Multiple Assailants Wanted in Connection With Hyampom Double Homicide

Breaking news graphicThis is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Sunday, September 4, 2016 at approximately 11:30 a.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a report from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) regarding a double homicide. Deputies responded to the incident location, a residence on US Forest Service Road 3N14 South Fork Mountain in Hyampom. Deputies met with TCSO Deputies and were told two male adults were deceased in the residence. Deputies located several living structures and large marijuana grow sites throughout the property. HCSO Detectives responded to investigate the homicides. The investigation at this time indicates multiple assailants. Additional suspect information will be released accordingly.

The Drug Enforcement Unit obtained a search warrant for the marijuana grows on site. The search warrant was served and revealed another marijuana grow on a neighboring property. A search warrant was obtained for the neighboring property and served on Monday, September 5th.

Autopsies will be performed on Tuesday, September 6th. Names of the victims will be released after next of kin has been notified.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case is encouraged to call Detective Peterson at 707-268-3663 or the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251.

Earlier Chapter: Two Reported Dead in Shooting Near Hyampom



  • Thanks for updating so we’re looking for multiple suspects almost without a doubt cartel-related.Very little information folks out there better be careful it’s only the beginning of harvest.

    • Cartel related sounds very sexy, but they usually don’t operate in the open like this. Without facts though, who knows. Beings we are just guessing at the details of why this happened, my money is on a carload of [edit].

      • As previous commenter stated, it was most likely not cartel related–not only because it seems so out in the open, but it doesn’t quite fit the bill. Most illegal grows, started by illegals, are on properties not of their own, and there usually aren’t multiple living structures, especially not in the same vicinity of the grows themselves. Usually just tents, or houses elsewhere (since the land is not their own). But, who knows. Only time will tell, and hopefully the truth comes to light sooner, rather than later.

  • Do you people know that in other parts of the coast ,these things don’t happened. We don’t run over people with our cars. We don’t find dead bodies laying around. We don’t shoot each other. We don’t go choking the next guy. We grow dupe. Use drugs, and yet we let each other live to see the next day. What the hell is wrong with you guys???? So glad I left Humboldt. What a sad place.

    • Good riddance!!! With that kind of attitude Humboldt County doesn’t need you anyway!!! We already have PLENTY of Lowlife Scumbags, without adding you to the mix/ mess!!! Don’t let the Door hit you where the Dog shaould have bit you!!!

    • Sounds like wherever you are now must be abundantly fulfilling if your still reading and making stupid comments about our local news – nostalgia? Either way, I’m likewise happy you left – sincerely. Those of us who are grateful to be dwelling on the Yang side of this paradise can do without haters and the degenerates that are making fantastic progress on thinning their own ranks.

      • Good one!

        • We grow dupe (wtf is dupe?), use drugs, and “let” each other live to see another day? Really? Pretty sure if this person stated where this “crime free, drug fueled, paradise” is, you could use our best friend Google, and find plenty of negative news. If you’re all doing drugs, then the problem will take care of itself. Oh, by the way, did you know that most of these crimes are being committed by NON-locals? Oh, you didn’t? Did you know this crime was technically committed in Trinity County? Ok, I’m not surprised since you can’t even spell or piece together a proper sentence. Glad you left Humboldt as well.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      I’m calling BS. I lived in the Carolinas for a few years and have numerous friends living back east and points south. There is just as much treachery going on in those backwoods of yours. Weed isn’t “out in the open” like it is here, but it sure as hell is for other things like other drugs, moonshine, tobacco, (post LEGAL harvest) and if you’re a white collar type, real estate and loan sharking. The only difference is the language. And don’t get me started on those Good Old Boy cliques. Those go back 200 years, when CA was still part of Mexico. Southerners just have a more “Yes Sir, Thank you Ma’am” civility when stabbing you in the back.

    • I totally agree with “living the good life” so you people saying they should leave are probely the trash messing up our once beautiful city…

  • As a ranch owner in the area I would sure like to know if I should be prepared for a new reality of multiple suspects randomly showing up at my place or if it appears the suspects knew the victims and it was targeted.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Unless they are taking choppers to get there, I’d think most impersonal thugs would choose a better road to escape than Hayfork or back dirts over cattle or goats.

      Vegas would bet over water, property access, or traffic, maybe kicking up dust by driving to fast at all hours.

      Just my opinion from Indian Valley….

  • Hey good life, you are out your element. If you haven’t walked as long as us in our shoes you are not close to being a qualified contributor. Mind your own business since you don’t and never will understand. Go to good to somebody else.

    • J. Worthingham Fatback


      AND, good life, you’re right. It IS a great time to leave this craphole. Let those who will kill and be killed over profits from a f-n weed prevail! Darwin is a happy guy!

      THEN, when sense returns, and folks can grow their small personal grows, maybe this will be a nice place to live again…..but not until!

      • As I said to”Goodlife” or w/e his Nick is, Don’t let the door hit you where the dog should have bit you on your way out!!!!

    • Livingthegoodlife

      Yea…. I don’t understand. Sooo, tell me . Why are you killing each other. It was a beautiful place to live. Now…. My gosh. You guys find a dead body every week.

  • Livingthegoodlife

    I lived in Salman Creek for 25 years. Still say”stop killing each other” calm down. Count to 10. Walk away.

    • I hope after twenty five years in that’s a typo.

    • You obviously have access to internet and news, so why not actually read? This was Trinity County, not Humboldt. Second, a lot of crimes committed around here are from non-locals, thanks to the state giving free one way to Humboldt passes, to transients and released prisoners. A lot of it has to do with the drug accepting, bleeding heart that this county is. All these “humanitarians” that want to accept everyone with open arms and have everyone else pay their way. That we should all come together and save all the people, getting them clean and off the streets. Problem is, the ones committing these crimes are the ones who choose that lifestyle and don’t want saving. Humboldt is getting worse, I’ll agree with you there, but it’s still a beautiful place–hopefully something will be done. We are doomed if Prop 57 gets voted in.

      • It was in Humboldt County. It was originally thought to be in Trinity (the homicides occurred about a 1000 feet west of the Trinity line) which is why Trinity Sheriff’s Officers were there.

        • Thanks Kym for the clarification. So it technically happened in a town that is considered trinity county, but the county line runs through it? Or am I mistaken where Hyampom is located? I still stand by my comment, in the sense that from what I’ve read, a lot of homicides that happen are by non-locals. Am I mistaken on that note (of course not referring to unsolved) as well? I have an open mind, but it seems like the crime increases the more transients are accepted into the community. I’m also still standing by my comment that prop 57 will make this county far worse the prop 47 already made it. I hope people learn to read this time when voting.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Prolly water…

    Raiding the neighbors scene might have something to do with it, as TC is known for draw bridge mentality…. I got mine every one keep out.

    Killing for weed goes against weed, sad that this generation brought thug life into horticulture…

    Hope Whitman gets off his ass and figures it out, chance to balance karma over kettinpom.

    RIP growing as an escape from the “real world” and it becoming criminal.

  • I love this place and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, people die everyday at their occupation ours is just more weed related jobs…

  • Kym, Any news on the autopsies?

    • Autopsies won’t be done for a couple of days. I’m working on a story about the homicides in Humboldt so far.

      • Thanks. Your coverage is the best by far! Glad I switched.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        TC doesn’t do them, so it goes to Shasta or the coast.

        Do you know if Shasta is getting involved?

        If Shasta gets in the mix things will be up to snuff, if hcso takes over it will go unsolved, unless the perps aren’t local tc and the poser Constitunal Sheriff will put a feather in his cap that’s hung in an unpermitted structure.
        Have nothing against redheads with sticks in their hair, but kinda side with access to justice even though she’s la.

        Hope Shasta jumps in so it’s done proper.

        • LOL Shasta county is so corrupt they would probably “lose” the weed, pilfer the site,and take what they want ….but your right it might get solved :-0

  • Shows poor impulse control. Premeditated crime but not exactly as planned. Everyone involved looses out on an approx million dollar crop. I bet when the perpetrators are caught they will be found to have the occupation of “Rocket Scientist”

  • From the press release it seems clear that LE has no clue

  • With all the crazy shit going on lately, seems like fall came a little early this year. Make sure to buy lots of guns to protect yourself and family (if you haven’t already) especially before all these ridiculous gun laws that our lovely governor mr. jerry brown signed go into effect, and or hillary clinton gets into office. You can bet your ass that if she gets elected, the only guns you will be allowed to buy from that point on will be civil war era breach loaders…Oh and you will need a background check to buy the gun powder for them.

    • You know, I was raised in North Mendo, went out in the world and came back to work a real world job in North Mendo. I have 3 boys now and they won’t be raised around people that think dope and guns are part of a good life. I have already left the area, figuring it would get worse, my mom also is leaving. Congrats peacelovers, dopelovers, gunlovers, we hope you love your new neighbors, the [edit]; you have so much in common.

    • 56 MILLION people were murdered by their own governments in the century just past where GUN CONTROL was imposed by those governments. STAY ARMED

      • yup. I’ve just been patiently waiting to see if by any chance the laws Jerry Brown signed will be veto’d. Any person that knows anything about guns will tell you that the laws he O.K.’d recently are first of all, utter B.S. and second of all will do NOTHING to decrease gun violence in California. if anybody wants proof of this statement just do some research about the gun policies in chicago. They are among the strictest in the country and it’s a [expletive] blood bath over there. STAY ARMED is correct.

  • Oh well . That’s the risk dopers take . No crying. If you don’t like it don’t grow weed and get a real job.

  • Did prohibition make Al Capone? Or would he have found another criminal endevour to become rich and powerful and enable all his killing? I’m not sure. Do you think the people committing these crimes would be petty car thieves if marijuana was legalized? Thanks capitalism and Reagan for this one? My condolences to families of these victims, regardless of the their nature. Violence’s true victims are next of kin.

  • Prohibition does indeed create crime. Holy shit, if you can’t understand THAT you are beyond hope

  • Why do these guys just leave the bodies lying around to be found? “Multiple assailants” seems like they`d be able to dispose of 2 bodies. Didn`t it occur to these “assailants” to haul the bodies off a few miles or many miles; drag them a mile or so into the woods and bury them several feet deep? With a little work and a little ingenuity, they could have disposed of these bodies in a manner where they`d never be found. Are they stupid? Or is the concept of work; i.e. digging a hole several feet deep, completely beyond them?

    What a bunch of losers!

  • Kym … do you remember the last years double homicide in Hyampom? It was a couple. I wonder what happened with that murder?

  • Kerlin Creek? Jesus! You see all the huge grows that popped up over there? No secret- just look at the satellite image! Hey Sheriff- here’s a clue- when there is a new subdivision and it’s apparent that every new parcel is being blown up- go chip it up. Not that hard, really. Knock it down the first year and remove the profit motive. LOTS of greenhouses and huge gardens there now but still only a couple days work if you simply go there and chip it, no arrests, just remove profit. Oh, it might make Charlie Tripodi’s job harder but really WTF?! Why won’t the sheriff do his job? Only after a double homicide does he eradicate TWO parcels! EVERY parcel out there is blown up- very, very obviously. You’d have to be actively ignoring this. What’s really going on? We are rapidly becoming a crime-ridden area run by criminal outfits. Like some parts of Mexico or Colombia. Is that what we want?

    • Southfork Mountain Subdivision has been around for decades. Trinty County does not have the funds or manpower to properly patrol their county. Many of us old timers do not call 911 and police our neighborhoods ourselves. Times are changing but not in my quiet neck of the woods. I would never even know about these things if my grandson didn’t show me this news article.

  • My Grandpa used to own the general store, bar, and run the post office there back in the 50’s and 60″s, glad hes not around to see whats become of that town….sad as hell.

    • Mark did you know “hymie” burke? Owned restaurant on hill that burned down 40 something yrs ago. Juli

  • everyone listen just for a minute. its time that people take notice and realize that whats going on right under your nose look at the control the government has got over us even if your legal to grow they have and will take what they want from you. so i might suggest all who work to put food on your plate. it don’t matter what type of work you do unite together and fight to regain back our freedom that they have taken. Theres a storm coming and we are going to need each other to go up against it so let by gone be by gone .united we stand individual we fall

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