Woman Dies in Accident Near Leggett

CHP Feature FatalityPress release from the California Highway Patrol:

On August 30, 2016, at approximately 7:32 PM, a 1994 Ford Escort driven by a female, whose name is currently being withheld pending notification of next of kin, was traveling southbound on US-101, south of the Empire Camp rest area.  For reasons still under investigation, the Ford traveled off the west roadway edge. The Ford then re-entered the roadway and traveled across all lanes before it collided with a large tree east of US-101. Northbound US-101 traffic was restricted to one lane for the collision investigation and vehicle removal until approximately 10:44 PM. The driver, and only occupant of the vehicle, sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Agencies on scene were Cal-Fire, Leggett Fire, Mendocino County Sheriff, and CHP.
This collision remains under active investigation by the California Highway Patrol and it is unknown at this time if drug and/or alcohol impairment were a factor in this collision.



  • Automobile Pinball??? Whatever the case sorry to hear of yet another fatality seems like there’s a CDL in EVERY box of Cracker Jack these days, judging by all the wrecks!!! A damned shame people can’t drive worth a damn sometimes!!! This person paid with their life!!! WAKE UP & watch where you’re driving, you’ll live longer!!!!

  • So very sorry to the family.R.I.P we are having alot of crash ‘ s lately.please drive safe and sober!Arrive Alive!!

  • That particular stretch of road can be tricky. 65 mph seems fast sometimes w/ the curves. Potential traffic entering or leaving at the rest area and the swimming hole. That sand house there is because it freezes sometimes in winter- black ice. A number of lives have been lost between there and Bell Springs Rd- Spy Rock Rd….This could have happened for many different reasons. Please drive safely through here! Rest in peace, fellow traveler…

    • Yes, it does seem like there are a lot of crashes in that general area this year. Maybe an analysis of the crashes would find the commonalities and a approach to make this stretch of road safe as possible.

  • Sorry for the family’s loss. Sadly second accident in that area yesterday.

  • Sounds like tire failure

    • I had a tire blow out on me while driving on 101. It was very scary and had my car spinning. It was late at night and fortunately not a lot of traffic.

  • Or swerving to avoid a deer? I think that happens frequently. Hit the damn deer folks. Hold the wheel firmly, brake & hit the damn deer. Live people beat dead deer every time IMO

    • The cardinal rule: Hit the Damn Deer! Teaching my daughter to drive, we had a first-hand experience with that rule. (Except braking….We decided a “hit” at speed would result in a cleaner kill and maybe take the body off the road, so that’s what we do. But we pack hunting knives in our vehicles, and always double back to end suffering (and to drag the carcass off the road to prevent the death of the buzzards, if possible.) af

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