Cocaine Connection From Costa Rica to Arcata and Fortuna, Says Drug Task Force

See our earlier post wondering what was up in Fortuna for more information.

Angel Heights Drive Fortuna

Law enforcement at Angel Heights Drive Fortuna {Photo provided by a reader]

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

In early August 2016 the Humboldt County Drug Task Force was contacted by the Department of Homeland Security regarding a package containing approximately 3 ounces of suspected cocaine that had been shipped to an address in Arcata from Costa Rica. The Drug Task Force began an investigation into the parcel and its recipients.

Based on that investigation a Humboldt County Superior Court search warrant was obtained for a residence on the 800 block of Crescent Way in Arcata. The warrant was served on Friday, August 19, and led to the arrest of Kyle Richard Jack Callihan, age 25, who was charged with 11350 H&S; possession of cocaine, and 11351 H&S; possession of cocaine for sale.

Further investigation revealed at least one additional involved person, and another search warrant was obtained. On Thursday, August 25, that warrant was served on the 1100 block of Angel Heights Drive in Fortuna. Christopher Patrick Harbin, age 38, was detained at the house. Harbin’s 8 and 11 year old children were also at the house.

A search revealed concentrated cannabis, an indoor marijuana grow containing 393 plants, and evidence linking Harbin to the shipment of cocaine. Harbin was arrested and charged with 11350 H&S, possession of cocaine, 11351 H&S; possession of cocaine for sale, 11357(a); possession of concentrated cannabis, 11358 H&S; cultivation of marijuana, and 273a(a)PC; child endangerment.

This investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.



  • We’re gonna win the Drug War any day now

    • This is nothing to get excited about, I am sure this is the case of a local taking a vacation in Costa Rica and mailing himself back a few ,as the price there is cheap. I see no mafia no big drug deal just very small potatoes.

  • This is the type of bust that make this county happy, not the grows!! You won’t see a stoner running around all night doing nothing but ripping honest people off, nope that is the tweekers. Sheriffs office needs to spend their hours hunting down the meth, coke, heroine and all the other hard drugs that I don’t even know about, because those are the problems in this county.

    • The growers bring this crowd to town. All inter related. And indoor grows are also grows just sayin

      • Priscilla Galvin

        I agree. About the growers not bringing in or hiring these wandering fools to work for them.
        Because two weeks ago some strangers came into my town to work or squat while looking for trim work. Anyways these “workers”knowing that their dog was unstable allowed the dog to be untied and sit at the edge of an open gate ten feet away from the road my 11yr.old was walking home from a friends on.
        My child was viscously attack by the dog and both hands required stitches.
        The young dreadlocked girl whose boyfriend owns the dog walked my son home.and begins to beg me not to shoot her dog and it was all her fault. She said she had told her boyfriend to trust his dog and let him off his lead.she tells me she’ll pay for any cost of damages done by her dog if i just please don’t take the dog. Well my husband was in the hospital and I screwed up by not calling sheriff and instead taking my son straight away to the hospital.
        Well my point is by the next day they were long gone.
        She did leave her name and number. But no answer. I did find her on Facebook but I don’t know what to do with that.
        These random people don’t belong here and have no stake in our little community,they cause trouble and bring chaos here and Then they get to just drive off into the sunset. Lovely.

  • Wow all that for 3 oz s would have been nice if it was 30 pds .hopefully they will dig a lil deeper ,and find the main man here I don’t think they will catch the cartels main man or men. But they will be on it like the marci kitchen case. I always try to throw that comment when I can hi kym .

  • Woohoo 3oz! Big deal I used to do that on a good weekend, now I’m afraid of caffeine…

    • LOL – indeed – legalize it all IMHO…..god, I hope it isn’t a Chris I know who is a good man, and no one needs to put their kids through that. Yes, he shouldn’t have had it sent to his house (if he did), but what, now the kids end up with CPS?

      • he didn’t even have coke at the house with the kids, they said nothing about finding coke or an amount of coke there. i guess the possession of cocaine would be true if he had received it. but it also seems it was going to the kyle dudes house cause they obvi arrested him on the 19th, he snitched and they went to this guys house. idk

    • A Real Ma Grower

      Used to spill more than that on a good night!

  • How he’s arrested and MarcI is still walking free. Glad the coke is off the streets but a murderer not arrested has me worried.

    • It boggles the mind.

    • Anybody with a brain would lawyer up. She did and now the cops don’t want to touch her.

    • “walking free”, maybe. What a huge disruption in her life. I’m not going to mention the loss of her child, because her actions have shown she might not care as much as a mother should. She can’t really do much, unless she is a complete sociopath, which is possible. She needs income, so I’m sure she is making some moves. Then again, Pearlston might have had a few good years and has a stockpile of cash to live on for quite some time. They will eventually arrest her. The sad part is, she will get a slap on the wrist. They will never prove she was driving. The will never prove she was intoxicated. Basically they can’t prove shit, thats why she hasn’t been arrested. Outside of the court system, if she has even a sliver of conscious, she will be miserable her whole life. How could you ever smile after that?!

  • Man how could anyone think that was a good idea? State to state would be dumb enough but from another country? Genius!

  • They spent more mony on getting 3 oz s .Than its net worth on its steet value you do the math .just saying

  • Agree with Mogtx. Ounce of good coke in Costa costs about $500. Retail in U. S. probably 1300-2000 an oz. Pending on if it gets cut again, 3-6 thousands taken of the streets. Not a lot for all the man hours allocated to the investigation. Maybe better to source out the head of the snake. Just a thought.

  • The house is on vancil street close to angel heights and is [edit] house!
    Wonder y they don’t work and have $500,000 plus home

  • Pretty funny. After watching “Narcos” this scale becomes rediculous. …. 3oz from tons……

  • We need picket signs in front of marcys house, whoever is the legal owner of the jeep needs to be in jail…PERIOD!
    Another coward …shame on her…her son .i can understand that …but im sick
    Sick of guessing ,of Praying…of waiting,of resenting…i think lawyers liars,need to be honest its an awful situation but doing nothing is going to go bad on all of us,think of the parents of the girl who di ed on that cold,hard road alone. Bless their souls havent said a WORD THAT IM AWARE OF..if not

  • God willing fuck procedure fuck scum lawyers…i got some friends great with guns or judge lynching .justice is a coward here,where i was born , and its hard to see how they care about any pot crop or storage unit or fair or im ashamed of the way we can move alone with nothing about two beautiful girls slautered my world stopped…my sons first love had just moved in that area and had brought her bff from nevads home with her for the summer son had been showing her how to scateboard .. in fack the were right next door to marcys house so when a friend told mewhat he had seen .the accident and dead gurl on the doted line my heart instantl y sank thank God when i asked him to call her the next morning and wouldnt say why my relief cemented my involvment to this accident …how can we not demand justice a drunk ass fucking bitch needs to man up and turn her ass iver along with her truth or HELL MUST PAY !

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