Willits Couple Held Woman Against Her Will While Waiting for a Marijuana Deal, Says Mendocino Sheriff’s Office

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

LindeOn 08-21-2016 at about 12:45 AM Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to investigated a reported false imprisonment in the 600 block of South State Street in Ukiah, California.

Deputies contacted a 25 year-old female and learned she had been held against her will at a local motel by Theo Corcoran and Malia Linde [ages 30 and 22 respectively, both from Willits.]

Deputies learned the female and a boyfriend had met with Corcoran and Linde on 08-20-2016 at around noon at a local motel located at the 1300 block of North State Street in Ukiah.

Corcoran gave the female’s boyfriend some money to purchase some marijuana while the female waited at the motel room for the boyfriend to return. After several hours the boyfriend had not returned with any marijuana so the female attempted to leave the motel room and was told by Linde and Corcoran she could not leave.

Corcoran eventually brandished a pistol from his waistband of his pants and told the female she was not leaving. The female stayed in the motel room fearing she would be shot if she attempted to leave. Corcoran

Later in the evening the female went with Linde and Corcoran in a vehicle in search of her boyfriend. The female escaped out of the vehicle when Linde and Corcoran were distracted and she ran into a local grocery store where she met up with her boyfriend and called 911 to report the incident.

Deputies later located Corcoran in the parking lot of the motel (1300 block North State Street) where the incident had occurred.

Linde was observed sitting in a vehicle near where Corcoran was found and a loaded .32 caliber pistol was located on the seat where Linde was sitting. Deputies learned Corcoran was a convicted felon and was on formal Mendocino County probation. Deputies searched the motel room where Linde and Corcoran were residing and found .32 caliber ammunition and illicit drugs.

Corcoran and Linde were arrested for the listed violations and booked into the Mendocino County Jail.

Linde was to be held in lieu of $35,000.00 bail and Corcoran is being held without bail due to a probation hold.



  • So the ripoff fails, get the “victim” busted. Sleaze enough for all

    • Henchman Of Justice


      Female and her groveling boyfriend hard up for cash, pose as a middle liason for the supply of weed, when really they were thieves of cash.

      Folks, lets introduce ya’ll to a situation where everyone involved is a piece of shit!

    • There horin junkys they rob me for 6000$

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Why didn’t they duct tape the chick?

    Half assed criminals.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Well, duct tape is better than pulling a gun ain’t it. Lucky a young girl was not shot and killed for being a thief.

  • Typical Humboldt hustle

  • Priscilla Galvin

    same difference?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Hate that term “same difference.” It’s a matter of accuracy. Mendo is Mendo and not Humboldt, despite inclusion in the general term “Emerald Triangle.”

  • Wow it happens everywhere,not just in Humboldt.the triangle

  • She looks a bit like Uncle Fester. Oh, those eyes…

  • Oh but I thought marijuana was wonderful and all these wonderful people were growing it for sick patients and everybody was a wonderful hero in the marijuana world? I guess we need to regulate it and let the corporations grow and distribute it so that all the bad people will stop being black-market criminals! And we will be safe!…when there is nothing left for anybody to steal because there will be no money left here. Safe and regulated w/ permits so we can all be legitimate and the government will protect us!! Yay!!!

    • We need legitimate companies that will pay their fair share. not criminals always looking to play a game .lets stop rewarding the wrong people.

      • Have you read the news lately? Big Pharma CEOs are the worst kinds of criminals. They’ll figure out a way to corner the market, then jack up the price and give themselves $multi million raises. No corporation is legit.

    • Do you have a constructive suggestion or just relieving yourself? af

      • Maybe the latter? But yeah 1) Do not buy into the false “legalization” that is really regulation, taxation and transfer of the industry from small farms to corporate holdings. Vote NO on the fake recreational “legalization” bill in November……2) Insist that the sheriff focus his busts on large operations. Destructive mega-grows should be busted and chipped. Efficiency is seriously lacking- instead of spending valuable time and resources processing legalities for prosecutions that never happen just chip the weed and move on. No arrests- just remove profit motive…..3) Establish a state-wide upper plant limit that would discourage large well-funded corporations from taking over the industry and keep it in the hands of the thousands of small, middle-class family-run farms where it still is! …..Yes- it’s probably too late for this but I still can’t believe we have let it all be taken away!! A combination of greed and stupidity on our part…and a misplaced trust in smooth-talking operators like Oaksterdam and CCV-H. Have a great day!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Another John Hardin acolyte. It’s a free country. Have a super-great day.

      • You associating me w/ John Hardin? That’s mean. But I’ll say that your “let everybody blow it up to the sky” mentality is what ruined our county and our scene. Enjoy the coming corporatization. Your lack of vision created it. Hope you made your millions. Many of us just wanted to survive at a basic level and not take too much. Live simply so others can simply live? No! Blow up huge scenes, blow huge piles of coke and blow it all up- for ME!!- Bring Babylon right home and call it being free!!

  • Rip offs get the money and the victims go to jail? Cop’s get themselves an arrest…. Only in Mendocino

    • On the other hand, they were packing, and considered the most dangerous element, as well as handy. If you can’t ding the Perp you want, ding the Perp you’ve got. That’s pretty standard for Mendo or anywhere else. af

  • Obviously from the looks of these two they needed their “meds”. The two “care givers” were just as guilty as the two preps/victims. They were ripping the idots off and should have gone to jail just the same as idoits did. But the joke is on us. Marijuana was “legalized” for “medical use” under the belief it would help cancer patients and certain medical problems (compasionate use). Next we see doctors getting paid big bucks to supply a 215 card with no real examinations and for anything from headaches to ingrown toe nails. Now all of a sudden once healthy people are in need of the miracle “medicine”. Even our politicians have turned to the galorized “outlaw” image for the money. Lets be honest and truthful for a change. It is all about the money, not helping anyone, otherwise there would be no money in it. Now we are expected to protect criminals from other criminals committing crimes against each other. Boy do we have a great future to look forward to. Life of lies getting worst by the day. We complain about big corporations when all the growers are just as bad. They all want more money, even “Mom and Pop” grows. They want to regulate the corporations but don’t want regulations to apply to them. Now we are going to tax growing…right, more lies and fraud.

  • In the press release why not just say Discovery Inn? It’s the only motel in the 1300 block of N. State Street.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Because the gubbamint (and quite frankly the elitists within the media who use their position to promote what they print) don’t want the “business model” of bad drug deals to go bad on the storefront “front”…..imagine that, the only “hotel on that street” known as a drug pedaling, thief at gunpoint kinda place, where the “traveler” google searches “Inns and motels”, the “name” pops up in the search, a search of the “name” reveals the CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES.

      Ya, take the family elsewhere.

      This is why “The Press” has deteriorated from once being the ally of the people to hold gubbamint accountable (that being in collusion with gubbamint to misrepresent and mislead the people using print sources).

    • Neither law enforcement (in press releases like this) nor reporters will usually give exact addresses of places where crimes happen. It helps prevent people taking advantage of people who may already have been the victim of a crime and, as HOJ said so politely, business owners are less than thrilled at having their business associated with a crime.

  • She thinks mugshot time is funny,…
    Total tweeker looking chick!

  • Soooo, I don’t condone false imprisonment and yet…. what was this woman thinking? And Mr Wonderful the boyfriend? He just takes off with the money, leaving his, ah, girlfriend? It all sounds fishy af.

  • She escaped and ran into the grocery store where her boy friend was????? I know I’m missing something here? He just happened to be there? She was going to meet him there all along and was lucky enough to leap out of the car when it drove past. ?

  • I’m working on my show concept: “Dopes”.

  • Note to self never do pot deals where the money and pot aren’t in the same room

  • This dirtbag Theo stole some packs off my boy in willits a few years ago, true piece of shit drug addict junky. Then we ran into him with his “new” subaru he just bought (presumably with the proceeds) and my guy punched his ass a few times and theo tried to get his dog to bite him. I don’t think playing cards and eating sandwiches in jail is appropriate, I’d say a chain gang cleaning up tresspass grow sites, meth lab explosions, and other filth for a good ten years, with nightly drug treatment would be fitting.

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