Moonshine, Money, Marijuana, Mushrooms Found in Bell Springs Bust on Wednesday, Says BLM

Large number of law enforcement Redway

BLM gathered with other law enforcement agencies at the California Highway Patrol office in Redway on Wednesday morning. [Photo provided by a reader]

Information received from the Bureau of Land Management:

On Wednesday August 24th, agents from the Bureau of Land Management, Office of Law Enforcement and Security served a search warrant at multiple locations and arrested three people at the scene of a drug manufacturing site in the Bell Springs Road area of southern Humboldt County.

Agents documented an unauthorized structure, water tanks, open septic tanks and debris on the public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and seized marijuana, concentrated cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms, a honey oil laboratory, an active alcohol distillery (moonshine), cash, a money counting machine, weapons, ammunition and packaging materials.

Agents and natural resource specialists documented numerous violations related to environmental damage.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office- Drug Enforcement Unit, CAL FIRE Law Enforcement, California Department of Fish and Wildlife- Watershed Enforcement Team, Tri-Counties Drug Enforcement Team and the North State Marijuana Investigation Team assisted in the operation. The investigation is on-going.

The Humboldt County Sheriff booking log showed that two individuals were arrested by BLM on Wednesday. Kyle Gerry Campau was arrested for a manufacturing charge at 1:34 p.m. and in an ironic twist, at 4:20 p.m., Glen David Carstenen was arrested for marijuana cultivation.

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  • Perfect

  • Well, they were pretty diverse.

  • Damn these guys were going for the gusto

  • …now this seems to be more than, “a plant, a silly, overrated plant”. Another quote from No, thank you, “These lives are being shaken and often destroyed.” By what: The mushrooms, the manufacturing of oil from the “silly plant”, the moonshine?

    • Ah, I see you don’t fully process what you read. As I mentioned before, this is a large parcel, with many landowners and separate, unrelated residences. Very sadly yes, in one corner apparently an illegal distillery was run among other awful things. Feel free to conglomerate everything found at five different people’s homes as this article has already done so ignorantly.

      • Unfortunately, this was the only information I could get from BLM. If you would see the history of calls and refusals to answer that I’ve had with this agency, you would know how relieved I was to get even this.

      • According to this article the land where this occurred is “public lands managed by the BLM”. Are you saying this information is false or by “many landowners” do you mean the public? Whether all of this activity was happening on private land or public land is an important factor.

        • The arrests were made on a fairly large private parcel adjacent to some BLM land. i believe everything seized was on the private land.

          • Ed Denson= Freedom Fighter!! Ed, I made it to Oregon where I don’t have to worry anymore!!

          • In this case what you believe does not matter. They made a mess on federal land as well as the land that they were given to them by their mother. These people are going to get exactly what they have deserved to get for years. They do not own this property, they share it with others including a brother and a sister who haven’t felt comfortable visiting the property for years in result of what they’ve been doing and who they have had up there. Now they’ve become so narsasistic and feel they deserve more so they grown on and make a mess of BLM land. These are awful people and I sincerely feel bad for anyone that they have tricked into believing otherwise.

            • Goodridense, your statement is the Truth.
              I am the sister, I don’t visit my property because it is uncomfortable and sad to see what they have done to a beautiful slice of heaven. My sister and her husband are giving the names of everyone else as the culprits to the authorities (saying they didn’t know what was going on, flat out lies). They have made millions destroying the gifted property. Time to take responsibility for your actions, stop using your neighbors as scapegoats. As the saying goes, “time to pay your taxes”…

        • No a private property was raided in connection with alleged BLM violations. Don’t asume you know! Was their any plants growing on blm land ? Or just debris.

  • ahhhh, excuse me, but..what is the ironic twist in that second arrest?

  • The sky is falling

    You can’t take any one instance and label a whole part of society with it. The thing is, the good people don’t end up in the paper for you to read about. And there are a lot more good than bad in any group of society, whether it be the police, doctors, soldiers, muslims or any other group of likeminded people you could name. What you are doing is called discrimination.

  • The sky is falling

    And, the oil isn’t bad, its just regulated because some people have blown themselves up making it. Again, by far not the majority of people that have made it, but enough that it is regulated. And, if you don’t make it right it could be harmful. But hell, stuff the FDA approves even when made right can cause anal bleeding. I guess its just perspective.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      ~ “But hell, stuff the FDA approves even when made right can cause anal bleeding. I guess its just perspective.”

      Response: Yes, the FDA approves medications that are known not to be right, because it possibly can’t be wrong that the FDA is right, what a hoot.

  • His lawyer should use the “4:20” defense.

  • Wait! You mean we still can’t make our own whisky?

  • Ah,gee pa,isn’t moonshine still illegal?fire arms,moonshine,pot honey lab,mushrooms they were really going for it!!

  • Moonshine. Brings back a great moonshine running movie from the 50’s called Thunder Road.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump


      In parts of Tennessee and Kentucky you’ll find flavored windshield washer fluid for sale today.

      Peach, cherry, and apple seem most popular in that order.

    • “And there was moonshine, moonshine to quench the devil’s thirst. The law they swore they’d get me but the devil got me first” or something similar – theme song from Thunder Road.

  • The thing is kym can’t get any info about the feds they don’t say shit about there raids before or after total radio silence ,so they don’t get tipped of to were they are going next. that is why she is having a hard time getting updates . And reports sherffs has to not say anything yet . Feds are running very covert. Just like no update reports about 36 raids ?

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      The [Bulgarians] listen a in, radio, cell, and data traffic.
      They are who sold the man portable emp device to the mhongs that has had all those chp, tcso, cars being towed from Hayfork Pass.

      Kym just releases what the army deems public, she ain’t breaking Watergate in a parking garage, but does a good job.

      She just needs more readers with drones to fly the busts so people can see for themselves what’s really going on.

  • No radio chatter!they are being hush hush.your right mogtx.crazy

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