock em up in camps and ship overseas. These children hurt someone and you hate the homeless more? How many of your children must go to jail before you realize this is just a pattern if insanity!

  • I have to wonder, are the property owners liable for the cost of care for the man who was brutally beaten there? As well as the other crimes committed on the square. I am pretty sure I could be sued or arrested for contributing to a minor on my private
    I really like all the comments and want you all to know it’s happening all over Humboldt Co. Maybe we can look to Garberville for a good solution.

    • It is not just Hum Co. it is everwhere. In the last 2 weeks I have been all over Cali. San Diego, Bay Area, Santa Rosa. Same everywhere. In San Diego, street sweepers out every night cleaning up the mess and not the mechanized type, at least the scum give others folks jobs. The meth epidemic seems to be everywhere. I try to have a Christian/Muslim outlook of caring for the less foetunate, but it is hard with folks who don’t seem to want to help themselves.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      No, the perp is responsible.

  • Hate the homeless. Revere the grower. I bet if u got rid of the growers the homeless would follow.

  • What about the loitering laws,they still exist right?If they don’t own property,or rent a house or have a job they shouldn’t be there.they harass people for money to buy drugs,not why give it to them?they’ve made it to the point of people being afraid.I won’t give change out anymore.because I feel like I’m not helping them,but contributing to the sad where everything is going these praying for all of us,to find a solution.Theres alot of smart folks out there!!!

  • I worked at a physical therapy office next to the old parking lot. There were tailgate parties outside my office every day. We had to ask people not to smoke joints and bongs on the sidewalk because the smoke came in our windows. I was hopeful that the Town Square might improve the situation, and it actually did in the beginning. Then we started getting an influx of entitled, rude, belligerent sub-humans hanging around. If you asked them to clean up their trash, they would flip you off. If you asked them to abide by the no smoking, no alcohol policy, they blew smoke in your face, and shattered bottles. If you asked them to clean up their dog shit, you’d find your office windows smeared with dog shit that was HURLED with such force that it splattered all over the windows. I grew to hate working over there because the main population in the Square showed absolutely no respect for the businesses or people surrounding the Square. Two members of the Town Square board used to work right on the Square, but they have both relocated their businesses. It needs to remain closed until it can be opened in a way that people feel safe and respected. Perhaps we need an Unwelcome Wagon more than we need a Town Patrol? Something, for God’s sake, that will clearly communicate THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR THAT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. ANY. MORE.

  • Proper substation staffing request

    my 2 cents for a solution go to supervisor meetings yell ,beg ,and plead for something I believe we had in the past, a properly staffed substation.we all pay ( lots of taxes)for services that are not being met.. If the county can spend three hundred thousand on a bearcat ( armored personnel carrier).but can’t properly staff the substation! we have a leadership failure …

    • Henchman Of Justice

      No failure, they just good at lying to your face and shitting down your throat!

    • Perhaps the sheriffs sitting in their office with an occasional roll out in a vehicle isn’t the most efficient use of their time. They could sit in their vehicles in a few places in town and that would discourage a lot of drug dealing… temporarily… or walk around some more?!

  • I love the town square

    Please see below the minutes from the town square last meeting.

    • I love the town square

      Minutes Sept 7/16 Garberville Town Square Board Meeting
      Attendance: Donna King, Jared Rossman, Dennis Bourassa, Season George, Robie Torino, Nancy George
      Absent: Susan Mazur, Hans Wurian
      Guests; Michelle Hernandez, Josh Sweet
      Meeting began at 10am

      Season asked port o potty company to move Josh’s port o potty to behind utilities

      Taun had sent an email around asking if we should pay the insurance in payments or all at once? We voted to pay all at once. Nancy contacted Taun

      Candlelight Vigil Sept 12 6pm GTS will happen as planned with the approval of her family.

      Harvest Fiesta Oct 7 –
      A Committee Meeting should be scheduled for next week (does the afternoon or evening of the 14th or 15th work for those who’d like to attend?).
      Ask Tara to decorate and gather decor crew. Teamo – corn stalks
      Susan – meat
      Donna – food
      Jared – tables and chairs
      Hans’ crew for clean up
      Nancy and Season on beverages, beer and wine
      Dennis – wine donation?
      Fiesta challenges: No vets hall, utensils, clean up, looking at Healy and borrowing from Amelias.
      Volunteers are needed Nancy has three Donna has help with food, need volunteers for clean up.

      Restroom –
      Donna gave report. Jim has drawings, Kash has been informed of draft. Storage frame and stucco, bathroom steel. We were given a quote for the steel fabricated in Miranda everyone was pleased with the price and in agreement. Handwash station and two drinking fountains will be installed. GRWPRG has the $3000 for drinking fountain. Hose for wash out will be located inside storage shed and length will wrap around entire building. Frame and stucco will be covered by Dennis. Jim and bathroom group will pay for steel. Steve Dazy has agreed to donate at the end of the year 2016.

      Discussion of the addition of a multi purpose security kiosk located near the entrance or Josh’s storage container to ensure a presence on the square. Robie suggested that Hans would be good with handling that. Kash was in agreement at the last meeting he attended.

      11:00 Michelle Hernandez Eel River Holistics
      Ciggarette smoke comes into open windows inside Holistics office, amplified music is too loud on Friday Farmers Market, bad energy of some people on the square

      Trash on far corner by apartments seems to stay fuller. Should move one more trash can down to that side.

      Board and Michelle agree that the Sheriff is not doing their job. Example: No one comes after calls are made, man exposing himself and drunk in public was not arrested but left on the square after the sheriff came. Donna will resend all approvals to Sheriff. Donna and Josh Sweet went to talk to Sheriff after the meeting.

      11:30 Josh Sweet and Sophie
      They arrived asked if we could move the meeting to a private location. The board refused. When asked why Josh said because I don’t like these people. He stated he is frustrated with the GTS board. He has offered his services and support. Robie asked for clarification on support. Donna mentioned before his arrival that she will be sending Josh a bill for monthly rental of parking for storage container.
      There were complaints from both Michelle and Josh regarding conflicting messages on signs that were hung in kiosk and those on trees. Nancy removed the rules in the kiosk. The board has agreed to make signs clear and permanent. New signs ordered?
      A 6 page petition and a 2 page letter from Ernie Branscomb with both complaints and positive comments was presented to the Board asking for a temporary closure of the square until a solution could be found. We said that we would participate in their request and agreed to write up an MOU stating that the cost and labor involved would fall solely on Josh and Sophie. The construction fence would need to be removed for all events including the candlelight vigil, Harvest Fiesta and Farmers Market , etc… and then put up again after event. They have 60 days to find a solution which David Bourassa and Josh agreed to work to facilitate discussion and action plan together. The fence will be removed in 60 days regardless. Josh will post signs on the fence as to why the park is closed. Nancy called the Independent Newspaper with leads and a statement.
      A possible solution was recommended that those who signed the petition be asked for a monthly donation to pay a Justice of the Peace to patrol all of Garberville.

      Ask Curtis to limb up trees on corner behind CCUSH

      Old News:
      Rita’s – will be there 12 months out of the year and should begin in a while from now.
      Cameras – to be installed waiting on completion of remodel of Chautauqua
      John Furdado – Has been paid by Donna and Donna was repaid by Taun for his weekly cleaning and watering etc of square
      New Bench – Not yet installed. Also we have bricks that have arrived. Another brick order for Stephanie will be ordered soon.

      Meeting adjourned 1:15pm

      Next meeting Wednesday Oct 5, is canceled with a Fiesta meeting next week. Next Board meeting Wednesday November 2, 10am

  • The road to hell was paved with good and well meaning intensions. If the Town Square is a true 501c3, then they are a public benefit and charitable corporation, which is an oxymoron since you say its private property. If public donations and public funding was used to buy this property and if they are a public benefit corporation, then why are they closing the property to the public? The public is everyone, you don’t get to pick and choose, unfortunately you have to take the good with the bad. It just seems to me, not allot of thought went into any down side of building a town square and not expecting this activity to happen to some existent or at some level is beyond words. What does Tooby Park do to keep people they don’t want out, isn’t that a public park?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Ya, ironic how “the public” assumes everywhere and everything is all public…….cry a fucking river already.

  • Headwaters funds, along with many other donations. funded the Town Square. This space was created for the community. Granted it is disturbing to see a bunch of addicts and extremely compromised homeless people dominating the space; however, using this excuse to manipulate access to a public space opens up a new can of worms. I would like to know how much it costs the tax payers to have the Sheriffs read the riot act to a bunch of homeless people. The Board has more than enough money to hire security. The one leading by hatred just purchased the old North Valley Bank block and has a shit load of [edit] money.

  • It’s funny to see what you people of Garberville have let become of your town! I never lived in SoHum, always north or south of there but have some friends around there. Your community was always full of the arrogant, pompous, headier-than-thou hippies and we all laughed about it. People who thought they were more righteous just because they landed in the right time and space to make $$ growing weed in a beautiful place. You were not better than anybody, not better than the old rednecks- You were LUCKY. You have, or had more $$$ than anybody and you could have dealt with this increasing problem in some truly progressive way. Or using some discipline and self-policing! This problem didnt happen overnight and it was obvious what was creating it and nourishing it. But you went into denial, got insular in your hill mansions and selfish in your ways, yet always shouting about how “progressive” and “community-minded” you all were. So yeah- now your main town is a cesspool and we are all laughing at your stupid asses. Hope this helps!

    • Great comment.

      Still wondering why it’s OK for amplified events lasting hours on the ‘town square’…does the board ever ask for feedback from RESIDENTS???

      Party on SoHum….the only ‘community’ that I can see is only if you are a participant in the dope trade. The rest of us are SOL and at the mercy of the few.

      I see both sides of the homeless issue but I don’t think closing the ‘town square’ off is going to solve a nationwide/(worldwide) economic problem.

      Thanks, capitalism. The greed here on the micro is just a reflection of the macro.

    • Thank you, this comment nailed it. The egomaniacal hippie drive back to the landers and their kids that didn’t flee you should read this comment over and over. Re-examine what you have become and how your mental psyche got to this point. Are you really truly happy with your life? Shed your ego and think.

  • You can do a free APN search on the County website, the Town square is APN 032-044-001. Its zoned commercial and they pay property tax, school and hospital assessments. Which is funny if they are a tax exempt organization. But they are, they are listed as a 501c3 tax exempt org, last tax return was 2012 and show 3 different current loans with Board members for $58k in 2015.

  • We need to form a break out group from the Town Patrol. It will be called up ” when necessary “. It will be made up of a group of pissed off moms with MEGAPHONES that want to take their community back , one neighborhood at a time. Just like the po’d moms did in Oakland.
    The Oakland moms were sick n tired of the violence and drug dealing so they got a group formed and hit the streets. One neighborhood at a time, they went to the areas where the dealers and junkies hung out. They, in unison, used their megaphones to call them out. Telling them to ,leave their neighborhoods now. They cleaned up their community doing this.

  • There have always been travelers coming to Garberville; we got here in the 70’s and what was the difference? Well, we didn’t have cell phones or dogs, our parents were for the most part okay, maybe a little or a lot neurotic, whereas the parents of these losers were messed up hippies or bikers with so many problems they couldn’t teach their children well.
    We hit town, looked around, then headed to the mountains, to the creeks and beaches where we camped out, smoked joints, had sex, and played music around the campfires. There was lots of room, (critical distinction) hardly anyone had much money, and it was a sweet fact of life that when the sun went down the driver of the car you were hitch-hiking in took you home, gave you a floor to sleep on, and maybe breakfast in the morning. We were hippies.
    We camped out, eventually bought cheap land, grew weed, (heck, Kailan Meserve was our neighbor—cute little seven year old) made good money, (accidentally really) and then our children grew up, became diesel dopers and made even more money. The word got out, the throngs descended on our little paradise, and now the hills are full of rapacious deppers with no feeling for the land and beauty, people flock to the area for jobs the greenrushers have created and they sometimes get them, but the stupid ugly ones don’t and they’re stuck on the streets partying with their new friends while the attractive smart and connected ones are making a good seasonal living trimming bud.
    Paradise lost, get used to it and be safe. It happens everywhere, the world’s population has exploded and overflowed into our neighborhood, we’re surprised but maybe we shouldn’t have been.
    So what to do? Hell if I know, this is just a history lesson.
    Good luck us.

  • Just finished reading ALL the comments. I was one who predicted this would happen when the Town Square idea was first suggested. I watched what happened to the Veteran’s park, and then watched as the orange fence went up and then was destroyed. I watched Ray’s put up a fence, and now see the transients sitting in the parking lot, using it to lean on. The sidewalks? The laundromats? The gas stations?The cemetery? All danger zones, especially after dark. Patrols? They know the schedule, and work around it. Private security for the Town Square? Good luck finding someone to take that job.

    What draws the meth and tar dealers here, and draws the addicts as well?

    Plain and simple: the Sheriff’s sub-station is basically shut down, and all the dealers, addicts, and motel owners know it. Without a law enforcement presence, this is going to keep getting worse. It’s a free zone.

    The motels are part of the problem, and RVs parked on the streets, knowing they are likely safe. Even a woman shot in her home or naked intruders in someone’s house at 4 AM or multiple fires in the transient camps does not seem to make the Sheriff’s Dept. re-think the need for their presence in town. I believe they have written us off in favor of other priorities.

    No law? This is what we get instead.

    • That parking lot before town square had a row of cars closest to the apartments, that was always occupied by people living, using and selling drugs. I had to walk by there to and from work for more than 10 years and any time I looked, I could see someone using a needle. I stopped looking. I was harassed and solicited walking by often. It was worse. Every town square and every parking lot, will attract even more addicts, during this current pandemic of heroin use. Patrols! Police, Locals on Patrol, and a Security Guard, are the only way to keep us safe all over town. I live near the ‘Ground Zero’ Bookstore/Vets Park, so I see them 24/7 here.

  • I love the town square

    86 business owners in Garberville forced the square to be fenced off. It was not the Garberville Town Square Boards idea. They built a park and added shady seating under the trees and a surprise water fountain that appears from nowhere. The board is a board for a PARK, they’re not trained social service providers. Nor are they solely responsible for the behavior of others because they added shady seating in town.

  • The town square board assured the public that they would deal with the homeless issue and keep the square safe. That hasn’t happened.

  • Emerald Ascension

    Put up a squash court. Fancy people play squash so that would definetly up the class level. Plus any game with paddles is hella sexy!

    Make Downtown Garberville Fancy & Sexy Again!

  • Yes, when we voiced concerns at the square’s conception we were reassured that the loitering issue would be dealt with and it hasn’t. The board should at least hire someone to keep the place clean. The blood of the guy who was attacked the other day was still there this morning! Why didn’t the board deal with it before the market got there? We raised a lot of money to create the wonderful square, but I feel the board’s energy has been behind making an beautiful space and not addressing its use and ensuing problems. They put up signs that nobody reads. Cameras would help a lot and aren’t that expensive. Estelle says more officers are being trained and we’ll get more soon. We’ll see. I also have to point out that Josh Sweet owns the Cecils building, his girlfriend runs the juice bar, and her family owns Chautauqua. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he owned the apartment building too. Hence he and his family are financially affected by what goes on in the square. And the board nominates him to represent them? To the point that Josh and Sophie go to the BoD about it? What’s up with that town square board? I dislike the fence, see the reasons for it, but hope there will be some decisive action on the part of the board to help make it safe again. We were in a bubble for so long, now society has changed and we have to change with it. When people say that they’ve had their car broken into and it wasn’t even locked. When kids are afraid walking home from school bus . Most places you would never let you kid walk alone from the bus. Things are not as idyllic as they used to be by any means, but at least some things have changed for the good. the new litter bins around town, thanks to Rotary and the ERCP. The ERCP itself. The funky cafe next to the Redway Shell, now a lovely building, Town Patrol, the amazing community park, and on and on. I still love it here, am perplexed by the problems, but hope we can all put our heads together and find some workable solutions.

  • The police who do nothing to control the drug problems in garberville/redway are the biggest problem. They know where they are, but choose to bust pot growers Who have money instead of heroin/meth dealers.
    Second is all you growers who bring these people to your house to trim. That is why they come. Who is so Stupid to bring these idiots to there home. Looking for some free or cheap help. I have heard lots of stories from trimigrants about how they barely made it out of here because some idiot brought them to there house and did not want to pay. You bring them, then complain. Quit picking these people up from town . IDIOTS

  • From Sheriff Downey in response to a letter sent by a Redway resident.

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding Measure Z funding and Law Enforcement in Southern Humboldt. I share your concerns, I did predict that it would take time to reach adequate staffing levels to serve the entire County of Humboldt with enhanced services. Since the implementation of measure Z the Sheriff’s Office has increased the number of deputies assigned to Southern Humboldt and has had the ability to respond to late hour calls more aggressively. i actually have 5 deputies coming out of field training within the next 30 days and I will be sending 8 recruits to the basic LE academy at College of the Redwoods in January, something I have not seen occur in my 30 years with the Sheriff’s Office, this is very encouraging. As we add additional deputies service county-wide increases, I realize it seems as though progress is not being made and I can assure you Southern Humboldt is a priority as we move forward. In response to overtime, yes my deputies are working large amounts of OT and measure Z funding helps to pay for those OT hours. As for equipment yes the funding does pay for the procurement of vehicles, the bearcat is the only vehicle I have requested with Measure Z and will enhance our response to critical incidents involving both LE personnel and citizens. Please let me know if you have any additional concerns and I do respect your inquiry regarding the need for additional Law Enforcement.

    Sheriff Mike Downey

  • I know at least 5 people who have recieved free shots n nuts cut for their dogs at the vet. they ate at the mateel. They all got jobs. Thay all found lil decent places to live and not 1 is a junkie or disrespectful. Yes there are drainbows but not everyone on the rd is a loser. Were people living in their cars during the depression treated this way? Im sure the folks had all nasty stuff to say about them then too.

    All this rhetorical hatred. Did you all look past the fact it was local raised children that stabbed the homeless man, who is such an alcoholic he barely stands. The most defenseless in the bunch. Hummm i wonder where these local kids got it in their heads to hate & attack a homeless man? They better hope that loser lives cause they could be tried as adults if he dies. Also this is not the first time children acted out hatred taught by the adults in their lives. Remember the homeless man sleeping on the loading dock in redway? Beaten to death!

    Everyone on here is die, lock em up in camps and ship overseas. These local children hurt someone and you hate the homeless more? How many of your children must go to jail before you realize this is just a pattern if insanity!

  • 100%. All the dope yuppie hypocrites who own shit it town are pretty prejudice. So.mich that they tell at non homeless people that they are homeless Netherlands, or fail to see that it was local kids who hurt people. Local local local. God it’s annoying. The time vortex some people live in around here is astounding. Go to the lone pine or Cadillac wok and follow the meth miles around and yell at them, don’t condescend yo every foreign person with a backpack. Makes you look ignorant (town patrol)

    • In your dreams….local kids are this way *because* of the drug culture here–dur–I am grateful for the town patrol. To deny that the transients are rude, disrespectful and dishonest (not all! but many many many) is a fairy tale.

      But yeah, the spearheading founder of this whole petition dealy is a huge grower. HUGE. One of the *elites*. Hypocrisy and complicity is everywhere; check yourself:)

      • So your saying all transients are disrespectful & this drunk homeless man deserved to be beaten by local children on the town square? Enlighten me please

  • ?
    Who are you talking to?

    You’re saying? Who’s saying?

    *I* never said that. Re-read for comprehension and enlightenment, please.

  • If all the dope growing redneck hicks would stop hiring these drifters to trim their weed, they would stop coming around. But when your illegally growing a 1000lbs of weed, you kinda need alot of people to trim.

  • Local boys killed that man!
    Everyone up in arms at the transients, saying they are dangerous, but again, it was local boys who killed a homeless drunkard!
    Who should be afraid of who?

  • This story is carrying many falsehoods. Lois is NOT homeless. She has been living for over a year in the large wooden building at a local church, decorated and comfy. I have lived in smaller homes. She uses the bathroom and kitchen at the church. She ‘occupied’ the town square when she heard the fence was going up. She said in interviews that she did not know the fence was going up. I was on a thread with her on Facebook discussing the constant violence at the square,when she found out the fence was going up, the day before. She put a call out to KMUD to get others to come and help ‘Occupy’ the space. I am FED UP, with the false and disingenuous efforts of the homeless advocates in So Hum. This problem is partly their fault for preaching resistance and blockading to the homeless who come here. They want them IN OUR FACE to address the larger problem of lack of housing. They put out the word in the homeless activist grapevine, come here, we want to build you a tiny home village and put you in the Trimmer’s Union. THAT is what they are saying. They have an info table at the Vet’s Park and have been fundraising to build a tiny home village for the transients for years! THE WORD IS OUT! And now the wave of heroin/meth pandemic is flowing through the population exacerbating the whole violence level of the street people. Local addicts, homeless addicts, and migrant farmworker addicts are fighting in the streets, in the town square and the hills and the bodies are starting to pile up. THANKS! to all you folks who contribute to and deny responsibility for this violent wave that made it NECESSARY to close our shared spaces. MORE closures and tough love are coming. They have to! Southern Humboldt Working Together has offered to host a Social Safety Summit, and all the stakeholders are being identified. Chamber of Commerce, CHILL, Police and Mental Health workers, Locals on Patrol, the California Marijuana Growers Association, Eel River Clean-up Project and our County Supe Estelle Fennel will all come together. I have hope that more solid long term solutions will be forthcoming.

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