Back to School!

CHP California Highway Patrol

Several local area schools are coming back into session this Monday, August 29th.  The Humboldt area CHP wanted to remind all pedestrians and drivers of the following:


HUMBOLDT, Calif. – School is back in session and the morning and afternoon is busy with parents and caregivers dropping off and picking up children at our local schools.  The California Highway Patrol would like to remind everyone to drive safely through school zones.  This will be the second year with many of our schools having the reduced speed limit from 25 MPH down to 15 MPH. So please pay attention to the posted speed limits near your child’s school.  Also drivers please refrain from being distracted with cell phones and other dangerous driving behaviors.  Please watch for pedestrians and bicyclists and use caution at and near crosswalks.

Also, since so many kids will be out and about, it’s a good reminder that all kids under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet when operating a bicycle, skateboard, skates/rollerblades, or scooter (Per CVC 21212). Growing brains need to be protected by a sturdy helmet.  For further information on bicycle safety, check out this California DMV page.

Have a fantastic first day of school!



  • Be safe!!look both ways before crossing the.street.thanks for the heads up.we were wondering when they went back.thanks again have a good year

  • Thank you Kym for this info, not having children in school any-more I was wondering when it started All of you with children in school, have a wonderful year!!!

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