Smokey Gap Fire Choking Humboldt; Here’s What You Need to Know

Gap fire by Will Harling

Gap Fire earlier this week [Photo by Will Harling]

Cal Fire knows that it is smokey out there. Here’s what they want you to know:

We are experiencing a change in wind/weather patterns…that is pushing the smoke from the GAP Fire from up North into the Klamath, Shasta Trinity and Eel River drainages. …[M]ost of the Humboldt Del-Norte Unit is experiencing a lot of smoke in the mountains and drainages.

CAL FIRE wants you know we have had Aircraft up to patrol the areas affected. We encourage calls to 911 when a FIRE or a DISTINCT column of smoke is observed for reporting new incidents. You are welcome to call the PIO number for information on fire status and smoke situation as well at 707-418-0411. I have had calls from Burnt Ranch to Fortuna down to Salmon Creek and just now Zenia so our people are observing it from all areas at the time of this email.

Again for any new incidents call 911. We will update if new incidents are reported. Any information needs call 707-418-0411.



  • This photo was taken from Northbound 101 by South Piercy about 90 minute ago. It continued to be smokey through Garberville but seemed to clear up by Salmon Creek.

  • Burnt Ranch looking East

  • Yikes my kids.are up in pecwan hope all is ok.

  • It’s smokey all the way down here in covelo.

  • Sorry I wasn’t trying to be rude and I hope all is good I truly mean that G ma have kids and grandkids and just hope they would all call me before it’s too late

  • Laytonville was smoked out today too. People be mindful of what your doing. Right foot left foot think bout what your doin and where your heading obviously some of these fires are natural now and than but a lot seem to be carelessness keep eachother safe and lift eachother up stay safe everyone

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  • Amazingly enough in my part of the greater Bridgeville Area, Swain’s Flat, it’s just partly cloudy & a bit windy!!! No smoke, not even any residual from the fire right acoss the road a short ways from me yesterday afternoon!!! Counting my blessings as I type!!! ;-D

  • Does anyone know what the air quality is like in Fort Bragg? Is this fire affecting that area?

    • Thats on the ocean 150 miles from the fire, id say its ok there due to prevailing winds off the ocean. Inland valleys way northeast of there are smoking in..

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