Woman Charged With Death of Infant

Ewa MisztalWhen tiny Jane Doe died in a hospital a few days ago, she was less than two months old. Her mother wasn’t at her cribside. The twenty-eight-year-old Polish citizen, Ewa Misztal, sat behind bars accused of willfully harming her baby.

“We got a call about 11:30 in the morning” on August 27, said Detective Sergeant Todd Dockweiler of the Arcata Police. The person calling reported a “unresponsive child,” he said but Dockweiler declined to say who the person was. The infant was taken to the hospital and Misztal was arrested for felony child abuse on that day. Her bail was set at $50,000.

After the infant died while Misztal was still in custody, John Chiv who has been following the story from the beginning said the woman was charged with assault on a child causing death. Her bail was raised to $1,000,000. He describes her as crying during yesterday’s arraignment.

Jane Doe’s father was notified of his daughter’s death, said Dockweiler.



  • Did Misztal harm someone’s baby or is she the mother of this baby ?

  • WTF a child is dead and you are bashing a dad? Who in the hell said he was a deadbeat? I would be more concerned on how and why this child’s life was cut short!! So sad RIP little Angel…….

  • She wasn’t crib side because she was in custody. She being charged with harming the infant.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Can you say that with more clarity please? I have no idea what you just wrote. But what is she doing here? How long has she been in the US? Did she come here for school or on a work Visa? A pregnancy is going to screw that up (unless it was part of a plan) and a 2 month old dying in the middle of whatever issues she has says A LOT of different things to me, none of which are very positive.

    • I don’t think that Kym Kemp or anyone else has a full biography of this woman. If you don’t have access to the information you seen to urgently need, then a news source doesn’t have access to that info either. We both play by the same rules. Maybe you could write to the woman in custody and ask if she wouldn’t mind writing an autobiography and documenting every detail of her life along with a timeline and sending to it you when shes done.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        News sources with access do withold information on a case by case situation for a plethora of reasons.

        For all we know right now, a child was unresponsive, mother arrested, child died, daddy informed of death……..not much to adjudicate.

      • Wow. What rattled YOUR cage? af

      • Ewa lived with us. Her child’s name was Gigi and she was beautiful. There is obviously more to the story than the news will say. I’m heartbroken at the loss of my angel Gigi.

    • I don’t have all that information. Law enforcement chose not to give it at this time. The basic information restated is: Mother was arrested after child was found unresponsive. Child dies in hospital. Mother charged with child’s death.

    • Bunjee, her preliminary hearing is on September 14, so assuming it goes as scheduled, I plan to cover it and will share that information with Kym, so you should have some answers soon.

      There is a piece of information I am not going to publish until I do some additional verifying but have passed on what I know to the DA and her public defender. She looked healthier in court than this booking photo.

      I can tell you this much, she does not have any family locally. No one came to court yesterday.

      • “There is a piece of information I am not going to publish until I do some additional verifying but have passed on what I know to the DA and her public defender.”

        So do you know this woman personally, are you an eyewitness to the “crime”, are you a private investigator for either the DA or her attorney, are you the medical examiner or doctor who had anything to do with this baby? In other words, what exactly is your role in this case other than being an observer in the courtroom? If you are simply an observer in the courtroom then I really hope the DA and this woman’s attorney disregard whatever this “information” is that you’ve given them because it has no merit. I am not defending this woman, but I do know that she, like all of us in this country, has the right to a fair trial based on facts.

      • She is family to me. And this photo is horrible. She was beautiful healthy woman. Gigi is lost. But there is still hope in the world

  • John Chiv is extremely biased & unreliable as a “news” source IMO

    • No more biased than everyone else that has an opinion about things. Maybe what you mean to say is you don’t agree with him.

  • Thanks Kym.

  • Looks like Mommy is a tweaker, what a mess and a tragedy.

    • MissEmeraldtriangle

      Or she could be a victim of abuse, that can also really change a person’s face, we don’t know really. There are a lot of eastern European women that are victims of human trafficking in this area. Super sad either way poor baby. Crimes against children never make sense.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Tweeker, drug abuse……..play on words……semantics, dag nabbit.

        • MissEmeraldtriangle

          I honestly don’t know and am not defending a person who hurt their baby. I hope she stays in jail forever for harming a child…. I did mean physical abuse not drug abuse …and we do actually have a problem with sex trafficking along our coastlines due to the shipping ports and yes also the foreign crime organizations who have ties to our areas.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Human trafficking????

        Illegal and Legal Immigration, work visas, etc…. worse than mediaized……imagine that, immigrants with criminal intentions……

    • She wasn’t on ANY drugs. She was very sad throughout the entire pregnancy and wasn’t prepared for a child. We cared for her and she didn’t do ANY drugs. She had intense postpartum depression

  • The lady had no remorse for what she had done, She pretend cried yesterday in court. I must have missed the tears cause if that was a mother who cared she would have been unbearably crying. In a position of harming your own child or anyones and causing death and now about to be charged with murder she didn’t seem to be to broken up about the situation, so sad. May the baby rest in peace.

    • Everyone responds to tragedy in different ways. We can’t judge unless we are in her shoes and we definitely not want to be so let’s just say the prayers for the baby and not condemn someone we don’t know the truth about.

  • This may seem like a stupid question, but why are they calling the baby ‘Jane Doe?’ Did she not have a real name? Poor baby needs to be remembered by her name. At least a first name.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Wow….pretty sad. Far too low of a bail.

  • I have met this person through the father. She was very strange. She was using heroin around the time of arrest. There was no sex trafficking involved. The Father is a small business owner (witch she had to be removed by police from) and not a drug user. She was with the “father” for about a month then he made he leave. He met her in Arcata. He wanted nothing to do with her after he found strange e-mails. She was also very possessive with him. Then she told him she was pregnant. It has been all down hill since. This woman also has a some what wealthy family in Poland. I (personally) beleave she did it because the father did not want to be with her.

    • Well if what you say is true, this could not have worked out better for who you call “the father”

      Though I would label the male in this ordeal as The Deadbeat Sperm Donor

      • I never said he didn’t have any thing to do with the child, I said mother. But think you for calling the father of a dead child a deadbeat. All because he wanted nothing to do with that evil B*tch. Ignorant.

    • She wasn’t on Heroin.

  • Only she knows the real truth.

  • RIP tiny angel!!

  • Please I need more info about Ewa and the trial.does she have a good lawyer?I believe that it was a horrible accident.she wouldn t have harmed a fly, I know Ewa and she is one of the most beautiful intelligent and inspiring person that I ve ever met.I met her in my travels and we spent 6 months togheter, she never showed any signs of aggresion, she always had a clear mind and deep understanding of things.this is absolutely horrible, I want to believe that there is a chance for her.she needs support.

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