Mendocino Sheriff’s Office Raids Marijuana Grow Inside Boundaries of the Hopland Band of Pomo Indian Rancheria

mcso Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSOThis is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

During the month of August the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of a large marijuana growing operation located in the 13800 Block of Nakomis Road but accessed off of Pratt Ranch Road in Hopland CA. The garden was located within the exterior boundaries of the Hopland Band of Pomo Indian Rancheria.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office consulted with representatives from the Federal Government and learned the Federal Government would not be asserting jurisdiction in this matter but was not opposed to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office proceeding with an investigation into the commercial cultivation of marijuana for sale.

On 9-2-2016 around 10:00 AM deputies with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by the Ukiah Police Department, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Mendocino County Department of Environmental Health, served a search warrant at the location. Hopland Tribal Police did not assist with this operation but were contacted regarding the matter and were provided a copy of the search warrant.

At the location 847 marijuana plants were eradicated. Three persons were detained, two of whom were later arrested. Suspect Zachary Diamond was arrested on charges of cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and possession of nunchaku (a prohibited weapon). Suspect Kyle Murphy was arrested on charges of cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale. Bail for both suspects was set at $50,000.

This case investigation is on going. Anyone with information related to this commercial marijuana growing operation is requested to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office tip line at (707)234-2100. Persons can provide tips and remain anonymous.



  • wait…what?? “possession of nunchaku” you mean it’s illegal to own nunchucks?? I mean pretty sure that’s what a ‘nunchaku’ is correct?? What’s next your not allowed to own throwing stars? Guess it’s hard for ninjas these days.

    • I’m trying to figure that out too. Because, as a black belt my husband carved me my own nunchucks. Then I was so bad with them they just hang on the bedroom door because they are beautiful. But I’m pretty sure I’d be more effective with a kitchen skillet than with them.

      • I mean obviously it is since it’s on the list of charges, but I must say that is idiotic. Nunchucks are literally 2 sticks with a small chain attaching them. If you knew how to use them of course they could be very lethal, but like you just said, so would a frying pan or literally almost anything else.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Maybe too in part why guns are being attacked……lesser weapons have lesser chances at being the first strike…….boom stick go boom, nunchukas aint shit unless it is hand to hand combat, and if too close for wind up flinging, nunchukas are only good for a choke hold or leverage bar……

        For what it is worth, everything in life is a weapon, but the idea of two sticks connected by a chord type being illegal is just not american constitutionalist thinking, let alone honest or reasonable…….

        but hey, we all live in a megalothic police state where gubbamint employees (gotta wuv this line…. it is not me, just doing what Gubbamint says…..
        response to why DMV rapes people on late registration fees caused because DMV did not mail the bill to the correct address, even after receiving change of address form last year)…..

        are always initially too quick to blame the higher ups when the low downs aide and abet the evilnessess by being paper pushing paid pandering public personnel propagandists (regarding reasonings to charge double fees on people who already struggle with rent, food, etc….) it just goes to show YET AGAIN Gubbamint don’t give a flying fracktard about affordable housing, health, etc…..nope, just money, taxes, power, control, chaos……

        imagine the DMV worker attempting to rape a registrant for double the fees because the registrant did everything as required except receive a renewal bill, and the State STILL tries to avoid blame, but charge the victim double.

        Just look at the gubbamint employee and ask them to put themself in the less fortunate’s shoes… it really humane to take a problem DMV caused and charge the registrant double? DMV says the renewals are a courtesy…well, no where in writing ANYWHERE is the word courtesy.

        A complaint can be filed, oppressiveness can be alleged on the basis of fact the word “courtesy” is not a defensible position the State can fall back on until “stated in writing.”

        Double fees waived, but only after an hour of wasted time and bullshit back and forth.

        Gubbamint is really that bad, terrible, missing the mark by light year miles….pafuckingthetic.

        On this raid, simple, Feds know they have little to zero jurisdiction on reservation land, but the State is a different set up.

        If water is not diverted, sedimentation run off not a problem, but the mere fact a plant is outlawed, then confiscation is not warranted.

        All points being, gubbamint workers usually never accept that they are a big part of the problem because the support of employment makes a person gauge their principles based upon selfish greeds and needs, not what is right versus wrong.

        • Ca. DMV fees are a racket. At least they were 20 years ago when i moved away. A couple months ago the tags on my pickup exprired. When my wife pointed this out to me, i ran down to the DMV expecting to pay a late fee. The lady told me 86 dollars please. I asked about a late fee, and she said nope. Just the registration fee. And here in Oregon registration fees are 86 dollars for two years no matter what you drive. My 86 F-150 cost the same as a 2017 Lambo.

      • Nunchaku are legal to possess for martial arts studios but you can’t just walk around with them . Throwing stars or shurikan have been illegal for a long time too .
        Welcome to commie fornia where self defense is illegal lol ..well sorta

        • Yes. It’s also illegal to walk around with a bo staff…. which happens to double as a walking stick.

          It’s probably no coincidence that these are all peasant weapons used, historically, to fight the samurai who could afford steel.

          Jury nullification.

      • I don’t care who you are… That’s shits funny right there

    • California is the only state in the US that they are illegal.

  • If you had only bought the dagger shaped like a dragon with sparkly wings…you would have been so savage. But you passed it up at the mini mart for the hello kitty nun-chucks. Amateurs dude.

  • PC section 22010-22090

  • So the Feds wouldn’t go on the Natives land but MCS will! A whole 847 plants. Wow! They have massive growers out there. But like the article says. They were made aware of this grow. Sounds like they were turned in. Karma’s a bitch to all you snitches out there.

    • AnonymousHumboldtian

      I personally don’t wan’t anyone arrested for cultivation. However, 847 plants is a lot of weed. That’s not “massive” but it’s really big. Karma is a bitch to everyone.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Maybe a lot.

        Tobacco farms grow how many plants? HOPS FARMS THE SAME.

        Ya, gubbamint is not in anyones best interest these days…….

        • AnonymousHumboldtian

          Only tobacco farms are allowed to grow tobacco. It’s heavily regulated by the “gubbamint” as you call it. You can’t grow a hundred square feet of medicinal tobacco in your back yard. It’s grown in mass by corporations like RJ Reynolds. I don’t know about hops, but your talking a whole different plant now. I’m glad that they don’t want people blowing up the hillside with nearly a thousand plants, and in some cases a lot more. If your gonna do thousands of plants, it should at least be on an ag exclusive property where you don’t have to completely change the landscape by dozing a hillside. I’m all for growing weed, but I also love nature. I don’t like the thought of people making a quick buck at the expense of our environment.

          • It is not against the law to grow your own tobacco without a permit. Sign of the times so many think that it is.

          • I’ve grown my own tobacco plants right here in Humboldt, from tobacco seeds I bought at a nursery right here in Humboldt. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t breaking the law. Okay well I probably was breaking some law but not by growing tobacco.

      • Yes so interesting
        Zach was a key informant in my 2007 jury trial which landed me 127 month fed sentence
        Oh karma

  • It’s high time we took back all the “can’t do” power from the gubament and handed it back to the “can do” people . Revolution is inevitable at this pace . It’s not a conspiracy to believe the gubament is out for itself and not the betterment of mankind or our nation . This is why the establishment can’t keep control in November . Get out the vote !

  • Along the boundary is not “inside” the boundary.

  • Sort of nuts that the people who were here before columbus cannot safely live on their ancestral land and grow a plant that evolved naturally on planet earth. We really need some kind of major overhaul of our way of thinking about life on this orb. We really have bigger issues than cannabis but they are buried under bogus shit like who salutes what waving banner. Humans are not the peak of evolution, they are the nadir

    • Absolutely agreed!!!! What a waste of time & TAXPAYER dollars to remove something that helps so many!!! But BIG Gubabamint sez NO!!!! So of course even if it makes NO sense they chop it down anyhow!!!! Then instead of donating it to a LEGAL Dipensary they just shred it, making it an even BIGGER waste of time & $$$$!!!!! :-C

  • As we watch our forests burn & our clean air filled with smoke, the choppers dumping precious water, the epa “accidentally” dumping into the Colorado river AGAIN, Gov Brown releasing important life sustaining water into the ocean as we watch our farms go bare, citizens fined & imprisoned for self defense & for growing a healing plant, the local police turning into militarised feds, it’s becoming more & more difficult to be asleep.

  • I find is curious growers charge so much for this “medicinal plant” that is easy to grow, gives abundant harvests, easy to process, etc., yet there is all this controversy about corporations raising the price of drugs and limiting access. What’s the difference between corporate greed and individual greed? The price is artificially high to provide a income. Pot farmers should face the same challenges as apple farmers, kale farmers, and growers of other healthy foods, as food is medicine. All other farmers have to register with the county, and state if organic, maintain a “Good Agriculture Plan”, and “Safe Handling Plan” on site for State inspection. “Food” Farmers have to monitor agricultural runoff, and face huge fines for water issues. All farmers, pot, food, xmas tree, whatever should have consistent and fair guidelines that they follow, for the health of their families, farms, and communities.
    Seems like if everyone was so concerned about providing access to this wonder drug that they would lower the price, taking away the incentive for illegal/criminal activity and make it available to those that need it, that’s what I would like to see. Legalize pot, support family and community diversified farms.

    • AnonymousHumboldtian

      This “medicinal plant” requires water, fertilizer, labor, fencing materials etc. It all requires money. If you want cheap weed, grow it yourself.

      • Yep, you are correct that farming requires capital. All farmers pay for fencing, fertilizer ( unless they have a great onsite composting program), water, labor, taxes, insurance etc. My point is that an apple farmer who typically won’t see any profits from his crop for at least 4-5 years, and has the same costs, gets only $2.99/lb for apples, while pot farmers get substantially more. Other medicinal herbs such as goldenrod or ginsing rarely are sold for over $20-$30/ lb, and these farmers have the same if not more overhead than pot farmers. This is where pot gives the appearance of greed, each plant is capable of generating up to $5,000, without the regulations that other farmers face. Fencing is a one time cost, if you are spending more then$10/plant/season you are overfertilizing and impacting the surface and groundwater. Pot should be legal and treated the same as other crops and farmers.

        • ginseng rarely sold for over 20-30$ per lb? where did you read that? maybe for like lowest of low quality but depending on the age and quality of the ginseng it can go as high as 800-1200per pound. look it up. As for 1 marijuana plant yielding 5,000$ worth of bud…Oh I see, no need to explain yourself. It is possible 1 plant could generate that much but the average plant does nowhere close to that unless you sell your lbs on the eastcoast for like triple what there worth here. So ya 5,000 per plant is possible if it’s a massive plant and you have connections elsewhere. In general though most growers are not making anywhere near 5k per plant.

          • What is a pound of weed going for in NoCal, Saucy?

            Five pound plants are common around these parts and $1000/lb is a bit low.

            • theres too many variables to give a definitive price, but ya your right 5 pounders are somewhat common AROUND HERE, but the way I look at it, anybody that thinks 1 plant in general is worth 5k has been watching too much T.V. Sure you could grow a plant that yields 5 or more pounds, it’s not that easy though. massive plants are a lot of work, and I know a lot of people just do light deps now and when you do a light dep your plants are not pulling anywhere near 5 pounds each and are worth nowhere near 5k each. And if you need more evidence that ‘tm’ has no idea what he’s talking about, he said something about if your spending more then 10$ per plant per season your over fertilizing. YA RIGHT!! if your only spending that much per plant, your plants are yellow as lemons and are certainly not gonna make you anything close to 5k each…LMFAO

              • Same haircut different decade

                Actually it is possible Mr.saucy. we spend nothing on our plants and yield that. It really does depend on how you do it and who you are and why you do it. You don’t need liquid fertilizer.

    • Amen. Truth is most growers are dishonest scumbags cashing in on weed prohibition. Of course they’re gonna spout off about medicine and freedom etc, they’re never gonna admit to the truth. Roll on legalization when joe farmer in Ferndale can grow weed and blow these [edit]out the water.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Illegality supports the high price. Nothing curious or mysterious about it. Anybody who has been through the legal system knows that. Vote for weed for all adults. Get off your ass. It is not fully legal (with reasonable restrictions ) yet in Cali. 5 lb. plants are not common. Vote down any tax excise or otherwise that charges you per square foot BEFORE you sell your crop. That’s just greedy politicians with dollar signs gleaming in their eyes. Tax at point of SALE. Anything can happen to a crop before and after harvest.

  • MCSO ALWAYS TARGETS MENDOCINO’S NATIVE AMERICAN POPULATION, AND OF COURSE TOM ALLMAN IS THE “PAST GRANDMASTER OF THE WILLITS MASONIC TEMPLE”, of course it was freemasons responsible for the Genocides around Mendocino and Humboldt Counties in the 1850’s and into the 1900’s… that means only three generations ago…. many of the freemasons in the local Temples knew Freemasons who were “brothers” of their Masonic “brothers” were responsible for many of these racist, holocaustic attacks and rounding up of our Native Aboriginal Population…. do the history work! The racism still exists today… look in the news!

  • Mendo law enforcement has become increasingly vigilant in busting growers for having weapons. It used to be, that a .22 rifle or whatever was recognized as a normal thing to have on a homestead. Now it’s one more charge they can throw at you, so they will have more leverage when they are strong-arming you into taking a plea. It’s “possession of a firearm in commission of a felony”, an add-on charge. So if they bust you for felony cultivation, it adds a year to your sentence. The sheriffs and DA are like the mafia. If you don’t pay them, they will break your windows. It’s totally corrupt, people are always wondering how they can bust so many little grows, and overlook the ones with 1000’s of plants. The only way to ever get out of this cycle is to drop all laws against growing weed. That won’t happen because the law is as hooked on the $ as anyone.

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