[UPDATE 9:53 p.m.] Tulley Fire: The Morning of Day 2

Capture Tulley Fire from Cal Fire

Tulley Fire [Photo from Cal Fire]

The Tulley Fire remained at 440 acres overnight but has now reached 8% containment. Thirty structures are threatened and one has been destroyed.

Cal Fire Map Tulley Fire Day 2

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Crews from Nevada Forestry are responding to the fire where there are already over 750 personnel on the incident.

Evacuations remain in effect from yesterday. See below.

Cal Fire Information:

There is an evacuation order in effect for McKinnon Hill Road, Gibbens Road, Peters Lane, and Jack Ranch Lane. There is an evacuation warning in place for Lower Cappell Road.

Evacuation Center is the Hoopa Neighborhood Facility at 11900 Highway 96 in Hoopa. Red Cross contact is Cris Jones-Koczera at 1-866-272-2237. Hoopa OES contact is Serene Hayden at 530-739-2259.

Livestock can be evacuated to the Hoopa Rodeo Grounds. Dog kennels are available for canine evacuations. Contact Serene Hayden of Hoopa OES at 530-739-2259 to arrange.

We’ll update as we get more information.

UPDATE 9:48 p.m.: Yurok Tribal Council press release:

The Yurok Tribal Council declared a State of Emergency today in response to the Tully Fire, which has already forced several local families to evacuate, consumed one home and caused a prolonged power outage.

“Our hearts go out to all of the people that have been affected by this fire,” said Thomas P. O’Rourke Sr., Chairman of the Yurok Tribe. “We will do everything we can to help the evacuees stay safe, sheltered and supplied with food, while they are out of their homes.”

The purpose of the declaration is to mobilize a coordinated Tribal response to this crisis. A team of Tribal staff has already begun working on a plan to assist the families required to leave their homes by the burgeoning forest fire.

The Tully Fire started Monday afternoon, just below Highway 169 on the eastern side of the Yurok Reservation and is comprised of three separate blazes. Fire crews, led by Cal Fire, stifled two of the smaller fires. The main fire has burned approximately 500 acres and continues to burn in the steep, forested terrain. The uncontrolled conflagration incinerated power poles supplying electricity to residents living off the highway and continues to threaten at least 30 homes occupied by Yurok Tribal members and non-Indians. PG&E was on site today assessing the damage and staging materials. Currently, there is no estimated time for when power will be restored.

In addition to the emergency declaration, the Yurok Tribal Council passed a resolution to provide direct assistance, such as food, water and temporary housing to those forced to flee the fire area.

Dean Baker is the Yurok Tribe’s Emergency Manager and Public Works Department director. Baker is a Yurok Tribal member, military veteran and FEMA-trained emergency manager.

Yurok Tribal staff went door to door today to do welfare checks and to speak with residents near the fire area to let them know about the evacuation orders and emergency shelter. The Red Cross shelter is open at the Hoopa Neighborhood Facility, located in Hoopa at 11900 Hwy 96.

The Tully Fire is currently burning upslope from Highway 169, near Upper Kepel Road. The state route is closed from Mitchell Road to McKinnon Hill Road.Yurok Tribal staff went door to door today to do welfare checks and to speak with residents near the fire area to let them know about the evacuation orders and emergency shelter. The Red Cross shelter is open at the Hoopa Neighborhood Facility, located in Hoopa at 11900 Hwy 96. A mandatory evacuation order is in effect for the following areas: Gibbens Road, Peters Lane, Jack Ranch Lane and McKinnon Hill Road. An evacuation warning is in place for Lower Kepel Road. The one-lane highway is the only way in and out of the Pecwan area. There are 800 fire fighters are aggressively implementing several different strategies to contain the fire.

“We would like to sincerely thank the hundreds of fire personnel that rapidly responded to the reservation to help us,” concluded Chairman O’Rourke.

On Monday, Yurok Tribal staff provided transportation to those in need, went door to door to perform welfare checks and offered information about the evacuation orders. They also gave residents directions to an emergency shelter set up by the Red Cross. The shelter is at the Hoopa Neighborhood Facility, 11900 Hwy 96.

The Tully Fire is the largest fire on the Yurok Reservation in about 20 years. Fire investigators believe that arson is the cause of this wildfire.

“The individual or individuals responsible for starting this fire must be held accountable,” Chairman O’Rourke said.

Anyone with information about the arson is strongly encouraged to contact the Yurok Public Safety Department. Yurok Public Safety can be reached at (707) 482-8185.

UPDATE 9:53 p.m.: press release from Cal Fire:

The road closure at the intersection of Highway 169 and Martin’s Ferry Bridge will be opened to residents only from 7:30 PM until midnight tonight. From midnight until 8:00 AM tomorrow, all access will be denied. Access through the area will be coordinated by the Yurok Tribe.

The road closure at Highway 169 and Cappell/Kep’el Road will remain in effect. Please exercise caution when travelling through the area. Emergency responders will be working throughout the evacuation and fire areas.

The cancellation of additional evacuation orders are being evaluated based on a variety of factors, including potential fire behavior, and the re-establishment of crucial infrastructure.

UPDATE 7:22 a.m.: 

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  • Hope for a good day on the line!!firefighters be safe

  • Is their any info on who did this?such a shame

    • There’s a $10,000 reward, and rumors people saw who set a couple of the starts, hopefully someone has the cojones to turn them in, and put a dent in the Arson issues there. It’s not a game…peoples’ homes burned this time, Firefighters have gotten hurt there on fires in the past….I just hope one of these arsonists doesn’t kill a kid or someone to get their thrill…its time to stop the Arson game in Weitchpec and Hoopa…

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