Three Government Agencies Want to Meet With Cannabis Stakeholders

Marijuana garden buds harvestThree government agencies say they would like to meet with cannabis industry folk. Two are making their meetings easier for folks in our area to get to and one isn’t.

First, the bad news: The Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation announced the upcoming dates for their “pre-regulatory stakeholder meetings.” They want to “gather input throughout the state.” However, not one meeting is in the Emerald Triangle….

Here’s the email sent out below:

…The Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation is excited to announce the dates for our pre-regulatory stakeholder meetings! We will be teaming up with the California Department of Public Health to gather input throughout the state on upcoming regulations. These meetings will provide the public with an opportunity to participate in discussions on specific topics regarding dispensaries, distributors, manufacturers, testing laboratories, and transporters. Redding –Monday, September 19 Sacramento – Tuesday, September 20 Santa Rosa – Thursday, September 22 Oakland – Monday, September 26 Fresno – Tuesday, September 27 Los Angeles – Tuesday, October 4 San Diego – Wednesday, October 5 Make sure to mark your calendar for when we visit a city near you! More details will be coming shortly. Stay tuned! Sincerely, Bureau Staff ——

However, the State Water Board is having two meetings in the Triangle–one in Ukiah on the 31st of this month and one in Eureka on the 1st.

State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) staff will hold information meetings throughout California to discuss the State Water Board’s roles and responsibilities under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. State Water Board staff will discuss efforts to develop and adopt interim principles and guidelines to ensure that water diversion and discharge associated with commercial cannabis cultivation do not affect the instream flows needed for fish spawning, migration, and rearing, and the flows needed to maintain natural flow variability. Time will also be set aside for attendees to discuss specific questions or topics of interest directly with other agencies in attendance, including the California Department Food and Agriculture. For those unable to attend a meeting in person, the Sacramento meeting will be webcast.

Learn more about:
The State Water Board’s roles and responsibilities under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act.
The State Water Board’s process and timeline for developing interim principles and guidelines for the diversion and use of water for commercial cannabis cultivation.
How to provide comments and recommendations.

Additional information is available on our website at:

Flyer for Cannabis meetings

And, on September 15, the California Department of Food and Agriculture will be having a public meeting in Eureka to talk about the EIR process and the Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture is pleased to announce that we will be conducting eight public scoping workshops throughout the State in September to provide the public an opportunity to learn more about the environmental impact review process and regulations developed for the Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program (MCCP), and to gather public comments on the Program. The workshops are intended to gather valuable feedback from the public to help shape the environmental impact review and regulations for MCCP.

For details regarding the meetings, please click on the link below:

*Please note that these meetings will be focused on medical cannabis cultivation only.

Thank you for your interest in the Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program and we look forward to receiving your valuable input.

The MCCP Staff

Now…the question is….will cannabis folk show up to these meetings that are closer to home?



  • Who knows. I hear that most of the registered letters from the Water Resourses Board informing people to come into compliance were refused at the post office. Fines coming next for those folks. Are people trying to get thru the year then abandon ship?

  • Another regulation taking their piece of the pie pretty soon there won’t be any pie left and you end up with nothing I don’t know what that’s going to do the price of medical marijuana but that remains to be seen I guess, but the dispensaries put their

    profit percentile in there too, and then there’s just because pure greed whatever I’m not judging .the dispensarys charge 80 $ a 1/4 oz that like 20 yrs ago price . Like that pony tailed guys mournin side desp down the bay area .we are a none profit my ass the owner pony tail guy said several a documentary of the place .I think they the greed mongers .who do they sell to ? all there pot only to dispensary? That buy mega grows ?makes you wonder were all the billions come from with that kind to start 10,000 plant operation .just saying .keep chopping on that tree eventually it all come s down.

  • The meeting dates are conveniently when people in the industry should be busy and not down south.

  • Can someone please explain why the EIR process is relevant? I was under the impression that the state wanted farms to be in good standing with local municipality, and the local county ordinance filled a neg dec so is exempt from project specific EIRs?

    • Humboldt County had no leg to stand on when they filed a negative declaration. A local organization challenged them and took them to court. Court ruled an EIR was needed before a neg dec could be allowed

      • Thomas Edrington

        Important to note that the case was settled, rather being ruled on in court iirc.

      • There was no “court decision” the suit was settled before it got to trial, so that information is 100% incorrect.

        Part of the settlement included that the sunset date for accepting pre registration forms would remain as it stood and same went for the deadline to hand in applications as well as the County agreeing to do an EIR. The settlement also forbade the County to making any other changes to the current ordinance until such time as the EIR is complete.

        This is a real shame. There was already much dialog going on to present a “clean up bill” that would have addressed some of the more ambiguous language of the ordinance along with the possibility of extending one if not both of the deadlines. The spirit of the ordinance was to get as many out of compliance farms through the door and into the process of abating any or all code violations they may have had and therefore protecting the environment. This along with the fact that each applicant would need both Water Board and DFW approval should have (DOES!) constituted a MND. Woods and HUMMAPS could have easily come to the table during the clean up process and more than likely been able to get some of their issues addressed. In turn the State is in the process of conducting its own statewide EIR in conjunction with MMRSA.

        Now due to the short sightedness of Woods and HUMMAPS we are left with a less than perfect ordinance, a timeframe for the application process that is less than sufficient and a rather large invoice to a private agency to conduct a County Wide EIR.

  • I wonder why Bureau of medical cannabis is holding so many meetings south of here, when we are SUPPOSEDLY the leader in the industry. Hmmmm I sense big boys are gearing up, mile after mile of weed while driving down i5, brings a tear to me eye, affordable medication for everyone

  • What’s up with BMCR and NO meeting in HumCo?

  • Public scoping by the state is a farce. The state agenda is set in stone before they allow the public to speak. F&G has become the political arm of big money. They altered their mission statement years ago and have become the buffer between what is right for our local environment and politicians who will profit from the demise of it. The Eel River is a prime example of what they have become. They are nothing but hit men for greedy politicians now. In my opinion, the only honorable members left in F&G are the game wardens, and some of the young ones are genuine tools. Most of their hearts are in the right place, but some are just power hungry slobs who have no respect for the public. There’s one of those types in the Ruth area. Take a good look at Venezuela to see what Moonbeam has in mind for the honest people among us. I’ve lived and worked in Humboldt for sixty years and this place has become nothing but a garbage pit for many perverted, greedy scumbags. A few of our supervisors would top that list.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Nothing prevents local gubbamint from having its own DFG department. Then, dispute state, fight in court as a stakeholder no less qualified.

  • Can we please not call growing dope an industry.

  • How can a state agency talk about the pot industry when they know good and well that the federal government has marked it as Illegal and does not recognize pot in any way , shape or form. Does this sound totally “FUBAR” I believe something crooked is afoot and the Lemmings are just following the noise of a distant drummer.
    Watch Out Lemmings . they are coming after you.

  • Look at the signs,Fed is willing to hear research that supports the declassification of weed , too much revenue to miss out on.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      The judge is willing to hear an argument, but the court’s final decision may render the argument unsuccessful, immaterial, inconsequential.

  • Yeah Ive said it many times, but this year is, to me, the beginning of the end of this bubble. I for one am happy for a new day. It’s gotten ridiculous here in willow creek. Every postage stamp yard is packed with plants, and with the way it’s going, we can all say goodbye to a culture that I grew up in and has sustained my neighborhood for 30+ years. Anyone who is going to buy property or sign up for this regulation is missing the point- its over, for us up here anyway. Check back in in 5 years and see if your permits and ‘compliance’ got you anywhere.

  • Ack, Ack=Don’t Run! ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK! =We are your friends.

    • Ack ack….ack ack ACK ack, indeed! But we signed up (sigh). We’ve been so victimized by scammers and ripoffs, that we feel that even with all the taxes and bills, we might make as much or more money going legit. I love the feeling that no one can do anything flaky anymore, because they think”they’ll be afraid to call law enforcement!” Well, no more – each visitor gets pictures of themselves and their cars, and the database is on the cloud for security, If someone wants to steal, a quick call to the sheriff with camera footage solves the problem. And it’s totally liberating…….maybe you guys making millions every year don’t need this, but we do.
      The paperwork is hellish, but all the businesses I’ve worked were like that….paying taxes is a bitch, but until you do,it ain’t real business….

  • “We are from the government and we are here to help you!”…What could possibly go wrong? Sign up! Let’s celebrate our compliance! Isn’t it fun to …obey? Oops- I mean comply?!

  • The Water Board meeting on SEPT 1 (Red Lion Hotel, Eureka) could be a REAL OPPORTUNITY to confront their arbitrary and power-tripping process that is not recognizing ‘NON-JUDICIAL’ (SPRING) WATER even when it meets the description of such as supplied by the Board itself. Let’s gather there and make the point LOUD AND CLEAR that those of us who are willing to ‘abide by the rules set forth’ expect them to DO THEIR PART by recognizing the few legit non-judicial water sources (etc) that exist!! Many land owners and professionals are talking about this injustice. WE WILL BE STRONG, FORCEFUL AND HEARD IN NUMBERS!!

    • They don’t give a shit what you have to say. They will let you talk and they will smile and nod but that’s about it .

    • Could you explain better what you mean? I don’t get it. thanks!

      • To my layman understanding, most the spring water is “jurisdictional”, meaning that the state has authority over the use of that resource. Some, apparently rarely found springs/water is “non-jurisdictional”. Certain criteria determine that. Mainly the proximity to water courses and whether the water would naturally end up in a stream. But the Board is exerting excessive authority in claiming that water is jurisdictional, (governed by the state) anyway. An excess water grab and power trip!

        • Ok gotcha. Yes, I think that people should be able to use water that originates on there land as they see fit. I would *never* invite any of these pencil pushing beaurocrats to my property to permit my water source. If you do, you are asking for a world of shit. Keep them out of Humboldt people- when you sign up for their programs you are just feeding the beast.

    • Thank you for pointing out – we’ll be there!

    • The state water board is connected but different from the regional water board don’t be ma at one for the others actions. Go to these meetings and ask every question do some research of how grape farmers are permitted and ask for the same treatment. Ask lots of questions about what rights you have!!! Keep your domestic sources filed separate from any water rights involved in any way with cultivation.

  • KYM – The dates for the BMCR meetings above may be easily misinterpreted. I was alerting friends in LA for what appears to be a meeting on 9/27, when their website has this info:
    The Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation has scheduled a series of pre-regulatory meetings at various locations across the state:

    “All meetings will be held from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Please check back for exact locations/addresses.

    Redding – Monday, September 19
    Sacramento – Tuesday, September 20
    Santa Rosa – Thursday, September 22
    Oakland – Monday, September 26
    Fresno – Tuesday, September 27
    Los Angeles – Tuesday, October 4
    San Diego – Wednesday, October 5”

    Is that what you understand Kym? Or is there confusion about the date(s)? Thanks!

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