Weed Chopping Service Headed East on Hwy 36

Humboldt County Sheriff MarijuanaMultiple readers report a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Convoy heading east on Hwy 36. One reader said she them pass Murrish Market in Hydesville about 9:20 a.m.

According to one report, there are three trucks, one SUV, and one truck pulling a chipper.



  • “Weed Chopping Service”
    the 1st chuckle of my day, and i thank you ms kemp.

  • Another great headline πŸ˜€

  • 9:20 AM? Sleeping in?

  • They just went through dinsmore

  • Hope they tell us who it is they are whack ing

  • PoPo Coming For Those Not In Compliance!

    Calm before the Storm. Last day to file paper work. Tomorrow starts Armegeddon on those that did not comply. If u didn’t finish your process and are growing thousands of plants u r a big target for law enforcement. U have been warned.

    • PoPo Coming For Those Not In Compliance!

      Rumor circulating is law enforcement is going to crack down on those that started process, but have not completed & are growing huge this year. Some are putting the cart before the horse. Need to have everything in order before blowing up your mega grow. If u jumped the gun and are going big before being done w “process” there is the real possibility of getting busted this year. U have been warned!

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Rumor doesn’t mean anything, they are easy to start online.

        Here’s a rumor for you:

        Three CAMP helicopters brought down over Trinity Pines from a Bulgarian surface to air rocket.

        See how easy that was?


        • PoPo Coming For Those Not In Compliance!

          Read it and Weep / Not a Rumor, but Reality

          County Prioritizes Crackdown on ‘Illegal Marijuana Farms’ in Pitch for Tax on Growers

          Enforcing laws that require marijuana growers to protect natural areas and waterways

          Illegal marijuana farms destroy our environment and risk public health. To protect our public safety, environment and quality of life – including addressing the illegal drug industry and growing narcotics problems – we need locally controlled funding that cannot be taken by the state.


          • PoPo Coming For Those Not In Compliance!

            What did I tell you. I was in a a public place and an employee was discussing their relatives involvement in law enforcement and how they are going to crack down on illegal grows. If you’re small u have nothing to worry about, but If u r a big baller then u have lots to worry about. Big headlines coming about major busts. Don’t be the loser in the headlines. Public shaming will await you. Greed kills a good thing and the greediest of growers are going down!

          • Dude it’s a tax proposal. That means that it won’t be voted on until November, when everybody is done with their crop .

            • Except the tax is based on the permit you pull. NoT what you produce. NO ON MEASURE S!!! You can end up with a HUGE tax bill, and no production to pay for it….. And then LOSE your property because they put a lien on it for not paying the tax!!! Its attached to your parcel. NOT your business.

        • If you would have said Hmong rocket it’d be more believable

      • I smell poop in your claims! Are you a compliance engineer? Tomorrow will be just like every day of the summer for the last 35 years, unless the National Guard is building up on the borders and ready to come in. Next year fines for water are going to be the real hammer.

      • As lame as your comments are, I kind of chuckled. Thanks.

    • Sure buddy . They don’t have the resources or the funds to do what you’re talking about . We shall see .

  • Chipper has a workout!!I’ve got friends out there.just built a home there.yikes.no mom and pops please!!!

    • Mom & pop should just be doing personal medical grows. No legal issues at all. If you are trying to make a killing you will always be vulnerable.
      Mom, no pop.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Just passed Dinsmore ? [heading east] its theTrinity / Humboldt line!.I feel that that John Laws are hungry and are headed to the Burger Bar in Mad River. Best bra bustin burger in the west. The sweet womens that take the orders are the essence Trinity.Ask for the special pickle sauce!

  • There aren’t enough chippers in Northern California to make a dent in the crop… it’ll be pure luck as always.

  • There isn’t enough law that could put a dent in the amount of weed being grown.i hope the greed growers know that they ruined it for everybody.now there’s so much of it,you don’t get crap for it,to even make profit you’d have to sell it where they.dont have it.AND THAT’S NO WHERE.so my Italian mouth says thanks a f***ing lot.

    • They heard. They came. They blew it up and took. They told us they were cool and cared. Soon they will leave and take all their money with them. And we will be left with a mess. Could we have seen this coming? Yes! But so many stupid people here welcomed it and even encouraged it. Dumb Dumb Dumb

      • You got , just like every other industry that humboldt had.

      • If our local government had made any real effort over the past 20 years…since 215…to sensibly regulate medical cannabis this would all be moot. Put the blame where it belongs:
        our boards of supervisors.
        Gallegos tried with his 99 plant idea but was shot down. The supes have done pretty much NOTHING til the state stepped in.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      RIP $5,000 #

  • The Feds have plans to put 10 drug enforcement checkpoints. Two on 101, 2 on 36, 2 on 299, 4 roving ones that will pop up on the back roads. Rumor or truth? Time will tell. They don’t need to bust the grows. Just wait for it to be transported.

    • I say rumor. They tried that before and some innocent people with connections were pulled overand there vehicle was ransacked. They were treated rudely like criminals and that was the end of that game.

  • I wanna know why there hasn’t been any coverage of what busts have been happening. SEEMS LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN SILENCED since the blown out story about the sherriff chopping a permitted grow in blocksburg!!! is it the redfeddedblackbelt…now? Just saying they were back out there last week and there wasn’t a peep…?

    • Nope, I’ve a question in now to the Sheriff’s Dept. asking for more information on the busts. However, there has been a wee bit happening including a homicide and an officer involved shooting plus a Fish and Wildlife officer was shot at. Not to mention the major fire yesterday. These things take priority for both the Sheriff’s Department and myself. When I get some answers, I’ll pass them on.

    • Also, BLM bust a while back? Those people have had court dates. Why can’t we learn anything here?

    • Blocksburg?..It wasnt a permitted grow. They filed only the first step, right after the copter came over. The property owner told the cops to pull it…Not legal, sorry, Epic fail..

  • Could be rumor, but heard they turned on alderpoint rd, could be anywhere between bridgeville and blocksburg, they usually will go the other way if there going to alderpoint imo

  • I heard from a friends friend who was one of the several raids in blocks burg that went through the ENTIRE permitting process, that sheriffs said they don’t care about permits. It doesn’t take effect till 2018. It is still federally illegal. They will continue to raid people based on grow size,(assuming a large plant count), land violations, water diversion, cartel grows, etc etc. They get funding based on raids. The permits are good starting 2018. Why havent we heard anything about any raids? Doesn’t it seem like this year’s been a little quiet!??? The sheriff’s have been ‘convoying’ as usual… Expect to see a lot more raids within the next month till October, final day for “good standing” permits is today. Which means they got a list of growers and planned intentions on paper with parcel numbers…

  • Thanks kym.your always on itβ˜†

  • Any update on location(s), Alderpoint Rd, Buck Mtn or?

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    So they didnt go to the Mad River Burger bar? We presumed they were bringing the big chipper to help out with all the pot-ta-toes needed cuttin. .Last one for fish and chips @ the burger bar is an idiot-savant.

  • Aww come on guys, I hope they can make a trip north to trinidad to bust all the turds up here, especially the really smug ones driving chevy volts .

  • They won’t be smiling long!!everybody better hang on its going to get ugly

  • All this doom and gloom. If people would take a minute and think logically, they would realize, there is no “it’s going to get ugly”. So now that a certain date has passed, the Humboldt County Sheriff just pooped enough money and people and man hours to start eradicating?? They didn’t have enough grows to bust before deadline?? Don’t you think they would have been doing it all these years?? Many people are hoping for such actions, but it aint going to happen.

  • There are no updates they the cops aren’t telling kym .

  • love the headline

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