Child Struck by Vehicle on the Avenue Yesterday

chpstarYesterday about 11:20 a.m., a 14-year-old Sacramento girl was standing on the westbound side of the Avenue of the Giants in Pepperwood and attempting to cross the road.

“She was waiting for traffic to clear,” explained a CHP spokesperson.

After a motorhome drove past, the girl began to enter the roadway. She did not see a truck driven by a 75-year-old Rio Dell man headed northbound at approximately 35 mph. When he saw the juvenile entering the road, he hit his brakes but his vehicle still struck her. The girl sustained minor injuries.



  • Glad all are OK! I’d bet both are appreciating Life just a bit more today..
    Explains why the Scanner was going nutts round noon yday.. all i could make out was a lot of talk of the of the Ave..

  • Will justice ever be served for those poor girls ,it just sucks beyond belief she has still yet to be interviewed buy law enforcement why because she is hiding .I wont Mention no name we all know who it is. if she was innocent she would have no problem coming forward to clear her name. go on steve wilcos to clear the accused name .The longer you hide the more you look quilty. Do the right thing turn yourself in .I can’t believe that she has not been caught the dope mony will run out soon enough. Especially not being in the a non extradition country has a warrent even been issued ? We’re is Nancy fleming ?do something for the senseless death of the lil girls .give them justice .district attorney Fleming .

    • She has still not been brought in, caught, arrested?? So have the actually verified that she has left the country? I know there was talk that she and the boyfriend had went to Costa Rica. That is just unreal to me that this child’s own parent, the woman that carried that child for 9 months inside her, gave birth to her, yet now won’t take the responsibility for her death. She takes off, flees the country! That was her child. She did wrong and her child and another family’s child paid the price for that. If she was any kind of a mother, a parent, she would turn herself in and take responsibility for what she did!! Was she even there to lay her child to rest? Or did they run before then? Sorry for going on a Rant. But I hadn’t realized that she hadn’t turned herself in yet. I thought it had just fallen out of the headlines like everything else does..

    • i have to believe kitchen lost whatever mind she had when she killed her kids, and that she is in a treatment facility because she needs to be.
      i would need to be locked away for my own good if i were in her shoes.
      like everyone i’m horrified and heartbroken she is not having to answer for this crime.

      if she’s in treatment it would explain why the hcso is mum on her and the case against her. they can’t disclose where she is if she’s receiving treatment. i’ve worked with people who came into in-house treatment to avoid law enforcement. it was illegal for me to tell law enforcement the person they might be asking about was a resident at the facility. it’s confidential info.
      if kitchen’s in treatment, not saying if it’s to hide or to stay safe from herself (and others).

      [edit] all this crazy bs. mom needs to get the facts out and stop her son being blamed & bashed.
      he needs to be left alone to grieve not only the loss of the girls, but the loss of his mother also.

      i blame our courts for the lax penalties for hit/run. if you run you have hardly any consequences to pay – if you’re caught at all.

      whoever killed those girls is a menace to society and they are a danger to all who use our roads.

      i’m glad this 14 yr old has only minor injuries, she is fortunate.

  • Mogtx, Maggie Fleming is District Attorney, not Nancy.

  • Thanks Paul (Maggie fleming) I ment. Put out a warrent for her arrest .Costa Rica is a extraditable country

  • The Lawyers. in the case against Marci Kitchen should be charged for hiding her as well since they claim to know where she is but won’t bring her in for questioning. The Joy’s of our Lawless Justice System. Slap on hand is all she will get. That’s what happened in my 2 daughters case when the driver killed them and there friend whom they weren’t supposed to be with. Yes there was 3 girls who died in an automobile accident. Driver got no time or fine out of it. Just a slap on the hand. Thanks to D.A. Paul Gallegos at the time.

  • I was there at the fruit stand when it happened. I didn’t see it happened but heard the bump and a scream. I went over to help her. She was fine but advised her to lay still until the ambulance arrived. It seemed like an eternity. She seemed to be a sweet girl and wanted to get up. She had a few abrasions but nothing serious as far as I could see. But I am not a doctor. The man that hit her after she was running back across the road was extremely upset. I hope that all is okay for the two people involved.

  • She is free and roaming the county.

    • I think she’s letting the drugs get out of her system. If they take 90 days to get out of her hair, then that means she should surrender next month…

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