Crash on Henderson and H Street

Henderson and H crashHenderson and H crash [All photos by Brett Gronemeyer]

A crash occurred around noon today at H Street and Henderson in Eureka. No one appears to have been injured, according to Brett Gronemeyer who photographed the aftermath.

Avoid the area for a bit while the crash is being cleared.



  • Another Crash! What’s the problem here?

    • The problem is we are medicated monkeys with zero attention spans and are individually driving two ton mechanical horses designed to move 5 people while looking at mobile phones. It doesn’t matter how the lanes are painted or how many speed humps there are or how slow we set the speed limit.

    • We could all ride horses and have a different problem.

  • Outlaw cars, or drivers, or cell phones, or just outlaw the stupid drivers that run red lights. Better yet, give them serious fines.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Even better, suspended license and jail time. Threat to public safety. Clear and present danger.

    • I almost got wiped out there on Saturday while riding my motorcycle down H when some retard in a black BMW run a red light missing me by a couple feet! The light had been red for him for awhile too so he wasn’t speeding to get through a yellow.

      • Sounds like the same pea-brain idiot who decided to swing up S ST. And turn left on Buhne towards Harrison. Newer model black SUV ran a red and as he passed around me he took out my drivers side rear view mirror. If my elbow had been out an inch he would have taken out my arm. And of course almost hit oncoming traffic. And it goes without saying—the idiot didn’t stop.actually went faster. Be careful folks. Lots of losers on the road posing as “drivers”.

  • People run the lights all the time in this part of town. It’s scary gotta be focused while driving on H & I these days.

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