Mendocino Sheriff: Last Night’s Assault in Laytonville Was Murder, Names Victim

The assault we reported on earlier that occurred in Laytonville last night is now being called a murder by the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office. See press release from them below. Please remember the information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

mcso Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSOOn 8-28-2016 around 8:42 PM the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office was advised of an assault that occurred in the parking lot of Boomers Bar in Laytonville CA.  Deputies were advised that an adult male, Suspect Charles Reynolds, had assaulted another male, Victim Kenneth Fisher, in the parking lot of the establishment and the victim was unresponsive due to his injuries. Information provided indicated the suspect was seen walking from the area towards another business in Laytonville.  As Deputies responded they received reports that the victim’s injuries were life threatening and cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was being administered at the scene.  Laytonville Ambulance Service responded and transported the victim to Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits where he succumbed to his injuries.

The California Highway Patrol responded to assist MCSO with the call and observed the suspect near the Wheels Café in Laytonville and detained him until Deputies arrived.  The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detective Unit responded to assist with the investigation.  Witness indicated there did not appear to be any type of altercation between the two men, prior to the assault.  Witnesses indicated the suspect struck the victim one time with his fist.  Charles Reynolds was arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Jail on an open charge of murder (187 PC). His is being held on a “no bail” status.

Anyone with information regarding his incident is encouraged to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detectives Unit at (707)234-2100.

Earlier Chapter: Assault at Boomers in Laytonville; CPR Performed on Victim



  • So there were 2 vicims ?

  • Sad ending to a life.thats two lives

  • Wow. Another one! This is getting scary. I have friends down there. I can’t believe these seem to be happening so often. Just unreal. No matter the circumstances, no one deserves to lose their lives! Praying for his family and the whole community…😢

  • RIP, young Kenneth.

  • Kenny didn’t deserve this. Always happy and a solid member of this community. You will be missed.

  • One punch sounds like involuntary manslaughter to me.. Calling it murder gives the impression the victim had his brains stomped out all over the parking lot.
    Why sensationalize something that’s already terrible by nature?
    Is the young man dying not good enough for ratings?

    • I think you must not understand that I am not calling it murder, the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department is. I don’t think they are interested in my ratings. If you notice, the first words tell you this is a press release from them. The title indicates that the term murder came from them also. I also color the press release yellow with a green stripe down the side to help people recognize this is information from someone other than me.

      • You really do not need to defend yourself or take remarks like that one personally. You are such a softie. Don’t misunderstand me, I like that about you. But it really isn’t personal

        • One punch as the creep caught him from behind. No words even exchanged before this! And this is not the first time this sad excuse for a human being has done this, fortunately all others survived. Kenny was a bright light in our community, never caused trouble. We are grieving, we want justice. I call it murder.

          • If it was a sucker punch, the charges should be as severe as possible. Rule#1 in a fight: don’t turn your back or take your eyes off your opponent. Most bullies lose in a fair fight.

          • That sad excuse of a human is a father a son and a brother he is not violent by nature he looks mean cause the tattoos he’s big from playing rugby and I know for a damn fact Charlie wouldn’t hit no one from behind he doesn’t need to he’s a big boy,don’t get me wrong he is not an angel but he’s not a monster he is my cousin I’ve known him our whole life’s he wouldn’t swing a finger unprevoked and wouldn’t sicker punch any one no matter size or situation so keep your[edit] comment bout your projected feelings to your self

    • It’s up to the court to say what level it is. Manslaughter is still murder. I’ve been hit leaving boomers and fell and hit my head. Kenny was a friend. His father still is and always will be.

      • No, manslaughter is not murder, although both are homicides.

        It’ll be up to the DA to determined if there’s evidence of malice aforethought (that element which distinguishes murder from manslaughter). But for now it doesn’t matter a bit what charge the LEO have laid; if it’s no bail (until) the hearing) he ain’t going nowhere nohow.

        And just based on the report from the PR it looks like malice aforethought is a strong possibility leading to 2nd degree murder and (depending on if there was a prior history between the thug and the victim) premeditation (for first degree murder) may also be in play.

    • Enough Laytonville TAPOUT PUNKS

      The days of men having a dissagreement and challenging eachother to a FAIR fight is over, now days these bully punk guys take cheap shots on unsuspecting victims and punch them square in the head, they then claim “I knocked him out” as some sort of victory proclamation. Cheap shot, false crack, call it what you will, the good old days of an “honest brawl” between two men is over.. these days there is this “tap out” and “knockout” culture of young and old punks that go around the local bar scene playing “the knockout game” where unsuspecting people out to have a good time, just like this good young man, they are knocked out or killed by the senseless random act of violence of somebodys violent unforseen attack … My family and I all hope they lock this punk ass up for a long time for this random act of senseless violence and murder! Enough of this Laytonville MMA wanna be fighter culture, they are not tough guys, they are VIOLENT MORONS… Send a clear message to others playing the tough guy “one punch knockout game” by sending this punk to meet bubba in prison.

      • I totally agree with you sir!! The knockout punks need to be dent a lesson. Especially if this guy has hurt people in the past and luckily none of the other people have died but it all takes is just that one person and he’s taken somebody’s life! Kenny was a good guy. Not a mean provoking person who deserved to be hit at all let alone be killed.

    • Enough Laytonville TAPOUT PUNKS

      Its murder dumass, he hit the guy with no apparent for no apparwnt reason and with no challenge to fight according to witnesses. … he took a cheap shot and hit the guy square, thereby killing him. No sense sticking up for this violent punk ass. He is a danger to the community and needs to be put away for a very long time, not only for his punishment but to send a message that this sort of senseless and unjustified attack will not be tolerated, not in the bar, not in the street.. no where! Those Laytonville and Willits punk asses and the local wannabe gangsters have been in our local bars selling drugs, cocaine and meth and beating people up for he last several years. .. time for task force to do something to clean up the local bar, meth, cocaine ring, both at Boomers, Diggers, and Als Redwood Room…. get the coke dealers outta our bars and community, clean these dirty drug filled bars up!

      • sounds like you want to tell the 50. please do and help clean up your town. ain’t no shame in asking for help

      • So they both went outside because of an altercation? Sounds like a honest brawl to me.

      • local truthteller

        Please tell
        Please tell the truth
        Please tell people who can stop this
        Please tell Alison, MCSO, DA
        The most meaningful way you can put your rightful outrage to good purpose is to not hide what you know, if you know what you imply you know then let’s let this be where the righteous say “enough senseless violence”.
        Please, his mama is asking for answers on a public forum less then 24 hrs after losing her son.

  • “Tap-out” culture claims another victim. If only these type of idiots learned to paint, draw, or play with clay while still in school.

  • Wow he died from 1 punch. must have got hit either in the throat or in the temple? anybody concur? Very sad though.

    • He was hit square on the temple. Never regained consciousness. I’ve been asking everyone I could find who might have known something. If anyone else knows something they can tell me that is a fact and not just rumor or opinion please post here. I’m his mom. I need to know just what happened to my only son.

      • Alison, this Matt. I used to pastor the church there. I am so, so incredibly sorry. This is terrible. Your boy was a good kid. It’s such a loss. I am so sad for you and for Laytonville. Prayers for you and everyone!

      • My heart breaks with u he was Jordan’s best friend always up here riding motorcycles

      • It’s Emily Westwood here and I’m a very sorry for your loss you raised a wonderful son. Please let us know if you need anything amd we are thinking of you and sending much love!

      • I was lucky enough to have met and recently become friends with Kenny. I am so sorry you lost your son. He will be missed by this entire community. The scum who did this walks around trying to start fights with anyone he crosses paths with. Kenny was such a good guy and This community will miss him so much. Again, I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine what your going thru. My thoughts and prayers are with you

        • If you actually heard this scum say anything about wanting to pick fights please talk to the county sheriff’s dept.

      • Just another momma

        From one momma to another, I am so, so sorry for the senseless loss of your son. Its the call no mother ever wants to receive, the impossibly horrific task of planning services for your son who had his whole life ahead of him. I pray for you to get answers and justice you and all Kenny’s family and friends need, and pray for comfort and strength to face the days ahead.

      • Alison I’m very sorry for your loss and I also lost my cousin in this fight,altercarion,whatever you want to call it ,Charlie is my cousin he looks like a bad guy but he’s really a nice guy he’s a father of a beautiful baby girl he’s a son to a mother on oxygen and a brother to Mary jo time n time through he’s a man of honor integrity faith and loyalty he works his ass off 60 hrs a week in the construction field and then comes home to be a single dad raising his daughter,all you I’ll informed and wrongfully judgemental idiots that say ufc this tap out that bullshit don’t have a clue about Charlie he didn’t do the ufc tap out crap,he played rugby rode motorcycles fished played with his kiddo talked with his friends over beers and busted his ass at work, I hope that justice prevails on his case for him and our family and I hope for the other guys family that they can find it in their hearts to have understanding and forgiveness Charlie was not a thug a fucking drug dealer not a p.o.s that didn’t provide for his kids,not a lazy sack that collects welfare n grows pot and calls it a honest living,it’s sad I agree on both sides of this situation but I’m sorry for your family’s loss Aliso and the rest of you judgmental idiots that didn’t know man “responsible” for this should not speak on it if you did not know him how can you judge him

  • That’s so sad! My condolences to his family and friends

  • Guarantee you this would not have happened if they were drunk on weed. Boomers is a dump. No security and everyone gets falling down drunk. Surprised this doesn’t happen every weekend.

  • local truthteller

    To Kenny’s family I send my love and prayers.
    I have known Kenny since he was young and he was kind and good and deserved to live his life.

    A good man would be alive today if another man had not killed him.
    I find it is best to save compassion for the innocent victim, always.

  • I hope that the suspect pays for what he has lock him up and throw away the key away

  • Enough Laytonville TAPOUT PUNKS

    This is MURDER. TIME TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THESE “KNOCKOUT PUNKS”, The knockout game claims another life!
    The days of men having a dissagreement and challenging eachother to a fight is over, now days these bully punk guys take cheap shots on unsuspecting victims and puch them square in the head, they then claim “I knocked him out” as some sort of victory proclamation. Cheap shot, false crack, call it what you will, the good old days of an “honest brawl” between two men is over.. these days there is this “tap out” and “knockout” culture of young and old punks that go around the local bar scene playing “the knockout game” where unsuspecting people out to have a good time, just like this good young man, they are knocked out or killed by the senseless random act of violence of somebodys violent unforseen attack … My family and I all hope they lock this punk ass up for a long time for this random act of senseless violence and murder! Enough of this Laytonville MMA wanna be fighter culture, they are not tough guys, they are VIOLENT MORONS… Send a clear message to others playing the tough guy by sending this punk to meet bubba in prison.

  • Marianne Anderson

    My cousin was killed in a bar fight. One punch yes and he fell and hit his head just right! I’m not saying this is the case here but it’s crazy how people are so quick to jump to conclusions! I wasn’t there and I’m pretty sure most of the people on here making most of the comments weren’t there either. Its horrible! This is an end to two lives IF this man is found guilty of 1st degree murder and if not then one man’s life ended last night. Either way it’s sad that people don’t let this play out in the court’s even for a minute before rushing to be Judge, juror and executioner! My heartfelt sympathy for this man and his family.

  • (Alisson dorman )I offer my prw ayers and condolences to and your family I lost my daughter ,so I know all to well the pain you are going threw. Again so sorry for your lose .I hope that who ever did this to your son is brought to justice ,and get all the punishment he deserves .I hope that the mendo sheriffs office is better than humboldt co. Some of the major murder up here they will probably never catch .so sorry for your loss .I hope if you read this post it will make you feel better .best wishes in justice for your son .

  • The mayor of Willits is talking about opening a brewery in the toxic REMCO building and property yet refuses to allow cannabusiness within the city limits. He tried to claim it is to protect the children. Not only is Willits full of racist drunk bullies but the town is run by a patriarchal dictatorship. If the children were protected in Willits the bully mentality that is corrupting our children’s minds and vocabulary would be addressed.

    • I’m sorry to hear this senseless death occurred.

      I’m also sorry to hear comments on the current state of Willits. It wasn’t that way when I lived there in 2011. Back then the most dangerous group was the LOCAL POLICE FORCE, in my experience.

      • Children getting off the school bus flipping off, throwing rocks and using vulgar language towards the bus driver was witnessed in Willits on the corner of South Lenore and East Valley in 2011. These kids appeared to be about 2nd grade. A few years ago when my granddaughter was three a kid in Willits called her a duche bag and she repeated it to me later. It’s been getting worse and I am not the only concerned parent regarding these bullying issues. It’s been going on for generations apparently and there seems to be a huge cover up and lack of quality education going on as well. Corruption runs deep in that neck of the woods. In about 2005 or 06 there was a love triangle murder in the Mendocino Savings Bank parking lot where a local girl was shot dead along with a few others. Apparently the corruption has been going on long time here. Nothing was done to other long standing repeat bullies roughing up women, mothers in that town as well! Disgusting mess! Cowards ought to be ashamed of themselves but their egos get in the way. People with chronic illness , women and children are being denied a quality of life and being exploited.

  • Alison I would check out this website

    Losing your Child is without a doubt the hardest thing you will ever go through in life but know that you are not alone. Kenny was such a sweet and caring young man and he definately had a postive impact on this small community. Grief is a solitary journey. No one but you knows how great the hurt is.
    No one but you can know the gaping hole left in your life when your child has died. And no one but you can mourn the silence that was once filled with laughter and song. It is the nature of love and of death
    to touch every person in a totally unique way. Comfort comes from knowing that people have made the same journey. And solace comes from understanding how others have learned to sing again. R.I.P. young soul, you will be forever missed 🙁 and prayers to you Alison, you will get through this. You never know how truly strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!

  • I was attacked in my house by a cheap shot as soon as I opened the door. I received a bad concussion and 3 years later have never been the same. I cannot believe why someone would do this to anyone. I’m so so sorry Alison and this is not fair, for anyone.

  • Tap Out is totally white trash marshal arts all the way when someone tells me tap out is good for children you have to seriously wonder why it is such a great thing load up the kids in the El Camino and go see WWF just like the 1980’s then on the way home pick up some Wonder bread, and some Kool aid for lunch tomorrow it will be another busy Saturday shopping at the flea market. Tap Out culture is totally B.S. especially when fueled by cheap liquor.

    • what does your comment have to do with what happened? Absolutely nothing. It was a bar altercation. Do u really think mma is to blame? The bar is an alcohol store not a fighting establishment. People get drunk and get stupid. Its called liquid courage for a reason.

  • Wow, I just read a lot of comments to this unfortunate tragedy and my heart ached for the words choosen out of hate for our towns. Shame on you! This is a time for grievance for both family’s involved. My prayers to the familys who are in loss. PARENTS FROM BOTH SIDES LOST A CHILD THAT NIGHT!

  • Very sad for all in this community Kenny was a bright light, the Dark POS that took him from us
    deserves the Death Penalty, No violent Ass*#les should get any break from the courts.

  • Courtroom Watcher

    Our condolences to the family of the man who died. The Mendo DA formally charged the defendant with felony assault by force likely to create great bodily injury, along with a sentencing enhancement of actual infliction of great bodily injury. As charged, this is a violent felony with a maximum exposure of up to 7 years in state prison. Finally, please do not equate the potential punishment, as legislated in Sacramento, with somehow being the value of the human life lost. Apples and oranges.

  • You miss the point he is a ex- felon with a violent history, thus he is taking up valuable oxygen, with no redeeming value amongst society, their is no rehabilitation in our current prison system only housing
    for profits. If he gets out again he will more than likely try and kill someone else, do you want it to be
    one of your family members next?

  • Sounds like a monster to me
    You’ll have plenty time to show your love when you visit his prison for the rest of his life. He’s a coward

  • We need to hold the establishments that allow this over consumption of alcohol responsible along with the patrons. Ive seen so many peoples lives ruined over a night a the bar. I dont know how but something needs to be done. Its hard to make the right choices when you can barely find the door.Kenny was a guy who always had a smile that brightened the room. Because of that i feel that people will find it in their heart to do better. Not forget about it or sweep it under the rug. Rest in peace kenny. We luv u..

  • Yeah the DA let him out on bodily injury assault, when after he killed my friend he walked to the next bar an was bragging about knocking him out before he was arrested, so be careful if you are in Lville or Willits this
    POS is loose again on the streets with no concern for human life!!!

  • It isn’t the bar’s fault this happened. It’s the punk who sucker punched Kenny. It’s his fault. And he shouldn’t be out endangering all of us by his violent behavior. The DA did a serious offense against the people in this county by setting this punk free.

    • Kenny's friend John

      Sentenced to 6 years. I’m in shock Thanks again Mendocino county. Unbelievable. Alison, I am so sorry. Kenny deserved better, I am just sick for the family right now.

  • I heard the POS was out, didn’t know if it were true or not. My deepest sympathy to you and your family, I didn’t know you Kenny, but I know your dad and you will be missed! It truely amazes me how alcohol is legally sold everywhere, everyday. People are killed everyday, somewhere, and it is alcohol related.

  • Boomers Bar Negligent

    At the same time Boomers provided no security whatsoever and knew there was an issue with the assaulter and did nothing. Also, did Boomers provide the liquor? Did they over pour as they normally do, which is illegal. What type of bar provides absolutely no security? ALSO: I think it showed no class whatsoever that Boomers Bar was open for business the next morning serving up the liquor; didn’t even shut their doors out of respect, or out of common sense. Boomers, such as wheels bar, doesn’t give a damn….

  • Did this asshole really get out???? The mendo police department should be ashamed of themselves. Kenny was a great guy. This piece of shit that ended his life has done this before and Iam sure will do it again. Charles Reynolds is a worthless piece of shit. unbelievable!!!!

  • R.I.P.

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