Overdose Suspected in Rancho Sequoia Death This Weekend

Humboldt County Sheriff HCSO badgeOn Saturday, Matthew Walker of Rancho Sequoia died. The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office responded to the scene after receiving a call around 3 p.m. Chief Deputy Coroner Ernie Stewart tells us that Walker’s death is suspected to be an overdose. He is currently waiting on results from toxicology tests.



  • misery had enough?

  • just gotta poke around

    not the first time making the news, but the last.

    did policy change on printing suicides and overdoses, or do i have my facts mixed up

    • My policy changed. We have a serious crisis both in suicides and in overdoses. I’m not longer going to be complicit in hiding them by not reporting them. Especially when we have a community that has been asking me to tell them what happened since Saturday.

  • Another lost soul!Rip

  • Hope we get word on the double homicides in Humboldt over the weekend .I heard it was two males shot execution-style at a grow site .Most likely immigrant workers because the local boards have not popped up any names whatsoever.Their lives matter as well the longer we wait the more speculation will be out there .No arrests have been made that I know of.Yes that would mean the murderers are still among us.

  • The drug scourge claims another victim. Not surprised. RIP lost soul, every junkies like the setting sun………

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Safely into the loving arms of morphus. Hero comes to the rescue.God bless and keep safe their beautiful children. No more worries mate.Sleepforevermore. Pass through the darkness and into the light. R.I.P.T.

  • Eastside these men may be Junkies but they are someone’s family members. Respect should be in order on here especially when family members could be reading this site. Thanks R.I.P. whoever you are and prayers for there family and friends. Everyone makes Mistakes now and then. Rude remarks only make the Loved ones feel that much worse. I know first hand but it wasn’t from drugs that were aware of on drivers part but that was never ruled out either when he took 3 lives and 2 of them were my 15 and 17 year old daughters who wasn’t supposed to be with this person in the 1st place.

  • R.I.P. T-Dog. I enjoyed knowing you.

    Go to his facebook page and follow the link if you would like to contribute to the fund to help his family with the funeral expenses.

  • “Narcan” can save lives. According to main-stream news, it is available for Families and Friends to have on hand for a family member, friend or neighbor (even) worried about the fate of someone known (or suspected) as a hard drug user. That’s the press on it, anyway. Check with your own doc or clinic. af

    • The price is skyrocketing. Hopefully the communities can bulk buy before it climbs again.
      Kraton helps relieve addiction to opium products, but it’s being banned. Rumor has it that the FDA is protecting big Pharma’s patent. This, too, should be stocked up on.

  • I’m sorry if my comment sounded insensitive. Did this person overdose, commit suicide, or both? I’ve known a lot of junkies in my time, thus my other comment.

    • This man Matthew T dog walker was one of my best friends if you were cold he would give you the shirt off his back one of the best men I have ever met if you did not know him and know what was going on in his life then don’t judge this man lost everything in one year he lost his his house his wife his kids and and to top it all off the house that you was also renting for the last 12 years he was losing that at the end of the year – all at the same time he still had a smile on his face we made plans for him to be on my property next year I talked to him Thursday afternoon at my daughter’s bus stop I don’t even know if I said goodbye f××× it hurts please be respectful to all your comments towards him if you were lucky you met him rest in peace T dog walker

  • Some medical examiners are ruling these overdoses as Homicides it don’t feel like a bad idea to me As laced heroin with fentanyl can kill it’s my understanding only takes 4 to 5 mg to kill even a hard core user .

    • This guy was not a junkie and he had 2 daughters and a infant son. Their Mother is a junkie and while he was away the state took the newborn boy because he tested positive for drugs Then they followed suit and took the 2girls. T was jumping thru all the hoops for the state to get his kids back. He visited them on the days allowed & loved them very much This is such a tragedy for them No Mother by her choice and now no Father why ? Something is not right here.

      • Cody Walker - Garcia


      • The other day the sheriff told me that they’er calling Matthew B. Walker a death by ”OVERDOSE ” on meth. I don’t belive that at all. There’s so many friends that don’t belive he’d leave his children after ”jumping thru all the hoops for the state”,there’s also numberous people who state thats she’s the junky. She goes to jail with another person for shooting gun while she ram’s a person with a car at T’s house, Goes to jail for a few day’s, gets out and two days T’s dead. Damm righr something’s FISHY !!!!! If You all feel the same then out if respect for Matthew do him hornor and call the sheriff’s office please. For the kid’s saftey.

    • It takes micrograms to kill an intolerant person and a user can die from as little as a mg or two. That is a problem on the east coast, as their “junk” is different than out west. From literature, it’s extremely rare to see fentanyl cut heroin on the west coast.

  • Matthew T dog walker was one of my best friends I am not a junkie either was he this man if even if he didn’t know you he would have to give the shirt off his back if you were cold one of the most kind people I have ever met you might come across someone like him one time in your life this man went through some of the most horrible things all in one year he lost his house he lost his wife he lost his kids now he lost his life show some respect you don’t know what was going on in his life

  • May gaurdian angels watch over his babies now. RIP T

  • Rip T you will be missed. I do not believe that this was an overdose. If it was he was drugged by someone else. I know he has been through alot in the last year but he lives right near me and I saw him regularly. He was not a junkie he was a great man, who talked about nothing but getting his kids back. This whole thing sounds fishy to me. For god sakes he was only in his 30s and pretty spry.

    • I don’t mean any offense by this post, and if it offends you I apologize ahead of time.
      I just can’t tell if this is a serious comment. Why would someone intentionally drug and overdose this man? If this is true, then I strongly and seriously recommend contacting an investigator asap. What you’re saying is someone prepared a shot of heroin and forcibly injected him against his will, subsequently leading to and overdose. If you’re not serious please delete the comment, as its hurtful to the family and friends. If you’re serious, I strongly recommend contacting the LEO involved int he case.

  • R.I.P. T-Dog
    That is right he was not a junkie He was a cool dude who loved his kids. He did drive fast but always had a smile and a big hello. The last year was very hard on him his wife left him and got engaged to someone else he lost his house and his kids but that was not keeping him down he was more determined than ever. When he would talk of his visits with his children he would light up and he for sure was going to get them back “I’m not going to let my kids be fourth generation foster kids ” was what he would say. I just don’t understand this makes no sense at all God bless his children.

  • I met T dog in Garberville over 15 years ago..He was super kind and was known for being a straight up good guy..Addiction doesn’t mean they are bad people…These doctors are passing it out like candy…But for the sake of the kids you should stop using. .If there’s anyone struggling with addiction out there right now and you have children…please please seek help don’t put children through that…

  • We are very sad about this . He wasnt a junkie , and trying to get his children back , he has a new baby boy too . Do not know what hapoened or why . Its tragic . Im starting to lose count of all the people we’ve lost in the Rancho / Alderpoint area in the last 2 yrs , including illness . Just a sea of saddness . Rest in peace T , you were a good guy , and always there to help someone out .

  • Kym we would love an update on this story. Have they gotten the toxicology report back yet?

  • I hope this case is investigated, this was not a simple case of overdose, t dog was not a junkie, he may have smoked a little green but that’s where it stopped. He was a family oriented man, who loved his children. I believe his woman knows more than she is letting on, funny, she is out of jail and two days later he is dead. It appears to me and others on this thread that this case needs to be looked at in more depth.
    Rest in peace Matthew tdog Walker, you were loved by many.

    • Cody Walker - Garcia


    • You obviously didn’t know t I was one of his best friends I know kari was out of jail twodays before he died but you obviously don’t know what he was doing in the mean while she was locked up but you are right there was a woman involved but it wasn’t his wife T-Dog and kari might have had problems and they might have fought a lot but one thing everybody that does know him and her know that they loved each other very much so please try to get your facts right before saying stupid shit and trying to hurt his family

  • Cody Walker - Garcia

    <3 dear brother I have no words …cause I know u can feel all I can't say…its just beautiful to see your friends and loved ones, who beileve in you and know your soul, coming together with their shared love for you!!! <3 thank you all and may the universe offer each and everyone peace

  • Cody Walker-Garcia

    Kym Kemp did you ever come a crossed anything More about this?

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