Assault in Garberville on Sunday Night

scannerAccording to scanner traffic, an assault victim is being transported to Garberville Hospital after a man punched another in the face in the 900 block of Redwood Drive. The suspect “walked away.”

A Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy is responding to the hospital.



  • It’s just the biginning.

  • Another day in the life on the streets of G-Ville.

  • What's Happening

    What if the guy deserved it?
    Still considered assault ethically?
    Liberal politics have ruined society.

    • Liberal politics? Assault is assault regardless of who is right or wrong. If I were to shoot someone for raping a friend, I would go to prison for a long time. This has been the case well before [edit] like you started throwing the word liberals around.

      • Actually if you shot someone while they were raping a friend it’s justified and listed as a reason for deadly force

    • I don’t know …what if he did not not…sheesh…
      What if I punched you in the face? Would it be conservative politics?…lol

    • If it was self defense, defense of a third party, mutual combat or the puncher was provoked with “fighting words” by the punchee, then the punching would not be considered assault. Conservative politics have ruined your ability to know what you’re talking about before you open your yap.

      Google California PC 415.

  • in a sad funny (or die) kinda way it’s one thing i enjoy about the work i do in town at night.. just glad i no longer Live in town.. blessed B.
    anyway last night as one guy fell several times while trying to cross the street by calicoes (he crossed back and forth several times and fell several times during each trip..trip..huhu) another guy was looking for something for a long time under 3 specifically random rocks near chevron…
    once the sheriffs arrived to deal with the ‘tripper’ the guy gave up his hunt under the rocks and instead relieved himself in the window washing squeegee bucket.
    the freaks come out at night. but ive always trusted freaks (drug dependent).. “the enemy i see wears a cloak of decency”

  • I’ve always heard people call it garbageville!!I never really liked it but it’s true now.shame,we just drive by without a thought of stopping for lunch,or the shops they used to have we loved so it’s drugs and slime.yikes

    • I talk to a lot of travelers at work. The homeless issue is not confined to G’ville. Fully 1/3rd of all the homeless in the U.S. reside in California. If you include the rest of the west coast it probably reaches 4 out of 10. Homeless camps are springing up around many west coast towns. I can tell you that there are a number of different groups on the street and most are not “slime’. The fact that “downtown” Garberville only comprises a few blocks makes the issue more visible than the miles of mess that is Eureka. There is no shortage of customers for G’ville businesses. The difficulty is keeping employees when they can make better money in the pot economy. Thats why one sees Help Wanted signs all over town.

  • Zombies of Goobsterdam: good luck this season! We don’t really require your services in the streets, but if you get hurt we will take care of you at our very special “hospital-like” facility! Can’t really call it anything but a “band-aid” shop… It’s just for you, as no one else really wants to use it!

    • That’s pretty much true of the whole county. It seems that many major injuries in Humboldt gets flown to somewhere else. The best the local E.R.s can do is stabilize the patient, which is often life saving. A big part of the problem is the inability to staff the facilities at a level that can utilize the existing beds. St. Joe’s has had this problem for decades.

  • B Boy should write of his nocturnal observations more often. They are “sad” but entertaining, and easy to picture. G-vil is the hub of So. Hum. “culture” distilled. I like the “Cloak of Decency” comment. It’s true! At one time Garberville had a, oh lets call it a “scarf” of decency. It’s become a little stained and tattered, and isn’t quite as warm as it used to be. Thanks for the tip about the squeegee bucket!

  • At one time, the Sheriffs only picked up folks lying in the gutter.. You fought your way in the bar and fought your way out.. Those were the “good old days.”

  • I drove a Tow Truck graveyard shift in the San Fernando Valley. Drove down Sepulveda Blvd one night and saw Bouncers fighting patrons, two men fighting and one had the other in a choke hold, prostitutes arguing over who could stand where, Gang members rolling a drunk, Police wrestling someone to the ground. That all happened in the first two blocks off Roscoe. Sure makes Garberville look like a nice place to be.

    • Putting it in perspective. Nice. And at least this man didn’t die, like the unfortunate soul in Laytonville who was felled by one punch. Damn!

  • This is so weird because that lethal assault in Mendocino happened near the same time

  • $800 cab ride from the Blue Room to Phelps

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