SoHum Hosts Law Enforcement Convention Today….Or Possibly More Marijuana Raids

Large number of law enforcement RedwayLarge numbers of law enforcement vehicles are surrounding the Redway California Highway Patrol Office this morning. One reader reported approximately twenty vehicles—some unmarked and two wood chippers.  He described military clothes and “lots of park rangers.”

We’ll follow up when we have more information.

UPDATE 7:38 a.m.: A reader tells us that she saw a convoy with one chipper head up the Alderpoint Road. Another states, “15 to 20 vehicles with a chipper just past my house headed up Alderpoint Road. Someone is going to have a bad day!”




  • Good keep it coming Humboldt LEO’s!! Bust the grows and the associated garbage that goes with it….meth, heroine, environmental destruction, guns.

    Most of these grows have felons associated with them with priors and most are in possession of firearms….which as we know is against the law. But they still have the guns, but still out on the streets. HMMMM, lets put more gun laws on the books that will not help in eliminating gun violence. Make the law abiding gun owners/citizens take the brunt of the pain. BULLSHIT. Start enforcing the gun laws we have on the books now, some 40 or so at last count.

    Keep it up Humboldt, drop the dime if you see the mega grows, make them do the time.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Maybe get rid of gun laws and we’ll see a reduction in gun violence to levels we had before the feds decided to slowly make their power grab.

      Liberty, not laws.

      • Weedagedon Begins / The Weed Chippers Will Be Working Overtime!

        Told you yesterday there would be big raids today. Wasn’t bullshitting you. Been warning people for weeks all hell was going to break loose today. I have been vindicated today. Didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out there would be big busts starting today. I guess some people are just living a pipe dream. Stay safe. Get the black boxes trimmed up and your numbers down. The weed chippers will be making the rounds.

    • BILL -You are reading the wrong page bud. Might want to stick with Lost Joke Outpost. Your logic is flawed and full a fallacious content.

    • good one just sayin-BILL most growers that are felons is because the right to a natural herb is a felon and the the stupidity of it being illegal gets them busted and felon attached to their name.stop being so angry and closed minded.i am a timber faller and don’t grow maryjane and own lots of guns-yet the money and time wasted on busting a natural plant given to us by nature annoys me almost as much as your comments

      • J. Worthingham Fatback

        opium is a natural plant, given to us by nature, as is cocoa leaves. Both are responsible for thousands of deaths IN THIS YEAR ALONE, so take off the hippy swag, get up to date, and knock off the “gift from nature” crap! Want to know a real gift from nature? TOILET PAPER! Every time you wipe your drug-addled ass, thank your naturist deity for trees, and the toilet paper that come from them.

        • Toilet paper cause hemrhoids and kills millions of living trees daily .

        • To compare the plant with the extraction is absurd.
          You chew on Willow bark for your headaches?
          Stick to TP and your vast knowledge of it.

          Why is it so hard to have an adult (informed) conversation about “drugs”

      • Mega grows deserve to be chopped down. Why do you want to stand up for that..and you think it’s a waste of money busting illegal grows that bring in millions? Hm

    • Keep the failed drug war going !!!!!yea great idea ,while our schools ,roads ,infrastructure wither away .-example -the tax the county wants voters to pass on the soon to be legal farms . Let’s continue to fund the drug war in humboldt with those funds…( all the taxes and fees are based on prohibition prices).

    • Yeah go ahead and snitch on your neighbor. I bet your a goody-two-shoes huh bill.

    • I’m a felon , with a prior. Am I a bad person? I’d like to think I’m not.

      Judge much?

  • 20 vehicles what a joke

  • Big fat cop blubber

    Alllllrighhtt.. So which way did they go

  • Bill , Question – What do you understand as a Mega Grow ? how many plants ?
    I will try to conform to your standards.
    I myself would be more angry at the prohibition that is causing all this crime of growing “MaryJane” than to be angry at the size of a grow. It sounds like you are angry at the greed and size of a grow rather than the act of growing M J in and of itself. As for the gun issue, the people are carrying guns simply because they have them, are you inferring that the people would not have guns if they were not growing ? Example : people mow their lawns and have guns, people wash their cars and have guns, people do all sorts of things and have guns, Why are you putting a distinctive difference between guns and MJ. ?
    Please tell us where we are going wrong ? Thank You.

  • Weedagedon Begins / The Weed Chippers Will Be Working Overtime!

    Look this is NOT about the war on drugs. This is about people going over the top and growing thousands of plants per parcel. People are making millions while destroying the environment. I love weed. I love respectful pot growers. What I don’t like are greedy ass son of a bitches who moved her just shit on our community and disrespect the environment and the people that already live here. Enough is enough. It’s not cool what has become he Humboldt grow scene. Way over the top. The cops need to regulate. If u aren’t growing literally a ton of weed u will probably be ok, but if u r going off u deserve to be busted. No sympathy for me or from most of the other people that have lived here a long time if u you are growing over the top. Most of the greedy growers don’t even hire locals and keep the majority of the money for themselves which they tend to spend in foreign countries or in US big cities. No sympathy for those that get chipped. U deserved it!

    • Hit the nail on the head there!!!

    • It is sad to see so many small time locals loosing their livlyhoods and terrified in their own homes while miss informed pieces of shit act like they know the police motives.
      Not every bust is what you think don’t spread rumors and have some respect for the many local people who are trying to grow enough marijuana to be able to afford the pricey permitting process. Those that have not been greedy mega growers all along can’t stay afloat unless they are privately wealthy. Then every grower is assumed guilty as soon as the bust happens. Have some respect don’t speak before you know.

  • Saw some stop at Miller ranch

  • Any updates, Kym?
    Prayers for all ethical, good growers out there still in the thick of the legalality murk.

  • Any update, Kym?
    Prayers for all the hardworking people out there who are afraid of murky laws and cops with guns coming to their homes today. May everyone be safe physically and mentally.

  • Weedagedon Begins / The Weed Chippers Will Be Working Overtime!

    Prayers to the cops that have to deal w/ a bunch of thugs from out the area that are blowing up the ranch and threatening locals w violence. Thank God they are cleaning house. About Time!

  • They went up bell springs road passed the Harris store somewhere

  • 20 vehicles? Overkill! But, yea they did just get a fresh list of growers on Monday. (I think Monday was the deadline)

    • Tuesday was the deadline

      • IF ANYONE MISSED THE ADVERTISED DEADLINE YESTERDAY and wants to apply, THE ‘2016 COMPLIANCE HANDBOOK’ put out by CA Water Board, County of Humboldt, etc, that booklet says THE DEADLINE IS (TODAY) “AUGUST 24, 2016”. Just saying’…..

    • Hahaha “fresh list of growes” hahahaha

      Yeah, they didn’t have enough intell before the list! Hahahaha

  • And the hits keep coming!!that chipper is a hard worker.well worth the money.

  • don’t matter how many laws you make there will allway’s be the black market that’s were the felons are getting the guns on the black market and don’t matter how many drug dealers houses there will be 20 more getting set up around the corner. stop wasting tax payers money on stupid stuff maybe we wouldn’t be broke as a country

    • Stop. Making. Sense.

      I’m guessing many planning to ‘cut down the entire ‘problem’ never talked to grandma about what a success prohibition was, how the crime fell and alcohol became impossible to find.

      With all the real issues we face (our kids are NOT going to have an inhabitable planet in another 50 years).. but who cares…

      The important thing is, We gotta get paid.. TODAY.

  • That county compliance hot line number is a joke: I asked one simple question and they never got back to me. Neither did my lawyer. (Maybe he was offended by the $15 retainer I paid him?)

  • Come on people. You had to of known today was gonna be one for the record books. It was basically written and posted everywhere. Deadline means deadline…

  • When the dust settles on this, perhaps we can look back and see what we did to our youngsters. The kids busted for SIMPLE POSSESSION will never get either student loans or grants, even if they are accepted by a college or tech school. Think about that. And if they are already in school with scholarships and loans, etc., that’s over, too. Ditto employment applications.
    Uneducated tends to mean unemployable, and the bust question pops up on applications for food stamps and housing, as well. Still with me?
    The War on Drugs has morphed into a War on the Future. The bodies are everywhere: in doorways, in shelters, under bushes, and standing in soup-kitchen queues. Or packing guns and crowbars.
    It is a Class War, plain and simple. And it’s right in front of our faces. af

    • PS: Signing on to the military is also no-go. (Forgot that.) af

    • Thank you for sharing some reality for the haters to chew on

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Don’t forget getting bonded for jobs like Brinks driver or any federal or State job app. These kids who think it is a big joke are in for a surprise. Your felony non-violent pot bust will hound you for life unless you get pardoned by a merciful Governor some decade. For this reason alone we must go forward with re- legalization and let the chips fall where they may. Funny that all the thousands of acres of vineyard south of here on 101 have not moved to the Big Valley, despite the re-legalization of alcohol in 1929 or’30.

  • I think if they wanted us to believe all the hype about the proposed tax revenue helping to bust the megas and destructors they would split 20 rigs 5 ways X 5 days a week…36,AP,Ettersburg,WC299,and whitethorn. It doesn’t take 20 rigs w 2 or more LEOs I. Each rig to cut down plants, load up assets forfeiture, and haul peeps to town for questioning/booking. If our LEOs showed better management skills id be more inclined to support all taxes for a short time…but not w Downey leading this bunch of good ol boy Cowboys trying to act like its 1989 around here. 20 mega illigal grows a week for 5 months straight shows progress and that they back up what they say. One a day using half our resources…poor management. Time for some forced retirements of you ask me and some fresh blood that can actually pass a physical. Also kinda tired of seeing 300lb Sargents. Poor management from personal to budgets.

  • Don’t go to Texas,the collage students can.pack a school now.wholly,or holy shit what the hell is up with that.thats crazy,just crazy.we definitely have trouble coming just glad we don’t have that gun law here

    • Knowing what Texas did to Timothy Leary was enough for me to avoid it altogether, forever. af

      • Leary Arrested On Drug Charge
        NO WRITER ATTRIBUTED January 3, 1966

        Timothy Leary, former lecturer in Clinical Psychology, was arrested at the Mexican border Dec. 23 and charged by U.S. customs officials with the illegal possession of marijuana. The agents seized five ounces of the drug.

        Leary, his two children, and two associates posted $2500 bond in Laredo, Tex., and were released pending action on the charge.

      • The United States Supreme Court threw out the Laredo conviction, but Leary clearly faced major jail time. He met the problem head on: he coöperated fully with the authorities and informed on all his old associates, including his lawyers and his former wife Rosemary, who had gone underground. Leary also wrote articles for National Review, William F. Buckley’s magazine, in which he attacked John Lennon and Bob Dylan (“plastic protest songs to a barbiturate beat”), in order to demonstrate that he was rehabilitated. When he was released, in 1976, he was placed in the Witness Protection Program.

      • Damn! Respect points earned.

      • Patriotinwillits

        I agree with G-ma, plenty of other reasons to avoid the state of Texas. In their defense, the have at least two things going for them: James Mcmurtry and barbequed brisket.

    • G-ma,
      It was legal to carry a gun at college until Brown signed the new law prohibiting it last year. I carried a concealed weapon legally while attending HSU.Later, when I attended Graduate School, HSU had instituted a policy that prohibited carrying a concealed weapon on campus. Policy is not law, and I received permission from the campus police to carry as I did as an undergraduate.
      In fact it was legal, if you were a teacher at a public school to carry a concealed weapon if you had a letter on file signed by the Superintendent on file.
      So, for a years it was legal to carry a concealed weapon at college in California(if you had a CCW), how many incidents do you know of caused a problem?
      Just think, if you had known what I just told you, you would have been scared to death all these years.

      • No, it never caused a problem, but you also never had to use it. You just wore it as a fashion statement to give your ego a tough guy boost. like the comment below. Students don’t need guns, they need Elmers white glue.

    • The collage students need paste, not guns

    • Why ? Guns are in every cop car and fire trucks now . Those never caused you any concern . Are you assuming that college students are bad people and they are going to go bat shit crazy and start killing each other ? Nope . The opposite is the actual documented affect . Everyone is real real nice to each other . It’s mutually assured destruction . The same concept that keeps nukes in their sheath . peace is only attainable through strength . History has proven that over and over . College kids tend to be good kids and Good people with guns do good things . Ask a cop .

  • Anybody got an update?! Stop your banter.

  • Pfffft, Timothy Leary…. Known CIA asset. The psychedelic scene was kickstarted by spies and spooks. MK Ultra mind control program operative, that’s what Mr. Leary was . Hippies were so gullible. Screw Mr, Leary.

  • So…does anyone know where they went today?

  • That’s the million dollars question.were in the world are they ?,or were in the world is marci kitchen vacation ing .probably some were warm.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    I think they went to the tom long river Burger barn, this time.Makin chips again…

  • Thought b barn was a-frame next to heartwood? Do you mean the old commune at dugans mill?

  • Kym, your herb bust headlines the last two days have been hilarious. Glad to see a blogsite administrator who can so naturally retain her levity. With the daily barrages of negative activities, your cool head is a true gift. Thanks for what you do. You deserve the award.

  • BLM with state warrant on or near Miller Ranch Road and Bell Springs Road. I don’ t know if more than one warrant or parcel was involved but I imagine we’ll find out soon enough. BLM talking about Federal charges possible. I don’t see any BLM land around that area on the Humboldt GIS, so I don’t know at this point how the BLM has authority to get a warrant.

    • Water diversion from Tom Long?

    • I thought BLM land was mendo side? But could hit from Miller ranch rd perhaps?

      • I’m very familiar with miller ranch, there is no part of it that is in mendo. The mendo line is nowhere near miller ranch.

        • Reference Miller ranch rd. Not Miller ranch itself. There are BLM chunks out at end of road and yes the ranch too. Also roads continue onto south east side onto upper stretch of east branch and leads to tom long. Of which you can access mendocino county. All of which does (too) have BLM parcels.

    • Turns out BLM land has APN parcel numbers just like all other lands, and there was BLM land adjacent to at least one parcel that was raided. Not great neighbors, the BLM, but polite when they raid, which is something.

    • Ed
      I believe that there is a BLM at the south end of Jewett Valley

      • Yea some of the spots in Palo Verde border blm land

        • Convoy was no where near the PV. BLM has no land in the subdivision. However a small sliver that may be near its boundary. (Maybe it was close as the crow flies). But no BLM warrants would be on the PV

  • The hartwood commune? Uhhhhhhh .there was a gigantic grow up there a bouts last yrar nothing ever came of it .it was in all the news about ccvh it was there grow …showed a water bag the size of a tennis court with a cop standing on it .clearly our local law offices or what ever I don’t feel is on the up and up.I’m sure somebody will comment on this topic were is Ernie branscomb when you need him .what’s up Ernie .

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Mogtex, but I have very little to say about the newly named “cannabis” industry. I Don’t even know how to spell it. I’m patiently waiting for them to sort it all out. It is a very tangled mess, which I am certain all will agree. I certainly benifit on the fringes, but I’m very glad to not be directly involved. I’m like the guy that sold shovels to the gold miners in 1849. Only now we sell them cell phones and walky-talkies and guitars

    • The bust your talking about was on Island Mountain.

  • BLM does not appreciate people using their land, that is going to be a expensive experience.

  • there is BLM land on mailbox ridge on bell springs road

    • Try the new app called ” land glide “. It shows both parcels as well as the owners.

    • Are you referring to the BLM land that is part of the Red Mountain Wilderness Area? I’d think they could more easily access that from roads out of Piercy or Leggett. Unless it’s way over on the back side? Still, that’s a long drive from Garberville on Alderpoint/Bell Springs Rds. But…I guess they know what they’re doing? And just what is it w/ all the BLM action all of a sudden?! They got money from some special fund that nobody else gets?!….Also yeah, Timothy Leary was a snitch. Not a hero at all.

      • Never mind! I seen that Miller Ranch Rd. Guess there’s a piece of BLM in there that somebody slopped over on to? What a neighborhood! Feds could spend a few days solid in there. Love that extensive hoops combo in the upper zone! Guess that’s already depped, pulled and moved out!

  • So sorry I missed so much can anybody clue me in to where the boys are at now

  • Landglide should be forbidden,i don’t know anyone who would give his info like that away,especially if they would ask first, nothing is private anymore.

  • I feel the same way Ernie last Saturday I celebrated my friends 50 ,and for a time I was back to the real humboldt co. It was great I’d almost forgot .what it was like.

  • wow, so many comments on here about completely different topics. People can we please keep it to the topic at hand, which is about where they might have went, whos shit got cut ETC?? And I’m also pretty familiar with miller ranch and I don’t believe there’s any BLM land anywhere near it. Like others have said out palo verde there is BLM, but miller ranch isn’t in palo verde.

    • I’d bet that there was a BLM piece and somebody grew on it. There are small BLM holdings throughout the county- check a BLM map. Many have been consolidated through land trades into the bigger and well-known BLM places…but not all of them. I remember that BLM pieces were considered reasonable grow spots back in the day (late 70s). Almost everybody had one in the neighborhood! Then with CAMP days starting in early-mid 80’s there were major penalties issued for growing on federal land- mandatory minimums, long sentences AND they would actually catch you by camping out and using cameras. So then logging property became the go-to for landless guerrillas. I guess BLM is restating their claims this year. I would not be growing on that land! Federal prosecution w/ mandatory minimums when every non-federal spot is simple eradication w/ no arrests? Simple.

  • Using a special program it appears that 1/3rd of the Miller Ranch subdivision is owned by the United States Government. The remaining 2/3rds is occupied\owned by private drug manufacturing cartels.
    Not sure if the FEDS are your best neighbor when running a on-going crime scene. Just saying.

  • CHIP IT All.. Just don’t fall & fuck em All….. Once said in the Cellar,by some Ol’Coot

  • Everyone on the PV hase redgerstred with the county and the state don’t expect a bunch of raids out there

  • Anyone see if they are running around today

  • The lack of faith from the people and comments I’m seeing is rather disheartening, I can assure you that no cannabis was grown or processed on land owned by the Bureau of Land Management. For those who can’t help but speculate, you may enjoy knowing that a property line misunderstanding was the “crack in the door” excuse used for a conglomerate of agencies to invade at least one parcel on Miller Ranch Road with a state warrant yesterday morning. A family was evicted from their home over 200 feet of dirt that they had no idea did not belong to the proper parcel. This family now needs to uproot their entire lives and start over, even assisting in the demolition of their nearly completed former home, and yet no one thought to consider the human beings on the other side of that garden hose. It is a plant, a silly, overrated plant. The public must see and understand that not every farmer needs for their crop to consume their lives, and that many of you wouldn’t even be able to guess some of these growers from the look of them if you ran into them in town. These lives are being shaken and often destroyed. I’m not asking for anything other than putting yourself in another’s shoes, in their ransacked family home, in their perspective in a way that shows you are more than the average one-dimensional mind. Just give it a try, for our sake.

    • I’m trying to be compassionate. But are you saying that they had no idea where the property line was and so they just went ahead and put a dirt/soil pile on BLM land while they grew a bunch of plants that are still illegal (which is why they have such value on the underground market)? It’s sad but it sounds like they set themselves up for this to happen. Now they must leave the house? So…the house is also on the BLM parcel?! Here’s a crazy idea- if you are going to grow a bunch of illegal plants next to a property line how’s about Get The Property Line Surveyed?! And then stay off the part that isn’t yours!

      • furthermore; If you are going to build a house or dwelling and it too is close to or on BLM land; Why not build a dwelling with a permit if nothing else the county will advise to the possibility of the dwelling being on BLM property and potentially save the forceful removal of a family and or remove any “crack in the door”?

        • It was not built too close to the property line that they were told they had, if they had know they were off by 200ft I believe none of this would have happened. Also, It is not possible to just obtain a structure permit in this circumstance, if it is built from the ground up you need so many permits for absolutely every aspect of life lived inside and outside of that home. You cannot move dirt on your own land without the county checking it out before, during, and after, all while charging you for their “services”

      • I understand that rational, if it were true and if your “crazy idea” were reasonable, I’d tell you you’re right. I am not saying they had no idea, however they were living certain that they were on their own land because they were told that they were. The property owners were boldly mislead by the agent that sold them the parcel many years ago to believe that a specific row of tall trees followed their property line, and that was taken to heart. Little did anyone on the parcel know it was actually slightly to the left. I’m not quite sure where you got that dirt pile from, but it was not that the home was “also” on BLM land, it’s that there was a home there. Just that, one residence with one family living there, no marijuana on any federal land, ever. It is an incredibly large parcel under many names, surveying the property would have taken years simply getting all of the owners in the same house. Over a decade later during the process of getting licensed for cultivation, the property owners nearest this section of the parcel did find the official property lines on the internet that are now so easily accessible, and proceeded to evict the tenants and begin to demo the home immediately. These agencies felt welcome to raid “legally” because BLM was notified of a structure on their land, and they took that opportunity to bring all of their friends and chop plants because the LLC formed on that parcel had not been 100% licensed yet, they had only begun the lengthy process of applying. The warrant was signed two days before the raid, the surveyor was scheduled to show up at the parcel in two weeks. Believe it or not, quite a few people are using their services. I hope that I’ve settled a few suspicions. We are all entitled to our opinions but when they are shared so publicly and so harshly, I almost feel personally offended. I appreciate anyone who’s reading this far into the comments anyway, looking for the truth about Wednesday. Yes, someone did end up having a very bad day.

        • I hate that anyone should suffer heart ache but, at what point do we or does this family take responsibility for our or their actions? I again hate that anyone should suffer heartache and do not wish pain and suffering on anyone. My hope is that these people will recover, pull up their boot straps and have a successful season on their own next year. If indeed they were part of a consortium of property owners and I quote No. thank you., “The property owners were boldly mislead by the agent that sold them the parcel many years ago to believe that a specific row of tall trees followed their property line, and that was taken to heart.” I hope that all of their “partners” will indeed help this out-of-bounds family with bounty from their harvests. All the best
          ps If in fact they were advised by a real estate broker: Please share with us who this person is so that others do not fall victim to their bad advice and or lack of knowledge.

        • Thanks for responding Sorry about your friends Yeah I had a property line scare over a potential border w BLM one time So I hired surveyors and spent $8000 Well-spent and endless piece of mind You took somebody’s word for it and built a house over the unsurveyed property line? That’s bad! No you wouldn’t need ALL property owners to hire the surveyor Read Les Schures book about rural property and get that survey done. Basic 101 stuff. BLM is on a rampage lately it seems?

      • They knew it was BML land… But still kept doing it. It was land attached to theirs.

  • Is there an update forthcoming?

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