Home Invasion in Benbow

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at about 1:00 a.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a home invasion robbery that had just occurred on Meadow View Rd., in the Benbow area. When Deputies arrived on scene, they met with a male victim who told them several suspects arrived at his residence in a black, “lifted” Ford F-250, short bed truck.

The suspects were armed with handguns and demanded the victim give them money and drugs. The suspects destroyed all of the phones in the residence, and stole $1,500 in U.S. currency, as well as a shotgun. Then they forced the victim into his own vehicle, and drove him to a different location, where they left him. The victim was able to walk to a safe location and contact law enforcement.

Three of the suspects are described as white male adults, armed with crowbars.

Two of the suspects are described as black male adults, armed with pistols.

Deputies later located the victim’s vehicle unoccupied under the Dean Creek Bridge.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Gvilles gone to hell

    Everybody hold on because this year is about to crazy

  • So sick of this bull should have been called what it is a state of emergency because of the black market and the drug culture .But because of corruption that will never happen.We just have to play good little victims till we have had enough.

  • I wonder if the victim was a grower that told to many peeps about his biz. I don’t think the guy was randomly picked out.they did want drugs and mony.

    • Mogtex
      Growers are not hard to find. Just look for cedar board fences. Upper Blue Rock looks like a cedar fence maze.

    • If you look at the county planning department website, there is a list with names AND locations of ALL registered grows in the county. Becoming legal also has its hazards. Thank-you Humboldt County for posting all that personal info!! And thanks also to lost coast outpost for pointing that out. 🙁

      • Unless they’ve changed things that is not published by the county, it was published by the Lost Coast Outpost.

        • LoCo published website info to gain access to registered grows. We looked ourselves and neighbors up. It’s quite simple. And the Planning Department’s Lazar did say registrants would be public record. He said that at the Briceland registration work shop. In fact, he even said, “Will this make rip-offs easier? We don’t really know.” I’m going to venture a guess, and say YES! It does!!! Thanks!!!

          • Maybe a report on how many of these home invasion robberies are on the list from the Planning Department’s registry (after the date of the LoCo article) would be worth the effort. Law enforcement doesn’t have the man power or inclination. (Hint hint)

        • Unless I’m mistaken Hank was also the one that published all of the names of the concealed weapons permit holders when he was with The Lost Coast Journal.

          Even California Drivers License addresses are not public information anymore. We the people can change that if enough people object to a public listing of anything. Like why the heck would I want to have a concealed weapon if it were to put me on a list that says; “Hey, he has a gun”. My ancestors have been packing guns since they were invented. Now they put you on some list like you were a criminal.

          Anytime that there is a list, some “journalist” feels obligated to publish it. If there was a list of people that wore yellow socks on Thursday, it would be published.

          • Agree 100%!!!
            So YOU were on that list too? Double bullshit!
            And how did you know I always wear yellow socks on Thursdays? Now I’m really paranoid…

  • Remember the fire photo? Good job Kym.

  • People are loose about their weed, plants and money. They talk, they invite people they don’t know into their business, they think it’s all groovy and wide-open legit. Newsflash for you fools- It’s not!! Thieves and cranksters and your foolish friends all talk and share your information about your business and location. I hear all kinds of sensitive information about people I don’t know and people I don’t even like. Then there’s the way people text these days! How much, how many, prices? I’m surprised more rip-offs and shootings don’t happen around here. It’s like candy-from-babies for the thugs.

    • No Question they network on the phones all the time free phones from our good government that allows them to take advantage of those of us who have nice things . Personally I’ve been selling off anything nice I own in this black market state of California .

      • Lol. They dont use those free phones from the gov, for that. Their name is attached to the free phone cause u have to apply for them. They use the prepaid tracfones & prepaid net10 phones they sell at kmart, walmart and the old radio shack in Gville. Just ask Ernie. No contracts, no applications= no name. If your gonna gripe about it, at least get your facts straight

        • You think I was talking about drug transactions apparently .Sorry you’re so disconnected and couldn’t understand I was talking about thievery and yes they do use those phones for that talking in code is not that difficult.Most likely they use them for both anyway I’m sure they’re going to not do without the game that has become so much a part of our lives here.

          • Lol! Uhhhh i guess if u need to tell yourself that, but i was replying to a comment about free cells & theives. So Nope I was talking bout thieves too. They are not looking to sign up with contracts either on government free phones, speakin in code or not. Lay off the kool aid man, i think you’ve had a bit too much.

            • You must be one of them. I see them doing it all the time so either you’re one of them that’s giving them their crap or you are one of them .I have seen the Kmart phones used as well but they’ll use whatever they have.

              • I have a paycheck job. I dont give people crap just cause i dont like what their doing. Let the guys trained to deal with them, do their job, & not have to deal with a vigilantiy Rufus. It was amusing but now i’m just sad for your rhetorical paranoia comments.

    • @Farce – agree with most of what you said besides the phone thing, yes people say dumb shit on there phones and thru txt messages but how are theives going to intercept those messages or calls unless your connection actually is the thief or tells the actual thieves about it??

  • Open permitless carry is in order, if we could do that none of this shit would be happening. Criminals will not walk into a home knowing they will be looking down the barrel of a .44 caliber handgun people wake the fuck up!

  • A defense rifle is just the thing to stop an assault “dead” in its tracks.

  • God. Damn. You people must all be [edit].

    When you can’t spell a four letter word, while using an electronic device, I would hope that you are not entrusting that anyone would validate your existence, much less respect your enterprises.

    If I may suggest again, it may be time to go home and get your construction job back! Best of luck and beware of bandits and drug zombies! It’s just a flower, man.

  • Damn, Taurus, you have impeccable spelling, beautiful syntax, every comma in the right place. I was SO hoping to find something out of place but no, no, YOU are part of the 1%, the 1% of these commenters with NO punctuation errors–how did this happen? Can we blame the educational establishment? Video games? Text machines? Yes, as you can see, I am ALSO in the 1%, I am so proud! Lets go have a beer and celebrate our erudite diction and transformational, menopausal exhilaration.
    (YOU may be college educated but I am just lucky.)

  • Here’s one for you the tweekers get on,a computer ,and Google Earth .,and scout out any grow they want with air recon .oops now I’ve done it some tweeker gonna read this ,and the light bulb flashes .

  • 5 guys get $1,500… That’s $300 apeice.. Something funny here..

  • $300 dollars is the going rate for the multiple felonies and a death wish for those bright cronies.

  • ARF! She said.

  • You don’t need google earth to find grows. Just drive around and look at plants visible from the road. Sure, I guess it’s nice that you don’t have to hide your weed from law enforcement any more, but I don’t think a lot of people consider the rip off aspect or think it could be a reality in their lives. I’m surprised there isn’t more rip offs. Maybe there is, they’re just not reported.

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