Redwoods Rural Health Center Wants You to Answer Their Survey

Redwoods Rural Health Center featurePress release from Redwoods Rural Health Center:

Community input is the key to providing great healthcare! Redwoods Rural Health Center wants to hear from you. What do you love? What do you want to change? Please take the time to fill out the Community Needs Survey. RRHC is growing and we want to offer the services our community needs.

The survey is at:




  • Great place, just wish you didn’t have the first come first serve venue

  • Not to mention DENTIST. No new patients? Not helpful

  • The dental situation is rough..I’m a 15+ yr patient.. sometimes 3-6 mos to get in for dental work.

    The shortage of local MD’s, DDS’s and PhD’s is rough.. mental health dep’t could use some help.. which i hear is in the works

    We love and miss you Dr. Joiner and wish you all the best this life has to offer…!!

    That said I’m extremely grateful for RRHC and the SoHum Old Guard, the OG’s if you will, that brought it to us..

  • Maybe I should give RRHC another look. It used to be the go-to place for the alternative community. Then they went down hill, in part due to the debt that Alan Katz, their former ED put them into.
    Anyone know why I should give them another try?

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