Armed and Suspicious Men Driving Around Southern Humboldt, Claim Locals

The vehicle leaving Whitethorn Construction. [Zoomed in from a photo taken by Galen]

White truck leaving Whitethorn Construction after the occupants allegedly tried to pull down a gate. Note the green rope still dangling out of the rear of the vehicle, the tarp and plastic totes. Also there were no rear plates on the vehicle. [Zoomed in image taken from a photo by Galen Doherty]

Yesterday afternoon, two men tried to pull down the back gate of Whitethorn Construction with the white truck seen in the photo above, said Galen Doherty whose family owns the business. Another man, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us he later attempted to follow and photograph the same vehicle and the passenger pointed a gun at him.

About quarter to two yesterday afternoon, Galen Doherty drove past a little used gate towards the back of Whitethorn Construction after finishing some errands. He saw the white truck pictured above with its rear end close to the gate. At first he didn’t realize what was happening but he thought it looked suspicious, so he parked and started walking towards the truck. One man who had apparently tied a rope to the gate, cut the rope. “There was one white male…He ran back and jumped in the truck” on the passenger side.”

Doherty began “beating on the window.” The windows were tinted but when he got close, he could see inside. He told us, “[I] could see the driver was a Hispanic individual.” The vehicle sped off but Doherty was able to take a couple pictures of the fleeing vehicle.

His cousin Jesse McKee posted about the incident and shared the above photo. “Any information as to who might be driving this truck would be appreciated very much! There were two guys, one probably 6 foot tall blonde scruffy hair and beard, the other a tall Hispanic,” he wrote. The story spread on social media.

A local resident who wishes to remain anonymous tells us that he encountered the vehicle around 5:30 p.m. and recognized it from McKee’s post. “I’m really good with vehicles,” he explained.  “I was on Briceland Thorn Road a little before the Whitethorn dump. They were going the opposite way.”

The anonymous resident said he turned around and began following the vehicle. The driver, he said, “wouldn’t pull over. I took photos [See photo below] and then started tailgating. They were driving super slow.”  At one point, he said, the passenger “pulled the gun out and pointed it at me.” The resident backed off and called 911.

If you recognize the vehicle or see it driving around, please consider contacting the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Following the suspects [photo provided by anonymous]

Following the suspects. [Photo provided by anonymous local man]



  • Anonymous local man, don’t drive and take photos. Duh. Our roads are dangerous enough, thanks. Even if your armed don’t try to chase down and pull over criminals on your own. There’s lots of crime here and that won’t go away until ever person stops growning more than a 100 lbs a person at the very max. Then the mega grows will stand out like a sore thumb, and they’ll get busted and shady characters will stop moving here because the appeal of big money quick with little risk because everyone’s doing it. Not surprisingly change starts at home and until every local stops going big nothing will change for the better.

    • His photos are helpful and this isn’t a discussion about mega growers, and which those mega growers probably aren’t breaking in to local businesses because they already have the cash to satisfy their needs. Environmental damage is another subject. If it wasnt for his photo or the others, you wouldn’t know the danger you were approaching if that car was near.

    • Read the story! They were attempting to pull down a gate to burglarize a construction company, not a grow!

      Thanks to this anonymous citizen for taking these pictures.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      This citizen deserves a hug for attempting to get information helpful for catching perps.

    • Bullshit if everyone tried to help round these scum bags up we wouldn’t have this problem, the sheriff doesn’t have the time or ability to help you just try to contact one when you need them, they’ll be hours away if they come at all, don’t try to be a vigilante or get yourself killed, but be ready for the situation and get as much info as you can. Always help your neighbors and stand up for what’s right and we can as a whole fix this or atleast get headed in the right direction. Anyways there’s my rant

    • Thank you citizens for getting involved. This is just the type of action we need to take to prevent this area from being invaded. I am not talking about greenrush invasion but the follow up invasion that will bring truck loads of thieves looking for easy money.

      J, I’ll take a guy driving and filming over two burglers anyday.

    • Since our hills seem to be full of drunks and meth heads, what’s to say this particular driver didn’t also t-bone someone later, causing massive injuries to innocent others and this photo is the only one that exists? Gotta take the risks sometime, or things just get worse. They don’t care about your life, just theirs. And the less you get involved and just hide, the better.

  • The more folks lose their jobs or work the more crime comes.Pretty sure we’re headed into more trouble as our city crashes and burns or chipped

    • People don’t move there because it is a nice place to get a job and raise a family.
      People move there to conduct criminal activity. If you live there you are consorting with criminals and condoning criminal activity.
      Any questions?

      • Oh for heaven’s sake….Where I live is more like Little House on the Prairie than criminal wasteland. Yes, we have problems here but, tell me where you live and odds are there’s crime there also.

        • Thank u kym! I feel the same way.

        • Yeah, just wait till Nellie Olsen moves in next door with her crew of growers and they put in 600 plants and start a fire with a hash lab. Their pit bulls add a nice touch.😝

          • We’ve got a few Nellie Olsens. But we’ve got quite a few Pa and Ma’s too–folks who step up to help a friend rebuild his home or cover cancer treatments, folks who dig deep to support local schools and fire departments (don’t forget all those wonderful volunteer fire crews) Yes, we have problems we need to discuss but pretending that the beauty and the community warmth doesn’t exist is harmful to the whole fabric of our neighborhoods.

            I want to talk about the problems but let’s also talk about the great folk who live here.

            • I know Kym, just ribbing you. I admire your positive attitude. I tend to get mired down in how screwed up things have gotten. Keep being you🙂

            • Ever read the Los Angeles or New Yawk CRIMES, I mean Times? A few bad energy types can’t approach the magic of these mountains. People forget how brutal the big cities are compared to this idylic coastal county.

        • Mostly friendly folks who garden grow children and creative lives.. peaceful community building people. There are true outliers and problematic marginals,. These are not the majority.

      • Jerrbobmickyphilbillpig

        HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA!!!! Keep telling yourself that. Humboldt County is a wonderful place to raise children and a decent place to get a job. I do have a question. Where do you live?

        • Funny cuz arcata was just ranked in top 5 places to raise kids in Ca.
          If you hate it then leave, no one’s forcing you to stay, it’s pretty simple. Negativity begets more negativity so please do leave the county or at least take your rhetoric and go over to LOCO if you need to comment like this.

          • the misadventures of bunjee

            According to which study? There’s quite a few clickbait sites out there that simply insert whatever city is near you into a Top 5 or 10 poll of anything.

            • Henchman Of Justice

              A request from Mike Downey and the Sheriff’s Department for a Bearcat Rescue and Recovery Vehicle has been approved by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

              The request was put in by the department when Measure Z funding was getting doled out. At that time, it was denied.

              With a recent shooting incident in McKinleyville, Mendocino County brought up their Bearcat to help. According to Mike Downey that vehicle was instrumental in transporting civilians in a potential line of fire safely.

              Tuesday, the supervisors approved the big ticket item which will be around $300,000. The vehicle will be made to order and should be delivered in 7 to 8 months.

          • Jerrbobmickyphilbillpigbrent

            If your commenting to “Obvious”, it doesn’t sound like they live here.

            • I live North of Eureka 80 Miles from SoHum that is why I said there instead of here.
              You Jerrybob–brent did not deny my assertion that ” People move there to conduct criminal activity. If you live there you are consorting with criminals and condoning criminal activity.” so I guess that is a affirmation of my statement.
              I was responding to G-Ma’s statement “The more folks lose their jobs or work the more crime comes.”
              Are you saying that you moved to SoHum for the job opportunities?
              How many people do you know that commute from the hills 5 days a week to go to work?
              If you live in the hills in SoHum, how many of the neighbors do you knowingly condone conducting criminal activity?

              • I commute from the hills to work in Redway and have for 40 years.

                When Alternative Energy Engineering was still in Redway most of us did.

              • I commute to eureka 6 days a week and have for 30 years you should stay 80 miles north but for you capt obvious that is just to dam close to the hard working and good folks of so. hum

      • Ya, Obvious, I have a question: When are you leaving? af

      • Babylon soldier.

  • Wrong country to be stealing in. Thay won’t be around long

  • Sounds like a real good time.

  • A 4 door truck stripped and smashed up on top of paradise ridge right now. Several stories of thieving last night is so.hum. Scum bags have arrived. Some havent left. Sure isnt the home town i grew up in. Locking everything and watching out.

    • You’re sure right on C* . Not the same town I grew up in Fortuna as well has drug dealers working there five square miles all day long.And no one is stopping them .

    • Stripping and smashing parked vehicles has been an epidemic in Humboldt for at least 25 years, ask anyone who has been here and old enough to know what a car is for that long. Many changes in humboldt since then, but this isnt one of them.

  • Be safe. Dont approach these aholes. Your life is worth more. I do suggest lock and load and protect your home! Report crap u see like that. And if there is no time for there sherriff or they are too far away, there is more safety in numbers than approaching these Aholes alone. I remember citizen road blocks on Alderpoint Rd. You needed a familiar name to get thru. Citizen Hill Patrol!

    • Yeah, that ain’t happening anymore. Everyone’s apathetic and busy growing dope. The fox is living in the henhouse , so to speak.

  • domestic terrorists ! the drug traffic in Garberville yesterday was off the hook—-needing some ? the gas stations,chinese food restaurant,taco stand, sidewalks—–please do not bring your children into this town until something is done to clean the terrorists out, ask the 10 year old who got poked riding the bus by a stashed needle in the seat, or the spike that was found in the oranges in produce section at a local market… cautious, take license numbers,descriptions turn the info in to sheriff. we are having these issues happening in the cove and are pro-active….does it help ? we should not just give our community away.

  • Scanner traffic…LoCo 1:13 a.m. Near Benbow, home invasion, 211, vehicle theft on Meadow View off Blue Rock Rd, 3 white males, 2 black males took RP’s white Tacoma, they were armed with crowbars and pistols and took a firearm from the victim. HCSO responding.

    • And yet they won’t ask for the Public’s help crime has reached an epidemic here .Thanks in large part to the marijuana culture and addiction now it will flow to heroin .AB109 and Prop 47 have only served to exacerbate the problem of lawlessness and drugs.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Funny, the marijuana culture in Humboldt has been HUGE since the 1960’s,

        BUT SOMEHOW,

        It is NOW that a problem all of a sudden exists……..

        Ya see, first it was gubbamint doing the crimes, rip offs, guns and weapons drawn on the hippies……

        Then, the yuppies get involved as growers, learn how to make a buck……

        Then, the children of the yuppies got in the game to make more money than their parents……

        Then, gubbamint by the people legalized weed……..for taxes and profit and taxes based off profits, under the guise of medicine when history proves recreational uses were the reasons for use – people saw a backdoor entry into smoking weed by claiming it is a medicine……

        Weed is no more a medicine than healthy food, clean water, clean air, space, etc… is a stimulant that should not be restricted……..

        Why American elitist wannabe fux attempt to fight over individual rights is not really a mystery……. they want society to be “their way”, not the american way or even the individual’s way………screw being conformed to the will of another…… screw groups to high hell and may the deceitful groupees all die an ugly death.

        • Back then in the 60’s, real jobs, albeit seasonal, were plentiful.
          Makes one wonder about the real agenda behind the ecowars.

      • [edit] for thinking marijuana has anything to do with heroin and not hte 3 million kids being prescribed pharama drugs every year. There is even evidence proving your [edit] theory wrong.

        • Simple as this in Humboldt many grow marijuana to support their heroin addiction among others . You can call me an idiot all day long it won’t change the facts were in a crisis because of the culture that marijuana brought to this county. Look at the pictures at Pearson’s building supply they reflect the Humboldt county I know not the one you dream of .

          • Our country was founded, to escape the King & other nortorious thugs.
            China began the first war against drugs. They didn’t appreciate the English King’s opium runs ruining their lives.
            The King wasn’t happy. It wasn’t long before the officials in the new united states were corrupted.
            Today, the theme never ends. Our troops are sent to foreign countries to guard the King’s ransom, while the King bribes communities to destroy the competition here in the states. The only thing that changed, is the name of the King.

    • The Sheriff’s Office won’t confirm a home invasion took place.

  • Man was bragging about incident and pulling the gun. He lives at the shelter cove deli campground has a white ford diesel truck. And a green jeep wrangler Oklahoma tags. He cut his hair kinda short but it is a dirty grey not blonde .said his name is pat.

  • Cant expect the Sheriff to do the job because they are overwhelmed with the crime and the criminal element in our area. Great job of the locals sharing info. Time is on our side and wouldn’t be surprised to see these idiots ending up as another Humboldt casualty… yes, hunting season in full swing. Go Trump 2016 and keep our gun rights !!! Criminals will always have guns and break the laws. Keep up the great work Kym on keeping the public informed. You’re the best link !!!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      The sheriffs are not overwhelmed.

      They simply make excuses for not doing the job, but sure as hell complain about their pension and pay.

      To get tax funds, the sheriff is turning a blind eye in order to allow shit to get worse.

      Worse is great to apply for funds.

      No funds for toys and other wasteful faux needs if ya don’t let crime get outta of hand.

      Did you know that to get a massive response from the sheriff, ya have to be a white man with a gun and mental issues, shoot off or at a cop with a gun, etc……

      Cops value their lives, not yours, otherwise they be out there with the mendocino county swat armored vehicle…….just sayin’.

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        You couldn’t be more incorrect HoJ. Making stuff up as usual. Tell us again how much you hate cops.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Fact – after HOJ’s comment, the board of supes approves a funding request by the sheriff for an armored/swat/incident type vehicle similar to the one brought up by mendo cops to kill the white guy who had mental health issues in McKinleyville.

          HOJ hates crooked cops, the police state and deceit…….true, ya got it scooby dooby doo.

          Now, go eat a salami sub to satisfy the taste of cracking the case file……👃

        • Henchman Of Justice

          A request from Mike Downey and the Sheriff’s Department for a Bearcat Rescue and Recovery Vehicle has been approved by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

          The request was put in by the department when Measure Z funding was getting doled out. At that time, it was denied.

          With a recent shooting incident in McKinleyville, Mendocino County brought up their Bearcat to help. According to Mike Downey that vehicle was instrumental in transporting civilians in a potential line of fire safely.

          Tuesday, the supervisors approved the big ticket item which will be around $300,000. The vehicle will be made to order and should be delivered in 7 to 8 months.

  • Southern Humboldt asked for this, maybe you all didn’t live here when every ‘back to the lander’ grower’s mantra was ‘f*** the cops, f*** CAMP” ‘US Outta Humboldt County ‘. Now that you made money, started paying taxes to legitimize your lifestyle you feel somehow betrayed. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

  • Last week I saw a tatted up tweaker leave the Patriot and unload stolen goods from her pants into a van with out-of-state tags. She took off in a RUN back to the store. Completely disgusted i got in her path and asked her if she was going into steal more things. Fortunately she became embarrassed instead of confrontational. (Although I would have beat her ass if I needed to) i told the store clerk who promptly addressed the situation. As the van sped away, I wished there was a way I could forward a pic to all the folks up north. THANK YOU Kym for providing a forum for communication.

    I don’t know about you all but everyone I know is comfortable with the risk and responsibility needed to protect our community. All ya gotta do is get it out there.

  • Lived here my entire life and sad to see it change. Let’s take our community back, one idiot at a time. Kym, what’s the total homicides this year? I believe it will be a new record for Humboldt. Greed is the bottom line.

  • Too much time on their hands. Too much time to plot, obsess and plan. Sure growing takes work. But there is also down time, the ability to not”punch the clock” so to say, offers a great flexibility hence too much time. Not focused on anything but yourself, all you care about bottom line is money. No time clock job=reduced sense of community, fewer quality community relarionships. All comes from being REQUIRED to be nowhere and no schedule. Think about it!

    • You bring up some interesting points, but are you saying that wealthy growers with too much free time are likely to rob busineses out of boredom? I know for a fact that some locals with money sometimes commit rape, murder, eco destruction etc. but I doubt they are doing a lot of robberies.

  • I think I saw this vehicle at the Benbow! Two days ago. (Sunday) It had two dogs in the back and I thought it was odd because the back was full of the tote and other stuff. Very unsafe for an animal to ride in.

  • I heard they found the truck. Kym, can we get an update on this story?

    • I have also heard that the someone in hydsville area , saw the photo here and called in a truck that seemed to match this description and that it is the same truck, but I can’t confirm it yet…maybe the hydsville caller knows?

  • Another suspicious vehicle near Martins ferry. Stay tuned for pics. For now let’s say it’s olive green/brown late model Japanese truck with stripes on it. I believe they are sneaking onto flats and pillaging when folks are out

  • Fact check: “Hispanic” does not mean “of central or south american ancestry”
    “Hispanic” does not mean black hair, brown eyes, brown skin, hadlebar or pencil moustache.
    “Hispanic” means speaking Spanish or coming from a Spanish speaking area or family.
    Hispanics can be many different shades of brown, Nordic looking white, asian, etc.
    Also, having travelled in many nations I can tell you that nobody can definitively distinguish at a glance between Central or South Americans, Native Americans, Persians, Arabic People, Pacific Islanders, Southeast Asians, Eskimos Inuits and Aluets etc etc., unless you have some kind of racial gaydar… Racedar?
    Such as the Philippines in Southeast Asia, or Spain in Europe.
    Many Hispanics have blond hair, blue eyes etc.
    So if you look through a tinted window you cannot know that you saw one “hispanic and one blond man”
    You saw two men, one with blond hair and one with black hair. According to other witnesses quoted here the blond was actually “dirty grey” so are we to believe that someone can tell a hispanic from an eskimo at a glance through a tinted window but they cant tell blond hair from grey?
    Lets stick to observable facts and not get into racist speculation. Especially considering as usual on this site and LCO there are more than one person here calling for vigilante lynching or general mass murder of people who dont “look right” saying in this instance for one example on this moderated forum the following quote made it through the moderation process as usuaal, endorsing generalized lynching: “Locals – Hang em High and make them disapear!” which besides being a felony, is also reckless, evil and fascistic. So as long as some are calling for a return to the days of mob justice and vigilante murder, lets at least try not to be too racist about it.

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