Car Over the Road on Hwy 36

scannerAt approximately 6:30 p.m. a two-door Toyota went off Hwy 36 about mile marker 37. The vehicle isn’t visible from the roadway. The occupants are out of the vehicle. One, possibly with a broken collar bone, is walking west and has refused medical treatment. The other is also ambulatory.

UPDATE 7:01 p.m.: Emergency personnel on the scanner are now saying that both of the occupants “fled” the scene.



  • No way another wreck on 36 lol another parnellI Jones thinking he’s all that .with no drivers licence .may under the influence. Hmmmmm

    • I wonder if it’s the same one that blew past me around noon today juat after the straight section where the Summer Bridge usually goes in I guess 60 MPH wasn’t fast enough to suit the idiot so he blew past me like aI wqas standing still over the double yellow line at that!!!! There seems to be an epidemic of stupid driving this year on 36!!!!

  • Fled the scene, eh? I would wager DUI and/or vehicle theft to be a factor in this collision if they actually fled.

  • im pretty sure the little van duzan is the only thing between the guy who walked off and McClellan Mt. Of course, that would be at least a half days walk and he’d end up on top of McClellan and would have to make it past Dan and multiple other salty characters who don’t like strangers just to make it back to Hwy 36. Cell phone coverage is bad out there so he might be hiding in the bushes by the McC mail boxes for a spell before a ride comes along.

  • That’s mile post 37 in Humboldt, there is a mile post 37 0n 36 just west of Wildwood too

  • Each county the mile markers change on HWY 36, Humboldt, Trinity, Shasta, Tehama, and so on. Better know what county your in when calling for help!

  • If that is Humboldt, it would be close to Burr Creek Rd. Some nasty turns and one lane sections there.

  • Almost got head on’d yesterday in front of the Carlotta mill. People are unbelievable! We are becoming the poor judgment capitol of the state. Well maybe Sacramento has us beat, But just barely.

    • The same day, before the idiot blew past me, at the Thiteen Mile Bridge just West by a half amile or so several vehicles were in my lane & closing fast passing a slower ( I assume at least) vehicle THey were both closing fast so I pulled over to the far right in my lane just to be safe!!! It’s getting worse as time goes by on this road!!! It’s always been dangerous to drive but now it’s getting worse!!!!

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