‘The Game Is Afoot’: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Raids Two Places in Fortuna

law enforcement gathering in Fortuna

“The game’s afoot, Watson!” (Forgive us the Sherlock Holmes reference but we’re huge fans.)

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office appears to be searching the Sherlock Mini Storage in Fortuna near Riverwalk Lodge. The photo above was taken about 9:30 this morning.

Could Dr. Moriarty have stashed some marijuana there?

And, just as we were about to press send we learned that the Sheriff’s Department is also on Vancil Street in Fortuna. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has refused to comment at this point.

UPDATE 1:52 p.m.: Cocaine Connection From Costa Rica to Arcata and Fortuna, Says Drug Task Force



  • I’m all for greed pot busts, however, imagine if all this energy and manpower was spent actually patrolling the streets of our communities and having a criminal investigation division that wasn’t overwhelmed?

    • Life is Good is on Point

    • All business is greed business. People who hate work sometimes rationalize it by telling themselves those that like work are greedy.

      • Does that include all businesses that have failed and ran in the negative til their savings and credit lines were gone?

      • I know a few factories in China that need some hard working folks.
        Evidently Bob Deniro worked harder on Fock the Fockers Part 6 than the entire staff at Any Given High School, USA. Somehow someone somewhere convinced us Work meant servicing those wealthier than us.. as opposed to helping those who need it. Greed is the amassment of filthy green paper. Work is contributing.
        Trump 2016.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Work is labor performed for someone else for agreed upon barter or cash or services. Agreed vs. greed. Trump’s bankruptcies of which he is so proud, (debt has been good to me), were a legal means to stiff his creditors, including blue-collar workers.
          Trump Never Ever.

    • Doesn’t busting criminals sorta lessen the need for more LE on our streets patrolling, and the need to do more investigative work?

    • You just want to see everybody busted, anybody everybody, can you find happiness at that point?

    • Be it Mala prohibita or Mala en se, crime is crime. and should be delt with extreme prejucice.

  • I was wondering how [edit] was able to retire. There always at every rodeo and never working. I can’t blame them though it’s hard to earn money these days.

    • Oh how tongues wag in social media!! Get the facts!!😡Never was or never will be pot growing or illegal business for the Sherlock!!! Legit.. Hardworking, tax paying Americans!! Remember they have 300+ customers there !! Searches aren’t rare for storage companies !! Read the headlines later!!

    • Sadly, you should get your facts correct before you go saying all they do is rodeo and not work. Owning a business doesn’t mean you can’t work hard as well as rodeo! Second, earning money that you don’t work for is not how anyone should earn it and they sure as heck work hard for the money they earn!

    • #gstringoutfitters

      It’s funny to see people like your self jump to a conclusion when you see the sheriff rigs in front of an actual legit business thinking that it is them that are getting busted! If you have ever met the family that owns the Sherlock storage, they are the the nicest, most wholesome family that works extremely hard to get what they have and laugh at people like you that think thatthey grow weed!

      • Agree! This family is amazing and I’ve seen very first hand how hard and often they all work!!! They have no time for growing weed with all the community work they do, along with their fully-legal business. They have raised amazing, giving children. I feel bad there are shit heads at their facility!

    • Why don’t you go tell [edit] that to his face and see how it goes for you. If you have enough time to sit on Facebook and comment you must not work much.. Personally worked side by side with all of them and their amazing people.

    • Grow some balls & say your real name instead of hidden behind a fake one & talking shit! Don’t be a jealous hater because of what they have & what they do. They ALL have worked (& still are working) there asses off. They deserve whatever they want to do with there money & time! Really people get a life!!!!!!

  • Another person on the list.ouch

  • Imagine a world where all that energy and resources were directed at the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel and its lackeys who are poisoning our communities, body mind and soul, with their toxic wares. Imagine how much crime would drop if humans, especially the children, weren’t destroyed for profit and control.

  • Good food next door,makes me hungry.

  • Looks like the permit list is getting smaller. Is it a permit list or a list of places to bust? Sounds like entrapment to me. They have been growing there for years now there busted something smells fishy.

  • I’ve been thinking that since this whole thing came.into play.

  • So who got busted I know it wasn’t dr. Moriarty because he’s a fictional character in the Sherlock Holmes novels

  • You all should get your facts straight and not believe everything media posts. Before you going running around saying that Sherlock Mini Storage was the one who was raided, or “I have always wondered how all they do is rodeo and not work” they were NOT the business that was raided. An individual near the storage WAS, and a picture of the storage should NOT be posted.

  • “These are deep waters, Kym……let us investigate further!”

  • No one gets busted anymore they just have to pay up and there off and running. When was the last time someone has been busted without driving lbs? Seems like there the only ones that get in trouble anymore.. There is no way a good old boy like the owner of the mini storage will do anything except pay our great county. That’s one of the reasons why Humboldt is the best place on earth to live…

  • If they really do try to chip up the entire harvest this year, it’ll really tank the local economy… I wonder if the sheriff and the supes have thought about who pays the taxes that actually pays their salaries, and how that’s all supposed to get paid for once Dear.Old.Sheriff is done shredding everything.

    • I agree, where does our local government think all the money in Humboldt comes from? The timber industry, the fishery or dairy ? It comes from all the money our local tree farmers bring in. And now they want half so that’s half a billon dollars that will be squandered around the state and county and half as much that will be spent in the local economy. All you haters will see as your jobs start to dry up. I for one am aware how Humboldt survives and its from all our hard work and crazy spending habits. Those days are soon to be gone and a small handful of hipicritical local business people will be hoarding all the Bucks

      • Hate to harsh your mellow broseph but I came to this county via the mendo-blendo of out of state ganjapreneurs from the east coast, and as much as I wouldn’t take all the money in the world to see Humboldt fail or become any worse from crime, idiots with butane death wishes and caviar hippies looking for weekend warrior experiences who come here,to”visit”their friends(& to trade meth,heroin,guns, and all the other weapons of mass incarceration for our #1cash crop), I must confess, I may not travel out of Humboldt for any”business” myself, but I’m pretty sure what I may or may not grow and that of my neighbors, and hell, perhaps even a few other places around my SoHum slice of heaven, might be going a little bit past that imaginary line, where the person or persons traveling with the medicine they might’ve procured from our blessed Emerald Triangle go from a state whoopsy-daisy! all the way up to a Fed-Gone-F-Your-A-Royally-F’ed ought-oh!, come to think about it, maybe these “persons”even make it to that big ol’widest River in the US place, and/or past it, even beyond and north or south or straight on til the air smells salty and everyone’s driving like out-of-towners do in the Bay Area, one might even speculate that said dank may even travel to a place where everyone talks with funny accents, are rude, basically cut-throat, first-class A-holes- but A-holes that appreciate some loud, sun grown flowers from NorCal and aren’t afraid to pay upwards of 4K/unit+++!!! And did I mention I don’t travel out of Humboldt on business? Oh yeah I did, only thing about that is… When I get paid for my hard work and go to reward myself, I do it where I came from- and don’t hate either, EVERYTHING is cheaper back east!! And yeah, I bring my toys and big ticket items back to Humboldt with me in the spring and when something breaks, if I don’t have a friend from the east coast who’s trained in repairing whatever it might be, I think about taking it somewhere in Humboldt to have it repaired, for a min at least, then I head south to mendo or Santa Rosa wherever it’s cheaper cause HumCo might be heaven, but the damn cost of living can be hell!! And I’m only saying this because I’m nobody, nobody at all, but I’ve noticed a lot of nobodies around town, and there only seems to be more and more of them around. So it’s easy to say, I know I’m not the only one! Wonder where they’re all spending or sending their $? Let alone vending their wares…? Strengthing Humboldt’s economy? Most are not! And if it wasn’t for all the old timers and locals warning me first about the Kings ransom that we all end up spending for our toys and even basic necessities and tools, etc, I probably would’ve never paid it much attention and been a good little carpet-bagger consumer like all the rest of the sheeple who dont pay attention to the fact things behind the redwood curtain are being extorted by every retailer calling Humboldt home or that at least has an outlet in our beautiful county to shake down people for everything from groceries to clothes and the supplies that keep us all growing our incomes(which sadly are starting to get smaller and smaller, since I’ve moved here at least, 10+yrs ago)… Hmmm, with that said, maybe I should be checking out land in Hawaii and just sell my land to the Bulgarians like everyone else with half a brain- I’m def not into going down with the ship and its only a matter of time before this redwood titanic we’re all on sinks into the pacific(hopefully not, even metaphorically, that would be an devastatingly epic bummer!!!!!)… Good luck out there ya’ll!!! Be safe! be smart! Be ready for anything!

  • This is getting old quick……Sheriffs office needs to leave these little guys alone and go after the real problem! Our streets are polluted with real drugs and thugs. Quit wasting the tax payers money on this. Pickachu is spot on!

  • aaaaaahhhhhhh jeeeeeeeeeezzze

  • I agree with someones s atement reguarding pharmacuticals.poising our children and have to add that these sixth ,seventh grade,hi ghschool aged children that have recently recieved direct orders to vaccinate all school entering schools or they cannot attend public schools.ect …you can no longer sign papers to claim religious or other reasons to not vaccinate. .I , without proof ,say.its poison i want to say watch …their health,mental states,and other symptoms these children suffer almost immediatly …. our government is doing some seperating and experiamenting with the health of your children and giving us no choice anymore.! We owe it to our kids to change this joke of a power pussy bunch of no good sobs. Watch and pray or DONT DO IT AND FIGHT IT LIKE HELL.OUR FUTURE IS THREATENED BY THIS NOT DISEASES.DINT DO IT!

  • There is “proof”
    just because YOU don’t believe it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.
    fight like hell folks but don’t spread diseases

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