[UPDATE 1:50 p.m.] Gap Fire Continues to Swallow Wildland

Fire crews working on the Gap Fire [Photo from Inciweb]

Fire crews working on the Gap Fire [Photo from Inciweb]

Yesterday the Gap Fire burning northeast of Happy Camp devoured another 4000 acres nearly reaching 12,829. Only 5% of the perimeter is contained on this large forest fire which started on the 27th and continues to grow quickly.

Gap Fire August 31

The Gap Fire swallowed more acres yesterday making a run to the north and pushing it’s perimeters south and west also. To see a large version, click on the map for a pdf.

Fortunately, the major push of the fire yesterday was away from the small settlements of Seiad Valley and Hamburg. Mandatory evacuations have been lifted. Residents in the area are advised to be prepared to leave though should conditions change.

Gap Fire

Gap Fire map using information from a heat imagery taken 10:01 p.m. August 31.

Over 1,000 firefighting personnel are at the scene. Several spot fires jumped across Hwy 96 in the Horse Creek area last night. Through the dark, firefighters battled the flames and the road remains open at this time.

The Gap Fire is almost centered in the footprints of previous fires. [Labeled version of a map created here.]

The Gap Fire is almost centered mid the footprints of previous fires. [Labeled version of a map created here.]

UPDATE 1:50 p.m.: Information from the National Forest Service:

A Forest Closure Order has been issued for the area surrounding the Gap Fire, including a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. The complete Closure Order can be found by clicking here

A news release fromm the Siskiyou County Health and Human Services Agency regarding the health impacts of smoke from the Gap Fire can be found by clicking here

In addition a video of a Forestry Service spokesperson addressing local residents can be found on the Yreka news here.

A projection of where the smoke will likely be over the next few days can be found here.



  • 4 large fires in the same general area in as many years. Not impossible but it does make you wonder. There is a lot of money to be made by various contractors and vendors when it comes to large fires.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      The Cal Fire illegal tax is set up to charge homeowners only…….

      All the while, the culprits who start these fires are arsonists and liberal progressive types who cut up mother nature for trails and shit, and act like pompous asshats who are too snootish to sniff their own bullshit.

      Media example of a progressive liberal:

      “As unlikely as it may sound, she said, the afternoon of Aug. 5 was so hot and dry that a spark from a bike pedal against a rock, acting like a flint, was able to ignite cheatgrass and spread to brush and trees on the surrounding hillsides.

      Butler did not say whether the Forest Service knows who was riding the bike that started the blaze. But she said the agency would not pursue charges because the ignition was not malicious.”

  • Has their been any word on our fire fiters and how they are doing

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