HSU Ranked Top 10 % by National College Guide


Humboldt State University HSU [Photo by Oliver Cory]

Information from Humboldt State University:

Humboldt State is ranked No. 53 out of 634 master’s degree-granting universities by the national College Guide, which was published this month by Washington Monthly Magazine.

“We rate schools based on their contribution to the public good in three broad categories: Social Mobility (recruiting and graduating low-income students), Research (producing cutting-edge scholarship and PhDs), and Service (encouraging students to give something back to their country),” the magazine states.

The Washington Monthly rankings often provide unexpected results, seeing famous private institutions perform lower than lesser-known schools “based on what they are doing for the country—by improving social mobility, producing research, and promoting public service,” the magazine says.

HSU joins several other California State Universities on the list, including two—CSU Stanislaus and CSU San Bernardino—that ranked in the top 10. The rankings are made based on a sample of 1,406 total colleges which includes public, private nonprofit, and for-profit colleges.

“California State campuses are located throughout the upper ranks of our master’s university rankings,” writes Kevin Carey in Washington Monthly. “They vary in how successfully they help students graduate and pay back loans, but their common thread is a high population of Pell-eligible students and unusually low net prices for students who aren’t well-to-do—the legacy of California’s historical commitment to accessible higher education, one that remains threatened by economic and budgetary pressures in the Golden State.”

Find the Washington Monthly’s guide and rankings here.



  • Interesting. The current issue of Sierra Magazine (Sierra Club) lists the top 100 “green” colleges and universities. HSU was not included.

  • I worked at HSU for 30 years. Attracting low income, educationally disadvantaged stdents was a priority only on paper. Closeby, the largest Native American reservation in the 3rd largest state exists, barely. HSU was seen by Native Americans (myself being one) as an adversary in every category important to Native American student, staff and what little faculty we had there. It was bad enough HSU was busing people of color from SoCAL to try to fill their quotas. Remenber that tragedy? How many people of color are at HSU in the above capacities, after years and years? Not near enough to be considered a “top ten” school. There are currently few Master’s degree offerings, besides the MSW Native Ameican emphasis. Go ahead status quo. Total Bull***t!

  • Lame….. The 3 broad qualities: 1. Social mobility (convincing poor people to take out student loans for worthless liberal arts degree) 2. Research (producing cutting edge scholarships and Phds; not cutting edge studies and achievements) 3. Service (giving something back to their country not their community; Feds stealing land from locals and making regs to deem what land is left useless).

  • Boycott the SF 49ers until Kaperjerk is cut!

  • How about this for good news. Congratulations ms kemp for citizen of the year’

  • My son went there in 2001 and was thrown out for drinking booze and selling pot on campus after 5 violations !!

  • I cannot convey strongly enough how I detest this mission-style faux facade of HSU! (There were no Spanish missions this far north.)
    The real crime was CUTTING DOWN THE REDWOOD TREES (a real live symbol of the area) and erecting this monstrous misrepresentation instead. I’m insulted every time I see it. Thanks, Rollin Richmond.

  • I agree, those buildings are ugly and totally in the wrong part of the state. the natives dont get enough respect here or anywhere. but having been to state schools in a few states and in CA Id say HSU is way above average as a place to get learning

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