[UPDATE 1:25 a.m.] Shooting in McKinleyville

Breaking news graphicA shooting occurred at approximately midnight in the 1000 block of Azalea Avenue in McKinleyville near Hewitt Road.

A man was rushed to the hospital by ambulance with a gunshot wound.

UPDATE 1:25 a.m.: Reporter Bobby Kroeker sends us these photos from the scene of an apparent attempted robbery that resulted in a shooting.

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Gunshot victim being loaded into an ambulance [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]


The crime scene where the incident occurred. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

UPDATE 2:11 a.m.: Video by Bobby Kroeker of the ambulance leaving the crime scene earlier tonight. (Warning: one swear word.)



  • Humanity heading in the wrong direction. Home invasions,robberies,violent,shit happening so frequently in our community. No amount of money or drug is worth your life. Value the life you are living,hopefully this person survives

    • There will be many more. The weed money is leaving. But we have so many degenerates that came here for it and they will remain. Many of them are now strung out on heroin and have meth or cocaine addictions. What happens when the relatively easy money of weed production dries up? It’s pretty much a simple thing to envision our near future. Arm yourselves and talk to your neighbors. Or step away and come back when the real estate has crashed and the community is rebuilding.

    • This is what happens when you disarm a population.

      • Who got disarmed? Humboldt has HUGE gun ownership, legal and illegal. This is what happens in a culture super-saturated with guns. People regularly pop off shots in their back yards in McKinleyville and it’s all quite legal since it is an unincorporated municipality.

  • And that’s supposed to be a nice neighborhood.

    • Not when a bunch of people claim a “glass blowing” business and its full of lowlife dumbshits who think they can deal and transport out of the “shop”. They’ve been robbed before, finally decided to arm themselves. Looks like one of their own got it this time. I feel sorry for the elder couple who own the house. Wonder if they knew what sort of “business” was being done in their garage……maybe it’ll finally be shut down. Been sick of the traffic and partying going on all night there. Been making complaints for YEARS!!!

      • Hope you get you neighborhood back soon. That’s very unfortunate.

      • Slander and libel is against the law. Show your proof or keep your ill-gotten gossip to yourself.
        Also best to get the splinter out of your own eye before pointing out the one in another’s.

        • Sadly, slander is not against the law

        • Azalea is unsafe for kids!

          This is known shit, thank god no one got killed, these guys need to disappear before these dudes come back and finish the job this was a hit not a robery. They opened the door and opened fire on the dude who got up hitting him ten times with multiple weapons, he is missing a huge part of his liver and part of his arm. The assailants entered wearing full body armor and all where armed. This is madness.

      • Get your facts straight. It was an attempted murder. Not one penny or item was taken, its a glass workshop and showroom.
        Two armed men entered a place of business and shot it up striking one man in the process.
        Dumbshits are those who speak ill before knowing.

      • Yes this has been going on for over a year and the traffic has has had us awake at night till 3 am. Cars pulling in for 3 minutes, slamming doors, reving engines. And pulling out on road only to have another car waiting to go in. People talking like it was high noon and car radios blasting. Hope it is all over now.

      • Home/property owners around my area know exactly what’s going on and are enjoying the high rent, some as high as $1600. a month. we’ve been waiting for the feds to seize the property like they used to, I’m glad we’re not holding our breath! 🙂

        • The feds just legalized hemp and marijuana growing on Indian Reservations by natives for economic growth. Its scientifically proven marijuana heals cancer, cerebral palsy, and stops epileptic seizures.

      • Sounds like there’s a little anal retentive judgment going in by folks who obviously dont have a clue that they are not qualified to judge. That purpetrator is out of control, out of line, came unexpectedly and viciously shot a man in a normally peaceful place

      • People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones buddy

      • Chaz bud you might wanna shut off the 30 lights and sell the piece on the 36…..you do that same shit right down the street

  • Man I live a few miles away, I would really appreciate all the info I can get.

  • Please be the robbers who got shot.

  • I really feel for you guys.

    We ended up in Eugene where there is legal weed and a fairly non violent scene. There was a shooting in town the other night and people are shocked. Doesn’t happen often and the population isn’t desensitized and/or suffering from PTSD due to repeated violence.

    Good luck, Humboldt on taking back your county.

  • This is upsetting to me, besides the obvious , that McKinleyville has changed…I raised my daughters here for the last 20 years and now my grandbabies live a mile or so away from where this happened…I really don’t think there is such a thing as a “nice neighborhood”.
    These criminals (for lack of a better word) move into our neighborhoods and try to disguise themselves…now it isn’t working Ugh 🙁
    I wouldn’t live anywhere else than Humboldt…its better here, than out there…even at our worse.

  • Alright, I live on azalea, and know the glass blowers. I can tell you this- Azalea IS a nice neighborhood, the people who shot it up were not from azalea, they are criminals and the ones who deserve this criminal attention. The glass blowers are awesome fun peace loving people, and they would just like to stop being robbed and shot and put on the news. Because that only attracts more robberies.

    • Well said Steven

    • some of the best people i know work there. ,maybe the people who spent yrs complaining to the authorities had instead talked to the people about the issues they had some changes could come of it , if you complain for yrs to the authorities and nothing happens maybe its you and not the people you are complaining about.

  • Mac town use to be so peaceful. It’s turning into a drug infested haven.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Yep, gubbamint set up McKinleyville for failure, and majority voters voted for the supervisors over the years who have allowed McKinleyville to get fucked up.

  • The saddest thing about all of this is the fact that people in this county will not sit down like real businessmen and hash out their problems and differences on a professional level. Those involved won’t take responsibility for their actions. Also, this who comment are too scared to socially change this county. NOBODY Rob’s anyone or brings a gun to their house if they’re not involved in the outlaw community that exists here in humboldt. We all know the risks of doing business especially those that are not federally regulated. We go back to pirate law and have a round table where men can do business.Please stop commenting on things of which you’re not involved or know nothing about. Thank youuuuuuu!

    • This house is located in a neighborhood so lots of people are involved at some level. Anyone that lives in this neighborhood can comment all they want as it does affect them. The “glassblowers” brought this upon themselves. It was bound to happen sooner or later. It’s been a shady operation for years. Hopefully this will slow things down for a while.

      • So when you get jacked its your fault because you have nice things? We should only buy crap cars or its our fault we get carjacked? Maybe that girl in the short skirt is asking to be raped?
        Backwards thinking f7:ktards!!!
        The narrow-minded thinking is mind blowing!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Business is part of the problem that no amount of negotiations will fix because gubbamint needs cash, taxes, and fixing shit always yields less cash, less taxes, less fees, less fines, less penalties, etc……we live in a collusionist society, fixing shit is near impossible until a hardliner mentality is acceptible.

  • Something was going to go down at this house sooner or later. To say this is legit glassblowing business is BS. It might be some sort of cover to look legit but that is it. There are always about 10 cars at the house at various times day and night. I know from a legitimate source they got ripped off of a bunch of weed a few months back. One of the thieves dropped bud all over the street. It was a matter of time before there was a big bust, a fire, a stabbing, a shooting or something . Everyone in the neighborhood is pissed about this house. The elderly residents in the other house on the property either don’t know or don’t care about the illegal activity that has been going on at this house. Question to previous poster Steven. Why would a glassblowing business keep getting robbed or shot? I think the answer is self explanatory . Glassblowers don’t often get robbed and shot but people in the weed business do.

    • In the Neighborhood

      Yep. There’s similar houses up Cochran that are a bane of the neighborhood. Sucks when you’re trying to raise a family and work a legit job.

    • Correction- People in the weed business who are sloppy, careless or stupid get robbed and/or shot. (And sloppy can simply mean letting the wrong people know your cash business and location). There are many professionals around here who conduct their still-illegal weed business with propriety and respect for their neighbors. I got no problem with them. Sloppy operations must leave my neighborhood and my neighbors feel the same way!

    • people get robbed and shot everywhere there’s money ,

    • Henchman Of Justice

      OSHA, EDD, ETC…..

      Doubt this jobsite is legit…….

    • Gas stations, stores, even homes get robbed all the time. Glassblowing is an extremely expensive art requiring skill, talent, proper equipment, and time. Of course the potential is there to be robbed. Do you have a clue how much 1 Paula Radke bead cost?

  • maybe it is a grassblowing business?

  • Peace, Love, & Dogs

    Are you all serious! A man was shot, and all most of you are doing is speculating as to how “it was only a matter of time”! And complaining about how traffic bothered you and kept you up at night. Personally whatever these people WERE OR WERE NOT doing (because we really don’t know, which by the way if you did “know” as some of you are saying that something was going on why didn’t you report it or say something BEFORE now? If you were soooo bothered why didn’t you maybe go and talk to your neighbor about it, particularly if you were soooo concerned about your elderly neighbors well being? *gasp* imagine that people can actually communicate in person rather than behind a keyboard) doesn’t bother me at all compared to how heartless and uncompassionate most of you are at the very least portraying yourselves! Be sure to tell the MAN who risked his LIFE to protect those he cared for how inconvieniced you were. He is a true example of a HERO regardless of what you all may think. ALSO just because someone punches a time clock or has a family doesn’t mean that they are a stand up citizen or human being for that matter.

    • A man’s life is seriously altered, was he a “weed” dealer I think naught, maybe someone trying to stop serious mayhem from occurring , he will be in and out of surgeries for a long time, bless him for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many jobs, ie,,,graveyard at a liquor store are risky… and as for the elderly couple you are the property owners, I seriously don’t think ghat they had a clue as too what was going “on” other than GLASSBLOWING, since when did glass paraphernalia become a good reason to pull a gun on someone. Sadly the mean streets of L A and surrounding areas are moving on up to our neck of the woods. Bless us all and be safe, and for goodness sake plz don’t jump to conclusions

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Reports were made…..

      Village idiots need to go away…….

    • Bravo!!! I agree! He saved MY life… and I’ve now got his back for life!!!

  • This guy moved in to the neighborhood and has been a nuisance ever since. The sheriffs dept. was notified by several neighbors. You want to make him out to be a hero? What a joke. And yes, it was just a matter of time before something went down. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out. It is too bad he got shot but if you are going to play with fire you are going to get burned eventually. Hopefully he makes a full recover and starts to be a good neighbor and gets his life in order. You are right about one thing; punching a time clock or having a family doesn’t make one a stand up citizen. The neighbors have been completely disregarded by his behavior. It is his behavior and lack of consideration that have people pissed off. You are completely missing this point.

    • Concerned citizen

      I think knot Billy. Point being a man was shot ,people are upset and hurt,angry even fof that of better words. And still life goes on for those that own the property and surrounding neighbors, well wishes for victim and may hell freeze over for perp. Enough said.

    • Peace, Love, & Dogs

      Once again assumptions and speculation! You are missing MY point a HUMAN BEING with family and friends was shot (attempted murder!) And his life is being disregarded because neighbors are more concerned about the fact that they were bothered. Sorry to disappoint you but the person who was shot was not the occupant. Like I said HERO. And BTW anyone who jumps in front of a gun to protect/save another life should be respected at the very least for that.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Exactly, and the sheriffs let the situation intentionally get outta hand for their job security and gadget uses at a later date for hostage/crisis situations……

      Your first complaint should be the useless sheriff fucks who steal tax dollars to feed their families illegitimately.

  • You too are making assumptions. His life is not being totally disregarded because the neighbors were “bothered”. I wish him well and hope he recovers. The occupants of this house/operation or whatever you want to call it, have brought this crime to our neighborhood! That is where the sentiment is coming from. The peace of our neighborhood has been disrupted by this behavior. They have brought a criminal element to our hood. That is the real issue that you seem to ignore.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Exactly, but don’t count on the sheriff fucks to do jack shit until the end game!

      • You have a serious law enforcement chip on your shoulder? How many times have you been arrested? Only someone who has broken the law and been arrested a shit ton of times has an opinion like yours. Or family members that are criminals.

        • Tell that to all the men and women released by corrections due to the many innocence projects!
          I’ve never been arrested and still I distrust and have no feeling of safety around the cops here.

        • Not really. There are good cops – food people and there are power tripping / Napoleon syndrome/ trigger happy/ crooked thugs with a badge. How many times we’ve seen where they sleep deprive a person for over 24 hours , feeding them pieces and pieces of the crime scene info. When a regular person who never been in situation like that and has 100% trust in our law enforcement breaks , they put him away for 30 years even if the evidence doesn’t line up. Anyone can be in such a position. I don’t wish to anyone go to prison especially for a bit of pot u have rolled up. But if you run around hurting people to rob them or for whatever reason , if you hurt innocent or weaker than you including women, kids, animals etc. then you MUST BE ISOLATED from society. I’m opening a security company for growers and all ppl in business to transfer their money from A to B. Provide safe environment for ppl to work and not being afraid. Holla

  • Here is the truth. The man Brad who was shot, wasn’t living there, was there doing “business”. He’s no hero, he didn’t jump in front of anybody to save their life. The people came in to rob the place because word of mouth is they’re a bunch of dumbshits who talk to everyone about their business and where it is. Lots of money, lots of drugs, lots of hookers. Easy target. Only this time the “business” had their own gun. The robbers were dumbshits themselves and just started shooting as they were running. Brad got hit. Nothing got taken because they started shooting before they said put your hands up. There is no “business” liscense on file for this address, therefore no legitimate “business” and showroom. The cops have been keeping their eye on this place awhile due to multiple complaints and now they have access because it is a crime scene. Therefore these neighbors will finally have some peace.

    • How can some one get hit 10 times by more than one gun if the shooters are running away shooting and he is a great shot himself if he ha d a gun there would be at least one dead other than him getting shot

      • 10 times my ass! He’d be dead. He’s a tweeker bumb!

        • Yes the amount of times he was shot is unsure any were from 4 to nine but u obviously don’t know him because he despised tweezers and meth and doesn’t put up with bulls hit from them so what is your relationship with the victim

    • What hookers ? Lol there’s never any drugs but some pot. Plus you’re saying Brad deserved to get shot since he didn’t jumped in front of a moving train to save a newborn or some shit. They’re good people . I’m very good friend with Trev and Mack n Tim etc. and there’s almost nothing that I wouldn’t do for them. Trev helped me on so many occasions that I stopped counting. He’s a real real friend that 90% of ppl here don’t have good people like that in their lives. There are nothing more important for us to learn the compation toward those who is in a bad situation. Prayers to y’all . Trevo you’re a good dude and always be my friend. Don’t pay at some ignorant replies. There’s not that much to do in humboldt, so ppl spend all of their free time trolling on www. What a life lol

  • Don [edit] he did jump in front of the shooters and chased them outside and there were no weapons there besides the gun’s the two guys come in with. And if it’s this big drug spot them why when the cops came and had control of the shop for over 24 hours did they not find all the drugs you are all crack pots. By the way open mostly at night because of the heat and power is cheaper at night.

    • So where are all the gun’s and drug’s at if there was so much going on there cop’s said nothing about any drug’s.I hope your house is as clean as you act like it is.

  • Most of the people that were there, left before the cops came, therefore most of the stuff they didn’t want found left too. If it was such an honest place of “business” and the guys were such fun loving peaceful dudes, then why have they been a target? Multiple times actually? Why did someone actually get shot? I don’t see someone bringing a gun, risking a murder sentence, just for some “glass” and art for a “showroom”. Main point is I’m sorry this person got hurt, I really am, but to say its just a “shop” is BS. It used to be a fun loving place, before the remodel, then everyone and their nasty friends started showing up at all hours and it became a nuisance. The neighbors have made complaints, both to the occupants and to the HCSO. Sad thing is operations will probably be moved to another neighborhood that’ll be a nuisance too.

  • Oh, and everyone that gets on the defense when someone calls it like it is, that just shows that they know what’s going on and point it out. No one is saying “good, scumbag got it!” Actually everyone is concerned for the mans health and the safety of their OWN neighborhood. The occupants of the shop don’t have ANY ties to the neighborhood except taking advantage of the elderly couple that live there. Used to be a LEGIT business TNT Glass I believe, but since they wanna “make money” this is what happens when you start bringing a bad element to an area.

  • Kym – any more to report? Kind of scary that there’s someone shot multiple times and no one has been arrested and not a blip about the incident in the Times Standard or in any other press. This happened several blocks away from my house and it’s a bit worrisome.

    • I too was surprised there was nothing in the Times-Standard or on the local tv news. I guess a neighborhood shooting is not that unusual any longer. I will say one thing; it has been pretty quiet at the house since the whole thing went down. The rats have all scrambled, at least for the time being.

  • So,the shit is dying down and thank goodness the man shot is recovering nicely, the neighborhood has been quite lately at that end anyhow, so anybody that has a problem with this property should probably take their issues and complaints to the property owners, and may God bless and keep u all safe.

  • I look at some comments and I’m disgusted by people judgemental bullshit. I have an honor knowing these guys for 3 years and they’re the best group of people you’ve ever come across. Those guys would’ve taken their last shirt from their backs and given it to you. I’m proud to call Trev and the whole TNT crew my friends [edit]. It’s easy to Judge and speculate what’s going on after reading a little article , but for wise , mature and compationate person , the first reaction should be a feeling of understanding of the misfortunate situation they went through and wish to Brad to heal up as fast as possible and God Bless y’all . Remember, don’t judge because you can be in that predicament and imagine your feeling when you read the article and your own townmates -your neighbors are so insensitive in the times when it counts. Shame on some of you. People are people : especially good people like Trev.i say it again : I’m honored to call them my friends.

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