Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Welcomes New Employees


The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department welcomes new employees. [Photo credit: HCSO]

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:
Sheriff Mike Downey is pleased to announce the swearing in for five new Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office employees. The new employees and their positions are as follows:

1. Katrina Gutierrez – Correctional Cook
2. Roque Flores – Correctional Deputy
3. Richard Sanchez – Correctional Deputy
4. Tyler James – Deputy Sheriff
5. Tim Jones – Deputy Sheriff

The Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing competent, effective and responsive public safety services to the citizens of Humboldt County. If you are interested in a career in law enforcement, please visit to view current job opportunities and apply today.

Mike Downey



  • Amazing, Krispy Kreme wins again. Seriously tho good luck and best wishes.

  • The two guys on the left look pretty solid, the rest seem to be affirmative action placements.

  • Only two of them are in good condition to get out of car to foot persuit lol

  • Yeah and what up with the bic lighter to the eyebrows?

  • The two on the left are deputies (they look like they could run someone down)… the others are the Sheriff himself and some correctional people who will not be needing to run anyone down or do heavy lifting… Geeze peeps give people a break. If they weren’t working you’d say “lazy”, they get a job and you have something else nasty to say.

    Joan Rivers used to say “punch UP, not DOWN”. Aim humor at yourself or at people bigger than you. Don’t pick on the “little people” because as they say – you never know when your circumstances may change… downwards.

    And besides, in this here country, if you want to be annoying and have nothing real to say Lost Coast Outpost really wants you. Click <<< there.

    • Bravo! Well said!

    • So just because you think you don’t have to run someone down you aren’t required to be in good physical condition? They need to have better system than under 14:30 mile and half time or medical waiver just sayin

  • Good luck and hope you all stick around longer than a few months. It’s not an easy job. Didn’t Jones used to work for EPD? And to the upper management people, make your staff feel appreciated and maybe they will stick around. You have a real bad retention rate. Could be because there are several upper management that are assholes and tell the staff “it doesn’t matter if you quit, we will always get more. You are easily replaced”
    Nice right?! Good luck folks. I wish you all the best!

  • They’re Hispanic, not Mexicans, and their families might have been here since way before yours.

  • She’s the cook u dumbos. Never trust a skinny cook. It’s a rule, I think maybe somewhere.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Meal Team Six front and center…

    Crime will drop around buffets.

  • With the stripes Deputy Jones has on his arm I don’t think he will be on patrol anytime soon..I would say he has the rank of Captain or at least a Lieutenant …Good luck to all of them…..

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